Evil Eye

I need the 8% Evil Eye (if it exists). If you can help please email me.

Found: Chicago, IL
Alcohol content: 10.0% (and 8.0% ?)
Other variations: ?
Also known as: ?
Slogan: "Ojo Malo"
Phone #: ?
Website: ?
Brewery: Melanie Brewing Co., La Crosse, WI 54601

Bruz: Evil Eye. For about 1 whole day I thought to myself, “wow – this is the new strongest 40 in the US @ 10%, beating out Camo Silver Ice @ 9%!”… then I soon learned of Rock Head, which is 11%. Oh well, 10% still is phenomenal. With a name like “Evil Eye”, and a label as sick as this, it had to be acquired ASAP. And much thanks out to 40oz Crew member ImissMy64oz for making that happen on the fly! I chilled it in my fridge for a few days, got home from waiting tables at Lone Star, chugged a glass of milk with some Mallomars, then immediately grabbed a bag of Black Pepper Jack Doritos & my Evil Eye. Diet of champions. This high gravity lager, even tho in the fridge for days, was not all that cold. No matter. Even with a stomach filled with milk, I will not be deterred from my barely cold 10% 40oz. Good crack, but initial guzzle does not have me that excited to get to the bottom. It’s not THAT bad, but I know it won’t be THAT good by the time I’m halfway thru it. Now I AM halfway thru & already starting to catch the buzz… keep in mind this is virtually a 6-pack of regular beer in one bottle, you jerk. I’m in the bottom 1/3 now & it’s still “cold enough” and although the taste ain’t great, the buzz is at the point where I just don’t care. I’ll finish this no prob (I think). Not much 40 left now. Feeling very good. Right now I’m almost done & I’m online organizing financial transactions… just payed off $1000 from my credit card bill via my checking account. Probably not the best move while feeling tipsy offa 10% HG malt, but whatever… since when was I a role model for fiscal responsibility? It's done. Not bad overall at all, especially to the degree I was fearing… if only you knew how many times I was hittin backspace to correct my buzzed misspellings… Overall, this 40 will rock you. I haven’t peed during it, the taste was alright, it’s 10% American, I’m buzzed, you’re ghey, and this 40 is 7/10 swills for being straight EVIL.

10/30/10 Charons Freight: To begin with, I'm just proud that I finished every last drop of the Evil Eye 40. At 10% alcohol, it is stronger than many legitimate wines, yet certainly not as pleasant as even a cheap red wine or champagne.

I found this in a liquor store I normally don't visit. I grabbed it because I was unfamiliar with it, and it was only at check out that I realized this was a "high gravity" brew. I actually don't think gravity applies to this beverage because drinking it will cause you to be anything BUT grounded.

When an adult beverage has the word "evil" in its name, and piercing neon eyes that look like the cover of an 80's hair metal cassette tape, you just have to know its going to be a rough ride....and it is.

Flavor - 4/10 As far as malt liquor goes, this stuff really isn't that bad...until you swallow it. The mouth feel is undeniably a malt, but if its sufficently cold, you aren't going to get nauseated while its passing over your tongue. What really makes this 40 difficult is the "finish" if you will, which is really more like a "termination". This stuff goes down ROUGH. Truth is, the finish is more like what you get with a cheap wine of similar strength, except the bitter beer flavor makes it all the more difficult to stomach.

After the first few swigs, I got in the practice of just filling my mouth up with as much of it as possible, swallowing quickly and then literally pressing my tounge to the roof of my mouth tightly to try and squeeze the aftertaste out of my mouth. No joke, if there were ever a beer that could justify having a chaser on hand, it might be Evil Eye. I certainly wouldn't look down upon someone who kept a few lime slices, or even some soda or water on hand to wash this stuff down. It's potent enough, raunchy enough, and rank enough that for many people, that might be their only real option for finishing this 40, and the important thing is getting to the finish line, right?

As a final note about the flavor, I think the most bothersome thing was how sweet the aftertaste was. Again, going back to the wine analogy, there was just kind of this sickeningly sweet element to the aftertaste that made it feel all the more rancid. Kinda the way pus, or an infection, has a sick sweetness to the odor, so does Evil Eye have in its "finish".

However, to end on a positive note, this stuff really doesn't have too bad of a mouth feel and flavor...if the aftertaste wasn't so terrible, I might even give this beverage a 6 or 7 on flavor. Giving it a 4 is generous, I think.

Drinkability - 3/10 This stuff was really a labor to finish. It took me almost an hour (which is very slow drinking for me), and the last 1/3 of the bottle seemed like it would never end. Needless to say, this stuff should be ice cold before drinking, and taking every measure possible to ensure that it stays cold is a must. I honestly think this might be a great beverage for an outdoor activity, like sledding, or some late fall/early winter hunting or camping, where you'll be in an environment where the beverage needs to warm you up, but the air temperature can help keep it cold. Once this thing warms up, the drinkability plummets. The good news is, if you decide to just chug this thing, it won't be an issue, though be on guard for the buzz.

Buzz - 10/10 I seriously doubt there is another beer-like beverage on the market that will get you rocking as quickly as Evil Eye. I can normally put away 9-10 beers before I'd pronounce myself drunk, but an hour with the Evil Eye more than got the job done. Again, its 40 oz of 10% liquor, so drinking one in an hour is the equivelent of drinking a a Budweiser every 10 minutes, so yea... I'd suspect most people are going to have a hearty buzz while finishing this bottle.

After effects - 5/10 I gotta say, I didn't feel so great after drinking this 40. My stomach sorta hurt for a while, and I made sure to eat some starchy food before bed in order to soak up some of the toxins. Even still, I felt like total crap the next morning, and I usually can rise up early, even without much sleep, after putting away a couple 40's. One 40 of Evil Eye gave me a legitimate, even if mild, hangover. If you do decide to drink this stuff, definately think about the next day before you crack it open.

Overall - 5/10 Since I'm really not pressed for cash, I probably wouldn't buy Evil Eye again. It was a challenging experience that I'm not sure I'd want to repeat. If I were in a crunch, and needed to get messed up as cheaply as possible without going to hard liquor, I'd probably consider Evil Eye again. I payed 2.50 for it yesterday, and got the buzz of a 6 pack of beer, so economically, its a good deal. However, if you can afford to go with something else.

That being said....you just GOTTA at least try this stuff. I mean, even if just for the experience, Evil Eye has to be done at least once, especially if you've never had a 10% malt liquor before. It's kinda like a badge of courage, something you can brag about. But if you do decide to take the challenge, plan to finish it. Make sure its your first drink of the day at least (though a beer or two to dull the senses a bit might not be a bad idea), and expect to be buzzing hard when you finish it. You'll almost certainly be proud of your accomplishment, even if it isn't the best drinking experience of your life.

10/3/10 beam21: tore into one of these while camping last nite

fett's review is spot on and there's really not that much else to say

super cheap shitty flavor

although while it tastes very bad, the flavor is generally pretty mild so I guess it's tolerable

the swill was horrible, I took one fat pull of it and said no thank you and dumped the rest

typical HG buzz

no desire to ever drink one of these again

8/9/10 havinafett: Got a WM Evil Eye from a friend of mine who was traveling through Colorado last October.
He hauled this thing around the country and then finally sent it to me in July.
I have it on good authority that these new Evil Eye bottles and cans with no ABV listed are a lower 8% than the 10% it used to be.
Straight from Melanie Brewery itself.

"high cost of production"?

Fuck off.

Anyway, even though I've drank plenty of brews around that % for some reason I was still sort of intimidated by this thing. Just thought it was going to put me on my ass. I had it in the freezer for a good while beforehand to minimize any horrendous flavors that may reside within. This stuff had that garbage and rotting fruit kind of flavor that a few brews I've drank have had. Pretty much sucks. Nothing to harsh but nothing enjoyable to drink despite the ABV either. I drank it pretty quick just to get rid of it. Delivered a good buzz, but nothing more than any other 8% I've drank.

It's pretty foul, but nothing to go on and on about.


4/8/10 ohnoanotherputz: This shit is gruff. I had nothing to do all day, and I found this menacingly labled 40 at the liquor store daring me to buy it, so I killed one off with a lunch of taco bell. When you open it up, a foul stench permeates throughout the room, an omen of things to come. The first swig is real harsh. I remember disturbing sensations running up my spine. I think evil eye indeed refers to the look you give after taking a big gulp of this shit. I don't want to sound like a pussy, I've had my share of 10%+ brews in my day, but this one seemed the harshest. After a few glugs, it went down a little better for awhile, but the taste catches back up with you. I'm a pretty big dude, and a 40 alone usually doesn't do much to me, but this one had me feeling a bit fuzzy afterward, so points for that. All in all I'd rather deal with something like Side Pocket, which gives a similar punch, with a little less harshness.
3/10 for taste
7/10 for warm fuzzies
8/10 for a fancy label and a pretty rad name.

9/21/09 SouthLyon40s: Evil Eye. To date this is tied for the strongest 40 I've ever had. And I'm not excited to try it. I generally stay away from HG 40s - and when I say HG's I'm talking about the Ides, 211, and all those other ones that clock in at around 8%

The 10% and up is just something that I not only WOULDN'T drink, but in Michigan we really don't have the option even if we wanted to.

My fridge is just packed with undesirable 40s right now (Axe Head, Evil Eye wide mouth, Camo Silver Ice, Side Pocket Malt Liquor... and soon to be Pit Bull)... so I've decided on this small mouth Evil Eye. Fuck it who cares.

Oh wow. Nice fucking smell.

Holy shit this stuff sucks. I haven't fucked around with Camo products (the strongest it gets out here) in over a year and I really forgot what the true definition of "bad" was. Right now I'm saying I'd rather have an OE HG.

Well, my palate is getting a bit more used to this now as I near the label...

It's not unbearable now, although the taste is kind of rough. But, if you've had enough experience with other 40s, you kind of know where the thing is headed after the first few sips. This thing is headed south.

I'm currently at the "sweet spot" - still cold, used to taste (I strangely find myself somewhat enjoying this), not 10% ABV buzzed but feeling the warmth...

Attempting to put it down fast since I'm scared of this thing when if it warms up... Taste is straight up booze. I can imagine something like this would knock you on your ass if you were tired or had worked a full 8. But not me today. Woke up at 11:00, did lounges all day, mowed some grass. I'm also just closing out a three day weekend of boozes so this isn't an abrupt switch to alcohol.

But this stuff IS pretty substantial. Below the 2/3 mark and I'm feeling pretty good. I'm not generally a fan of getting this drunk this fast.

Swill wasn't bad. I didn't let it warm up to the point where it'd be unbearable.

The day after report: This shit put me down for the count. I went outside for a cigarette afterward - I hadn't had one all day, and this buzz kicking in with the first cigarette of the day really did the trick. I really didn't even feel the need to drink more after this - I only had two or three beers and then crashed.

But even just one 40 of this left me feeling pretty disgusting the next morning. Just stomach hurting, weak, pretty miserable.

You know, it really wasn't THAT terrible. Nothing I'd get on the regular, but I'm certainly not above this kind of beverage. It can be handled. It should be viewed with caution. I wouldn't advise anyone pre-gaming with this. It's the equivalent of beer bonging a six pack in half an hour. I'd think this mixed with any more drinking would be grounds for a black out and/or trouble. But if you need something to put you on your ass after a long day I'd say go for it. Hell, you'd probably just need one of these.

6/11/09 cavaliersunbird: I baught a 40 of this once, I was in Alexandria, MN stopped in the Liq to see if they had a 40 I hadn't had N this and the Fruit flavored one were all they had that I hadn't had. Had stuff kinda floating in it, Looked like piss Left in a milk Jug for a week @ deer camp! Had to tip it back and fourth so I would have to take a sip of pure sediment. And to be honest this was the worst 40 I've ever had! The taste Horrible! Unexplainable! And you could really tell the was shit floating in it! And there was average buzz factor! Camo is Disgusting but if I was stranded in some shit town that only had this or camo, I'd Choke down the camo!!

12/02/08 dj oe 800: first off, thanks to ders

much the same color as st. ides. i like that.

okay, this ripped a nice hiss off a strong crack. very promising. this smells worse than four o, but i've drank four o a few times, silver ice many more times, and axe head once. don't think this is gonna be a big deal. i'm ready for this.

first sip: my god, this is gross. the aftertaste is nothing too bad, but the initial shock is that thick, sweet, four o fruit wine/fusel alcohol cringe-inducing shitstorm. hopefully this is like four o and it becomes muted as i go. but i can feel the alcohol kinda burn on the way down, like a shot. at least i'll catch a respectable buzz, right?

oh, look at this: "brewed and bottled by melanie brewing co, LA CROSS, WI 54601." i knew it!

yeah, this is a little easier going on the way down. that's not saying much, it's still gross. it's like a cross between camo silver ice and four o, which are both okay on their own, but i don't want the two together.

yeah, this is officially so far the second worst forty i've drank since oe hg, maybe even as bad. don't think this is gonna change too drastically, and at 10% ABV...well, let's just say i'm just past the label, and i only wanna finish this quickly before it gets warm; i'm not worried about missing the buzz in the least!

8/14/08 d07c0m: Thanks to ders0 for the hook-up.

A little bit leaked out in shipping but there was still a good crack and a mean hiss.

Smelled almost neutral, first taste was fine (despite being luke-warm) despite tasting a little "old" (probably due to the fact that some liquid leaked out)

Goes down very smoothly, no complaints by mid-label. It goes down easier than St. Ides for me.

As it warms up the 10% alcohol becomes very noticeable and a harsh metallic taste is prevalent.

The label is sick, the buzz is awesome, the swill is shitty but the brew is generally Not. That. Bad.

I'll give it a 8/10 and hope to drink an ice cold one some day!

7/22/08 HighGravity: Picked up a 40 of this(clear glass) at a local take out beer place. Paid $3.17 for it along with a handful of other 40s and 24 oz. cans for reviewing on here later ...(or sooner, haha.) Unlike a lot of other people reviewing it, my bottle had a big hiss upon opening ...
A very 'fruity' (diacetyl is the technical term for that chemical that makes it taste like this...)taste and mouth-feel ...
This one is very cold, as I put it in my freezer for about 10 mins. prior to drinking it ...
If any of you have had Victory "Golden Monkey"(not a malt per se, a micro-brew out of Philadelphia, PA. area...) you know what I mean when I say that this stuff reminds me off it - kind of ... It's not as good but it's in that direction or in that arena of high gravity ale-ish taste and buzz even after a few sips (Golden Monkey is 9% whereas, this Evil Eye is 10% abv .)
The Belgians dump what they call "candi-sugar" into the fermenting? vat to give it this extra fruity / sweet taste and finish and also helps to up the alcohol content I think ... i'm not a brewer , I may be wrong ...
But yeah - this stuff is great - it's the reason I drink malt liquors to begin with - to get FUCKED the FUCK UP ...
I don't understand why there are even any malt 40's that are less than about 8.5% alcohol ... What's the point ? other than them being cheap if you're on the go and can't afford a 6 pack of something mid-range in quality or whatever .. ?~~!
Evil it may be , especially if you combine this stuff with other malts or beers/wine/liquor - NOT RECOMMENDED !!!
Sip carefully, grasshoppers... this one will kick your ass and smack you upside the head at the same time ...
Very tasty ...

9/10 overall

BoozeClues: The strongest 40 I've ever had, it's powerful stuff. It has a very similar taste to Steel Reserve, which is not necessarily a good thing, but its tolerable if you want to get smashed hard. This is to date the only 40 I've ever had that made me black out in and of itself with no additional alcohol, being 150 lbs and having a fairly empty stomach. If you really want to get smashed it's not a bad idea, but St Ides is far superior in taste. This one gets 5 of 10 swills, also has a cool bottle for collectors.

brooks79Z: just finished my first Evil Eye

i say that this particular 40 tasted like a mix of St.Ides and Camo
The crack and hiss was perfect. The first sip was not bad, but a bitter aftertaste quickly ruined any "good" part of this 40.
the taste is tolerable but not great.
I give this a 6 out of 10 for taste, cuz i like the taste of a "heavy" malt
buzz factor is 9 out of 10
great buzz after only 1 40

Buzzcore: First of all, I assumed this was going to taste a lot like Black Bull, and the first gulp did............. after that though, it seemed to take on a different, hard to describe flavor. Actually, it was slightly better, which is always good. By the time I got down to the label, I was already feeling a little bit of a buzz (didn't eat much today) and each swig is just getting me that much deeper. The label graphics aren't anything crazy, but everything else about this brew is great. I give this bitch a 9/10 for stepping up the playing field in the US malt liquor arena.

DC40s: First up, thanks to Mark for hooking me up.

I just got home from working a 13 hour day in the office to find this FedEx box waiting for me. I got to say, as I was doing paperwork all afternoon and into the evening I was really hoping this would be here when I got home.

This thing made a very big noise when I cracked it.

First taste...strange and almost fruity, with a VERY strong alcohol aftertaste. Perhaps the strongest alcohol aftertaste I have ever experienced with a 40, and I've drank most of the 10 percents out there along with the 11% Rockhead. But as I said, this alcohol aftertaste seems to be mollified by a sweet, fruit-like taste.

Ok, halfway done. I have to say, I'm very impressed with this 40 so far.

Ok, done. That took about 10 minutes. Buzz seems to be creeping in...

In summation, if I could get this 40 near me I would drink it nightly.

ders0: Shit fucks you up. Shit tastes like shit.

detroitfourtyouncer: Let me start by saying, the one and only time I came across this bad boy, It had to have been atleast 3 years old so that definately effects my review...

Evil Eye is definately a rarity in my area, but a few months back, I found her on a hunch on Detroit's north side at some small shitty store on 8 mile, while comming back home from Ferndale.

She posessed a nice thick layer of residue on the bottom, and enough shit floating through the rest of it to take any slight translucent qualities a 40 normally has, and tossing that shit out the window

but alas, I bought the dirty little whore anyways, along with a not so raunchy 40 of Colt Ice.

The lady behind the glass rang that shit up and it came to like 6 bucks total, and usually malt 40's around here are 2 for 4, but i didnt bother bargaining, plus it wouldnt have been smart to get sassy in the particular neighborhood i was in.

So anyways, I got back home, cracked that shit... and jesus christ... this shit was rank as fuck. it smelled like dirty pennies, straight alcohol, and a hint of zippo fluid...

First sip, and I kinda wanted to die a little bit... it tasted exactly how it smelled rusty ass metal, and went down rough, but then I remembered the time the doctor touched my cock for a highschool physical oh so many moons ago, and realized that this rank old nasty ass 40oz of Evil Eye is definately not the worst thing that could happen to me...

at this point, to sweeten the pot, my friend offered me 2 40's of my choice next time we hit up the store, if I could finish this piece of shit in 30 mins or less...

FUCKK YES I took that offer up

and so began my trip to the gutter:

I finished it in 20, and we went to downtown Dearborn...

I was drunk as fuck.

not like sloppy drunk... but more of an I DONT GIVE A FUCKK ABOUT LIFE OR OTHERS type of drunk.

I threw a rock at a passenger amtrack train, and other stuff.

i was hiding by a dumpster for a bit spouting random shit at people.

bad news.

Ive drank the equivilent in other stuff before (2 24oz Camo Black Ices) and didnt get like this at all.

theres just something about a crusty ass 40 of evil eye that makes you reach for the gutter.

however, the buzz factor was fucking A+, and I even forgot about the disgusting taste for the time being, ANDDD I had 2 40's comming to me at the next 40 sesh.

All in all... I gotta give Evil Eye a 10/10 for buzz factor, and 1/10 for taste, which I suppose comes out to a 5.5/10 swills.

It could be higher, assuming a fresh Evil Eye isnt so fucking disgusting.

devnull: gunna repeat what quite a few others have said: 10%. lots of crack, little hiss.

tastes reasonable, for a 10%. i haven't had camo in years, but if my memory serves me, this is alot better. most definitely better than the other super-high-gravity i've had, RockHead (11%). rockhead had a serious fruity/wine taste going on, this has something of the same high-octane flavor, but not nearly as bad, and only 1% less.

the aftertaste is nil, which is excellent in a 10%.

can't comment on the buzz yet, but i'm expecting at least something... but i've been downing a 40oz and a tallboy (24oz can) of 8.0%... or a pair of private stocks lately...for a regular hanging out, party buzz. so my buzz-o-meter is way off.

down to the eyes in the label, same rules apply. little / no aftertaste, buzz starting to kick in a bit, but the malt isn't tasting too bad. i've had worse UHG (ultrahighgravity): rockhead.

bottom of the label.... swill time. getting rough, but it's still cold, and the aftertaste still fades really fast.

swilled in: 90 minutes.

ending buzz: nearly drunk. 9/10.
ending flavor: urgh. 5/10.
overall flavor: tolerable. 7/10.
total score: 7/10.

and as always, the math comes out:

40oz * 10% = 4oz of 100% alcohol = 112ml of pure alcohol

equivalent to:

280ml of 80 proof booze (just a shot less than a 325ml "pint")
6.66 12oz, 5% ABV beers.

Dolby Zero: Big ups to 64 for the hook up. I was kinda intimidated by this 40, since it is the highest % 40 that I have encountered. I was hoping it was another MX. It was hard as fuck to crack but when it did, it sounded like i popped a tire. Loudest crack and hiss I have ever heard. This 40 was real crisp and carbonated, which equals more refreshing in my book. It was very strong tasting, but not offensive in any way, very good taste for a malt of this caliber. I would definately drink this again, it got me as twisted as you can get off of one 40, not drunk but a good buzz, I guess thats what you get when you pack a 6 pack of brew into one 40. I give it a 7 outta 10 for drinkability and buzz.

Drastic Mezures: I was expecting this to be terrible but it wasn't. For a 10% HG I was impressed. If I ever need a 40 this strong again this is what I'd drink. I think this was actually better than Camo HG Lager. Before I drank it I had it in the freezer for like two hours. I pounded it down in about a half hour finishing every last drop including the foam. By mid-way down it starts kicking in really stong. When I was done I was very, very buzzed. Unfortuantly I didn't really eat much that day and about a 1/2 hour after I finished it I started puking real bad. Two hours after the puking I woke up sleeping on the ground outside.

Expo2000: Real decent flavor, much better than 9.0% camo, especially for its strength, strongest 40 I've had, a little rancid flavor covered up by the fruity super-(almost saccharin)sweet aftertaste. Just downed it and i'm feelin good, like 12 oz. mouse goood. It's even got my lips numb like i've been somkin crack or sumpin.(sic) A decent brew if you wanna get messed up real bad.

Occasions: Outside the strip club so you don't have to pay for their overpriced, watered-down gin and tonics, or stash it in the trunk with ice for some family functions (damn i've got the hiccups)

Price: 2.25 with outrageous arkansas tax on it ( i don't care if you heart huckabees just don't vote for him for president)

Overall; 10/10 for buzz factor, though hiccup-inducing, 6/10 for flavor, not adjusted for alchol content.

summary; a solid 40, my new top pick for getting trashed.

Four Teas: Have to be honest here. I'd never heard of this 40 before seeing it on the website. I saw it at one of the local Texoma package stores and bought a few for myself and my bros. Naturally intrigued by the many colorful reviews penned by all the Malt vets out there, I was excited when I finally got my hands on one.

Loud, sharp crack, very little aroma (probably because I had it in the freezer for a day), nice color and, holy shit, 10%! Good start here. The excitement ended, however, after the first long pull. It just wasn't good. Syrupy and harsh, I don't think the high content was to blame. There was no heavy alcohol burn like Camo Silver or anything, just a rough drinking 40 from cap to ass. I gave it another shot two weeks later and my opinion remains unchanged. That time my bro and I drew straws to see who'd drink the Ojo Malo and who would be punished with a 40 of CAMO xxXxx. I can't decide who was really the loser in that one. I won't willingly fuck with the Evil Eye again. 4/10 because it really will kick you in the ass.

FultonCounty40z: This 40 was RAW. Very strong alcohol/HG taste with an interesting aftertaste. First drink blew me away...its very intense. I downed this one quick, it was definately lit from it.

hardxcorejihadist: i first came across this 40 about 2 years ago. i was drinking with a friend that i used to go to school with who at the time was attending college in colorado...we had drank alot of everclear the night i first tried this 40 so i didnt really taste or feel anything special my first time. the second time i had this 40 i was stone sober... i began to drink it about ehhh.... 6:30-ish pm and was done about 7:15. i loved the taste of it .... it's has a very full body taste and it's also unlike anything id had. once i started getting to the swill it wasnt tasting as good, but still tolerable. i didnt stand up for about 15 minutes after finishing it ....but jesus christ when i did i fell right on my ass. i would have to say that this 40 is totally in my top 10 favorites. taste 8/10 swill 6/10

HighGrav1ty: This shit is rank, but not as bad as Camo Silver Ice, and is 1% stronger! I first bought this 40 because it was the cheapest ($1.89USD), and highest percentage 40 I had ever seen. I had to have it. The taste is that of rotten orange juice. It has a very citrus-like flavor, and burns all the way down. I started to feel the buzz at about 1/4 the way through. It makes you feel like your head is caving in. The first thing to go is basic motor skills, then you start slurring your speech. For a veteran 40oz drinker like myself, one isn't enough to get completely plastered. I don't think I would ever drink 2 though. This 40 is a great way to start your night drinking. With one of these down, you'll spend half the amount of money you normally would at the bars.

7/10 swills , with high marks in price and performance.

JAP: Had this 40 for the first time 3 days ago.I was use to st. Ides hg being the strongest 40 around here so when I found this shit at the local cheers i could not wait to throw it down.One 40 and a half of a 40 of this malt kicked my ass.I did not think the flavor was that bad.maybe a little sweet,but it had kind of a weird fruity flavor going on which i liked.This shit is awesome.If you want to get drunk real fast this shit for you. ojo malo....biocth...buzz 10/10.....taste 8/10

John Holmes: First off... big thanks to mark blackout for this 40.

I just cracked this bitch... pretty hefty cap and not a whole lotta hiss, but that doesn't deter me. I've heard some bad things about this 40... and honestly my first reaction was, hey this isn't that bad!

now I'm nearing the halfway point and it's getting harder and harder to drink... it's not that it particularly tastes bad... the taste really is pretty smooth, but damn it's the octane of it that hits ya.

I've got a decent buzz kickin already on an empty stomach... more to come later....

[edit] so it's now the morning after... I got a pounding headache kickin right now... feeling a bit roughed up.

ojo malo is no joke... I think it is definitely truly evil.

I'm gonna give this a 4/10 swills... because it's outta hand. I would not swill this 40 on a regular basis.

LMSCRacer: First a big thanks to the OMG himself, 64 for the hook up.

Expected the worst but was pleasently surprised. Chilled this in the freezer for about a half hour. The taste wasn't too bad at first, in fact, you really couldn't sense the high alcohol initially, but as it warmed it became a challenge to drink. By the end it was flat out not good. Fortunately, I drank it after a couple burgers and it was a cool night, but even on a full stomach, the 10% ABV came through. Couldn't have been too bad since no one asked me if I was ok and I can remember the whole evening. If this was available locally, it would be perfect after a bad night racing that you just wanted to forget.

Bottom line - buzz factor 9.9/10, taste 3/10 swills.

MarkBlackout: Third-world third-class gutter swill. Good crack, nice appearance; that's where the positives on this one run short. Fusel-alcohol smells are apparent as soon as you open this shit. Smells like CHEAP. Its pretty poundable, though very, very bad tasting. I would wager that 0.1% or less of the population could actually finish a 40 of this shit. I got through half, I'm not ashamed to say. I was enjoying the strange buzz it provided, but my stomach was not feeling this one at all. If the brewmaster of "Melanie Brewing" was here right now i'd whack him across the eyes with a bo staff. 3 out of 10 swills. It could have conceivably been much worse.

neufutur: This is a pretty solid, smooth brew for a 40 especially at 10%. There is a minor amount of bite at the end of the swill, but it disappears soon after the brew goes down the mouth. Definitely not worth the negative reviews that it's gotten; if you want to get fucked up, Evil Eye is the brew for you. $1.99 in NE Ohio.

orentha: everyone's got long reviews about this particular 40, but I've only have 1 word to say: Horrible.

Rating: 1/10, and that's only becuase i dont give 0/10's

satan165: whoa this shit is buck

first of all had a crazy cap like rockhead that wouldnt come off at first i was giving the disappointed head shake at it then cause i was afraid it would also have no ring detach and a flat brew

but it did crack good then and carbonated up perfectly

the color of this brew is kind of strange, like seems too light colored it has the rancid taste like hi test had, this is much stronger tho like something in your throat kind of like a burn but not really i need to take a few more sips to get used to the taste of brew in my mouth, and also get get the taste of bad brew in my mouth. ok getting slightly better, rockhead is 1% stronger and way easier to drink (tho rockhead isnt a fave either)

sippin apache: Brew: Light golden yellow, very little carbonation.

The 40 looks wicked, an awesome label and addition to my collection, #85.
It cracked real loud but no hiss. The 1st sip stunned me by its putrid and flat taste, the 2nd sipp downed it to the label, was just as bad but I realized that there is no aftertaste, which is good. It tastes watery bad, not a heavy, filling tasting brew. 3rd sipp was a little better and I can already feel the alcohol, this is a heavyweight.
*I put it in the freezer some more but I am determined to finish it, to compare it’s 10% to a Canadian 10%. ***It won’t seem to get icy, fuck it. The buzz is coming in as I continue to swill this heavy duty malt. The buzz is similar to Black Bull, it sneaks in and unleashes a torrent of heat on the head, spine and visual senses.
I’m sippin this bitch straight out the freezer, and no way I’m leaving it out, at least it keeps it stable

There’s something exotic about sippin a 10% brew in a clear small mouth. This review ends here, 2/3 down, a real good buzz in still increasing, by now, taste is no longer an issue.

Rating: 8/10 for buzz, good looks and a taste one could get used to.
EDIT: 40 gots me more wasted then BB, fuckedmeup like a hippie on acid

steveokanival: I would like to point out. That on The site The evil eye varieties there are 2 others i have found if pictures are requested i could try to find but the flavors are kiwi strawberry and sour apple my favorite is the regular that ones fruity enough but i have grown kind to these these past few weeks drinking quite a few of em and i agree with alot of you who said that its fruity intill you get to the label then the buzz kicks then its all goood evil eye is my #1 40 ") 4 thumbs up

swillin75: If you need a 10% kick in the head, then evil eye is for you. This shit does the trick, and tastes....mighty strange. Not bad... just strange. The last 40 I drank with an a/c almost as high was Camo Silver Ice which tastes like festering rhino ass and provides a hangover equivalent to 2 liters of cheap scotch. For a %10 it goes down real nice. 7 of 10

Viciousq40two: yes the name really fits it. last night i pounded one of these in 16 minutes at a bbq after biking about 5 miles as fast as i could to get there after work. goddamn shit is strong. high gravity indeed. not good in any respect. wont be drinking it for a while again, unless i find the sour apple one and the red one...even so...yuck.

White Mike: Wow this was a ruff 40. It actually got me fucked up off one 40. This is not the strongest 40 out there, but its the strongest I ever had. I didn't think the taste was any good, but I still had no problem getting this down. I drank the whole thing and didn't feel bad later on. Just really drunk.