Found: New Brunswick, NJ
Alcohol content: 5.9%
Other variations: ?
Also known as: ?
Slogan: "Brace for the Smooth Taste"
Phone #: 1-800-DIAL-BUD
Brewery: Anheuser-Busch, Inc., St. Louis, MO

Bruz: I'm a big fan of the Hurricane. "Brace for the smooth taste" is no joke you slores! It really does flow down (at the risk of sounding ghey) gorgeously! I love to guzzle this golden greatness down my gullet. I'm not a fan of A-B's longneck bottles, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be (although this used to come in regular small mouths back in the day, and then wide mouths). Everyone should like this, there's no reason not to. Your won't get the largest buzz off it, but you can get a decent one since it's easy to gulp down at high speeds. 9/10 swills

3/6/11 TX40oz: First Review I've ever done on a malt...strangely enough I've done wine reviews for Food & Wine Magazine's website...I used to drink malt when I was in High School...and just began to start re-drinkin them...and yes I did miss em. Forgive me if I sound too much like a wine connoisseur.
Hurricane is smooth...bout the best way I can say it. To my palate it has an essence of apples, almost the flavor of a blandish version of Wagner's Cider. Easiest drinking 40 I've ever had. Very close to KC without the aftertaste. Definitely a great staple for a night of wanting to drink. Start with 2 or 3 of these and finish up with a few OE's or 211's for a definite buzz factor.

Taste 9/10...Swills 8/10.

2/23/11 troobie: I'm FINALLY getting a chance to try this. You can't not find HHG in Northern California, but Hurricane Malt Liquor is unavailable. I picked this 40 up in Liberal, Kansas, where it was being sold next to its big brother HHG. Pretty cool to see them side by side. I guess that is the benefit of living in middle America? There are some noticeable things about the label on this 40. First off, it states "NON RETURNABLE BOTTLE" on the left side of the label. I wonder if they make a returnable label version of Hurricane? If they don't, is Hurricane Malt Liquor only sold in states that don't have a bottle deposit? This may be the only American 40 I have that is specifically marked non-returnable. Next is the fact that they are still printing the slogan on the label. Hurricane High Gravity's slogan is "feel the pull", but they don't print that on HHG's label. I think more 40's should have a slogan on their label. Speaking of differences between this label and HHG's, where is the ABV% on the label? Finally, I love the palm trees in the background. I didn't see them at first; they're subtle. Graphite palm trees on a black label look awesome. There is also a palm tree on the neck label. Overall this is a much better label than HHG. Of course HHG used to have an awesome label until they switched to the current silver pinstripe version. I don't have much to say about the taste. Basically this is HURRICANE HIGH GRAVITY LIGHT! A-B should sell this as the world's first light high gravity malt liquor. I guess since I'm used to drinking the high gravity version I'm biased on the flavor. Take an HHG, drink half, refill it with water, and there you go. Nonetheless, this is smooth and tasty. I'm going to round up to 8/10 on this. This malt is smooth at the expense of taste. For my money I'll stick with the high gravity version.

10/4/09 Dean: I thought I reviewed Hurricane, but apparently not. I drank a Hurricane 4 tonight, first 4 in a while since I've been deathly sick and on tons of meds. I don't drink when I'm on meds, that's ignorant.

Everyone loves this shit. Except for me. It's not the worst 40 I've ever drank, but I'm not sleeping with the bottle tucked beside me in bed, either. Of all A-B products, I suppose Hurricane is the second least offensive to me, only surpassed by that slut King Cobra. Along with KC and more recently OE again, this is the most common 40 in my parts. Bruz states that there is no reason not to like this 40, and I must disagree: I personally hate the bottle (widemouth would do this 40 justice), I personally hate the label (looks too modern and wild, like it should be on a soda bottle), I personally hate the smell (weird kinda sweet that reminds me of dish soap or something), I personally hate the taste (not enough character somehow). I'd pick almost any 40 available to replace this in my area, including most non A-B beer 40's. Whatever. It's just not my thing. I am feeling pretty fucked up right now, though, but I haven't drank shit in a month or more. Goes good with American steak and potatoes kinds of meals, as that's what I'm eating and it tastes the best I've ever tasted it before.

3/10 Overall, can't honestly rate the buzz factor properly because I've been Virgin Mary sober lately, but usually I cop a decent buzz from a Hurricane or two, so it isn't a TOTAL loss to me.

9/25/09 40zForSatan: Props to sleazye for hooking it up with this one, I can get HHG around here but not this amazing malt. I was joking around because it says "brace for the smooth taste" on the bottle but it's a legit warning. I was expecting this to be some pretty bad swill but it was smooth, tasted great and I wanted some more when I was done. I would rep this shit nonstop if it was around me, I was honestly blown away (get it?) because I didnt brace myself for the smooth taste even though the bottle warned me.

TASTE: 9/10
SWILL: 9/10
LABEL: 8/10
BUZZ: 6/10

9/13/09 SanJose40Drinker: Reviewing this 40 because it is delicious

this 40 is so easy to put down because it has a clean crisp taste

this shit is better than King Cobra, they need to have this all over

drink this all the time everytime because it has no back after taste and yet a nice and refined malt liquor taste

this is how Malt liquor should taste

Thanks Firebird91 for this re-review

7/29/09 TheFear: Hurricane Malt Liquor has been in my regular rotation for quite along time now. Mostly due to it's availability in my area. You will find Hurricane in just about every bar and 6 pack shop within a 10 mile radius of my place. Recently I found a beer distributor in downtown Easton, PA that sells cases for $17.54 + tax. Of course I grabbed a case. Hurricane has a very smooth taste, just as advertised on the label. So smooth in fact, that I figured this would be the 40 which I would use for my first ever 2 in 10 minutes attempt. I failed misserably, however I was happy with my choice of brew. Being that Hurricane is an Anheuser-Busch product you can be sure that you are getting a fresh, high quality malt liquor each and every time. I'm drinkin one again tonight while watching all the Food Challenge: Chicken Dinner videos. WhiteMike, Mrs. Bruz, and nickmoulton all produced outstanding plates. I'm eating a Tony's frozen pizza as a compliment to my Hurricane, and it works perfectly. The buzz is pretty mild mannered. You'll probably wanna grab 2 of these to achieve the optimum buzz factor. Taste 8/10 Buzz 6/10 Overall 7/10.

7/5/09 sleazye: "Brace for the smooth taste" sure is right with this 40 that I almost always get along with Schlitz Bull Ice when I go on trips to New Hampshire. The hiss and crack with this classic are always great and goes down as smooth as it can get. Its taste while sort of bland and inoffensive, is an awesome slightly sweet malt flavor while not as crisp as King Cobra, it does the job. The buzz factor -- coming in at only 5.9% ABV -- leaves something to be desired.
Aside from that, if you can get your hands on this killer malt, go for it!

Value: 8/10
Taste: 8.5/10
Swill: 9/10
Logo: 9/10

6/23/09 RustythePelican: Thanks to 91firebird for the hookup on this.

I've had Hurricane before, in 16oz bottles, and thought it was a solid, typical Anheuser Busch malt - smooth, non-offensive, tasty. Drinking a 40 of it doesn't change my opinion. It doesn't produce much of a buzz at 5.9%, but it has a classic, slightly sweet malt taste. It's a little less crisp and more smooth than King Cobra in my opinion. It's simply a solid malt, not exciting, but it delivers the goods.

6/11/09 cavaliersunbird: Hurricane is not just a 40, its the 40! Smoothness = to a baby's Arse! Good Buzz, nothing to write home about but a goody. 8/10. and not many 40d'ez will rate over 6/10 with me

3/16/09 smithsteel211: the classic 40 around my parts. goes down very smooth, although it is almost always on the flat side. They do give you a born on date, but the accuracy can definitely be questioned. the buzz is solid, same as an OE as the alcohol percent is 5.9. a great 40 to chill and swig on, two and you got a very solid buzz going. the label is nothing special but gets the job done. Personally I'd consider it a very slightly upgraded OE, but there are much better 40's out that are the same or similar percent alcohol, such as red bull Schlitz and king cobra. over all id give it a 5/10 for the label, 7/10 for the buzz and 9/10 for the taste, with out a doubt a good pick up for a chill night.

9/2/08 ders0: Haven't reviewed this yet even though I've had it multiple times. I drank one tonight and enjoyed it thoroughly. It's not especially strong and you won't get much of a buzz off of it but it's like an OE where it tastes great and you can guzzle it down with zero problems. Great taste all the way down. Awesome 40 that's all there is to it.

4TDogg: Always end up getting the Hurricane when down in the DC - you gotta shop around in that city if you want anything but. Luckily its a decent 40 - bit sweeter than most, a bit subpar buzz factor though. Not such a fan of the wide mouth, so it looses points w/ me on that, but overall it is solidly above par as a malt liqour. 7 of 10

91firebird: Just swilled a Hurricane. Have not had this in a while. I actually picked this up in Rockport Tx which is about an hour and 40 minutes from where I live. Last time I had Hurricane in a 40 was a few years ago, so I've been hesitant to Post a review. BOD is 1/23/2008. I have to say this is a damn good 40. Obviously this can be compared to its brother King Cobra, but I find that the Cane is a little smoother and not as sweet as KC. Seems to have a little more carbonation too, which I like. The last time I had it was in 16oz cans which I also got in the Rockport/Corpus area. AB isn't bullshitting when they say Brace for the smooth taste" Shit is hella smooth. I drink a shit load of King Cobras, but in all honestly, I wish they would replace KC with the Hurricane. Overall 8.5 swills. Buzz factor is a little weak so only 6.5 swills. Drinkability is awesome so I give it 9.0 swills. Gonna have to take a little road trip to get a few more of these.

Alvin Karpis: First off a huge shout out to the 40oz King Bruz for the hook up on this 40 that I have never seen on the West Coast. "Brace for the smooth taste" is the slogan and it is very true. This tastes very cllose to King Cobra, just a bit lighter tasting, and since I love King Cobra im really digging this brew. Easy to chug down and it stayed cold the whole way. If this 40 was sold in the Redding area i would have to rotate it in to my King Cobra drinking, that is istead of 2 KCs a week it would be 1 KC and 1 Hurricane. Buzz is there but I would need two of these to keep it going. Taste 9/10 Buzz 5/10 Overall 7/10. Pretty damn good 40! Thanks Bruz

BoozeClues: These things are evaporating from my neighborhood! I used to see them around three places just a year ago and now only at one so thought I'd take one before it was gone. First taste is more like an ice beer than a malt liquor, that kind of sweet spiked beer taste.

When it says brace for the smooth taste, its not that nice vaguely syrupy Colt 45 taste, it just means its smoother than most malt liquors, like a smooth ice beer really. The stuff is consistently good from first sip to last drop. Yields a slightly better buzz than I expected for its alcohol content, can't explain that. This bottle cost me an exorbitant $2.63, so I probably won't have it again for awhile, but it was a nice drinking experience. 4/10 for buzz and 7/10 for taste, averaging out to a nice 6/10 swills!

Buzzcore: A more expensive King Cobra with a more extravagant label. Can you drink the label? No, so I say stick with the cheap stuff.

BWill40s: Embrace for the smooth taste damn right! Great malt 40 def tastes like king cobra a little less sweeter and goes down nice and easy 2 4's of this and you will have a good time! 7-10 Swills Buzz c+

CutlerRulez: I'm drinking a Hurrican right now while watching the Capitals game in College Park, Maryland. I'm having a great time and this must be one of the best 40s I've ever tasted. I'm looking foward to 3 more years of drinking Hurricane here at college with my buds, should be madd fun. 9 Swills out of 10 bitch.

Remember: There's Always Another Hurricane on the Horizon

dj oe 800: this was pretty much the forty that made forties my favorite format and malts my favorite variety of beer. the cheapest forty available when i'm home from school, hurricane has a characteristic that i hadn't seen before, and haven't since -- it has a "creeper buzz." once i finish one, i don't feel much of a buzz, and like three minutes after, it hits me. granted, it's not the strongest buzz, but it's a buzz nonetheless.

it says on the label -- "Brace yourself for the smooth taste." and yeah, i'd call it "smooth," but do you need to brace yourself for it? you need to brace yourself for HGs, and shit. cheap bourbon, shit like that.

doublej708: drank the hurricane that i got from 40ozcasualty. thanks again. i liked this 40. if i closed mt eyes it tasted like a king cobra. which is good because i like king cobra. probably has something to due to the fact that its made by the same brewer. it had a consistantly good taste throughout. the swill wasnt even to bad. that might be because i drank it fast. but still, thats a plus. anyway, i give it 7 out of 10. this malt makes me appreciate anything thats not an HG.

Drastic Mezures: This barely deserves to be called malt liquor. It tastes like someone mixed some bad Budweiser with some flat Colt 45 and can be described as lackluster at best. I've never been a fan of the wide-mouth and thats another bad thing it's got going for it, because I've never seen it in a small-mouth. Overall I think Hurricane's lacking in taste and strenght and is a sorry ass excuse for malt liquor.

havinafett: I used to drink this all the time freshman year. Two was all I needed back then to get decently buzzed, and these did the trick. It's not a bad taste, it just kinda crack it open and taste it and its not great, but then you start drinking and every sip gets better, then you're in love with it and cant wait to crack open the other. Its like a relationship you know isnt good for you, but you keep going back for more, and it feels great.

hg8point2: got this one in some crummy little bar.this shit is so average tasting the slogan should be "the average tasting malt liquor."pretty decent with redhot chips.the buzz factor was very low if at all but i chased it with 2 other 40s to make up for it.terrible swill even for swill.hate the new bottles.5 1/2-hg

HighGravity: One of these costs $3.25 across the street from my building ... It's better tasting than Keystone Ice and Red Bull and the rest of that usual bunch of higher gravity beers for gettin' your whoop on ... Got 3 of these tonight ... 2 for now and 1 for tommorow or whenever... Has a decent smooth and slightly sweet taste/finish with respectable carbonation ... The buzz is pretty good ... I gotta say ... better than I expected... and keep in mind, I am normally a complete beer snob/geek, drinking top shelf micro-brews and Belgian&European brews ... I can afford better stuff but there is a certain 'zen' in getting a couple 40'z of Hurricane across the street and just kickin' back with it and listening to some good jam-rock or whatever and maybe enjoying some herbs ... Highly recommended.

ImissMy64oz: one of my all time favortites

does not suck

opposite of sucks

matter of fact its delicious

it is delicious due to its most excellent asromatic flavor
it yeilds a moderate heavy buzz
and it also goes down very smooth

james: well, of course maybe it isnt very objective since i am feelin great buzz from the red bull, but i dont think hurricane really lived up to the hype i was hearin about it from all of you. i mean, it went down great. but it went down just like the cobra goes down. its a beautiful bottle though. i really dont see the difference though. i wanted to just take one of the 40's at a time, after last time when i dont even remember how silver thunder tastes, but went for it anyway, and wasnt really impressed. i mean, its like cobra for the ghetto if you ask me.

JAP: This 40 does have a very smooth flavor.drink it really fast with ease and get a good buzz to start with.I hear they make a hurricain ice, but they dont sell it around here.flavor is a little better than cobra,though not that different.This is really cheap,only 1.49 around here in MD. while other 40s like oe or st. ides hg or red bull are 2.20.cant beat it for the price.Shit is not bad....8/10 for price and drinkability

LMSCRacer: Hurricane is a great "entry level" malt liquor. At 5.9% ABV, it is certainly not in the same league as a HG like Steel 211 or stronger ML's. Only slightly stronger than regular beer, a 40 is roughly like knocking back 4 Buds (or whateven non-discript American beer you like). Of course, doing it in under 10 minutes on an empty stomach, you can expect a slight buzz, but you better have a backup or two standing by to keep it going. At $1.39 for a 40, it certainly represents good value.

The light golden color is pleasing to the eye. The foam/carbonation is about what you should expect. Mouth feel is very smooth. The taste is nothing special and rather inoffensive (read: easy to drink), perhaps a touch to the sweet side. Since you can kick this 40 back in just a few minutes, the swill should still be cold and has no foul characteristics. The buzz factor is ok, but nothing compared to a good HG. The "Brace For Smooth Taste" is not false advertising.

I think what has drawn me to Hurricane is the constant put-down by "public health experts" who often refer to it as "liquid crack." These are people who need to get a life.

Overall, I like this stuff. One thing A-B brings to the table is consistancy. You know what to expect and are never let down. The "Born On" date is a hoot, too.

I give this a solid 8/10. Not the best for sure, but like an old friend who can be counted on for a quick jolt to improve any day whenever the need arises.

lookin 4 a 40: I bought 4 of these the other night down somewhere in Little Haiti. As I cracked it I noticed "brace for the smooth taste" on the label. All I can say is to me it tasted exactly like King Cobra did, just in a different bottle with a different label. It went down smooth, tasted good and produced a decent buzz. 7/10 for the hurricane

metallifull: Solid 40. My 40 of choice in college - we'd get 3 of them for $5 in our local W. Philly ghetto deli. Wide mouth for easy chuggin, and weak enough to get the ladies to drink it, and strong enough to f' them up!

OldeGoldSwilla: I am not a big hurricane fan. It is one of the cheaper 40oz's available but I enjoy Country Club and King Cobra much more than this malt. It's hard to explain exactally why, it just tastes really cheap and has a bitter almost dirty aftertaste. I'm not a fan

Rhatigan: Thanks to JoeWebber for hooking me up with this

Never drank this before

Good shit

Threw it in the freezer for an hour

Nice crack and hiss from the start. Very sweet tasting malt like King Cobra. Went down really smooth. Swill was good. Overall was excellent. 8/10

sippin apache: Back from the upper NY state, picked up the Hurricane in a wrecked gas station/snack shop. Cost me less then 2US$. Dude at the cash was cool and all telling me my quest for Colt 45 in upper NY was definitly going to end up not achieved. Which was the case.

Hurricane is by far my favorite US malt along with King Cobra that I can get within a radius of 200km.

It cracked and hissed nice. Had the same taste as the last time. Provided an ok buzz that suggested the consumption of a 2nd 40. This is a civilized malt liquor.

ThUgWiGGa: I drank this 2 nights ago before a party, but i still remember! It tasted similar to KC, but somewhat smoother... maybe 'cleaner' tasting. KC is definitely more malty, which is good sometimes, but i think i prefer hurricane. Smooth, easy to drink, and tasty. Not too different from KC to get a different rating... 8/10

Tiger Tai: Good to get if your low on funds and are looking for a cheap buzz. Hurricane and King Cobra are about the same but I think Hurricane tastes a little beter... I'd give Hurricane 5 of 10 Swills.

Viciousq40two: Hurricane is probably the smoothest, easiest to drink ive ever had. i was expecting it to be rough, the name, the bottle, the little "brace for the smooth taste" note on the bottle. normally that would make me very skeptical, cuz any time something has to say its smooth, its lying.. and you should never have to BRACE for anything smooth, but no, Hurricane doesn't lie, and it was smooth as hell. very good.

Wildman40: As earlier said, it says, "Brace for a smooth taste" right on the bottle, and that is the complete truth.

I just cracked one of these last nights, and I was pleasently pleased, in my opinion a very good malt. Very reliable, not the greatest of buzz's obviosly, but still a smooth taste, a 40 that you can just really pound down.

I enjoyed this a lot, I'd give it, 8/10, however, my malt liquor tongue hasnt been introduced to a wide variety of 40s so this isnt based on a comparison of hundreds of 40s.