Schlitz Malt Liquor

I need the "Comedy Jam" variant (pictured on bottom), if you can help please email me.

Found: New Brunswick, NJ
Alcohol content: 5.9%
Other variations: ?
Also known as: Blue Bull, The Bull, Bull Malt Liquor
Slogan: Look Out For The Bull
Phone #: 1-800-935-BEER
Brewery: The Stroh Brewery Co., PO Box 739, Milwaukee, WI 53201

Bruz: The Blue Bull is such an awesome overall brand that I got the bull tattooed on my arm. Cracked this while holed up after a 15" snowstorm. Tostitos scoops & Old El Paso cheese n salsa dip accompany this brown bottled malt well. At 5.9% this gives you a surprisingly ok buzz! Taste is kind-of a cross between a classic bad beer (PBR) & a classic malt (Colt). Playin some oldschool Tapper (Budweiser version) via arcade emulator ROM while finishin up the swill. Overall I give this tough guy 40 a 7/10 swills. Thanks out to granitecounterman, D.Hale, & 40 Ounce Legend for a few of the variants!

NOTE: The old "Imperial Quart" variant lists the contents as "1 Qt. 6.43 Fl. Oz." (38.43oz) & "1.14L" (rather than 40oz which is 1.18L)!

5/7/11 BP: I drank this over a period of over 2 hours and it still gave me a nice buzz. So congrats on that. Other than that, it's pretty average. Yeah, it's smooth, but it doesn't taste like malt liquor. It tastes like a classic bad beer to me. Which is not a bad thing, necessarily, but this is not what I want when I'm craving a malt liquor. It IS what I want when I'm craving that "bad beer" taste that isn't watered down as most of them are. This beer does a great job of exacerbating that cheap malt flavour that is so good when you really want. It reminds you of your alcoholic uncle's breath. That's how classic it is. It's great for a barbecue or when you just crave that well balanced cheapo beer taste. Be prepared for that buzz, though. This ain't Busch. Enjoy. 6/10 swills (for being a good beer, but not a malt liquor as advertised. There's not nearly enough corn adjunct flavour and it's too well balanced. I'd rate it higher if it was labeled as the beer that it is.)

3/14/10 juggalomikederda: I'm in the Carolina's for March Break. 1st night in(last nght) I bought a Blue Bull O.M.L. It's like my 3rd or 4th ever I think. I have had t b4 but NOT in a long time I dunno when last did it's been so long. Not sold in Ontario and over the Chrstmas holiday's was in Carolna's and almost bought one but past. I recalled likeng it cus I have tryed some other schlitz products out a bunch of tme like Schlitz strong and there red bull YUM! For example Bull Max is a strong beer but looks and taste more like Malt Liquor,but this drink taste like a little thiker and more like a beer then a malt. I like it but it's NOT my fav of the 3 schlitz products I recall having. It's a darker blue bull then the schlitz strong beer. It was late at night when I had t and was tiered a little. Been n a car most day 2 get here. It gives a starter buzz,but I think the buz was just a tny little more there cus I allrwady had a little tiered red eye look(wasn't HIGH) Most times I drink somethng feel a little something off it. I didn't feel alot off it 5/9% but call it 6%. A little after it was done led down to sleep and it wasn't hard. Getting up was a little NOT cus the drink fucked me up but cus I was tiered. If I get drunk and or high I can usally wake up NO problem's but f got to bed sober it can get hard sometimes to get out of bed(weird no?)So taste would be like 6.5(mabye)outa 10. Buzz since a more starter buzz(only thing I had to drink last night btw gotta buy more stuff)6/10(mabye) Over all 7.5/10 mabye. More a strong(low strong beer)taste to me then Malt. like it but schlitz strong is 6% and might give a better buzz(forget)Red bull at 7.1% is awsome and wish I could get in town and eaiser(not like 2 town over type thing)So for what it is,it's really good but over all it's just decent. I wounder what it's like wth weed. Mght have ta find some more and bring some home. Cheer's. Peace!

8/27/09 40zForSatan: Schlitz has got a pretty good reputation, so I was very happy to get one of these on trade (shout out to 91firebird). I cracked it and it had a mild crack, nothing furious but it didn't let me down. I took a whiff and it smelled decent, not overpowering. I had my first drink and it tasted great, I'd have to agree with bruz when he said it tastes like a mix between a classic beer and a classic malt, it's not overpowering but it delivers well so you're not left wanting more. I kind of get a hint of baking soda in the aftertaste though, but it doesn't take too much from the beer itself. I would definitely swill again.

Taste: 7/10
Label: 10/10
Swill: 7/10
Buzz: 5/10

7/10/09 SouthLyon40s: It's been three years since I've had this, and I only had it once. This was one of the first ones I had, in the summer of 2006 when I first started collecting. I hadn't even joined the forum yet so I guess I can't be too mad about not reviewing it. Only thing I remember was it didn't taste like any of the others. It had a "bad-beer" taste that I really didn't care for at the time.

I'd like to think that my malt liquor taste-buds have grown since then. And if this new one I got a few days ago from Havinafett is anything similar to the Schlitz Red Bull I had last night then I'm in for a pretty good 40.

I can't say I like the new Schlitz labels. I liked the older simpler ones. They just looked better.

Oh wow. It definately tastes different. I'm having a hard time tasting the "malt liquor" in this stuff. This was the first real successful malt liquor... is this what malt liquor is supposed to taste like? With the Red Bull I could get hints at the maltiness. Not so much with this though. Maybe it'll surface as I get near the bottom. It does not taste like it is 5.9 percent alcohol. It has a bad-beer taste, but not a bad ice beer taste.

I'm definately moving through this, hitting the label and I feel some warming action going on in my head. I'm a pretty small guy, so I can usually cop a buzz from a single 40 of typical 5.6-6.0 malt liquor. This definately wouldn't go on my normal rotation, and I'd definately pick up the Red Bull before this, but it really isn't bad and I'd hit it up once in a while.

It's alright. Nearing the bottom. Nothing terrible. I hate to keep comparing this to Red Bull, but if both were avialable I'd drink Red Bull exclusively. This lacks what I associate with malt liquor and I don't like that.

For what it is to me, a 5.9 40 that masks what would be at least a respectable ABV in malts, with an almost generic "beer" taste, I guess it's good. But for a malt I'd have to pass on this more often than not.

6/14/09 Alvin Karpis: Big ups to my man MaltLiquorSwigga for the New Label Blue Bull hook up. This 40 is awesome, I love the taste, its a little lacking in malt flavor but very refreshing. Buzz is mid level, pounded this after I got off work and I must say it really hit the spot. Its a shame that Redding only has Schlitz products in cans, if they had Blue Bull 40s in my town I would rip them daily. Thanks MLS for this hookup. Taste 9/10 Buzz 5/10 Overall 7/10

5/16/09 TheFear: Schlitz Malt Liquor is a classic for a reason. I got this one thanks to 91firebird. Excellent crack. My girl even commented on the sound of the hiss. I meant to just kick back and take my time with this one, so I could do a proper review. I ended up finishing this 40 in about 15 minutes. Maybe It was the fact that I had been thinking about crackin this all day, or that it was prime time drinkin time on Friday night? I don't know. Whatever it was, this 40 tasted damn good. I finished about 1/3 of it in the first swill. With about 2 inches left in the bottle I got a text to go over to my sister's place in Jersey. Fire, beer, food, etc. I killed the Bull and headed out. I wasn't worried about the buzz, because of the relatively low alcohol content at 5.9%. As it turns out the buzz was pretty nice. Just enough to make me wonder if I should be driving. Too late now.
Taste 8/10. Buzz 6/10. Overall a solid 7/10.

5/9/09 BWill40s: Schlitz Malt Liquor aka the Schlitz blue bull. Got this gem also from 91Firebird!

This malt was 5.9 so not a heavy hitter for the % but damn smooth till the last drop I drank this in about 45 minutes semi buzz feeling coming on as I am about to crack a Natty Ice 40oz. May swill that one down in 10 minutes.

Overall the Blue Bull is a great malt 40oz I now have all 3 of the bulls for my collection. Big thanks again to Firebird

Now as for rating the Schlitz Malt Liquor

Taste B+

Label C I am a fan of the older labels with the bricks behind them.

Swills this I will have to give it a 8-10 If I could get this I would add this into the stable of 40's

4/28/09 sleazye: Got this in a trade for a Bull Ice vs. Blue Bull from BlackMetalTroy322. The taste sort of reminded me of a lighter Bull Ice, which depending on your taste could be good or bad.
For the most part I enjoyed it, though the buzz left a little to be desired.

Taste: 8/10
Buzz: 6..5/10

4/05/09 maltliquorswigga: Just had a Blue Bull--excuse me Schlitz Malt Liquor....The OML, as the new design label calls it..... Had 2 grab 1 of these cuz my malt man Gus(Mister B's, New Castle-Shenango location) only had 1 OE 40 left and just needed 2 40's, so I grabbed one of these too and 1 for my Pops whose usual Miller Lite 40's were out of stock.... Good hiss to it, decent first sip, definitely more of a straight up Beer taste, than a malt taste, but it had me feelin way better than any Beer 40. Had it in my freezer for about 40 mins, plus Mister B's coolers are damn near brand new, with digital thermostat, so his 40's and other brews are always cold as Ice. Not an equal substitute to my OE, but definitely worth drinkin. Im havin him order me some Red Bull 40's which I aint had since like winter 2000 so I gotta get some and refresh my palate and memory. come summer he'll carry Mickey's and Colt 40's too. I'd give this 6/10 swills, i'd give it more if it was slightly maltier in taste, but a solid Malt 40 no doubt. My Pops just finished his, he said It wasnt too bad, he hasnt hit the malt since back in the late 70's early 80's when he liked Mickey's and Budwieser Malt. He said he could tell it was a malt but said it definitely was more Beer taste than malt taste, but he said it definitely was ok to grab him one of these from time to time.

9/25/08 vabeachdrinker: Blue bull is a very good malt. Its easy to pound, and definately has more of beer taste than a malt. For only 5.9 it has great buzz factor, it hits the spot pretty good. overall I give it 9/10

211 Swilla: this is a 3 40 deep review-- i thought this 40 was pretty good. good fizz, good taste, good label. Shiltz has it all but isn't that special. the 5.9% is above average so 6/10 swills

40ozmcgee: Just picked this bad boy up from the Exxon down the street. I've had it more times that I can count since it's so readily available in Northern Virginia.I figured I would wait to write a review when I had the opportunity to sit at my computer and drink one. I like this malt, but to me, it's not quite as good as Schlitz Red. It's one of the most carbonated 40's i've had. I can't drink it too fast or else I fuckin belch every 30 seconds....... I'm about three quarters of the way done with a slight buzz....the swill isn't too too bad and i'm buzzing pretty well (had 3 high lifes beforehand). Overall, I would call Schlitz an good malt. Try it if you've never had it, but to me, there's much better malts out there. Maybe I'm spoiled because it's so widely availabe though. I'll give the taste factor a 6/10 and the buzz factor a 7/10.

91firebird: Just swilled a Blue Bull. Nothing spectacular. These are pretty common in these parts but yet the Red Bull can only be found in 24's and the Bull Ice HG is nowhere to be found. Kind of has a bad beer taste to it which is hit or miss for me. Buzz was almost nonexistant. This isn't really in my regular rotation as I choose to stick with 8 Ball, Magnum or King Cobras. Overall a decent 40 not bad but not horrible. 6/10 swills.

bbooze: I love this stuff. This was pretty much the "default 40" when I learned how to drick in Milwaukee, With Mickey's and OE probably tying them for availability and whatnot. I do agree that it probably isn't for everyone, it is very peculiar tasting, which can induce nostalgia or sickness.

10/10. The only 40 I would give a 10 to, I love the stuff. The 24oz can doesn't do it justice, it is a clssic rust belt 40. I live in las vegas now so I cant get 40s very often, so usually when I buy this it's the can and it just isn't the same.

beam21: blue bull is probably my #2 favorite 40 ever behind the EOS 7.1

not coincidentally, the two have a lot in common in terms of taste and texture

similar mild but pronounced buzz as well

it's kind of an acquired taste, I didn't like the first couple I drank that much
but now I love it
god damn I wish I could get a blue bull out here

this bitch gets 9.5/10 from me
a true everyday malt
even better than red bull
taste A
buzz B+

BoozeClues: This stuff is so bland I could barely take it, I am not a fan of those bland flavorless old school beers. I have honestly never tasted a malt liquor that had no character until this, but this one is the first and hopefully the last. I don't know why Schlitz Bull Ice is so awesome but they can't get it together for their regular malt liquors. It yields the expected 5.9% buzz, if not weaker. Swill is just as flavorless, at least its inoffensive. I seldom like the brown bottle malts, no exception here. 3/10 for total blandness.

Buzzcore: I was never a big fan of Schlitz beer, so I never had much ambition to try this stuff. That all changed about a month ago, when I saw a giant blue "Schlitz Malt Liquor" truck delivering product to an upscale restaurant near my crib. Prior to that, I always imagined it to be the kind of stuff you'd get at some bar in a shitty section of Detroit or something. (Schlitz is one of the few malt liquors ever available on tap.) But just seeing that handsome blue truck made me go out and buy a 40 oz'er. Unfortunately, this stuff just tastes like typical 'old man' beer. Hard to describe and definitely a bit different tasting than most malt liquors............ not bad, but I'm still not feelin' this stuff, sorry. The newer label looks cool though. 4/10

d07c0m: 5.9% is an average ABV in the malt liquor world. It's just lucky that the blue bull is able to set a similar standard: a good, all-round malt liquor.
Schlitz Malt Liquor smells like most widespread malts however it looks like a beast. Something between the brown bottle and the badass bull makes it irresistible yet intimidating.
Taste-wise this thing rules. It has a nice heaviness to it that reminds you of Malt Liquor but is as manageable as any macro bad-beer. Good maltiness without too much aftertaste or cloying feel. Get it cold and crisp.
The price varies so I can't judge by that standard. Most 7-11s in VA carry it so it's under 2 bucks.
Go for it if you see it. This is a reliable malt which fares well next to industry giants such as Olde English and Colt 45.

dareker187: blue bull is the shit

ders0: Ahh the elusive Blue Bull. Had my first Schlitz malt liquor tonight. Here the Red Bull is common and the Bull Ice HG is everywhere, but this 40 is extremely hard to come across.

My brother found this at some hole in the wall liquor store in St. Paul. The only two 40's the store carried were this blue bull and Bull Ice HG and there was only two blue bulls left in the cooler.

Ripped it tonight. Tasted alright, I think it was kinda old. Didn't have he best crack but still tasted quite good. Kinda beer tasting for a malt liquor, but overall pretty awesome. Glad I finally got to drink this malt.

DismantleJuneau: Wow. I heard Shlitz was a crappy beer so I figured the malt liquor version would be worse. Turns out, this shit is good! The taste is a lot lighter than other malt liquors. No after taste. I am about halfway through, no buzz yet. But so far, 8/10 swills on this guy. Good shit.

dj oe 800: haven't had this in a very long time.

as i remembered, doesn't have a normal malt liquor character to it, but that makes it all the more distinct. overall, the taste is very similar to "bad beer," (perhaps schlitz beer itself, i haven't drank schlitz beer in two years, so i'm not 100% sure), but much sweeter - again, not as sweet as a malt would be normally. intriguing. a classic malt, though not one of my all-time personal favorites. still something that's good to rep/rip every now and then. also, it should be noted that, like most malts, it is pretty miserable to drink warm, although it's not like it's warm camo or anything.

DolbyZero: A humble malt by way of the label, bosting a 5.9% Alc./Vol.. This little bottled ditty weighs in at a stout 40oz. No frills, No thrills old man malt beverage. I havent really bothered grabbin' up an ole Blue Bull in years, but for the sake of science and the review section, I figured that it must be done and so it has. I enjoyed the fresh aroma of this malt. It is and always has been a different malt. It doesnt really taste like any other malts to me. It is very mild and goes down really smooth. Its 5.9% is pretty mild for this category, but after its finished, it seems to get the job done. The aftertaste is sweeter than most, this may appeal to the Anheuser-Busch crowd, I thought it was ok. 20 mins later it was as cold as it was when brought out of the cooler. 7-10 Swills.

Drastic Mezures: This is one of the weirdest tasting 40's I've ever had. When I opened it, it smelled like dirty feet and it had a weird after taste that was like seltzer water. Even though it was weird I don't consider it bad and can easily have another one.

EastTN40: I have been drinking this regularly and it's a favorite malt. Smooth taste, decent buzz, and doesn't give me a headache. I give this 8/10 swills. It's also consistently good in both 40 and in 12 ounce cans. Never had a bad one. 5.9% here in Tennessee.

grreenddeth2000: This is by far my fave malt liquor. Lovely fresh beer smell when first cracked, Great taste, not too smooth, not too bitter, balnced nicely. Could use a little more alcohol. You may think this is crazy, but does anyone else detect a hint of Sierra Nevada pale ale?

hg8point2: i could never tell the difference when it comes to blue bull & red bull,except one might taste even nastier than the other.i was never a fan of these malts.they can both share a 3.

ImissMy64oz: this had a good taste but it is too filling. The density of the brew made it hard to pound. It did stay cold until it was gone. Id rate it 8 outa 10 because the taste as well as the classic label.

james: I'm sorry, I know I am an inexperienced 40 drinker. Not because of the volume of malt i drink, but because of the shitty Phoenix variety. I've swilled no more than maybe ten different malt's in my life, but I am gonna give my tribute to my absolute favorite. And as much as the name makes me think of poor old men, Schlitz has to be my absolute favorite. The shit just tastes GREAT. I think back to Bruz's thoughts that I read recently about the BEER, and he's right. That shit is designed for 60 year old Korea veterans. I've tasted it, its awful. But the malt is just fantastic. If somehow they could keep this taste and just make it stronger? James' piece of shit drunk ass would be a loyal customer of the maybe two liquor stores within 15 miles that sell it. On top of it all, come on that blue bull on the label is dope. I can't wait to get my hands on the red bull which I am convinced you cant find here (still looking), and I've got a trade lined up already for it. So anyways, all James' love for the blue bull

JoeWebberlione: This malt has been a favorite of mine over quiet some time. Deffinately on the top 10 list of 40's possibly making its way into the top 5 as well. Very smooth, easy to drink and a nice crack to it. The buzz factor is also nice and will leave you wanting more, alot like its younger brother Red Bull. 9 out of 10 swills.

LMSCRacer: Finally found SML at a rundown place in Southern Ohio.

I have not drank Schlitz Malt Liquor in about 25 years. I remember it as a vile concoction and it being tough to finish a can unless ice cold. I was poised for the worst. Seems time has been good to this brand (might have something to do with Schlitz going out of business and Pabst taking over). Decent enough taste and carbonation level. Very chuggable. Swill was ok since it was still somewhat cold. I think that as far as 5.9 ABV's, a MB Ice is a better bet, but I certainly would not turn a free SML down.

lookin 4 a 40: Ah the blue bull,this malt would not stop foaming once i opened it, but besides that the smell of it is equivalent to a locker room of sweaty athletes. This malt did stay cold though, and the result was a good buzz. Id give the bull 8/10 brown paper bags for not only being a good malt but for having the tightest label.

neufutur: I picked this Blue Bull up in Columbus, Ohio; first time I've seen it here in town. I killed a few MBIs before drinking it, and the 40 went down easy when I first cracked it. The 40 went down fairly smoothly but gradually got harder to drink as it warmed up. The wateriness of the beer was something that just turned me off. I'd have to give this one a 4/10.

OldeEOG: tastes like poopy. and the buzz is not the best either, so im not reccomending it, like most other people here. for $2.19 id jus rather have a colt

OldeGoldSwilla: A decent malt, although not very noteworthy. It is pretty simillar to it's brother red bull. It may be a little sweeter than red bull.

RexGibson: Hands down the best malt liquor 40 to me. 10/10

RowdyAssDrunk: For the record, here in Canada, this stuff only comes in a 946mL bottle here (32Oz) For some reason, the 40Oz cannot be found. Why the hell Shlitz does this, I don't know.

Anyways... It tastes pretty bad. It's only 6% ABV, but it tastes like its 10%. Took me a while to put it down.

Really nasty and strong tasting, yet it's only borderline booze content to be considered a malt liquor (or a strong beer here)

2/10 for shitty buzz, not coming in a 40Oz and crappy taste. I won't be buying this crap again.

RustythePelican: Schlitz Malt Liquor is a solid malt, but (to my pallate, at least) tastes more like a beer than a malt. I'd call it a slightly more "dense" version of Milwaukee's Best Ice, if that makes sense.

That being said, for a 5.9% malt, there's plenty to enjoy here. It can be a difficult malt to find in some parts (if a store carries one of the Pabst malts around here, it's usually Colt 45 (or St. Ides, if it's in the hood)).

Profile of the average drinker: Either a 'Nam vet who frequents a shitty package goods store in West Allis, Wisconsin, or a sun-burnt meth head in Phoenix.

satan165: The ultimate BBQ beer. I haven't yet, but hope to soon drink this 40 while playing horseshoes in the hot summer sun. This drink is perfectly suited for such an event. It has a bubbly quality; a stong effervescence. A nicely bitter aftertaste stays strong down to the bottom. A weaker buzz, but a useful one for numerous events when you probably shoudn't be impaired at all; drink one of these and just chill. I look forward to sampling its brother Red Bull which I already have in the fridge waiting to be reviewed. 9 of 10 swills, for a damn near perfect malt. Buzz: C+, Taste: A-

ThUgWiGGa: I cracked this and it foamed up, probably cuz it was stored horizontally. Anyways, it has a crisp, refreshing taste to it. No aftertaste, and its kinda light. Ice cold it kinda tasted sharp but mellowed out when it warmed a bit. The thing about this is that it doesn't taste like a malt. Its not very sweet, tastes just like a beer, and the brown bottle isnt help sway my opinion either. Very good brew, finished it and i took a nap. 7/10. Not a huge buzz factor, however it did taste good.

Tiger Tai: well its the same as whats in the old label. not too bad, not too good. I'd guess it's around 5.5% - 6%, enough to give a buzz. overall it's an average swill.... I'd give Blue Bull 5 of 10 Swills.

troobie: Smelled horrible upon opening. I wasn't looking forward to drinking this based on that smell alone. First thought that came to mind was Beast Ice. Feet and metallic can smell. The taste actually isn't that bad. Tastes like Milwaukee's Best and Pabst, but the aftertaste is much better. When I drink Milwaukee's Best Ice or PBR I have serious issues with the bitter aftertaste, but Blue Bull has a sweet aftertaste. Even though it starts off like a shit beer the finish is nice. Goes down really smooth. I'm impressed. The buzz is a little weak. It's a nice, smooth buzz...nothing hardcore. I'd definately drink this again, but not on a regular basis. Just don't smell it if you can avoid it. 6/10

uk82chaospunk: theres no 40s of this shit over here in LA so i bought a 24 of it, i think it tastes pretty nasty and when it gets warm its horrible, but this is the 1st malt ever that my dad likes! thats official malt liquor history in my family...after i drank the can i think i got the same buzz that a beer 40 would give me, in ohter words, almost no buzz...but it made me hungry as hell and my dad bbqed some ribs that were good as fuck! i love bbq ribs...they're the shit..i'll give schlitz 5 out of 10 swills because it is malt liquor

White Mike: I live in the wierdest place in the country. Redbull is easy to find, but the bull schlitz is no were to be found at all. I know of no other place that this is the case. I grabbed one for a re-review while in brooklyn. This is not the first time I had the malt, but all I could remember was that I enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed the malt. The dark glass threw me off so I didn't know how dark of a malt I was drinking. It was like a blind taste test. It had a nice crisp taste with no bad after taste. A solid malt liquor flavor going down. Strong but not to sweet or overpowering. The swill was watery but not to ass rancid. Great malt 40, that I would love to drink again.

Beyond the good taste, this was a perfect malt experience. I had it 3 hours after dinner, so I wasn't full, but I wasn't on an empty stomach either. I had it iced down in the fridge all day so it was nice and cold. Drank it over a 45 minute period so I didn't guzzle it. Just sat back, had a 40 and watched "Lost" on tv. It was a slice of heaven.

Wildman40: This is just a disgusting malt, its like they made a HG malt, then took out about 5% of that alchohol, but left the shitty taste. Schlitz wasn't even trying when they made this one, I'm curious to know whats in this malt. I really dislike this more then any other 40, it's my least favorite, because its just so nasty, I struggle to take this down everytime. If I tell someone get me a Red Bull, I make sure to really prounounce the R-E-D, because if they came back with a Blue Bull I'd be violent and uncontrolled. I find this to be like Guiness, either you HATE it or you LOVE it, there doesnt appear to be a middle ground. For me, I dislike it, 2/10.