Crazy Stallion
Found: Long Island, NY
Alcohol content: 5.9%
Other variations: ?
Also known as: Crazy Horse
Slogan: "Product of America"
Phone #: 608-785-4200
Brewery: City Brewing Co., LLC, LaCrosse, WI

Bruz: Not as classic as the oldschool Crazy Horse, this brand has lost all appeal to me... however, it was also months in the making for me. Being it's phasing out Crazy Horse, I figured I'd be able to get it by me since there are 2 liquor stores that sold the Horse between me & my girlfriend's place. But they never seemed to sell out of their old stash of Horses to replace em and in the meantime I was getting emails almost every day from random people who checked out my site offering to send me this 40. Finally I got my hands on it though during the April '05 NJ/NYC/LI 40oz Crew meeting, when White Mike hooked me up in Long Island with one. To be honest, I don't know if this is the same exact formula as Crazy Horse anymore, but I am assuming so, although I didn't seem to like it as much as I did the Horse. It was a pretty basic 40 from start to finish; however, the swill was the definition of SWILL, being warm + flat. It was good to finally add this to the collection but I'll probably rarely bother with it again now, because it's gay & sucks looking and not what the classic Crazy Horse once was. Overall 6/10 swills for being a depressing remnant of a once great 40.

8/31/09 40zForSatan: I drank this while I had a summer cold, so I don't think I was able to taste it 100%. First sip I took was flavorless, but as I went it started to taste like a great malt with an amazing crisp finish. I was amazed with the color of this malt, a lot darker than some of the other 40s I've been drinking lately. I read the reviews before I slammed this one down so I had high hopes for it, this one did not let down that's for sure. I'd definitely rip these if they were around my area, not a bad malt at all.

Taste: 8/10
Swill: 7/10
Buzz: 5/10
Label: 8/10

8/28/09 sleazye: First off, huge thanks to TheFear for hooking me up with this unique 40! The crack was pretty great and the hiss was pretty good too. What struck me as cool was how deep the color was of this 40. The taste is unique to me, with hints of an almost zinfandel finish. The buzz could be a whole lot better. All in all, not too bad for a malt liquor manufactured by the same people who make Arizona Iced Tea. Extra coolness for this being a WM 40.

Taste: 8.5/10
Buzz: 4/10
Label design: 9/10

All in all, if you can get this and want something different and not in the mood to get super trashed, try it out.

7/30/09 TheFear: Crazy Stallion "The Original Malt Liquor Since MCMXCII" Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that 1992? How can you be the 'original malt liquor' since 1992? I don't get it. Whatever. I like Crazy Stallion. I'm not 'crazy' about it, but it is good. A basic malt flavor with a basic malt buzz. I love the loyalty to the widemouth. Goes down smooth, and fast. I recently purchased a case for $14.99 + tax. An incedible value these days. I'm about half way through my second 40 now, and I've got a nice buzz goin. I did drink the first one in about 10 minutes, so that helps. It was nice to find this near me, but I don't think I'll go out of my way to get it. Taste 8/10 Buzz 6/10 Overall 7/10

2/16/09 Viciousg40two: this stuff is definitely in the running for my favorite 40 of all time. good wide mouth, deep color, not too foamy, good taste, awesome bottle, good wide mouth bottle. i, and everyone else im sure, is thankful for the fact it resembles Arizona iced tea so much. this would make it a good 40 to have in a boat while you're out on the lake or something..

i give it a good 9/10

2/12/09 BWill40s: Crazy Stallion, Well wide mouth went down very smooth! I got the taste of King Cobra meets Schlitz Red Bull maybe it's just me. Very good 40oz. Thanks to Big J for the 40 oz! 8-10 Swills. If you are a fan of King Cobra and Schlitz products this is right down your ally!

2/02/09 BigJandthe40: Thank God I read SanJose40Drinkers review on this 40. I saw that he found them in San Jose witch is about a 20 min drive from my house. I emailed him and he gave me general direction on were this 40oz was located. I went into about 15 different shops and no luck, I told myself at the last store if its not in here Im giving up, but sure enough MONEY! I bought a case of them for $27.00.

When I got home I was very thirsty after that long drive. I cracked this bad boy open and it tasted really good, it has a hint of apples and goes down very smooth. I drank about 3 of them while watching the UFC 94 fight. I wish the fights would have been as good as the Stallion. I hate that Diaz and would have been happy if he got KO, but no dice. I dont care what you guys think but I love the bottle and label, its hella tight. The wide mouth factor is another plus for this 40. If this shit was alot closer to my house I would drink it on the REG

Taste 9/10 Buzz 7/10 Label/widemouth 10/10 I have to give this one an overall 8.5/10


1/24/09 D4N0: Had the opportunity to enjoy this 40 compliments of SanJose. My first widemouth 40, Stallion hit the spot. I filmed a video for 40ozmaltliquortv with this 40 after a surprising Chiefs victory of the Broncos. Guzzled it down with ease, tasted great. This 40 gets a 8.5/10 swills from me.

1/20/09 nickmoulton: Decided to splurge today and rip another 4
I have very mixed feelings about crazy stallion
I had the pleasure of drinking this twice before, once out of the 4, and once out of a 24 oz can, both compliments of sanjose

As I recall, I drank the 40 on the toilet at my parents house, all that I remember is that it was mediocre, and very fizzy
The 24oz that I drank, I dont think I enjoyed very much
This 40, which I received from Bruz over the weekend, reminds me very much of my first experience
This 40 is very fizzy...Reguardless of the 40, I usually give it an extra 2 points just for the widemouth, but this isnt cutting it.
I cracked this in the shower, and it tasted like seltzer water, I taste very minimal malt, and it has held up the entire time
There is no improvement as I drink it, and it is only getting warmer
Little buzz factor, and it really doesnt taste like a malt liquor
overall, from the 3 occasions that I have drank this malt, I was going to give it a 6/10, but the lack of flavor is killing it

11/26/08 HighGravity: This is great malt likker... the price is right and it has a nice balanced and approachable body/aroma ... don't believe the negative hype/reviews here ... it's a great 40 ... I will always get this from time to time ...

91firebird: First off, big thanks to SanJose40Drinker for hooking me up with the Stallion . Great crack and hiss although there's zero carbonation. Smells like wine. Taste is aight. I can taste a wine aftertaste in this malt. Definately digging the widemouth. This is my first malt out of a widemouth and it makes for easy swillin. Overall a very decent 40. Had that fucker sitting in my fridge for like a week. Was saving it for a special occasion, but decided to crack it tonight. Also has a bad ass label. Kinda weird but the wide mouth cap is badass. Overall I give the Stallion a 8.5/10 swills. Great drinkability, wide mouth and pretty smooth. The wine taste kind of faded towards the end. Buzz was pretty decent too. Would drink this on the reg if I had easy access to it.

211 Swilla: This 40 had very little fizz on the crack, and very little fizz in general. The only time i noticed any carbonation was when Id start chugging, and man, was it easy to swill. the widemouth made for fast sipping and it had no foul smell or aftertaste. About 1/2 way done, I noticed foam on the sides- the only evidence of any fizz, and I also saw that there were stains on the inside label. When I neared the end of the 40, the stallion was flat and skanky. Drank it anyway. The buzz was good but I was swillin hard and fast. 5/10 swills

Alvin Karpis: First off much thanks to my bro JoeWebberlione for the Crazy Stallion hookup. The bottle and label while cheezy are unmatched in the 40oz world. No real crack but a long slow hiss followed. The malt is pretty dark in color almost like St.Ides. First taste was very good low in carbination and very smooth the wide mouth makes for very fast swilling. I hated wide mouths as a teenager,drinking this Im not sure why I disliked them. There is alot of head and foam The taste stays the same but I drank this 40 very fast. Swill was ok Buzz is pretty weak I think two 40s in a row would do you justice. I would love to compare this to the original Crazy Horse but the last time I had one it was 1993. Crazy Stallion is a good 40. If it was in my area it would be in my regular rotation. Taste 9/10 Buzz 4/10 Overall 8/10 (Extra point for the label)

beam21: Thanks again to Joe for the hook on this bad boy, here's the play-by-play... 7:40 Fresh, ok crack, taste at the start is fine, not great but really inoffensive. Interesting flavor, closest comparison is I guess an Eagle but this is better. 7:50 I'm a little below the top of the label at this point. Looks like the Seahawks are gonna lose to a crappy divisional rival like last week; I'm fairly pissed & for that reason appreciating the wide mouth. 3/4 done at 8:15, 40 is pretty boring; no problems really to speak of, it's kind of a gut bomb though, instead of having to piss I'm feeling a creeping poo which is weird. Gone @ 8:28; very consistent taste, not great. Not much buzz, and what's there isn't the cleanest buzz. This would be one of the most boring 40s ever if it weren't for the widemouth, but there's otherwise nothing to bitch about. 7/10 blackouts (including an extra 1/2 for widemouth); taste C+, buzz C

Buzzcore: New name, same basic label and fruity looking packaging. There are subtle differences though, if you compare them side to side. One day, we'll be able to know who's "old school" by whether or not they've drank the Horse or Stallion. Either way, it doesn't matter because this is a very average 40. Tastes similar to most of the many LaCrosse brews...........just a lil' weaker. The price went up from $1.50 to $2.50 at both of the liquor stores near me that sell it. And let's not forget the fact that the company sold out to the Native American groups that kept pestering them about the name, so I give it one point less than Crazy Horse............whatever the hell that was? Pretty low, from what I remember.

d07c0m: Hells yeah. Thanks go out to SanJose40Drinker for the hookup.
Tastes pretty standard, a little watery but otherwise good.
From the beginning till about mid-label I was super-stoked on this, now that it's almost done it's starting to taste a little pissy.
Just took another big gulp from the last 8th of this and it's getting nasty but manageable.
The wide-mouth is a bit narrower than the Canadian style wide-mouth (which I've always found a tad too wide) making it perfect for swilling out of. This is probably the best way to drink a 40, I'd take Crazy stallion over a bunch of stuff now that I've had it and know how easily it goes down.

7/10 for being standard (taste-wise) but awesome looking and easy to drink.

dj oe 800: i didn't get a buzz at all, and i'd describe myself as a lightweight. the taste isn't so bad. it's not sweet but not harsh or bitter. went down pretty smooth, but felt kinda thick, although the fact that it's a widemouth could be a contributor to that. i don't get why everyone bashes the label. i mean, it is kinda gay, but it's got a very distinct look that i kinda dig in spite of how fruity it is. whatever. that four-oh shit (which i have yet to try) looks ten times dumber than this, although i don't think many people know about four-oh.

FultonCounty40z: So this is supposed to be crazy horse with a different name...except its 10 times better than 'the horse'. I Love the widemouth, but hate the fact that this got warm way too fast, way faster than usual. This is a good 40 to slam on a Friday after a long week.

HENNYROC: There is no way that Crazy Stallion compares with the original Crazy Horse. I remember when Crazy Horse FIRST came out and I was in college- me and my boy bought a 40 each and drank them in the parking lot of Papa John's... we were fucked..went in and ordered all the pizza we could. Years passed after it went off the mkt and we tried the new Crazy Stallion...totally different....weak.

JoeWebberlione: I like this stuff, only never let it get warm, I learned that one the hard way. Decent flavor to it although I wish it wasnt wide mouth, its too thick to be downing that fast. Although I gotta disagree with you about the Four-O label DJ Oe I think its kinda kool looking, but thats just me.

LMSCRacer: Based on previous reviews I was expecting the worst. Drank this while grilling burgers and chicken and on an empty stomach (and still no buzz factor). Yes, the label looks nutty and while I like the wide mouth, I can't taste either. As for the malt, weak hiss and almost no carbonation, in spite of being foamy all the way down. Taste was very mild with almost no hops and barely any malt flavor. Now that I have the bottle, I can't see buying this again except for trading purposes. 4/10 swills.

MarkBlackout: Crazy Stallion is a bullshit 40. I was hesitant about cracking a 40 tonight, so I opted for this lower-octane brew.

Crazy Stallion was weaker than I expected or even hoped for. I had a couple brews before drinking this, and as I write this review I'm having a couple more. Crazy Stallion is weak sauce! I think a 40s of High Life provide a better buzz. 3 out of 10 swills.. there was some small hint of intoxication, and it didn't taste too bad. I'd take an OE or a Coqui over this bullshit any day.

edit: I've been drinking half quart cans of this stuff lately and it's not bad at all, especially for 50 cents a pop. I think I was in a particularly alcoholic state when I reviewed this, so the Stallion's strength was insufficent.

orentha: Had a nice crack and hiss. Tasted "ok" at the beginning. I was just kinda sipping it slowly as I was doing random stuff so it got kinda warm on me. That make the last half pretty harsh... I'd say, overall, I wouldn't drink this on the reg if I could. Rating: 5/10

SanJose40Drinker: So i was skating with my friends, and we decided to stop at some local liquor store in San Jose, the worst part of San Jose (which isnt even that bad) and i go in and go straight to the 40 section, which i do at every liquor store, and Eureka! Crazy Stallion, i was astonished, because ive never heard of this shit east of New Jersey.

Anywayz, this stuff has a bitter first taste, but after awhile it starts tasing good

the widemouth gets me stoked, although the bottle is different than the classic widemouth (a couple indentions)

this 40 gives a good buzz, not too light, not too dark

Great 40, Go Buy It And Try It

SouthLyon40s: Alright. Just picked up two Stallions at my local liquor hole -- where I'm known as "that kid that buys two Magnum 40s every single night". But, changing it up tonight. Two 4's of this came out to 3.99, which is a bit better than 4.21 for the magnums, since I don't have to break an extra dollar.

Got home and threw these in the fridge. Cracked it, and the fist sip I remember why I never drank this on the regular. Not horrible, but with a definate aftertaste (metallic, think pennies) that I'm not too fond of.

But about a quarter through it, it gets better. A lot better. Used to the taste. Nice and smooth. And I can't say enough good about the wide-mouth. I love it. Makes pounding this a breeze. Wish I would have been drinking malt back when widemouths were more popular.

Halfway through and I'm starting to dig the flavor actually. Believe it or not. Sort of a stale, malty-in-a-different-way... not sure. Can't really put my finger on it.

Approaching the bottom of the label. Taste has remained consistent throughout the entire 40. Buzz is kicking in a little. But it is a buzz that seems to blend with my tiredness. I need to keep on though. Second Stallion 40 awaits me after this. And I am looking forward to it! Never though I would, but this 40 is something I will buy again.

Swill was a little rought. The metallic penny taste returned. But all in all not that bad.

ThUgWiGGa: This looked like the obvious option after my Piels 40, and it was pretty good. After working through the inch-thick electrical tape (thanks bruz) I cracked it and.... oooh sweet malt liquor. Its been a while since i had a malt but I missed it. Crazy Stallion is nice and carbonated with that sweet malt flava, although it is not very high ini alcohol %, but then again it doesnt taste like it is. A good 40 however its not one a bum would drink. 2 Or 3 of them while chillin out would be nice, but if you wanna get smashed quick, pick up an Ides or 211 or something. 7/10

Turbotic: same taste as you would expect from drinking a Crazy Horse. If there is subliminal difference in taste, it's only the psychology. The bottle still has the Arizona Ice Tea look to it and everything. Same price at your local 40 oz spot.