Colt 45

(autographed by Billy Dee Williams)

I need the old small mouth, the old "Stout" brown glass stubby, the wide mouth SRP label, the canadian 4.8% "Beer", & the bold "Michigan refund" variant (all pictured on bottom), as well as the wide mouth old label variant, the 64oz w/finger loop, & the 9% canadian (if it exists), if you can help please email me.

Found: Bridgewater, NJ (American) & Montreal, Canada (Canadian)
Alcohol content: 5.6% (American) & 7.0% (Canadian) & 8.0% (Canadian) & 9.0% (? Canadian)
Other variations: old label wide mouth (WANTED), 9% canadian (? WANTED), 64oz w/finger loop (WANTED)
Also known as: Colt 45 Stout Malt Liquor
Slogan: "It works every time!"
Phone #: 1-800-935-BEER
Brewery: G. Heileman Brewing Co., 312 Pearl Parkway, San Antonio, TX

Bruz: American: Had some beef stew for dinner, with lots of brown gravy. It brought on some vicious beefs of its own & eventually a need to "unload" that was as great as my need to drink. I had no magazines nearby & needed something to help pass the time - FAST! So I grabbed a 40 out of the fridge & sat down for a good 30 min's of pleasure... some pleasure flowing in, some pleasure flowing out. This 40 started, maintained, & ended smoothly. It's been over an hour now since I drank (dumped) it & the heartburn is kicking in... who the hell knows what that's from, but the Colt 45 is the #1 suspect. The flava was very nice, your basic malt but with no negatives. And a very slight buzz for a malt that is not high in alcohol content. There is a reason Colt 45 is so widely dispersed, so highly endorsed, and so lovingly consumed. Because it works everytime! 8/10 swills for being an excellent malt all around. Not higher because the taste is nothing out of the ordinary & the alcohol content needs to be jacked up a little bit so we can get just a lil' more bang for our buck.

Canadian 8.0%: I don't know what my problem was the 1st time I had the canadian Colt back on a roadtrip to Montreal, I thought it tasted like hell, but I was kinda drunk at the time. To be honest all I remember was my roommate Beerface taking one sip & puking into the sink in a tiny motel room the 5 of us were sharing up there. This time around I thought it was pretty decent, especially being 3% stronger than the American version. Tasted like most 8% 40s, not bad at all. The swill was rough, it gave a decent buzz, but nothing like regular Colt 45. Regular C45 is a classic malt, this has more of a high gravity taste. That being said, 8/10 swills! Much thanks out to ThUgWiGGa & Dirty D for these!

6/12/10 juggalomikederda: Canadian 7.0%: The other day I had a 40oz 1.18L 7% strong beer wide mouth. Not1st ever but 1st in some tme and it wor's every time. I really enjoyed it alot. That was on Thursday but about 1-2 weeks ago had it in a 24oz can 7% strong beer version didn;t like it alot that time and allways like it in 40's and 24's when I can get out of my town and ick some up. Closes place is city pver. LCBO's sell 40's if they sell it and beer stores if they sell it got the tall cans. The other version I have had b4 is the malt liuor version but only get that instates and only found it in 24oz can's and 32oz bottles. Havnt had that one in a while and likre that one more. But dam the 40 was fucking kick ass. The 40 and the day I had the can I made yotube video with tem and yeah cheer's it work's every tme! I wanna try the other version's out but never found them b4. The capon the last 32oz I had was different from the label and so cool looking. BTW wide mouth caps are wierd.

4/23/10 RustythePelican: I need to do a better job of posting more reviews.

I've drank Colt 45 many times (though not too often out of 40s - mainly 16oz cans). I bought an old-label recently when I heard that a new label was coming out. Colt 45 always seemed to be a pretty non-descript malt to me - not quite as sweet as Olde English, not quite as dirty as a "street malt" (Country Club, Silver Thunder, Coqui).

I was in for a very nice surprise. I drank it ice cold, and it really hit the spot. It has more of a clean, crisp taste than a remember, even a hint of hops on the finish (I'm serious). Maybe I need to re-think Colt 45 as a premium malt? Or maybe it was just the right confluence of a good bottle and the right situation. Either way, Colt 45 is awesome out of a 40, and I realize that I need to drink this classic more often.

4/3/10 johnodonahue: wow, really enjoyed this 40! Didn't get much of a buzz off of it but it IS smooth! I hadn't been able to find them at the local Food Lion or Petro Express, so when I finally came across some at a gas station a few miles down the road I decided to pick em up and see what all the hype was about. I waited until I got home to try it which would satisfy any Columbus DUI lawyer at least. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. Great taste all the way down to the swill. I would definitely drink this malt again!

For the price of $1.59 here in NC, its well worth your money and gets the job done (eventually).

Taste: 9/10 Buzz: 6/10 Swill: 9/10

1/18/10 mikey0: Just finished swillin a Colt 45, $5.25 at the lcbo.
First few sips were good, after that tasted wierd.
Although I got a bit drunk off it, I did not enjoy this one.
6 out 10 swills

10/5/09 timmah1231: Couldn't tell if this was a new label or not, but expiration date is a month from now, so I assume it is.

An excellent malt liquor. Embodies every aspect of what an inexpensive malt liquor should be. Crack and hiss was fine. The taste is balanced...good malt taste, not overbearing with the sweetness, and smooth enough to be chugged quickly, although I paced this one since I was watching a movie. Since I paced it, I was careful to note any taste difference as it may have gotten slightly more watery, but that's what beers do. Good lacing inside the bottle too...haven't seen that much with 40 oz's yet. Since I'm a lightweight and on a relatively empty stomach, I have to adjust my buzz to a more impartial scale. I give Colt 45 an 8 out of 10 swills. If I had to personify what a 40 oz of malt liquor is, Colt 45 is my choice.

10/5/09 havinafett: Canadian 8.0%: First off, much thanks to d07c0m for this, which I'd been looking forward to drinking for a while. Drank this on a friday night sitting around with nothing to do. Little hiss and crack, took a whiff and remember thinking it smelled like a mild HG. Not surprising considering the alcohol %. Took a big first pull. As much as I prepared myself for the fact that this would taste nothing even close to the 5.6% Colt 45, I was still surprised. Tasted a little harsh like an HG to me, but I liked it. It was the type of flavor thats not sweet at all and kind of bitey, but still good. Midway through that mild harshness seemed to lessen a bit. Tasting what I did in my mouth and looking at the label kept making me think it was kind of hilarious this is even under the same brand name as the 5.6 malt. Just being so dissimilar, but I guess there's some novelty in that if you're used to one or the other, and who the fuck am I to judge what should and shouldn't be Colt 45? Ending wasn't harsh at all.The widemouth also made for pretty fast consumption and I got a great buzz from this. Not the greatest thing around the 8% mark I've ever drank, but not bad at all. I was going to say a 7/10 overall but I think the buzz factor knocks it up to a solid 8/10.

9/17/09 sleazye: "Works every time" couldn't have been a truer statement for such a classic malt as this. From the first crack and hiss, this is what malt liquor is supposed to be, and no wonder why Colt 45 is in the "great 4" with very valid reason. From the first crack and hiss, it delivered what one with a remote appreciation of malts should have. Not cut a review short or anything, but if you don't dig Colt 45 and you call try to call yourself a "fan of malt liquors," just kiss the business end of a shotgun. Enough said.

Taste: 9/10
Swill: 8.5/10
Buzz: 7/10
Label: 9/10

9/12/09 702er: I killed one last night brings back great memories from chillin behind random stores killin these with my boys before we went to a punk show. I love the taste its not harsh at all give it a 8/10,buzz 7/10 overall a great beer for the price and smoothness of the taste.

9/1/09 40zForSatan: Colt45 is pretty new to me, it wasn't readily available around here until recently, when it started replacing big bear. I think it's pretty good, it has a basic malt taste but it's on the verge of tasting like a regular beer to me. It doesn't really have an alcohol burn but it's not a very strong brew so I'm sure thats why. I usually have to knock back 2 of these to get a good buzz going, 1 just doesn't do the trick, it's just kind of a tease.

Taste: 8/10
Swill: 6/10
Buzz: 4/10
Label: 8/10

7/19/09 TheBelligerent: Had a 40 of this 2 days ago and I must say it wasn't as bad as I remembered it. This was the first time I had Colt 45 in like 4 or 5 years. When I was younger I remember I really disliked this beer. Overall pretty good. It was smooth went down pretty easy and It gave me a decent buzz. The swill got a little rough as it warmed up at the end. Taste was good though overall and i really enjoyed this beer and I will be picking up more of these now. Taste 7/10,buzz 7/10, swill 6/10 Overall 7/10.

7/5/09 Akaboum: Canadian 8.0%: I drink a 8% Colt 45 Right now,this beer is amazing very good taste compared to my last 40oz a black bull 10%. I hightly recommend it! I would/will drink that every day I'm new here & i'm a franco Canadian so my english is not perfect please forgive my language/writing mistakes thanks! If you need canadian beer just let me know i'll do my best to help ya! overall 9/10

4/28/09 BlackMetalTroy322: I used to smoke weed. And I would always drink Colt 45 40's when I got high. I remember me and my old friend drank a 40 of Colt a piece and got stoned. Then our parents showed up unexpected. I think we had skipped school that day. We didn't want them to know we were fucked up (because we were). So we had to hide in the dog house for about 45 minutes until our buzz came down enough to go in to face them. Well we went in and they could tell we were fucked up still. We got grounded. lol. Well This 40 is the smoothest, and maltiest 40 that I've tried. So i'll give it a 7.5 out of 10 swills.

4/24/09 maltliquorswigga: Good Crack. Swill was good and stayed cold. Colt, does work every time. Decent malt taste. I'd say its my number 3 malt 40( 1-OE 2-Red Bull).
No complaints on this 40. had it in the freezer for about 25 minutes, then slammed it. If I could get it easier Id probably buy it just to switch it up every once in a while. Definitely a good Malt, thats stood the test of time. Like Billy Dee says Nigga...."works every time....." I'll give it 7/10 swills...woulda gave it an 8, if it was a little bit stronger. This 40 had the new cap on it, just to let ya know. Cant wait for that new Colt HG 8.5, I heard about on the forum, still havent seen it, though.

4/23/09 pookster11: My first malt 40 ever back as a teen in '94 for $1.19 a pop, Now they are $1.69. Colt has a great tast and goes down smooth. I wish they could add more ABV but still keep the classic tast. Overall colt is a great malt and it gives a small buzz on an empty stomach. tast 8.5/10 buzz 6/10

3/30/09 morcz: I've drank this 40 many times, usually i only get it if im rush or its the only 40 in stock at the LCBO im at. Its got a sweetish taste, that isnt smooth. About halfway down the label, you get used to it, and its not all that bad. Its got a nice buzz, since its 7%. It really disappoints in a 40, but in a "Seven Ten" can, its a much better malt, why? I have no idea. Anyway, this malt is rough, and at times a chore to drink, not smooth and sweet, but nice buzz. Taste 4/10 buzz 7/10

3/28/09 Viciousg40two: the old standby. a classic among all areas of the country. probably my favorite everything 40.. smooth, easy to drink, not too high on ABV, making it good for bbqs and parties. doesn't seem to have much of a corn taste or foam to it, which is a good trait of a good malt.

8/10 swills.

3/28/09 tinman40: Crack was modest, with almost no bubbles (old 40?), and the smell is a bit fonktastic... like High Life or Tsingtao or Peroni, mixed with a hint of St. Ides rancidity (not always a bad thing). The taste is light, sweet, and malty, with some long malt-to-bitter aftertaste to make you want to keep going.

Even though Colt45 and OE800 are the "standard" malts, I can taste alot of difference between them. Primarily the mouthfeel and flavor profile. Colt starts light, ramps up with a nice malty kick, and has the long finish like a bad beer. OE hits it fast and solid, tapering off gently, and finishes more cleanly. It's honest and upfront with its bad-beerness. There is forshadowing of roughness in it's smell, but definitely not a rough malt in the least.

Easy to drink, like High Life, but only after you get to the top of the label... As others have noticed, it s good transition for malt pansies. Even after an hour in the freezer, this 40's a little rough for its ABV at first, but is getting better over time. Since the review continues, ya'll know it's good enough not to put down. Halfway through, it is better as it warms a little.

I just ran 4 mi straight, before starting this 40, and the buzz is there (gotta refill your carbs afterwards, right?). Better than Mickey's and similar to King Cobra. And Billy Dee's right, "It works every time." 6/10 little brown bags for decent quality, all around.

1/26/09 BigJandthe40: Ok I am from Oakland Ca and have a 7 40 option. They sell St Ides, OE, Mickeys, King Cobra, County Club, Ranier, and Colt 45. I would say that I have bought Colt 45 the least. I just bought one tonight to give it a proper review, but just like always right when I cracked it...the shit stunk. It also seems like its lacking something taste wise it is bland to me. I am really not a huge fan of this 40 I would put it at the bottom but right above Country Club. Better get a few shots to go with this one cause I think the buzz is weak sauce.

12/05/08 Dean: Colt 45... Usually see them in 32's around here but recently ran across a store with a whole rack full of new label 40's. I had rode about an hour and 25 minutes to chill with my Pops and hadn't drank anything the whole ride so I was pretty thirsty when I got there. Went to the store, picked up about 6 Colts. They were ICE cold -- there were chunks of ice floating on top. Had not eaten in a while, so my stomach was empty. The Colt tasted good... REAL good. I have been drinking a lot of them malts with the venom in 'em, so this was a more than welcome change. I would have almost bought any other malt liquor I could find other than KC, but I am glad that I picked up some Colt. Very easy going down, almost too easy. Had a real nice malty taste, but wasn't overly sweet and didn't have too much of a bite. Before I knew it, those 6 were gone. Decent buzz, but did not get t-totalled until much later after several more Colts and an HHG. My conclusion (as I tried to keep tabs before I got too fucked up to care): Taste 9/10 - Buzz 5/10 - Overall 7/10

Edited to note that usually when I drink Colt, I drink so many of them that I literally feel near to death for at least a day afterwards. They're just too easy to swill for me.

10/04/08 Alvin Karpis: Canadian 7.0%: Thanks out to do7com for the hookup. I dont know about this shit, I was looking forward to a nice smooth Colt 45 taste with a little extra kick. This shit has a strong alcohol taste. I dont even know that I taste Colt 45 at all in this 40. Im half way down and while I know I will have a buzz from this im not really enjoying it. Last night I had the Canadian OE and that bitch was awesome. The Wide Mouth is cool, the buzz im getting is cool, but the taste is killing me. Taste 3/10 Buzz 7/10 Overall 5/10

Canadian 8.0%: Thanks out to do7com for the free hookup on this bitch. He sent it to me because he said the 8% would blow me away as I didnt really care for the 7%. Well it didnt blow me away at all. Sure I caught a buzz but I didnt notice any thing different then the 7.0% version. I gotta go with 5/10 for this.Sorry it didnt stack up the way do7com said it would, I really wanted to like this 40 and went into it in a good state of mind. It just didnt do anything for me, beside get me a nice buzz.

9/27/08 nastynate81: COLT 45 I remember this being my first 40 ever. I was 16 at the time and my mother's boyfriend was a huge drunk he went to the package store one day and bought me one and said try this. The taste was nice and smooth and of course being a lightweight at the time it fucked me up so this is a 40 i'm always going to remember.

5/01/08 91firebird: American: Just finishing off a Colt 45 40 and I realized I've never reviewed this one. For some reason this is kinda hard to come by here in these parts. Sometimes I can find it and other times I go months without seeing it. Found this in the East side of town at a run down little gas station. Paid $1.69 with tax. I know it's semi fresh because it is the new label Colt. Tastes great. No complaints. Colt is a Malt that has withstood the test of time. I love this shit. Chugability is high for me at least. I've just finished it and it's taken me about 21 minutes to swill it. Shit was ice cold too. Overall 8.5/10. Buzz is decent, and the drinkibility is very nice. I wish I could get this every day but the jackasses at Pabst seem to always have their heads up each others asses.

8/02/08 Canadian: Gonna review the Canadian version of Colt 45. First off many many thanx to d07c0m for the hookup of this Canadian 40 of Colt 45. First off, this had a wicked crack, something I didn't expect from a 40 from the great white north. 1st sip, shit is strong and kinda reminds me of Crazy Stallion for some reason. This does not taste like regular Colt 45. Shit has a kick like Ides. The widemouth makes for easy swiggin. I'm not gonna lie, this is the best 40 EVER!!! I've had many a 40's in my day, but this one was the shit. Midway and I'm feelin a warm buzz. Shit is almost gone and I have a wicked buzz off this 7.0% Canadian 40. This shit rocks. I'm done with the swill and I feel great. This is as good as it gets. Regular American Colt is my go 2 40, but this shit is 1,000,000 times better. I wished I still lived in Canada, I spent about 6 months in Toronto. I would be swiggin this shit on a daily basis. 11/10 swills. Best 40 I've ever had.....and that's on a empty stomach.

211 Swilla: Delicious tasting 40, but pretty weak buzz at 5.6%. The taste is where Colt 45 comes through, best tasting 40 ever. Also, it has a classic reputation that is only mathced by Olde English. 7/10 swills because of the weak alchohol content.

40 Ounce Legend: the absolute favorite malt liquor of 40 ounce legend. I love this stuff to death. Nothing compares to it as far as smooth taste, getting fucked up, and still being able to mount all night. 10 stars to itand bonus points for having billy d williams as a spokesman.

40ozItalian: Smooth....this 40 goes down from top to bottom smooth. I had it in the freezer before I drank so it was near ice when I took it out, just the way I like it. I wish there was more alcohol in it though....light buzz if any. 7 outta 10 swills

4TDogg: Regardless of whether he betrayed Han solo - Billie Dee will always be the man for pitching the Colt. Second only to OE for drinkability, taste - this 40 is a great start to night of drinking. It really does work every fucking time. 10 out of 10.

beam21: I swigged my Canadian 8% a few nights ago and here's the deal. It's not pretty. Rough flavor, like Bull Max kinda but worse. It certainly doesn't taste like silver 211 but that's my comparison in terms of harshness, buzz and hangover. meh, not much to say else. Taste: C Buzz: B+. Widemouth never ceases to amaze me. Average strong canuck beer.

BoozeClues: Took me a surprisingly long time to try this one, the last mainstream malt I had. In my part of the DC area, this is hard to come by in 40s, I've seen it in 32's more frequently and the Double Malt is far more common. Anyway, this is a very nice tasting basic malt; I can see why it's at classic status. Good robust taste that even a beer drinker could enjoy. I however prefer the thicker sweeter taste of the Double Malt. The buzz was as weak as you'd expect from a 40 of this alcohol content. The swill was just fantastic, warm but palatable. I don't know that I'd take Billy Dee's claim that it works every time to heart, you'd probably need at least 2, but it has a fine taste and you'll definitely enjoy it while it's going down. 9/10 for taste, 5/10 for buzz (marginally better than drinking 40 oz of beer) so average it out to be 7/10.

BrainDamage702: lovely 40 right here, taste is damn good, swill isnt bad, the only thing from stopping it from getting a 10 iz it seems to get warm real quick.. 9 outta 10!

Buzzcore: There's an awesome old school skatepark right down the street from the old National Brewery in Baltimore, and I used to always gawk at the huge Colt 45 logo on the building, proudly telling all the world "This is the gawd damn undisputed MF'ing HOME of smoove malt liquor!" (Say it like Billy D makes it funnier, trust me.) Then I remember the first time I saw that the sign was was a bummer to say the least, so obviously you know I REALLY want to like this stuff. I know it's a classic, but it's always really fizzy (too much carbonation) and doesn't have much of a kick (contrary to whatever the horse on the bottle thinks), percentage-wise. Always gets all foamy and makes you feel full. How am I supposed to get drunk, when one 22 ouncer (The "Double Deuce" is a great name, by the way!) makes me feel like I've drank an entire keg??? Sorry, I've tried it (several times), and tried it again (several more times) and it doesn't live up to it's rep.............hell, maybe that's why Billy D isn't hawkin' this stuff anymore? 4 points for the USA stuff (it'd get just three, if it wasn't for the fact that C-45 is a classic) and 6 for the high octane Canadian edition, which is made in LaCrosse, WI by the makers of Camo (who were making C-45 before all the Pabst takeover/bankruptcy crap in the states).

BWill40s: Colt 45, well a great malt till the last drop. True at least in my case had 3 one night and the malt does sneak up on you in a good way. As was my case when I punched my good friend in the face for being a pile lol. well overall great malt 7-10 swills for taste B+ buzz B

Coleman The Ape: There's three things I look for in an alcoholic beverage: Taste, Price and the ability to get me roasted. Colt 45 has it all. Cold Colt 45 is the easiest drinkin' malt on the market; I'd describe it as a flat beer but with that sweet, sweet malt aftertaste. Even when it gets warm, it still goes down easy with only a hint of piss-like aftertaste. One 40 oz gets me nicely trashed, but then I am a big fucking lush. Still, two 40s can be had in Canada for 9 bucks, you can't go wrong with that. As a bonus, Colt bottle is an instant conversation-starter and does an excellent imitation of a bat when you want to end said conversations. . .fast. And Billy fucking Dee is the man!!!

DaHookUp7Mile: The best tasting beer total. The best tasting malt liquor and better then any beer ive tasted. I can down a 40 in 5 minutes without meaning to drink it fast. I take a swig and have to take another and so on. Its jus great. Buzz is more of a clean not cheap feeling buzz. But you need a few 40's to get drunk. 7/10 swills. More if it had more buzz.

Swisha, My eyes half way open, Im chokin, But bitch im still swillin and smokin, You get the cigar, Nigga i do the stuffin, Get rid of them nickels and dimes, Nigga we smoke pounds.

Dave Kozy: I'm riding the horse again. It's not strong but so damn smooth. Very drinkable. Not as sweet or thick as double malt. A better pounding 40. It's waking me up too. Nope now I'm drunk. Good to the last drop. If I drink anything quick enough it'll hit me. Anyway 8 outta 10 chugs.

Dirty D: Colt 45 is the shit. It was my first 40, the one that got me hooked. I still drink it 90% of the time as its about the best 40 I can get in Alberta. It also inspired us to make the 40 Mobile (see drunk in public pictures) which was great until it got stolen

DismantleJuneau: Just had (If I can remember) my first one of these last night. It was DAMN good too. I heard ALL about it all the time. It lives up to it's name completely. Good taste, nothing bad really about it. Nice buzz. All the good stuff a 40 should be. 9/10 swills.

dj oe 800: this one goes down smooth as fuck, but that's why i don't like it: the last time i had one i killed it so fast that i vomited, AND i puked so soon after finishing it that my puke was ice cold. it's not a bad forty, though. doesn't give me a very impressive buzz, but the appeal of drinking a beverage repped by one mr. billy dee williams (although i'm much too young to remember the advertisements) is pretty high.

Drastic Mezures: Colt 45 is one of my favorite 40s. This is the 40 that got me started on malt liquor. I got introduced to Colt 45 from my friend Speedy. We were at a park one night and he did the Colt 45 double punch. The double punch is when you have two opened 40s and you switch back and forth between both of them until they're finished, or you can just drink both of them at the same time but then half of it winds up on the floor. This was back in the day when they came in the 45 oz. bottles.

EastTN40: Very fine malt lickka! Has a nice, sweet mellow taste. The aftertaste is minimal and mellow. Like the man said, "C-45 works every time". My second favorite malt. 8/10 Swills.

fizzmaster: Good old Colt 45. Its a standby, a staple 40. I had two one night recently and I was surprised at the strong buzz I had at the end of the first one and really surprised at how hammered I was at the end of the second one. I'm no lightweight, I'm a hardened heavy boozer, which is why I was surprised how tanked I got off of two of em. There are many factors when determining how drunk you get: what you ate that day, how much sleep you got, etc., etc. Good Old Colt 45 did the damn trick though. Hell, if its good enough for Billy Dee, its good enough for me. 8/10.

hg8point2: aahhhhhhh! thats whats comes to mind when i think about this fine malt.had one the other day and"it works every time." always a nice hiss from an ice cold 45,i love that genuine malt flavor and the swill ain't nothing dangerous.colt 45 is a true malt's one of my favorites 8/10.

High Gravity Swilla: What can you say?-- Its the Colt!!- One of my all time faves. Always goes down smooth all the way to the swill.- I love drinkin this one straight out the freezer- ICE COLD. Just like alot of shit in life - you cant beat a real original- If you love malt you gotta love the Colt - cause hell- it does it every time!!! 9 out of 10 swills.

ImissMy64oz: my first 40 and a good 40 at that
actually was a 45
shits #1
good stuff
good taste
goood swill
good label

IMT40s: Colt 45 is one of the best and one of the worst 40's out there. Of course we all know Billy D. Williams propped it with the line "it works every time". But in all reallity it's a fairly weak malt liquor at 5.6%.

I find I have to put it in the freezer for about 25 minutes before I crack it open, then its like drinking liquid heaven, It really is one of my favorites, but as soon as it gets halfway warm it tastes like Chewbacca's ass. So Colt 45 comes in at a 7 out of 10. I would have gave it a 6.5 but I'll give an extra .5 just because of its history.

JoeWebberlione: This review is for the 8% wide mouth canadain variation. I swilled my first Canadian Colt just a few nites ago while playing Guitar Heroe 2 at my brothers house. The 40 had a decent crack to it & a fantastic swill. Went down easy, although the flavor wasnt the best in the world. Over all its decent, wouldnt be my first choice in a brew, but still pretty decent. 7 outta 10 swills for giving me a decent buzz.

Kool EJ: This is a pretty standard, no frills malt liquor. I consider it one of the holy triumvirate of the most popular, readily available & identifiable 40's (the others being OE & St. Ides). This doesn't have any weird aftertaste like St. Ides does though. I know people are complaining about the relatively lower alcohol content, but I found the buzz factor decent. It helped me through washing my clothes at the laundrymat this Sunday afternoon. Overall rating: 7 out of 10 swigs

lookin 4 a 40: This malt is another classic, as i was drinkin this I tasted a corn mash flavor in the middle,but other than that it gave a decent buzz and wasnt that hard to down...7/10 brown paper bags.

MarkBlackout: For some reason I've neglected to ever review this beer. This is among the first malts I ever drank. At the time I thought the whole gimmick with Colt 45 was the 45oz. bottles. 5 extra ounces.. why not? I was a fan immediately; little did I know that was just for a little while.

Good crack, funky smell.. this is real-deal American malt liquor here, folks. Colt 45, OE, and King Cobra are what I consider benchmark malt liquors. Colt is the funkiest of the three, and I argue that it gets me more hammered than the other two. Colt can sneak up on you. Luckily it doesn't taste as bad as it smells.. good strong beer flavor, about what you'd expect from the appearance. Its what my man satan165 might call a "taste sensation." Colt 45's longevity/historical importance in conjunction with its consistent flavor and buzz yield a solid 8 out of 10 swills.

mikey0: Colt 45 taste like crap. I hate this stuff. I mean the only time I'll drink a bottle is when im already drunk otherwise i wouldnt even drink it

OldeGoldSwilla: A very good basic malt. It's claim to fame it how old it is and that it is very famous. It's never a bad choice to swill colt 45 but one will not give you a lot of buzz

rage60oz: Drank a colt45 tonight, went down really smooth. Not much else to say here other than its a classic. One of my friends got a colt45 tattoo one time, so its gotta be a cool drink. I'll rate it at 8/10 swills because shit I hadn't ever had one before and I'm just a beginner at the magical c45. Gave me a slight buzz, nothing a few jr. bacon cheeseburgers at wendy's couldn't cure.

REMI187: I love this beer I have been drinking it for yrs, I still remeber when they had 45 oz instead of 40. Taste great goes down smooth

RickCarling: Canadian: One of the greatest malts in history...or as we call them in canada "strong beers"...fuck that shit. Colt 45 is awesome as hell. The first time i drank one i got an excellent buzz and loved it, so i had to get more. This is easily my favorite 40 of right now, next to the truly awesome CBL Big 10, so this 40 deserves a 10/10 swillz for being amazingly good in all aspects.

RTR tm: Legendary malt licka...this stuff can't be beat! In the words of my man Billy Dee, "GodDAMN! That be smooth!" When I wanna get drunk, and I am short on cash, I just buy me a 40 of Colt 45 and it does me alright. No other 40 deserves 10 outta 10 more!

satan165: American: Extremely smooth, but not a strong enough buzz for me. It should fit into a catagory with OE but OE will get you lifted much more nicely. I even dare to say, a Colt is bit overrated. This would be good for an event like a BBQ where you are eating and maybe dont want to get trashed or plan on drinking multiple 40s. Although in that case, I would certainly choose a Schlitz Blue Bull, but thats just me. Colt has the true reputation and name-recognition though that earns it extra points. 8 of 10 swills for a weak buzz Buzz: C+, Taste: B-

Canadian: Special Thanx goes out to my main man from the great white north, Sgt. J-Mo! This 40 is very similar to the Canadian Big Bear. VERY similar: both have the widemouth, both have an alcohol tinge/sweetness.... tastes bad at first, I'm half way thru and feelin' warm already. I drink American Colt 45 constantly because its widely available and tastes great. This tastes worse but is stronger...I don't figure that the tradeoff is worthwhile in the end though. Buzz: B+, Taste: C+

ScottForster: I just bought one tonight. Nice taste and mouthfeel. Not bland or harsh like some 40's. 3 bucks at the bar I stopped off at after work. Smoked a...well, you know, and the beer tastes great with a couple of slices of sausage pizza from Papa John's( I work there and I took a left over pizza home). This might be one of the best beers I have had( except for Yuengling Porter). Don't get me wrong, the flavor is nothing spectacular, but it is a clean, decent tasting, bottle of beer. Inexpensive( I wont say cheap, because it is not "cheap")where I come from anyways( 3 bucks in a small bar that used to be an old house). The state of Pennsylvania has a monopoly on all alcohol sales and only bars are allowed to sell 40 ounces. But anyways. Good job from a newly converted Colt 45 drinker. 9/10 swills.

sippin apache: My favorite 40 outta Mtl. Loud crack, cool widemouth clear classic malt.

Skip Pawn: Colt 45 is among the best malt liquors I've tasted. They all tend to have strong after-tastes, in my opinion. But it doesn't taste as bad as making out with a chick who hasn't brushed her teeth. You can really get torn up really quickly on Colt. I drink the 24 ounce cans with my buddy. Am I allowed to mention marijuana? We usually smoke joints and drink some beers. All in all, malt liquor vs. , say, Budweiser or Heineken is not like comparing major league baseball to Triple A baseball. It's not a demotion to navigate the rows of malt liquors. Sure, maybe you're unemployed and can't shell out the $7.49 or so for a six pack of Guiness, but the result is going to be the same, anyway. You'll either be passed out on your friend's couch or arguing with the apartment manager about the toilet that hasn't been fixed.

SouthLyon40s: I've drank more Colt 45s than any other malt (except for Magnum I think). It used to be my favorite until Magnum's availability and price coerced me. I haven't been drinking them regularly for about a year.

I remember having one a couple months ago. I hated it. It tasted too sweet.

But I gave it a second chance tonight. I bought two. over $5.00 at the local spot. Sucks.

The first had an awesome crack. (Like 8 of those little clicks when you break the seal). It didn't taste too sweet at all. Just right. Not "musty" like others claim. I took my time with this 40 oz. I popped in Dawn of the Dead, broke open a bag of beef jerky, and swilled this malt. Not extremely impressive but not as bad as I thought.

Killed the swill while getting into some shit with Sam the Angry Jew in the Alley. All in good fun.

I would give it an 8 out of 10...
Except whenever I drink 45 at parties, at least three or four assholes have to start up with that "Colt 45 and two zig zags" song. I hate it so much. Subtracting two stars. 6 out of 10.

ThUgWiGGa: canadian: Awesome crack, this 40 sounded awesome. i was on cam with nitz while drinkin this, and thanks to him i enjoyed it alot. he suggested i put it in the freezer for 25 mins. An hour later i cracked this bitch. Initial reaction: FUCKIN AWESOME. Tatses like malt licka heaven. Super smooth, while maintaining the sweet taste of malt liquor. Ask nitz, no lie i downed half of it in less than 5 mins, of course i slowed down after thatt. I really really like this malt... i mean "strong beer" fuckin canada. this is my NEW favourite. Madd props to YPMO for ttelling me mthis can be found at the LCBO. Colt 45 works every fuckin time. udapte: definitely drank it way too fastm i puked like a bitch man

Tiger Tai: Ahhhh Colt 45 taking it back wit Billy Dee. It's hard not to like Colt considering it used to be brewed here in Baltimore and it's endorsed by my main man Lando. not the best tasting but far from the worst.... I'll give Colt 45 7 of 10 Swills.

troobie: I'm really excited, as I just visited a bottle shop in my city that I've never been to before and found TWO new 40's, Colt 45 and Pabst Blue Ribbon. I have to say, I've had Colt 45 out of 16oz. cans and this 40 tastes way, way better. I can't believe how good this shit is as a 40. Smooth as fuck. Seriously, this is easily the smoothest malt I've ever had. It was ice cold when I took it out of the freezer, and even now as it is warming up the taste hasn't really changed. Speaking of taste, you can tell this is a malt but it really lacks any sort flavor, nothing distinctive. Also lacking is alcohol, I'm only getting a little bit of a buzz from this one. I'm really impressed, I only bought the bottle for my collection and wasn't really feeling like drinking it but now I'm glad I did. This is definitely something I'm going to add to my drinking rotation. 8/10 for being a super solid 40 and a classic. It is really easy drinking, cheap ($1.99 for the 40), and fucking Billy fucking D. fucking Williams.

uk82chaospunk: used to drink this shit back in my st. ides days, used to drink ides and then a colt or the other way around....tastes really damn good, best tasting 40 i've ever tried (except OE)....went down smooth all the way down to the swill and the swill was good too...this is a classic malt, really damn good, not too strong a little buzz off it....yes Boggy got a buzz from drinking a 40, i havent eating in about 10 hours so i guess thats why...billy dee used to do adds for colt so that adds extra points to it, i would drink like 3 of these to get drunk off, but i cant afford that so i drink OE (OE is my fav 40) gotta go pack now, going to san francisco tomorrow...hopefullly i'll find camo there...if you never drank a 40 of colt, you better...its the shit...9 out of 10 swills for colt (would be a 10 ifit was stronger)

YerPissingMeOff: I used to drink this shit back in the day and I think it was the first 40 i ever had, well today I decided to retry it and bring back some memories, and it does live up to its name, this shit is one of the best 40's out there. It goes down soooo smooth, so I decided to chug half of it, nice relaxing Buzz, and you're more capable of pulling off simple tasks after drinking this shit than other 40's but you still feel chillin. I can't believe I forgot all about it, it's just ever since Black Bull came out I haven't been drinkin much of anything else. 8 outta 10 swills (only cuz I'm used to the 10 percent now an this seemed a little bit weak at 8%)