Clear Creek Ice
Found: Alberta, Canada
Alcohol content: 6.2%
Other variations: ?
Also known as: Tundra Ice
Slogan: "Craft Brewed Strong Lager"
Phone #: ?
Brewery: Mountain Crest Brewing Corp., Calgary, Alberta, T3G 4R7

Bruz: Absolutely zero crack upon opening, but it tastes great! Not at all like the usual "basic canadian beer", it tastes just like a good malt liquor! 6.2% alcohol is right on point for a good malt liquor too. Eating it with some shrimp stuffed with crab meat. This 40 is really good! Just finished it off... a great overall MALT. Gave an alright buzz but I drank it fairly fast which probably helped (cuz I liked it so much)! Canada comes correct with this 40. Overall 8/10 swills. There is nothing wrong with this 40 what-so-ever, except for the fact that it's only available in crazy parts of Canada! Thanks out to Sgt J-Mo & crosman177 for the hookup on these!

1/3/10 40ozfirebird: Clear Creek Ice Well what can you say its a 6.2% small mouth 4.95 a bottle in these parts craft brewed east indian garbage, Doesnt have any Distinct Crack, Tastes a little rough after 3 or 4 slams gets a lot better but it doesnt have that distinct Lager taste for sure, its more of a Black ice Type taste, In my experience the only thing that tastes good with ice in it is Icehouse. In Saskatchewan where Im at you will be wishing you were enjoying a Colt 45 mega mouth instead of this stuff as for the Taste it just doesnt pack as much Kick as it should. Anyone interested in Trading this hit me up, would love to get my hands on some good ole Old english 800 for some dumb ass reason they dont have it here. Have a good one.

d07c0m: I've wanted to try this for ages. Thanks to Crosman for the hookup.

This is the new brown bottle long-neck. Never got the small-mouth.

Cracks and hisses are loud as shit.

Smells neutral.

First pull is like every other Minhas brew I have encountered.

Shit is sweet but also has more of a corn taste.

I'm slightly disappointed at the lack of distinction this has over the Perfect 10, Thunderbolt.

It's just weaker in ABV and smoother.

Doesn't have much of an ice-beer crispness which I was hoping for.

Not much more to say.

The 6.2% buzzed me pretty hard as I've been sweating my ass off in this ungodly Canadian summer.

6/10 only because of the bottle's uniqueness and buzz.

DC40s: Thanks to Sgt. J-Mo for the hookup!

I don't know what I expected with this mysterious 40. First of all, it looks like a "cheap 40," something akin to Pit Bull. I was not expecting much, and at 6.2% (and a smallmouth), it's an odd Canadian 40.

But boy am I surprised. Aside from Private Stock (and probably one or two others I'm forgetting), this is one of my favorite tasting mass-produced malts!

Not much of a buzz, but a great tasting malt nonetheless.

DPX: This bottle is very good so far. Upon opening, it fizzed pretty loud, which isnít the case with a lot of 40s around here. It is very light in color, and very smooth. No hideous bitterness or spiked liquor taste. Little to no aftertaste---at least nothing uncommon with any decent low percentage beer.

It has a little funk to it, which I canít describe. Sort of like a sugary weirdness, but not unpleasant; just a little strange.

This is one of the only 40s Iíve found lately that was below the 8% mark. Most in this country of Canada, or at least in this province, even those from American companies, are 8% and do not have the smoothness this one has. The alcohol/volume percentage, at 6.2, is very uncommon for Canadian forties, making this a rare and exotic and ďgentleĒ treat. Comparing the taste to most of the 40 ouncers I have access to, it is terrific. I find Canada OE to be pretty smooth, but it tastes much less natural than this Clear Creek Ice.

Mountain Crest also makes Axe Head, the 11% hellion, and maybe some others. This is obviously better tasting, but obviously less powerful. Sometimes, however, you want taste and style rather than Hammer Smashed Face drunkenness brought on by a double header of Axe Heads.

I rate it a 9/10 for smoothness, and depending on your liver, brings on at least a little tingly buzz. If I didnít find this one across town, Iíd get it all the time. Hell, maybe Iíll stock up on these.

RickCarling: First, id like to say i have drank this brew previously in 12 oz cans, and it was horrible, as thugwigga will attest to. It was flat, flavorless, watery, and utterly disgusting. However, out of a 40, it was bubbly, malty, and delicious. Although i cannot explain the difference between cans and bottles, i can assure you that if you are ever in Alberta and happen upon a 40 of this shit, pick it up, it wont disappoint you! 9/10