I need 2 old variants pictured on the bottom (1st one is small mouth Canadian without the "1.18L" in top left corner of label, 2nd one has "40oz" three times across top & "Budweiser" slightly slanted), as well as the AK/HI/TX state specific labels, if you can help please email me.

Found: Bridgewater, NJ (American) & Montreal, Canada (Canadian)
Alcohol content: 5.0%
Other variations: Alaska/Hawaii/Texas state specific labels (WANTED)
Also known as: Bud, Sludgeweiser, Buttweiser, Buttwiper
Slogan: "King of Beers"
Phone #: 1-800-DIAL-BUD
Website: www.budweiser.com
Brewery: Anheuser-Busch, Inc., St. Louis, MO ; Labatt Brewing Co., Montreal, Canada

Bruz: Sure it may not be the best beer. Far from anywhere near the best. But it's a classic beer. AMERICA's classic beer. It was my first beer, at 10 months old (explains a lot, huh?). But in reality, it's nothing special. I'll go as high as 6/10 swills but mostly just for sentimental reasons. Thanks out to D.Hale & ThUgWiGGa for a couple of the variants!

3/16/10 EL40Slayer: This has to be one the best 40oz beers in its own class. We all know it not a malt but over all this 40 in my opinion is great, not too strong and not too light. Budweiser is all great for everyday after work beer drinking. Its is refreshing, crisp, has good color, the taste is different from the rest in its class and it will give you a nice light buzz. I been drinking this 40 for years and well you could say it was my first 40oz. The Classic American Beer and the King.... Budweiser is a great lager and in my book it gets 9/10 swills.

3/16/10 johnodonahue: As Bruz said, this is America's classic beer. From the frog commercials of the 90's, to the standout label, when someone says "beer", Budweiser is one of the first that comes to mind. I can't believe so many people have hatred towards the so called "King of Beers". Don't they know Anheuser-Busch would get in trouble for false advertisement? It just HAS to be true. Kidding! BUT, this is a good brew in my opinion. Someone was kind enough to buy me a couple of 12oz bottles of this at a show we played last Saturday and afterwords I sought out to get a 40oz of it. Definitely not the best I've ever had, but I do enjoy it. One thing I don't enjoy, however, is the price. $2.40 for one here in NC. Jeez man, OE and Mickeys are only 1.79 and I prefer them over Bud heavy any day. I suppose you are buying the name though. Either way, despite what some reviews have said I did get a decent buzz off of this 40, and the taste was smooth all the way down to the last swill. Its not too crisp, but not too watery either. I used to clown on people who would drink Bud heavy back in the day... always considered it a redneck or "cliche" beer. However, I can genuinely say I like it now. This doesn't mean I would go out and buy it every weekend (seeing as its really pricey and not nearly as strong as a malt) but I would definitely grab one if having a casual night of drinking with friends.


Taste: 9/10 Buzz: 5/10 Swill: 9/10

3/21/09 BigJandthe40: I just remembered that I didnt have this bottle in my collection, and that I hadnt reviewed it, so I just picked one up. Budweiser was one of the beers my Grandpa Gus used to drink...Along with Hamms and Oly. The first beer I ever had was a Budweiser, I took one from my parents fridge when I was like 6 and drank it in the back yard. I remembering digging a hole and putting the empty in to so the folks wouldnt find out I was drinkin....lol

Anyway this is just a basic beer, taste like carbonated water. If your going to get a 40oz get a real 40oz something malt... 5/10

3/21/09 morcz: Bud sucks plain and simple. Metallic taste, a chore to get down. I hate it. -1/10

3/04/09 CountryCluber408: typical Beer...who cares. I might be drunk. Isnt bud owned by a german co. now?? Shit. Every time I drink a 40 of Budweiser, its kinda hard to drink because of the fizzy factor...yet it packs a 7th grade buzz...so I will keep this 40 for pre-interview type of 40 only. 2/Ten.

4TDogg: The bud 40s got only one use and that is as training wheels to break newbie into drinking real malt liquor. Start em off with the bud 40 so they get used to the weight and swillin straight from the bottle. Then one day pull the switcheroo to something like Colt or OE. A winning strategy with girlfriends or your sally-ass buddies. Otherwise I aint got a use for this one. Bud is bud. 4 out of 10.

40ozAllStar: Basically unremarkable beer 40. Not too bad, but not too good. Will do in a pinch, but there is zero buzz and the price isn't really worth it.

40ozItalian: I can't believe I am drinking this.....about 3/4 through it and no buzz...this stuff is exactly what I expected...it goes down like a cold glass of water....little to no buzz....4 outta 10 swills

91firebird: What else can be said about the King of beers. Pretty basic flavor. Zero buzz factor. Other than that there's is no reason to buy this 40 except for collection purposes. I paid $2.79 to drink this bastard only because I needed the bottle for the collection. And I for one hate the 40oz bottles AB puts their product in. Either stick with the classic 40oz bottle, or make them all widemouths. The current bottle is gay & sucks. Overall 5/10 swills.

662: I love Budweiser, and forties is only what I drink , you figure you spend either 2, 4 or maybe 6 dollars. The big mouth on the Budweiser really turns me of big times, so I substitute Miller Lite, I don't fuck around with malt often because of the elephant man hang over and the gut-rott, fuck that, but I still love to try new forty bottles malt especially to see who wicked it will get me to act. But anyways the point to the whole story is that I don't have to substitute Miller Lite anymore Budweiser has finally came out with those funny little knecks

BrewNovice40: Other than the slight buzz factor, there wasn't anything else that stood out. 6/10

Buzzcore: I think they call this stuff the 'King of Beers' because whereever you go, you can find an empty can or bottle lying around. In the city, the 'burbs, fifty miles from nowhere, behind the roller rink...........you get the idea. It tastes pretty good, but the % is too low to get the job done. Then again, Rob and Freddy from the "Life of Crime" documentaries can't be wrong! 4/10.

Coleman the Ape: I'm sorry, but Bud sucks. A weak beer that is extremely tough to finish in a 40 oz dose due to the wretched taste. However, I still give it 9 out of 10 to keep you fuckers from invading my country.

dj oe 800: i like this beer a lot, but only in cans and on tap. in forties (and to a certain extent 12 oz bottles), it tastes shitty and gets flat and watery mad fast, particularly in the swill (which is to be expected, i suppose). gives a good "starter" buzz, for me anyway. seeing the classic budwieser label all blown up to forty-size and shit is kind of a trip.

Drastic Mezures: I'm not a fan of Budweiser at all. In my opinion, this is one of the crappiest beers around. I think it tastes like stale water and I have a hard time drinking it with out feeling like I wanna puke. One time me and Tight Rope were drinking Ballantine and after that we went to a show. A friend of mine was there and he gave me some Budweiser. After drinking the Ballentine, the watery weakness of the Budweiser really showed. Besides the bad taste, I hate the stupid hick image that goes along with this white trash wonder. I got this 40 bottle from my friend Ghetto V. He drank it in the powerlines one night.

drunkenbird611: Actually i used to like the taste of bud,but i too bought one the other night and it just didn't taste the same,starten to taste more like a malt to me,which is fine,but i was just wanted that same old american hick beer taste,if i had to rate it i'd give it a 5 out of 10 swills

EastTN40: I just drank a 40 of this. Tastes like watery ***t and is also weak sauce to boot. Lame and gave me a headache. Will only give you a buzz with a Keg IV. Why bother. No malt or hops either. I rate this 2/10 Swills. Buttwiper, the beer for trailer parks and wife beating. Gimme malt instead!

hg8point2: this brew has been in my family for ages............other than that though it's not one of my personal favorites,it gets props just for being bud so i give it 6/10

ImissMy64oz: imma miller man so fuck this shit
causes swamp ass
shits sux

IMT40s: Yuck!!!!!!!! I cant beleive how this shit can be the #1 selling beer in America. I want to go the the Anheuser-Busch brewery and go to the restroom and take a dump in the sink and write "Olde English 800 Rules" with my own excrement on the walls. 1 outta 10 swills, 1 only cuz it has alcohol in it.

LMSCRacer: Just kicked back a 40 on a beautiful WV spring afternoon after a buddy stopped by with a couple cold ones. He wanted to get better, but the selection at the Milton Little General is Bud and Bud Light for 40's. (I have to talk to the manager some time!)

Drinking a 40 of this stuff reminds me of a movie - Gone in 60 Seconds. Too bad Angelina Jolie didn't stop by today. Easy to drink, almost no taste. Like drinking a slightly hopped 5% solution of alcohol and water. Nothing special - but like I have said before - A-B brings consistancy to the table - you are never surprised. Even the swill (if you can call it that since you can pound this 40 in mere minutes) has a "clean, crisp taste". If the beer was as good as their ads it would have even a bigger market share.

For the predictability alone, I rate a Bud 40 7/10. Nothing special, but then again, it doesn't suck.

OldeGoldSwilla: Budweiser is a good basic american beer that is to be drank from a can, pint glass, 12oz bottle, keg, or perhaps a bud pounder (16oz) people who spend the extra money to get a bud 40 are wasting their money and look a klittle silly swilling in public

pman433: beware of budwieser the instaheadache!!!besides king cobra and hurricane(anhiser busch)taste better anyways


TheSnakeDoctor: Classic and very easy to drink. I might give this 40 a bad rap, but I helped create it, as I work for a contracted anheuser busch barley grower. I dont know if my actual barley went into this forty but if I drink enough of them I should be safe.

ThUgWiGGa: Canadian
Basic 5% brew
in canada its brewed by labatt, and i wouldnt be suprised if its just Labatt blue in a different bottle

Tiger Tai: Budweiser is Budweiser, an average American beer glorified by Nascar, frogs, iguanas, and rednecks nationwide....I'd give Bud 5 of 10 Swills.

troobie: This is my default 40, although I probably shouldn't be saying that on a malt liquor site. That doesn't mean I drink it that often, it is too damn expensive. Nothing cheers me up after a shitty day like a 40 of Budweiser. Of course you can't compare a lager to a malt liquor, but since it is here I will give it this review. Budweiser is one of those beers that tastes better when you can get it in mass quantities. I've never found it to be nearly as tasty in 12 oz. containers, but better in 24's, and fucking superb out of an ice cold 40. If I had to pick one beer to drink before going to the electric chair, this would be it, and out of a motherfucking 40. The buzz isn't horrible but disappears as soon as you stop drinking...what do you expect for 5%. I'll give this 40 9/10 for being a classic 40.

troutkilla77: Very mundaine... enough said.

uk82chaospunk: i decided to drink this 40 cuz it has the new neck label i cracked it, and man oh man i swear i swilled about half the bottle. i really liked it for some reason, i also like high life more now...i'll give bud 9 out of 10 swills