Crazy Horse

I need the old wide mouth with the logo on the back of the neck, and the old small mouth with the vertical red stripe & 2 horizontal red stripes on the neck label (both pictured on bottom). If you can help please email me.

Found: Montclair, NJ
Alcohol content: 5.9%
Other variations: ?
Also known as: Crazy Stallion, Loco Caballo
Slogan: "Since MCMXCII", "Product of America"
Phone #: 608-785-4200
Brewery: City Brewing Co., LLC, LaCrosse, WI

Bruz: Original: At first, it tastes like a typical average everyday malt 40 - but a little better. Not at the end, however... cuz in the end the swill went down fine & easy, didn't even taste like typical swill. Maybe that's cuz I'm reviewing the wide mouth variant & wide mouths are simply easier & quicker to drink than small mouths. Definitely ranks in my top 10 40s ever. I mourn that this 40 is no more, yet I feel blessed to know someone who worked at a liquor store that happened to have an old one sitting on a shelf in the back... with no chunks in it... and at no cost to me! I also love the vague "alcohol content in excess of 3.2% by weight". R.I.P. Crazy Horse, I enjoyed this last dance with you, you will be forever missed for being so tasty & being one of the 4 most controversial 40s ever (along with the legendary Phat Boy, Colt 45 PowerMaster, & Bad Frog). It made me pee 3 times total and did result in a slight buzz (although the alcohol contest is unknown to me)! Yet, even while buzzed offa the Horse, I was still able to beat Double Dragon II for the oldschool NES! Rating: 10/10 swills

New: The new bottle, although revolutionary in terms of 40oz design, does not have the magic of the old "classic" C-Horse. I don't know what it is - maybe my mood, or some other psychological factor - or maybe it truly is made differently, but it doesn't seem to taste quite as good as the classic CH. Yet it's still quite decent, the swill's not bad, pee factor isn't much, slight buzz, and so I gotta give this version a 9/10 swills (as opposed to the 10/10 I gave the classic CH). It's just not the same... and the label is pretty gay & sucks. The new label has since changed its name entirely to "Crazy Stallion", so check that out in the Archive as well!

NOTE: This is what the back of the old Crazy Horse bottles says: "The Black Hills of Dakota, steeped in the history of the American West, home of Proud Indian Nation. A land where imagination conjures up images of blue clad Pony Soldiers and magnificent Native American Warriors. A land still rutted with wagon tracks of intrepid pioneers. A land where waitful winds whisper of Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, and Custer. A land of character, of bravery, of tradition. A land that truly speaks of the spirit that is America."

4TDogg: The 'Horse was the shit I used to drink in high school and looking back I am glad I grew up. There was a point in time when rumors abounded about it getting taken off the market due to the Indian reference. Naturally as stupid teenagers we acted on this rumor and horded the bejesus out of this 40. Whoops. First taste of this 40 is the worst, all bitter and acid-like. Plus untwisting the cap hits you with a post-Taco-Bell strength fart. Only redeeming quality is decent buzz factor. 3 of 10.

AK40seven: I just drank a 40 of the malt liquor known as Crazy Horse. It was delicious, it had no metallic, no bitter, no petroleum, no overpowering element, and no lingering aftertaste. Crazy Horse, an Oglala Sioux, has led the charge to victory once again by attacking my pallet with the spirit of sweet,clean water and full, yet mild malt and the tender embrace of candy-like hops. 9.5 swills of 10 because there is no perfect malt on this earth, the only true 10 will be tasted in the afterlife. I respect the honor of this great warrior's descendants no less when I say his name is on the bottle of the best. May the echoing thunder from your hooves upon the plains never die oh great one!

Alvin Karpis: OK I belive that most people were introduced to Crazy Horse the same way that I was back in 1992 when Dr.Dre's The Chronic came out. The famous line "Bring me something to drink...ya a motha fuckin Crazy Horse will do" I always saw these 40s on the bottem shelf at the Chevron gas station on Lake Blvd. in Redding Ca. and always thought that man that shit would kick my ass (14 years old at the time!) so one night my friend Jimmy told our buyer to grab him 2 40s of Crazy Horse. I had to take a swig and I remember shivers going down my spine and exploding in my feet. Well after drinking a 40 of Ides (took like an hour) I started to help my friend with his second 40 of CH. I remember it being warm but it was going down with ease. The taste was on par with Ides but I had just finished one and was only 14 so that could be why. Jimmy threw up out of my car window on the freeway all the way back home (about 5 miles) and in the rearview mirror I could see a line of puke next to the divider line going back as far as I could see. Jimmy was so sick that we never fucked with Crazy Horse again. So I am glad that I got to put down about half a 40 in my youth but very upset that I never grabed one later in life to drink. I guess that to see a man puke so much was to vivid in my head to grab one over an OE, Ides, or King Cobra. Have yet to try Crazy Stallion never have seen it on the west coast. Score is 8/10 for being a retired classic.

BrainDamage702: well i got this motha fucker in the mail from the homie hg swilla, i threw it in the freezer for maybe 50 minutes, i pounded this fuckin malt pretty quick cuz it was so easy to tasted good, the swill wasnt even bad, maybe cuz i pounded the motha fucker so quick, no bad after taste, nothing.... just straight good ass malt thanx again HG SWILLA.... 9 outta 10 swiils.....

Buzzcore: I've seen this particular "firewater" around for a while but never had any desire to try it. But now, here I am drinkin' it for one reason, and one reason only: It was really frickin' cheap. Less than a buck-sixty with tax! Never liked the look of the bottle, or anything else made by that Ferralito Vultaggio & Sons Inc. (or whatever the hell their name is???) who make Arizona Ice Tea. The guy doing their graphics must be one of those gay middle-aged men who wear all that silver and turquoise jewelry you see at flea markets. Anyway, on to the booze... Well, it actually tastes pretty decent but I'm guessin' it's only about 5.5% because there's NO buzz factor at all...........and I haven't eaten anything since breakfast! This brew gets 3/10 because it's cheap and tastes good. It's pretty smooth, and the swill is as drinkable as the inital sip........but if you're bringin' this shit to a party, you better brown bag it, because I'd be embarrassed as all hell to let anyone see the goofy-ass label. Actually, the more I think about it, this stuff is a disgrace to the indians...............not for the name, but for the queer lookin' label and weak-ass percentage of alcohol.

Dirty D: smells like indian. like moldy clothes that have sat in yuor washing machine for 4 days long forgotten. it seems to taste alright thus far but is kinda weak. what % is this stuff? it's like you could take the horses hoovess and turn them into some gkind of glue. a crazy glue 7 out of 10

Drastic Mezures: This is the worst 40 - ever. I only had it twice and that was 2 times too many. This 40 actually smells like piss and it wouldn't stop foaming. I guess the guy who hand crafted this swill forgot to wash his hands after he went to the bathroom. Crazy Horse is getting hard to find and might become a collectors item because there's been court cases with the indians vs. Crazy Horse cause they say its exploiting the indians and the real Crazy Horse. I think the can looks phat even though the taste's not.

elantrax: Well after waiting for months to find this stuff I finally came upon it in Somerville off of rt.206 at Liquor Barn and was the only one left. The imediate crack of the bottle sent a hiss with a little foam but upon my first sip I was like damn this stuff aint as bad as everyone says it is. The taste has somewhat of a sweet dare I say carmel like thick taste and the widemouth let it go down fast and easy and with a cool label. The buzzfactor was decent nothing like Ides or 211 but not as weak as Mickeys. The color was a orangy-tan like most malts but in all overaul its a good malt and its not bad for the price I give it 7 out of 10.

Fat John: First i'd like say that Olde E is my all time favorite so i use it as a reference for my review with Olde E being a 9.I put Olde E as a 9 just in case i ever find anything that is truly better and deserves a higher mark(otherwise Olde E is a 10).Well I must say that Crazy Horse scores a 10 with me.It's taste was great.Even the swill didn't bother me.I copped a good buzz and it went down smooth till the end.Also it gets good marks on the value scale because it is cheaper around here than Olde E and actually taste better when you take into account the overall taste(first gulp,middle ground,and swill). If you can find some crazy horse near you i highly recommend pickin it up. The only bad things i can say about the Crazy Horse is bad gas(god it fuckin stinks) and the colors on the bottle make it look like its a fuckin arizona iced tea or something(the new bottle anyways).but still an awesome malt.I'll be a repeat customer fo sho.

FultonCounty40z: First crack:
oh my god this is horrible. wasnt cold enough either. just got it in the mail from DoubleJ708 (thanks again for the hookup).

half hour later (in the freezer), sat down with it in front of the World Series game. very strong alcohol taste initially, yet it was easier to drink as i got farther along. taste is getting better and better. half way through label now, still bad taste, yet flowing nice and smooth. a bit rough at first, but in the end a pretty decent 40.

hg8point2: finally got a new label crazy horse,i really liked this one.from the first guz to the swill this jaunt was smooth.i called like 30 some bars here in pa to find this one seeing as how i cant get it in in.the new label is suspect for real,lame as hell in my opinion.other than the label i was rather impressed with it.great full flavor.9

ImissMy64oz: I wanted one since i was 15 years old
even though the label was sort cheezy it still kicked ass
I could only dream of having an old label crazy horse
but anyway the horse was a pretty good brew
kinda reminded me of a mild Cobra when warm however it got pretty sick

pman433: been drinkin the new crazy horse steadily for the past three days.different taste then the old.not bad . but i didnt think the old one was bad either.the old one gets the edge taste wise. alc. content is slightly higher now but back in the day the old one was on par with high gravity now so it was def stronger per say back in the day.but now its coming with a way better price tag 1.75 now 2.75 then all in all the old hoss was better . and id gladly pay the xtra 1 dollar a 40 to have it back. but the new is definetly worth the try!

satan165: This is the worst garbage I've ever had. Magnum tasted funky but this gave me a headache in 2 sips. The wide mouth only made it worse. Maybe I'm just not that in the mood for drankin', I even poured it into a cup and I was getting a bad beerface on ice cold malt. This tastes like piss, thats been said about tons of 40s but this is bad. This is 0 of 10 swills, even Magnum I would drink if it was free, and the only thing around. I'd rather be sober for a year then to taste this. Disgusting and the cheapest 40 I can find (wonder why?). For further proof of this brews shittiness, check out the crust in the bottom of Bruzs bottles (the old style ones). Nasty. Buzz: B-, Taste: C-

Tiger Tai: FINALLY I got to drink a Crazy Horse! (thanks to Bruz) I'd have to say it tastes very good. I though it had a sort of sweet almost fruity taste to it. I didn't even mind the swill much. the only think I'm not too crazy about is the label, like everyone else said it does look like a Arizona Ice Tea bottle. I'd say Crazy Horse deserves a 8 of 10....

uk82chaospunk: i found this bitch in 24oz cans in some ghetto in san diego, brought it back home and we had a little tasting...the first thing that came to my mind after i tasted it "this is malt liquor, shit tastes like beer" this has to be the best malt i ever had...i went to my local liquor store and brought the guy the can and told him to order me some....10 out of 10 swills..simply the best

YerPissingMeOff: Ok first off The Label; I know a lot of you guys dont like it but I think its awesome, its cut into a shape, and has awesome cool features, most original lookin 40 Ive, first clear bottle wide mouth I ever drank, so I liked havin this in my hand cuz it felt like a special "one of a kind 40" I just recentl found otu I can also get this in Detroit too. I could form a better opinion on it if I knew the percentage, first off I never tasted a 40 like this down here so it gets points for originality, as I swill there is this little bit of distinctive aftertaste which I can compare to a bit of old OE because I noticed a bit of charcoal taste, as for goin down its smooth but it does have a distinctive aftertaste, piss factor I cant say, cuz I drank a 211 b4 this and I didnt go piss so its combined with that and same goes for buzz factor, but the taste I enjoy and I gotta say it does taste a bit above 7%