Bud Ice

I need the old "Draft" label pictured on the bottom, as well as the small mouth version of the old label pictured on the top left, as well as the Alaska/Hawaii/Texas state specific labels, if you can help please email me.

Found: Baltimore, MD
Alcohol content: 5.5%
Other variations: Alaska/Hawaii/Texas state specific labels (WANTED)
Also known as: Bud Ice Draft
Slogan: ?
Phone #: 1-800-DIAL-BUD
Website: www.budweiser.com
Brewery: Anheuser-Busch, Inc., St. Louis, MO

Bruz: The brother of a classic beer. Classic doesn't necessarily mean "good" tho. A bit stronger than regular Budweiser and a little smoother. A good 40 for yard work. 5/10 swills for being basic - too basic. Thanks out to Beerface, Tiger Tai, & MyLiverHurts for some of these variations!

7/4/10 SouthernYankee: Not much to say about this brew, didn't really stand out to me as anything special. Taste was your typical lager with a slight sweet aftertaste, comparable to regular Bud with a mix of OE800. The buzz from a 40 of this stuff won't do much for you, maybe a 4/10 tops.

Taste: 6/10
Buzz: 4/10
Bottle: Pretty badass IMO

4/13/10 sleazye: First off, thanks to 91firebird fro hooking me up with a couple of these badboys.

Crack and hiss were decent with this 40.

First time having it in a 40 oz because for some odd reason it's only available here in cans & 12 oz bottles.

Anyhow, on to the review: I was surprised at how much smoother this is than regular Bud which is boring as it gets to me tastewise.

I kind of like how the older label looked more, but the newer label is still cool.

Not much more to say about this, other than I have had better and I have had worse.

Taste: 7/10
Buzz: 6/10
Swill: 6/10
Label: 7/10

7/7/09 Ackman: Not as good as its brothers Bud and Bud Light. The beer gives me an feeling that something went wrong, like an experiment in Frankenstein's lab. The bottle is in my collection now, and it will stay there forever.

7/5/09 TheBelligerent: This is one of the very first beers I tried back in my Freshman year in high school. I don't know why so many people hate on this beer, because it really isn't that bad. Too me this taste a bit smoother than regular budweiser and it gives you a better buzz. I like it maybe it's because I've been drinking it the last couple of years and its cheap, but I'll still drink it. I will say this the bud ice new labels don't taste the same as the old labels. Ever since these new labels came out around February or March the bud ice doesn' taste as good. It a little more skunkier and doesn't taste as crisp. I'm not the only person that said so it can't just be me. Overall I'll give this beer a 6.5/10 in taste for the new label and 7.5/10 for the old one. Buzz i'll give it 7/10 and a 6/10 in the swill.

7/2/09 Bathory000: This was the very first 40 I had back during my junior year of high school. A good friend of mine with a cool mom hooked us up with one of these bad boys for free if I remember correctly. Here in Van Alstyne Tx where I live this would be considered the chillin brew. Some like Colt 45, some like Steel Reserve, here we like our Bud Ice because it is cheap and has a good taste. So even though this particular brew has sentimental value I will still be honest and give it a 5/10 swills because it could be better. Honestly this is the first and only 40 that I have had (I have a lot of learning to do obviously) despite the fact that I have had many different kinds of beers. But nonetheless I have to admit that this was a good choice for a starter 40 and I am happy with it.

5/9/09 BWill40s: I got the chance to enjoy this sweet 40oz yesterday sent to me via 91Firebird!

I love King Cobra so I knew what I was getting a crisp clean brew in this Bud Ice 5.5

I drank this in fast time 10 minutes for 40oz tv. So I did not get to enjoy the taste for to long. It reminded me of a more watered down KC. Nothing bad though makes it for a nice 40oz to swill on a nice day.

The overall rating I would give this would be 8-10 swills maybe a little to high for most. Since I love A@B Products. Well most of them so this gets a higher rating from me.

This was prob the best tasting ice beer I have had. Might need to get the this in a 12pack of cans one time now.

8/15/08 91firebird: Just swilled a Bud Ice 40. New to the San Antonio area and as far as I know is the only beer 40 in SA. I like Bud Ice it's a decent brew. Stays cold all the way through. Swilled it in about 20 minutes. Not much else to say other than I guess it's nice to see new 40's come into the area. Overall 6/10 swills.

40ozItalian: typical ICE...nothing special...it's weak and rightfully so...its Bud 4 outta 10 swills

Buzzcore: Stronger than Bud, but weaker than King Cobra............. and all three taste the same so fuck it, just buy KC. KC is wicked cheaper too. Enough words wasted on this review.

Drastic Mezures: Of all the Budweiser beers out there, this one is probably the best. Even though it's one of their best that dosn't prevent it from turning into liquid ass about halfway down. Like all Anheiser-Busch products the swill is deadly. Also Anheiser-Busch is a big fan of the wide-mouth and I'm not.

hg8point2: i like bud ice a lot more than it's older brother.it tastes better,smoother and the buzz factor is higher,so it gets 6 and a half.

ImissMy64oz: junk
drink this to get headache

JoeWebberlione: American First couple sips in and I'm really impressed with this. This deffinately shouldnt have the name Bud on it, cause it doesnt taste anything like eiather of those pieces of garbage piss water of an excuse they call beer. This is smooth, reminds me a bit of Iceman malt liquor, which is one of my favorite brews! Due to the fact that its a Budweiser though it looses a point, sorry, its just automatic no matter how good it is. Label is pretty bad ass. Over all I give it 7 and a half out of 10 swills. Would deffinately swill on the reg if it were readily available to me, & it didnt have the name "bud" in it

OldeGoldSwilla: A decent ice brew. It's new cold cash game makes it like 4 times cooler!!! You have to swill most of the bottle to read your sweepstakes code. I guess this is so store owners don't try to call in all of the numbers but it makes for a cool contest. It encourages you to drink fast cause you wanna read that code, esspecially the first time cause you think you have no code and don't even understand. Plus what other 40oz can you swill and have a chance of winning cash!!!!!

Tiger Tai: Bud Ice is better than regular Bud, smoother and seems to have more alcohol content. This used to be my crews beer of choice for a few years straight and who wouldn't like it with "BEWARE THE PENGUIN" on the cap... I'll give Bud Ice 7 of 10 Swills

troobie: I am a fan of Budweiser, so I obviously am drawn to Bud Ice. It gets me everytime. The label if awesome, one of the best, along with the cap and neck band. A 32oz. bottle is $1.29, so it's cheap. And, although it is only 5.5%, it is an ice lager. Problem is, I can't taste the label, price, or category. Bud Ice is very far removed from Budweiser as far as taste is concerned. I have a really hard time tasting any Budweiser in Bud Ice. What I do taste is bitter and skunky with a hint of old man beer thrown in. Very, very disappointing. For the record, this shit is best out of 12oz. cans and bottles where it tastes much better. For some reason, the larger the container Bud Ice comes in the shittier the taste is, which is usually the opposite of how I feel. The buzz is good. I honestly think that this has a much higher ABV than is indicated on the label. I'm amazed how fucked up Bud Ice will get me. I'll rate it 5/10, it tastes pretty fucking bad but has a really decent buzz factor.