Camo Malt Liquor
Found: San Francisco, CA
Alcohol content: 8.0%
Other variations: ?
Also known as: ?
Slogan: "Distinguishly Smooth", "Super Premium Malt Liquor"
Phone #: ?
Brewery: Camo Brewing Co., San Antonio, TX

Bruz: Thanks out to "40 Ounce Legend" for handing down this great (yet empty) 40oz to me! If only I was in the game when they were being made, I'd love to have actually drank it...

AK40seven: I got this bottle full off Ebay from a person that sells a lot of military type stuff. It has a thin film of cloudy gunk on the bottom but is otherwise clear, part of my reason to shuck out the big bucks is that it would seem to be a well preserved specimen. I cracked it open and took a swallow, holy shit! it was so carbonated, much more than any 40 I've ever had! (I like lots of carbonation) I expected it to be slightly flat like most aged beers. Aside from that it was very tasty, it had a rich buttery flavor and a mild finish. It also had the characteristic Camo rubbing alcohol presence, another thing I like because it assures a buzz. 3/4 of the way through the sediment began to dominate the taste and it became just another cidery horsehide oxidized precipitate laden swill. Overall it was quite delicious, 9/10. Too bad this one is no longer around because judging by the way it tastes now, it could easily have been a solid 10 when new.

Alvin Karpis: Found the original Camo in Santa Rosa Ca. at the Hindu mart on South E. St. in downtown back in 1998. This place had lots of 40s on the top shelf of the cooler they had Camo, Panther, Country Club, Magnum....Like they were proud of there cheap 40s. I think I payed under $4.00 for a 40 of Camo and a 40 of Panther. I drank the Camo first so that 40 wins the review battle between Camo and Panther. This 40 was very bad. The taste was so horroid that it took me a good hour to swig it down. The thing that I remember is the chemical taste. The other thing that I remember is the Buzz. It did the job, I judge it on how numb my teeth and face get.I remember that Camo Fucked me up. This night I remember because its the last time I threw up off of malt or beer. After that 40 of Camo I pounded that 40 of Panther and dont remember much of it at all. The sad thing is that every day I saw bottle upon bottle of Camo and never gave it a second thought, If I had know'n that it would retire and become a very wanted 40 I would have bought a case for a rainy day. But as with Crazy Horse I am glad to have drank a 40 of Camo when they were being produced. Final score Taste 1/10 Buzz 10/10 Overall 6/10 (Extra point for being a rare classic)

Old Man Flannigan: I remember my buddies and I being excited when this stuff came out. Drinking it was something else.

It tasted pretty bad, like a metallic/chemical turpentine with a smell like toe jam. The buzz was good, but it was not an easy 40 to drink. After the first round everyone switched back to the Ice Tiger.

Taste: 1.5/10 Buzz 8/10