Coqui 900

I need the 2 variants pictured on the bottom, as well as the 45oz if it exists, if you can help please email me.

Found: Philadelphia, PA
Alcohol content: ?
Other variations: 45oz? (WANTED)
Also known as: 9 Ball
Slogan: "Premium Malt Liquor"
Phone #: ?
Website: ?
Brewery: G. Heileman Brewing Co., San Antonio, TX

Bruz: just finished this after a forty of Molson ice. coqui 900 is a St Ides wannabe, lookat the label & design & colors and that is apparent. however, i have a good buzz. who knows how much of that is due to Coqui 900 though... remember, the Molson Ice 40 was 5.6% and i dunno how much this is... but i'm feelin good & lightheaded. however, being i already had a 40 before this it was hard to tell exactly what this tasted liek... in fact, it was hard to tell if it even tasted good (at this point). i think it was ok, not bad at all, but the swill got a bit rough at the end.... tasting like cheap ghetto swill. i got depression man, i hope this crap in addition to the other 40 i drank helps kill of my cavity so i don't have to have my filling done at the dentist tomorrow, but in reality i know that's not happenin. but hey, ever true alcoholic needs hist reason to guzz, eh? damn, i just reread all that i typed and it seemed perfectl y normal, it took a 2nd lcosler reareading to realize al that i misspelled & now i'm doing worse than before....... let me end this quick before its all jujst hiroglyphics - did is pell that right? - overall raitng is 5/10 swills for being a cheap imitation of the classic "crooked I" and for the swill being similar to something that would leak out of a dead body....

Update: Swilled it again years later & thought it flowed down like a good solid street malt. No complaints. Bumping the review up to 7/10 swills.

8/31/10 40ozIsMyMiddleName: Big thanks to Havinafett for this bottle. The city of brotherly love has hooked me up with another great 40.

Solid crack and a slight hiss from this 40oz upon opening.

The smell is reminiscent of a country club or a laser. Tastes like big bear, a little bit like KC as far as the after taste goes. Consistently tasting the same throughout after finish about half of this.

The label is one of the main reasons I have wanted this bottle. Knock off of the OE's 800, reppin the 900, and obviously st. ides.

I've tried hunting down this malt in the NW indiana/ South chicago area with no success in 2 tries over the past year. Glad to finally add this one to my collection.

Overall- 7.5/10

1/25/10 Detroit40oz: mucho gracias to The Fear for the hookup on the all mighty Coqui 900... its been on my want list since my collection began in 2006, and I just never got around to trading for one until now.

I remember reading reviews of it back when I started collecting, but that was some time ago, and I had no idea going into this that it wasnt a high gravity. I probably assumed that was the case since the brand heavily rips off st. ides.

The crack and hiss were excellent, and right away I could smell the brew and I knew this was gonna be a delicious malt.

I've been sipping on this for about 5 mins and im about an inch below the label... and even the burps this shit delivers are delicious.

I just noticed the sell by date on this is 10 weeks away, so it's about as fresh as it gets too.

Coqui 900 is a prime example of what a great malt liquor should be, and coupled with an obscure enough name and label to ward off the average chum, this shit definitely rules hard.

I just took a massive 12oz chug of this to get the full taste spectrum of this and also rip an equally massive malt burp, and I'm at the bottom of the label.

probably a decent time to be predictable and take a pic swillin this bad boy

10/22/09 nickmoulton: First off, thanks to the fear for the hook up on this 40

coqui 900 is a terrific tasting 4
drinkin it right now and at the top of the label
tastes like a laser
it has its own unique funk to it, which satisfies my malt needs
just past half way and this tastes great
this is a great 40 and i look forward to telling my grandkids about it


6/24/09 sleazye: I just got this courtesy of TheFear. which I really appreciated a LOT, seeing as it's a semi-rare 40 that I have been curious about ever since reading the archives; something just caught my eye about it. It comes in at 6.0% ABV, at least according to the Google searches I did.

The crack, hiss, and pop were surpisingly great in my opinion. The scent was kind of funky in a good way. The taste reminded of a hybrid between Colt 45, Olde English 800 EC, and a weaker St. Ides. It went down super smooth, smoother than I would have thought considering the hybrid of malts it reminded me of.It got smoother with each gulp.

I liked the aesthetics of the bottle label design, generic logo and everything else about it, to the obvious copying of the St. Ides barcode (even though it's in the portfolio of Pabst products) was cool.

If this were available in my area, I wouldn't hesitate to have this in my top selection of malts.

All in all, from everything I mentioned earlier I liked this a lot.

Taste: 8.50/10
Buzz: 7.5-8/10
Label: 8/10

6/17/09 splatterhouse00: Picked this up in Philly, decent malt reminds me of silver thunder which im not a huge fan of. Gets the job done though, wouldn't go out of my way to get this. 6/10

5/24/09 91firebird: First off many thanks to The Fear for the Coqui 40oz. I've had the empty bottle for a while but have never had the malt. Cracked this on a Saturday night and it produced a great crack with an ok hiss. Took a deep pull and to me this tastes exactly like EC OE. Good flavor. Nice malt taste and it stayed cold all the way. This is a solid 40. Even though I expected something radial, this 40 did not dissappoint. This is on the same level as Big Bear and OE as a tasty full bodied malt. Very smooth, nice malt flavor and a taste that can't be beat. Glad I finally got to try this . Very solid malt. Overall 8.2/10 Taste, 8/10, buzz 8/10 Coolness 9.5/10. Awesome label.

5/7/09 maltliquorswigga: Coqui 900 1st off shout out to my man The Fear for this 40 I've wanted to try since 1997.
Not Bad all in all, Good Crack, lil hiss, Smelled like ur average malt, but tasted more like a bad beer/malt combo, kinda reminded me of Colt 45 or Schlitz Malt(OML-Blue Bull), Not as strong tasting as I thought it be, Not real Malty, Swill was flat, it was cold, cuz I had it in the freezer, drank it fast, but not too fast, so I could really get the groove off it. Not Bad, I'd drink it on Occasion, just to switch it up. Definitely worth tryin if u nebver had it B4, For the Ides rip-off label, def didnt taste like Ides HG, or the old school Ides Premium. Cool to finally gotten to rip this shit. Again props out to my Pa homie, The Fear, for the awesome hookup.Dude is the shit for sure.
Taste: 5/10 swills, Buzz 5/10 swills, Buzz was minimal Swill 3/10 (flat tasting) Overall 6/10 I gave it a 6 just cuz it aint around my way, and I've wanted to drink this for the last 12 years. Had it been more malty and had a better buzz, woulda scored slightly higher...Definitely Try this if u never had it b4.

4/22/09 SouthLyon40s: Coqui. I'm not even 100% sure how to pronounce the word. I've never heard it spoken aloud.

This brands obvious attempt to cash in on Ides and OE have, to a weird extent, worked on me, since I'd always been curious about this 40. St. Ides color scheme, along with an Olde English-esque crown. Throw in the number 900 (as opposed to Olde English's '800') and you have a Coqui. I can picture someone standing in front of the beer cooler thinking "Well... Olde English has 800... but since Coqui has 900, that means it will be 100 better."

900 what? The fact that they cash in on Olde English's already unclear meaning of the "800" is outrageous and awesome at the same time.

But copy cat shit aside. Down to the 40.
Hmm, what's there really to say about this 40. Got this in the mail from DJ OE and let it sit in the fridge for about 4 days. It had a really inoffensive taste. From the rip-off label and its limited distribution (as far as I know you find this mainly in the Philidelphia area... and that's about it) I was expecting something sub-par but this wasn't the case.

It was very good. Easy to drink, with a buzz comprable to all the other malt liquor 40s in the 5.6-6.0 ABV range.

Nothing really "stood out" about this one. And that's a completely good thing in my book. Like I said, there's not a lot you can say about a completely run of the mill malt liquor that was neither bad nor noticeably better than any of the competition.

But if it were somehow magically distributed in Michigan, it would fit in perfectly with my rotation.

The straight black cap is kind of cool too. Dunno why. It just is.

4/3/09 BigJandthe40: First of thanks to dj oe 800, he hooked me up with this awsome 40. I let this sit in the fridge for a whole 24 hrs, but last night after I got done playing Raquetball with my old man I was very thirsty. I have Big Frank come over to enjoy this awsome St Ides rip off. The first sip was pretty smooth it reminded me of a watered down St Ides, or an Ides with a lot less alch. I took my time with this 40oz becuase It one I have wanted for quite some time. I personally loved the label and the taste wasnt that bad, the only problem I had this this guy was that it wasnt strong enough. I would give it the following 7.5/10

9/16/08 d07c0m: Finally got to drink this rarity after finding it in Cicero, NY. This was the only malt liquor 40 the shop sold with MBI being the only other 40. The time-stamp reads 12018 so I believe it to be relatively fresh. I'm drinking it at only a little colder than room temp but the taste is quite inoffensive. It tastes a bit like OE and a bit like Colt 45. Hard to put a finger on it as it is relatively bland in general. I can't feel much of the alcohol either. Down to the bottom the swill tastes like cheap lager beer gone warm (which isn't too bad). If I had to guess I'd say the ABV is around 6.0%. At $1.92 incl. tax I really can't complain about anything. A fine example of a classic ghetto malt.

Taste: 7/10
Label: 9/10
Buzz: 5/10
Total: 7/10

40 Ounce Killa: Thanks out to PhivePointOhhh for the hookup on this St. Ides lookalike! First impression..... this didn't look too appealing. The color was the dark brownish gold of urine from someone who's dehydrated, and it was cloudy to boot. I then noticed around the neck that the glass itself was cloudy. I poured some in a glass, and found that the liquid itself was a bit cloudy also. Drinking it, it had a bit of a bite to it. I'd take a swig, and there would be a delayed-reaction bitter after-taste. By the time I reached the swill stage, I was ready to dump it. However, I gave it a fair shake and finished it. The buzz factor was not worth the taste. If you're willing to put up with crappy taste, you might as well go with the real St. Ides and get a decent buzz out of it. I give the Coqui 4 out of 10 swills.

40ozcasualty: First off, much thanks to satan165 for hooking me up with this! Overall, a pretty average pretty 40. Had a nice hiss and crack when I opened it but for some reason immediately smelled like heinkin (sp) First sip definitely didn't taste like heinikin Tasted very malty and very ghetto. After a few more sips I got into it but still tastes very ghetto to me. Average buzz but still very cool to add to my collection. Swill was drinkable, still drinkable but not horrible but then again what swill is? As I drank it, many other people around me were drinking colt 45, OE, and St. Ides,etc. so it felt very awesome to be swilling a 40 that no one else had.

662: I picked this one up from south side chicago,right where coprene green used to be, so that was a buzzkill already when I brought it home I looked at the label and it just looked foul, with toxic waste flowing on the bottom of the label, I figured it cost me $3.30 for two of them it is a good idea to throw this shit in the freezer for 1/2 an hour, I started drinking it later and it tasted really malt then my roomate started smoking weed and I hit it, the buzz got weird, like I felt like I should kill someone or rob a bank, shit made you think evil, I figured it was a good idea to dump the last inch, this slut who was at my house called me a wuss, I looked at her and thoght about raping and killing her but then I figured it would be a wiser thoice to sleep this wicked buzz away.

AK40seven: I approached this one with extreme caution, I heard everything from tasting like ass to little buzz which had me apprehensive. I cracked the cap and took a sniff, not bad! pretty fresh and fragrant! I took a sip, what the fuck???!!! I'm not going to go through this whole thing. I belted most of it down, after the third gulp it really didn't taste bad, it just had some strangely bitter unrefined metallic taste that couldn't be completely ignored. All in all I wasn't put out or grossed out, it just didn't have pizzazz. It was like an aborted attempt of a triad between St. Ides, Colt 45, and Olde English with the end result a Frankenstein. 5/10 because of the strange taste, a malt should just go for one aim, whatever it is, and get there. No place for something that tries to cover a bunch of bases. Yogi Berra said "If you don't know where you're going, you might not get there"

Alvin Karpis: First off a huge shout out to my boy djoe800 for the hook up on the Coqui 900. First sip reminded me of of a cross between Laser and Night Flight with a hint of St. Ides funk, but that might be the label playing tricks on my mind. I have not had a bite to eat all day so the buzz kicked in about half way through. This is a ghetto 40 no doubt but I like that! I love this 40, I have wanted it from the day I joined the board so I was real pumped up to drink this. If this 40 was in my city I would drink it all the time. Taste 8/10 Buzz 8/10 Final 8/10

beam21: COQUI. Courtesy of the man of the hour DJ OE... Shit had a below average crack and hiss, hardly any foam whatsoever. Tastes flat, kinda like an Iceman but way less carbonation. Weird flavor, very weak but not bad at all. Very thin and dirty tasting brew, not that either of those things are necessarily bad... It's real easy to slug down, not cause it's good but cause it's light-bodied and mild. I'm just chillin with it and it's halfway done after 7 minutes or so. getting toward the bottom it has a definite lil funk but it's inoffensive. Buzz is starting to creep in over those horrid brews I was drinking earlier. Wow this shit is like water, this is probably the easiest 40 going down I've ever had... Sub-6% malt 40s are a rare commodity in the PNW, especially decent ones. Most inoffensive swill ever. I ripped it down from the label no prob in 3 gulps. Done in just over 20 minutes. The more I drank it the more I liked it, but as far as sub-6% malts go I'd say it's slightly above average. Regardless I wanted to rip this 40 for the longest time and based on past reviews it was better than I expected. The buzz at the end is mild but present; I was thinking it sucked cause I had a headache from the PA styles but by the end it killed that shit and I feel much better now. I'd take this over any sub-6 available to me including the new Big Bear. Taste B- buzz B- 7.5/10

Buzzcore: I haven't had this stuff in years, but like everyone else says, the newer (well they're not that new anymore) style "900" labels do have the same feel as St. Ides. A side by side comparison shows that they're actually kinda' different. Considering they're both part of the Pabst portfolio, I wonder what their angle is? Unlike popular opinion, I thought this 40 has an awesome taste. Crisp and clean, it reminds me of a smoother Night Flight or possibly Crazy Horse. Better than both however, and real smooth. Fuckin' smooth like Private Stock. My boy, Chino also bought a bottle of this stuff and I was gonna' include his review, but the bitch dropped it on my stoop and it broke into a million pieces. Dude acted like it was the end of the world, so I gave him a 40 of Camo Ice and he forgot all about it. It's hard to remember anything after drinking Camo Ice though! Anyway, I'm giving this a 8/10 because it's a classic, it's really cheap, and it's a lot better than you'd expect. The name still has me guessing though...............the origins of this brew are rooted in Philly, and a Coqui is that frog all the PR's plaster all over everything. Oh, and your guess is as good as mine as to what the hell the "900" represents??? Good stuff.

dj oe 800: fucking horrible. makes st. ides taste like motherfucking fanta. aside from that one time i bought mt. everest (which was not only skunked, but chunky), this was the worst forty i've had. i think i either dumped it or left it for my then-girlfriend (who is such a hardass that she'll have two martinis, straight up, dirty, for breakfast). i'd like to get it again just so i can finish it and marvel at how godawful the swill is. if i don't puke first.

although the blatant st. ide's ripoff label is pretty funny.

dollazz: found this shit in Newark, NJ the other day on a hunt w/ Drastic Mesures.

crack was good, hiss decent, this shit smells terrible, smells like ballantine oddly enough. 1st sip is tolerable, really cold. taste is consistent. nothing terribly special about this brew. doesnt taste like it packs much of a punch either,similar to Country Club. by the bottom i'm used to this and its goin down real smooth. ill give this shit a 6/10 swills.

Drastic Mezures: Average taste with a mild buzz. If you drink this fast before it starts getting warm you'll get a little buzz. This is one 40 that goes bad quick. When I got to the middle of the label it already started getting swampy.

elantrax: out of any 40 Ive ever drank this stuff had a dirty stinky sock smell that ive not smelled on any other 40's so far even Ides.

Fat John: when i had coqui i actually liked the taste.i expected it to be nasty as fuck because it sat warm for 4 months in my room before i swilled it.I popped it in the freezer for a few hours and slammed that fucker.went down real smooth.just had a basic ass malt liquor taste to it.not a huge buzz but it made me a little light headed at least.reminded me of country club or laser.personally i'd rate that shit at 7 out of 10 swills.

FultonCounty40z: This was suprisingly good! I expected a harsh flavor like St. Ides going into it, but no complaints here. A solid malt from start to finish. It wasn't too heavy, and flowed real well. The ghetto label makes it that much better. I enjoyed it while watching Not another Teen Movie, which is hilarious. Props to Shottie for the hook up.

HENNYROC: Schoolley D repp'd this shit back in the day. The first time I had it the bottle had a rip off OE label with the 900 trying to one up OE...Not a bad malt. Next time I had it was with the St Idz rip off label.. I was at spring break in Myrtle Beach so we got a gang of 22's at Greens Discount Liquor... but we got back to the hotel room and started crackin them and they made the room smell like shit! Not to mention they all tasted skunked! made a u turn back to Green's and bought many 6 packs of Private Stock 16oz packs....damn.

hg8point2: of all the other 40s on earth this one has to be the worst.the only reason i drank the whole thing is cause i wanted to give it a review."40 ounces of torture."this shit should come with a pack of mr.yuck stickers.

ImissMy64oz: tasted like a malted miller genuine draft
but worse
not that bad
not that good
funny rip off label

JoeWebberlione: First off big thanks to DJOE800 for the hookup on this one that I've been wanting to try for quiet some time! This stuff goes down really easily, its almost too scary how fast you can pound this shit, its not exactly OE or Country Club but its a step up from Crazy Stallion or some other kind of boring malt. The only problem I had with it is the fact that the buzz factor was almost non existant. Low alcohol content maybe? I would definately drink on the reg if I had access to it. The fact that Schooly D drinks this shit, the guy who does the song for Aqua teen makes it deserve another swill. I give this OE & Ides rip off a 8 out of 10 swills.

LMSCRacer: My thanks to neufutur for pointing me in the right direction to find a single Coqui 900 40 at Charlie Chickens in Washington PA.

The last of 3 forties sampled during game 7 of the Stanley Cup. Nice way to finish an otherwise boring evening. This was just a good malt for sipping while watching a hockey game. Smooth taste and decent carbonation although it did flatten near the end as it took me a good 45 minutes to finish this one. Overall a 6/10.

MarkBlackout: the taste is nothing to complain about, and the buzz is more than i expected at first. im down to the foamy, surfy, scummy puddle surface depicted on the label, and im starting to feel a little tipsy. i can appreciate how the ides squiggle was mutated into a 4-point crown. the more i look at the label, the more i am intriqued by the design. well done, heileman. expiration date: August 03, 04. cost: $2.25 plus tax. the dude at the counter: total dick. doesn't like the influx of white artists into his interesting, laid back neighborhood. probably thought i was fronting trying to kick a forty of the "Coq'" (pronounced "coke"), which is what am now calling this 'premium malt liquor.'

UPDATE: Drank another on 4/12/05. I've drank more malts since I originally reviewed this one, but I think I was right about the Coq'.. it is a good fucking 40! This shit is somehow similar to soda pop.. its not overly sweet or fizzy, but you can just guzzle it like a motherfucker. Good buzz. This 40 filled me with joy and malt appreciation. 8.5 out of 10 swills.

satan165: Found it deep in the ghetto. It looks like its going to taste cheap and shitty, we'll have to wait and see...
This shit was pretty good. I was surprised at its taste, I wouldn't drink this regularly even if it was more easily accessible, but its far from bad. Swill wasn't too bad, it did however induce the unstoppable hunger that can only be quelled with $9 of mcdonalds breakfast....oh yeah, but all 40s do that to me. overall, this was better then i thought it would be, but still not very good. this is a 6 of 10, barely above 'just average'. Buzz: C, Taste: B

Tiger Tai: Pman hooked me up wit Coqui in a trade that went sour when 1 of the Coqui's and my Phat Boy bottle busted in the mail! I don't know if these Coqui's were skunked or what but they tasted like rotten ass. My first impression was Coqui's a cheap imitation of St. Ide's Premium. I'd rate Coqui 900 4 of 10 Swills.