Milwaukee's Best Ice
Found: Portland, ME
Alcohol content: 5.9%
Other variations: ?
Also known as: Beast Ice
Slogan: "Classic Taste at its Best"
Phone #: 1-800-MILLER6
Brewery: Miller Brewing Co., Milwaukee, WI

Bruz: Initially tasted like a sharp brew... not too bad. However, I got stuck on the phone for about 30 min. during which I didn't take any sips. By the time I got back to it, it was room temp. So here's my review of a warm Beast Ice: freakin terrible, especially the swill. And it's not too strong, weighing in at 5.9% alc/vol. I feel bad, it probably deserves better, but due to my poor (warm) experience, I gotta rate it 5/10 swills and that's being generous. Much thanks to doublej708 & D. Hale for a couple of the variants!

1/21/10 havinafett: Drank my second MBI 40 ever the other night.
First one I got from a friend in cleveland and drank it among a bunch of other shit.
This one I got from 40sRnice along with a SM Wildcat.
I like this beer a lot out of cans and I didn't really remember much about drinking the bottle so I was looking forward to it.
First pull; bad beer perfection.
Tasted awesome. Ice fucking cold, crisp and awesome.
If I could get this bottle around me I think it would be in my fridge constantly.
A third of the way through and it was still crisp as hell.

Had a nice starting buzz after this.

It makes me feel guilty about not enjoying the other one I drank more.

Probably try to get another one of these down the road.


(pic from earler MBI)

8/23/09 d07c0m: I fucking love MBI.

Only had the 40 once before and I can't remember it.

Last night I cracked one that had been on ice for a while and it was smooth and creamy as fuck.

Had a bit of a sweet cloy in the back of the throat but that's to be expected.

I took my time with it and it got a bit warm.

After a long day of driving this hit the spot and I had a mild buzz.


7/18/09 Canadian40ozdrinkerDerda: MBI I tryed it out last night. Video is on my youtube page. Okay,so it had a heavy taste to it and it was no fun drinking it. Also made my head hurt. Of the last 3 40's I brang back from the states HHG was amazing,golden anniversery sucked and so did MBI. I only like MBI more then Golden anniversery because of the % being more. MBI is terrable,hard to drink with a heavy tatse. Look:6/10 Taste:4/10 Buzz(whell had a shot of fireball whisky and a molson cold shot b4 so dunno the 40's own buzz but from how I was feeling):6.57/10


7/9/09 BWill40s: I noticed I have never ripped a review for Milwaukees Best Ice. I have ripped this in the 40oz bottle a couple times. It's a couple towns away from me in the 40oz forum. So it is rare to rip it out of the 40 for me. Though I can get the cans of it all day in 12ers. and the NH, Trip in Dirty 30 packs. For $15.

Like most Ice beers most may think they are going to taste bitter and shitty even though they are 5.9% and can get you lite up pretty fast after ripping 6-8 cans of it. When I first ripped MBI I put it on the pars of Busch Ice and Natural Ice. Though IMO Natty is prob the most bitter.

MBI is just like the reg Milwaukees Best just a little more kick. Still goes down smooth and 5.9. I would say Busch Ice has a same sort of taste. Thoe a little more bitter. Maybe just me.

For a so called bad beer ice 40. This is one to pick up. Gives you a buzz if you have more then 1 and is not harsh.

Swills being nice 7-10. If I could get it all the time in a 40 I would add it to my rotation. Shit for $1.80-$1.90 why not?

7/5/08 91firebird: Just finished swillin a MBI 40 thanks to troutkilla77. Shit is hella smooth. Bad beer out of a can is suspect at best but a 40 of MBI really hits the spot. Had this in the freezer for about 1 hr. Shit was ice cold. Decent crack. 1st pull was smooth. Way better than out of a can. What else can be said about this 40. I can't get any beer 40's where I live so this is definately a treat. 5.9% ABV does not bullshit either. Shit gave me a very decent buzz after I was done. Swilled it in about 25 minutes so the swill was still ice cold when it was all said and done. For being an ice beer this is very light. Usually I drink two Cobras or Hurricanes to get a nice buzz. Only thing with malts is that they are very filling. After 1 MBI I was feeling great. Not full and wanting to drink some more. Just cracked a Private Stock to ease that pain and I am confident I will be feeling aight once that Haffenreffer is done. Overall i give the Beast Ice 8/10 overall. 8/10 for drinkibility and 8/10 for the buzz factor. I would drink this every day if I could find it in 40's. BTW this is the 1st time I have hade MBI out of a bottle. Have drank many a 12oz cans of this and a few Crushers lol. Without a doubt better in a 40.

40x40Vision: I had Milwalkee's Best Ice the other weekend down at OSU because i was feeling adventurous. It was different for sure. The initial taste isn't all that bad, but after a while I began to realize it was one of the worse tasting weaker forties that i had ever had. Actually I was watching the Roy Jones Jr fight and kept getting distracted from it because of the rank swill of the Beast Ice. I won't buy it again, but as with any other 40, I wouldn't deny it if it was given to me for free. I'll rate it at a 4 out of 10.

Buzzcore: Way better than Natty Ice (which is one of the most awful brews I've EVER tasted), and the best of the cheapo "ice" brews from the big four. Not incredible by any standard, but it's drinkable. I did try to keep it from foaming up, because the swill was pretty bitter. I'd definitely drink it again (and again), but it wouldn't be my first choice. Cheap and yields a decent buzz if you drink two 40's of it, like I just did...... burp! 5/10

dj oe 800: strong crack, weak hiss. pungent stench of beer at arm's length.

- first sip: a bad beer, but not watery. not as sweet as in cans, and consequently not as gross, either. this is neither good nor bad. it's turning out to have a robust, satisfying flavor, but i think i still prefer it in cans. remember that, when criticizing "bad beer," "gross" does not always have negative connotations. or at least the line b/w good and bad becomes blurred, even with no buzz.

- at the label: starting to go down a little bit easier. it has a slightly heavier mouthfeel than your basic bad beer, but i think i'll be able to really do some full-throttle pulls off of it by halftime.

- halftime. i was correct, but i'm still kinda disappointed in this beer. i like the cans SO MUCH BETTER and people talk up beast ice in 40s all the time. it's not bad, but there's better beer forties, in my humble opinion.

- 4th quarter: starting to feel a buzz, and the beer is becoming more palatable, not that it was disgusting to start, mind you. i was just expecting something more distinct.

- swill/finish: had the character that most bad beers have: "the same throughout," but it packs a considerably stronger buzz than the average pisswater. i like it, but i still prefer it in cans, most likely from the 30-can "beast cheast."

DolbyZero: This is my first time finding this brew in a 40oz. I havent had in a while and I must say its very good and crisp. It tasted almost lager-ish. It gave me about the buzz that a 40 of OE. It went down really good. Its flavor was rubust and very apparent which is why I dont drink alot of domestics, due to domestics not having enough body to them. I give this a 7 outta 10 swills due to it not being a malt but being very tasty.

GhettoWino: I was in western Iowa and saw these. $1.99. Bought two of em. This is a decent 40. No real harsh tastes and a pretty decent buzz. Finished it off in about 30 minutes and was good the whole way. Would drink this on the reg if they sold it around here, especially at $1.99. 5/5 swills

IMT40s: My buddie Dave brought one back from the Chicago area. I was pleased with the crispness of it, It went down fast.

I've always like Milwaukees Best (probably my favorite shit beer), and sometimes an ice beer can really be bad, but Milwaukees best ice picked up where the regular left off and added a tad bit more punch. I would buy this 40 again in a hearbeat if they sold it in the PNW, we get it in cans but "fuck a 12 ouncer".

LMSCRacer: Took Satan165's advice and picked one up at the Ona (WV) Little General Exxon today and drank it while washing the car with the kids on a fine WV evening.

For a 5.9 Ice, the taste was very clean and crisp, especially compared to a Bud Ice that has a define ethanol taste (remember, this is coming from a big A-B supporter!). Very smooth mouth feel. Carbonation level just right. Decent enough buzz factor, but like with any 5.9, better have some back up ready. Poured a little into a glass to check color; actually an impressive golden - would drink well out of a glass, too.

This is a very good 40. I give it a strong 9/10 swills only because I am saving a 10 for the perfect 40. This stuff is almost too easy to drink! I would only recommend this stuff for experienced drinkers who know how to pace themselves. Could easily see tossing down 2-3 of these in a VERY short period! I think I have found a new friend. If you can find this stuff - ENJOY!

OldeGoldSwilla: Beast ice-the cheapest 30pack of ice beer! Thats its claim to fame it's not something thatim interested in drinking 40oz's of regularly or 12oz can's for that matter. Whenever i get started on this stuff i just start wanting malt!!

pman433: this stuff is ass

satan165: it is in my top 3 40s no doubt
at times it is #1

i must give props to the RIP doubleJ708
he used to talk abotu swillin these and somewhere along the line i decided to dip into it
i only know of 2 places that carry it
a delta sonic car wash and one 7-11
i look often in other 7-11s and they wont have it or just reg MB (which isnt very good at all)

this brew is crisp adn clean
its excellent
its better then miller lite which is actually a higher quality brew
come to think of it they dont seem to sell this stuff in 12 oz brews at all tho they should
ive bought countless 12packs of miller lite bottles but i would definately get this instead if it existed
i am drinking one right now
i love it
i love drinking one of these and then a 24 or a 40 of miller lite
delicious beers
they define whats different between malt liquor and beer
great great stuff
this is highly recommended
drink one today

SouthLyon40s: Alright. I went out to rent some movies tonight (Thanksgiving after I'd finished demolishing a turkey with my family). Well, the initial plan was to get some booze. Rented the movies (Road Warrior and Natural Born Killers) and then attempted to find booze. All party stores were closed, and all supermarkets were closed. No 24/7 gas stations carry booze. I was becoming desperate. I was near a panic. Finally found a Rite Aid Pharmacy open 24 hours that had booze.

Thought I'd have to settle for a 12 pack of bud or some shit, but I was in luck. They had 40s. And I'm pretty certain that, along with the topic of this thread, you can probably guess the ONLY 40 they had stocked.

Beast Ice.

Cracked it in the kitchen immediatly. They had their freezer at the Rite Aid set to "igloo" or some shit because it was freezing. Didn't even need to throw the first one in the fridge.

Initial taste was good. Better than I'd remembered. Chugged this in about 20 minutes, and since it was so fast there was no time for warmth to set in. I can imagine it would be pretty bad warm, but I'm not giving it a chance. Crucial times tonight. Need those beers.

It has a sharp "ice beer" taste -- but nothing obnoxious like Molson Ice or Labby Ice (in my opinion that is -- dunno, just don't like those Canadian Ices)

I'm really enjoying this 40. I needed something around 6.0%. I was in absolutely no mood to fuck around with 12 oz's of light beer or some shit.

Below the label. Same taste. Buzz working it's way into my body. House is freezing in this Michigan hellish weather. Feet were frozen solid starting this. Now no longer really notice the coldness as much. Definite buzz. 5.9 isn't much but it's something at least.

Swill... is nothing. Looking back at the various reviews. I seem to have the same opinion. Crisp and clean. If you're looking to get some beer in you and feel it (but aren't really feeling malt) then this is my number one suggestion. Price-wise AND taste-wise.

I will definately pick this up again and that is a promise.

So yea here's me with my fancy Thanksgiving Sweater gettin rowdy with MBI:

Tiger Tai: ok well I'm not too big of a Milwaukee's Best fan but Milwaukee's Best Ice is mad smoother and tastier. I drank a Bud Light an then one of these and I was feeling nice but man I don't know if it was the Milwaukee's Best Ice or just the combination of the two 40's but I felt like shit at work the next morning. So be forewarned.... I'd give Milwaukee's Best Ice 5 of 10 Swills

troobie: I haven't purchased this beer in a while, and apparently haven't reviewed it yet so here we go: Of all the ice beers I've had this is one of the worst, if not the worst. I despise old-man beer taste, and this has loads of it, right up there with PBR. Ice beers should be cheap, have 5.9% ABV, and taste just slightly stronger than their counterpart light beer. Keystone Ice and Natty Ice taste 10 times better than this and cost the same. Damn, this is really hard to choke down, even ice cold. 2/10 It all comes down to taste. Some people love this taste, I hate it.