Hurricane High Gravity

I need the silver label 8.1% "ale" variant (if it exists), if you can help please email me.

Found: Phoenix, AZ
Alcohol content: 8.1%, 6.0%
Other variations: ?
Also known as: Hurricane HG, HHG
Slogan: "Brewed for a Distinctive Bold Taste"
Phone #: 1-800-DIAL-BUD
Brewery: Anheuser-Busch, St. Louis, MO

Bruz: 8.1% (black): After all the hype over this new product I was excited to finally get my hands on it - and in its brand new 40oz form, thanks to FultonCounty40z! To make a long story short, its a decent malt taste at a strong % - easily the smoothest of the high gravity brews. Reminds me of Magnum - if this was a regular malt that wouldn't be a compliment, but being over 8% it definitely is. Easy to drink and gives a decent buzz. This replaced Hurricane Ice, which was basically only test marketed in OR & WA states in 40oz size, but unlike that brand (which was 7.5%) this one is spreading like AIDS. Swill is swill but not too bad. I would definitely drink this regularly if I could get it by me easily. Overall 9/10 swills for being probably the smoothest HG on the market. If people keep choosing St. Ides or Steel Reserve 211 over this, it's only because their taste buds rotted away from life long alcohol abuse. Thanks out to TheSnakeDoctor for the "Ale" variant!

8.1% (silver): I haven't drank a lot of the black label version since I can't get it by me, but from what I remembered it tasted the same AND gave me a good buzz. My review for the new one is the same as the "old" one. It's smooth - but so was the old one - yet had that certain "taste" to it that told me it was stronger in alcohol content than other "smooth" malts. It gave me a real nice buzz too, better than a basic malt like OE (5.9%) would give me. I think this is the same beer. Thanks out to Alvin Karpis for this!

6.0% (silver): Thanks out to LMSCRacer for the hook up on this rare variant of HHG! I swilled this Christmas day (2006) alongside some snacks (nachos & hot spicy cheese, cheese & crackers, & herring). It's VERY smooth, definitely much more like regular Hurricane than the regular strength Hurricane High Gravity. Like any other malt, it gets warm, watery & flat - swilly - if you take too long with it. But it's not bad at all. Very easy buzz... a smooth buzz... like its smooth taste. Overall 7/10 swills for this wannabe high gravity. I rate regular Hurricane higher even though it tastes the same because it is what it is, and this is that. Get it?

2/22/11 GG Rollins: 8.1% (silver): Cracked this one open and gave it a smell, stunk a little but not too bad. took a sip to get a feel for the flavor and was surprised by the fact that it tasted good, especially for a high grav. it was easy to drink until it warmed a little then it became a little difficult but nothing too bad. killed it in about 12 minutes and had a good buzz going for about an hour. This is my new regular and pre gamer.

2/21/11 Maltliquorcommando: I just finished a silver label Hurricane High Gravity. I am generally not a high gravity fan but this is pretty outstanding. It tastes pretty much like a clean tasting standard malt, like King Cobra or Magnum, with a little bit of that alcohol bite. For being 8.1% this goes down extremely smooth. For under $2.00 you will be hard pressed to find a better buzz for the money. Overall for a HG very smooth.


4/3/10 TheFear: It's 10:30pm on a saturday night, and I'm helping Mrs.Fear put away groceries. Cause that's how we roll.I decide to crack this HHG 40 to make some room in the fridge. First taste, only one word comes to mind. Outstanding! Not sure why I don't drink this 40 more often. It's absolutely the best high gravity product out there. I realize 8.1% doesn't seem like much amongst the new breed of 10,11 and 12%ers, however HHG will get the job done and it actually tastes really good. About 20 minutes deep and a lil more than half way through I finally detect the HG bite. It's actually a pleasure at this point. Great 40. 10/10

12/14/09 40lover2020: Ive only tried the silver and to be honest, it was absolutly terrible.
maybe im a pussy but id rather have mickeys or king cobra before this.
I couldnt stand the tase, the only thing good about it is the alcohol level that isnt even that much.

11/21/09 odeed: yellow body with a foamy white head.sweet malts in the aroma and flavor.although the alcohol is pretty well hidden at %8.honestly its a bit to sweet for me.

6/10 swills

9/12/09 702er: I have drank the 24s for years now and never had a chance to try the 40 until i went to northwestern washington and found it there drank it pretty quick got me pretty messed up. The taste is so much better in a bottle wish i could get these in vegas like i can get the 24s overall taste 9/10,buzz 10/10, went down smooth and i will definitly buy this again if i can have the chance.

8/28/09 beam21: I must re-review because forever I have protested against the difference between the silver and black labels ever since the silvers came out. Despite the fact that I never had the silver before now, I was 100% convinced it was the same shit. Now I got a silver label after 2 1/2 years or so finally courtesy of hawaii 4-0, and I can officially confirm it is exactly the same shit. People contend the color is different. It would maybe seem counter-intuitive to some that the contrast of a "lighter" label would make a seemingly lighter-colored brew, but it's quite the opposite. If you think the brew is lighter, it is actually directly influenced by the lighter label color. It can trick the minds of the weak. This brew is fucking dark, almost like a black 211. In reference to the taste, I have a malt palette like an elephant. This is my favorite HG taste-wise of all times, and despite the time lapse I know the HHG steez like it was earlier this afternoon. This particular 40 tastes a little more like the HHG cans than I remember it (i.e. a bit sweeter and fouler aftertaste). I recall a major metallic flavor difference with the cans, and I stand by that, but I can see the similarities to the cans now sort of. No one ever claimed that malt liquor did not play tricks at times. HHG is HHG no matter the color of the label, and it is excellent. Taste B+ Buzz B+. Same as it ever was.

8/20/09 Squirrel SOMD: got this in a trade thanks to rustythepelican. it was byfar one of the better malts ive ever had. we have the regular hurricanes around here, and theyre good too. with this being a high gravity and the higher abv i wasnt expecting to care for it, as i didnt care too much for the LN 7 11 with about the same abv... 8.2. had a good crack and hiss. first taste was good and smooth as shit. and it didnt get worse as it got warmer. and the buzz hit me like woah. it lasted a good while. so my ratings...

label 9/10
taste 8.5/10
swill 9/10
buzz 12/10

we need this locally

8/20/09 40zForSatan: 8.1% (silver): I cracked this with very low expectations, I've heard some things about HHG that kind of made me want to put this one off. I have 8 40s in my refrigerator right now though and this is the only one I can get locally, I like having a nice selection of 4s that I can't get from around here in the fridge so I cracked this one open. I cracked it and I got a mild hiss, then I took a whiff of the brew and it smelled very bold. I took my first sip of it and was put off at first, then the initial blast of the malt had cooled down and gave me a decent aftertaste. I have conquered my fear of HHG, this malt is not half bad at all. I put it down in about 15 minutes while playing some video games, everything stayed cold the entire time (which is actually something I was worried about). I got a very mild buzz, if I had 2 I think I would be in a fantastic state of mind.

Label: 9/10
Taste: 7/10
Swill: 7/10
Buzz: 6/10

7/24/09 40ozHawaii: 8.1% (silver): Of the best 40s I have experienced to date. I find that this is my favorite with respect to taste, potency, and drinkability. 1. Excellent sweet, malty taste
2. Prefer to savor this ice cold
3. There is a distinct nutty aftertaste to me in this lager that enjoyable enough to down without food, or snacks.

Label: I happen to like the silver label best, aesthetically, as it looks thirst quenching when the cold bottle is sweating during drinking.
From the crack of the top to the last swill of the bottle, I don't grow sick of the taste as I approach the finish. Unlike some other 40s.


7/6/09 sleazye: I scored this bad boy when on a venture in Greenfield, Mass with Bwill40s, and two other friends at a beer store called Dad's Liquors. Random name. Needless to say, I was thrilled to have found this in the 40 oz version, considering it's only available in the 24 oz cans; anyways, on to the review... Cracked this open just after getting home after work. The crack and hiss were one of the loudest I have heard so far, which is always a great thing in my opinion. First taste is shockingly smooth and nearly sweet for an 8.1% ABV Malt Liquor. I also liked the dark, almost-reddish tint that it has. The lack of carbonation, though slightly disappointing, because I like belching, was not a factor at all.

If I had easier access to this 40, it surely would be in my immediate rotation. Anyone that calls themselves a Malt Liquor fan would be a fool to pass this one up.

Label: 10/10
Taste: 10/10
Swill: 10/10
Buzz: 10/10

6/22/09 SouthLyon40s: Alright, I've had the HHG with the black label out of the 40. But I neither took a picture of myself drinking it, or recorded it. I'm trying to do that with every new or not-everyday 40 I get. But I dropped the ball on that. (I got the black label from 91firebird, and really the only thing that I remember from it is my letting it get relatively warm before finishing it... yet it still maintained a very acceptable taste) I've had Hurricane HG, both silver label and the older black label, a number of times in 24s. But for some absurd and unfortunate reason HHG simply does not exist in Michigan. Our loss to be sure.

I, however, do not plan on giving this silver label HHG 40 oz that I got from Karpis time to warm up. It's good. It outclasses a lot of HGs. As I'm drinking this I can tell that the ABV is above the normal. But it just doesn't FEEL like it's up there with the 8.0+ crowd the way it tastes. I know when the silver label first came out there was actual debate as to whether this is still an HG.

Well, as I'm getting down there you can definately tell that it's an HG. I guess if you were pretty well done-up before diving into this it would flow down like a normal malt. It really does have a "normal malt" type taste until you're done and you're hit with the HG alco-after-taste, but it's completely tolerable. Doesn't seem like there's a lot of carbination for some reason. Not rippin burps.

Still going strong. I realize my reviews, like my posts, are long. OK, getting a little rougher down near the end of the label. I cannot do a 40 in 10. But hey I don't drink fast I drink steady. Kinda like the turtle in the story where he beats the rabbit. OK . Well there's obviously some HG proporties of this since I just typed that.

Anyway. It's done. It's got the HG swill. But it's good. It's really good. Like no more Ides or 211 good, but I don't have it.

3/26/09 havinafett: This is honestly my favorite 40 of all time. That's not based on taste or buzz or anything like that, but just because I drank this stuff all the time my last semester of school and it lead to many a good time to say the least. First time I had this I was surprised by how bad it DIDN'T taste because I expected it to taste like shit for some reason. The buzz was also a nice surprise that kicked in only about 3/4 of the way through. For some reason this stuff gives me that happy drunk feeling that comes with cheap wine. I try to get a hold of this stuff whenever I can, but the only place I've been able to find it is central PA although I've seen 16oz cans in Philly and have seen someone drinking it at a party here.

3/06/09 D4N0: Killed one of these HHG's for a vid last night. The top 3/4 of the bottle was amazing, however for some reason, the swill was horrible! I really wasn't expecting that at all. It however gave me a wicked ass buzz. Great malt in the long run. 7/10 swills on taste, just because of the horrible swill. 9/10 buzz, 8/10 overall.

3/05/09 BigJandthe40: Just killed one of these last night for A dude hit my up on one of my YouTube vids telling me he was cooming to my town and that he could hook me up with a few, so I meet up with him and we riped a vid together in the parking lot of his hotel. I was suprised how smooth it was being such a strong percent alch at 8.1% it didnt taste harsh at all. I think that this one has jumped ahead of St Ides in my book. Most likely its becuase I dont get to drink this on the reg, and new shit always tastes better.
Anyways I would say 9/10 for taste and 8.5/10 for buzz and 9/10 for feeling like shit the next day (the other shit I drank is what gave me the hangover but I had a ruff day at work none the less)

Thanks to Fraginat0r for the hook up one this one

9/2/08 40 4 real: A delicious malt. Could get you ready for a night out. Enjoyed this one will grilling some meat. 8/10

7/13/08 TheSnakeDoctor: 8.1% (black): definitely very smooth and trounced 211 because of many factors. This is my go-to 40 which has held its own over the years and has satisfied my thirst many a time. Its full body with smooth taste gives this 40oz 8/10

8.1% (black, ale): Has the same qualities as black 8.1 except for its smooth ale taste. I prefer the lager but the Ale variant represents a variation that should not go unnoticed with its smooth after taste and Ballantine like qualities (Except this beauty is 8.1% ABV). 8/10

8.1% (silver): Has an extremely similar taste to black Hurricane but the labels peel off quicker which looks like manufacturing was a little cheaper and the side by side comparison makes it look just a hair bit lighter to the black. In a taste test it would be extremely hard to compare with black HG if a taste test was evoked 7.9/10

91firebird: Just finished swillin a HHG 40. I've drank many a 24 out of this stuff, but I have never had it out of a 4. For being a HG malt this shit is hella smooth. It's like a KC with a kick. The cans sometimes have a musty taste that can be hit or miss but the 40 is way better. BOD is 5/16/2008 so it's pretty fresh. Buddy of mine picked this up in Corpus Christi TX. Heading down there this weekend and will have to pick up a few. Hell maybe a case lol. BTW this is the Texas "ale" version. Texas has bullshit distribution laws. Overall 9/10 swills. 9/10 for being as smooth as shaved pussy and 10/10 buzz factor.

211 Swilla: This is a really good HG, but I don't know if I'd go as far as some of the previous reviews that say its the best... I think Bull Ice is smoother, and I will keep swillin 211 and crooked I as my main HGs, but Hurricane has entered the rotation for sure. Started off real good, but the taste got bad is it warmed up, so I would suggest drinking it fast. One thing about Hurricane is that it fucks you up. The buzz factor is huge, and I'm talking huge for an 8.1%, def feel more swilled out than off 211 which has an equivalent percentage. 9/10 swills

Alvin Karpis: 8.1% (black): Crack and hiss were great, HHG is smooth! It is hard to tell that this is an HG. I love King Cobra and HHG is very close in taste but with a higher % (2.1% more). The question would be why ever drink King Cobra again? Becasue KC has a place in my heart, and has been around forever. HHG is the newer kid on the block, even though now its been around for a long time, KC was the first and I cant forget that. Even the swill is smooth, I am going to have to start drinking this more then just 1-2 times a month. Great 40 that everyone in the crew should drink. Taste 9/10 Buzz 9/10 Overall 9/10

8.1% (silver): Troobie is right, I feel like I just drank a King Cobra instead of an HHG

When I drink an HHG 40 I have a real nice buzz, and when I drink a King Cobra I have a very small buzz that needs another 40 to get me good

That is the way I feel right now like I killed a KC instead of an HHG

This is weird we are going to have to look into this more deeply

breakfastofchamps: I live in Lancaster PA. about 60 miles out side of 6-pack store just got Huricane HG in last week...I'm really suprised, for a HG it is really drinkable. Out of all the HG's I feel it is the best.

CaneCatagory8point1: What can I say -- the perfect 40-- I only get the 40 version when Im in San Antonio but pound the 24's nightly. Great all the way down Hard enough to knock you out but it kinda creeps up and says " hey its time to go to bed" not slap you out! Hail to tha Cane!!!

CountryCluber408: HHG is not sold in my area...or anywhere around San Jose. My friend brought it to me along with several other hard to get 40's from a trip he was on. I was excited for this I knew I would be gettin hit in the face with the higher percentage.... Very smooth taste, great buzz. didnt have that intense HG flavor...which I dont mind so much either way. Got me drunk. AB malts/HGs are great in my book. 9 out of 10 for this one, only because I don't like the Anheuser Busch's 40oz bottle shape.

d07c0m: 8.1% (black label): Very nice crack. Starts off smooth as any "regular" strength brew. This is an unbelievable malt with good flavor and a very good mouth-feel. Easy to get down and consistent in taste. The swill got a bit heavy in comparison but still WAY smoother than St. Ides or Steel Reserve.
Yields a terrific buzz in just under 15 minutes (was trying for 10 but had to rock the phone).

9/10 for being cheap, effective, tasty, and good looking.

8.1% (silver label): Shout out to homie Alvin Karpis for the hookup.

Now to the malt:
I am seriously disappointed. This shit tastes pissy and watery compared to the "other version"
At first I doubted there could possibly be a difference but them fuckers at AB just fucked up my favourite HG 40.
I can't even explain how this is different, it's just...shittier. Fuck this.

ders0: This was a pretty good 40 for an HG. Drank it while watching american gangster. I liked it alot, still not sure it surpasses st. ides as my favorite hg though, but i'd definitely drink it agian.

DismantleJuneau: Hurricane HG is my preferred 40 as of right now. It is 1.79 a bottle, which is awesome due to the fact I have no money. It has a bitter kick to it when you first start, but half way through it is easy going down. The buzz is a nice one. Nothing bad about it. 9/10 swills in my book.

dj oe 800: can't believe this shit is an hg. this is the only hg i've tried that didn't have at least a hint of grossness to it, and although i do enjoy camo silver ice of all things, this absence is not a bad thing. it helped the brew go down comparatively smooth, and even when it warmed up a little, it tasted fine. the swill was kinda bad, but nothing i couldn't handle. much like it's lil' brother, regular hurricane, i experienced a creeper buzz that didn't hit me until my buddy (whom i let drink my new brown four-o) and i had left for the bar and were halfway there. intriguing and highly recommended. perfectly acceptable in 24s if that's all you can get.

FultonCounty40z: great. 40.

If i had to rank the hurricane 40s, it would be HG, ice, then Regular. smoothest 8.1 HG i have ever had, hands down. Hopefully this goodness will be spread across the land soon so everyone may enjoy the 40.

JoeWebberlione: 6.0%: Thanks out to my man racer for this awesome find!! Just cracked into this bad boy a few minutes ago & I'm lovin it!! I've only had the HG before, never had the regular hurricane or ice, but damn, I'd take this over the 8.1 variant any day! So damn smooth, easily my favorite HG hands down, although doesnt hold as good a buzz as the 8.1%. I'd swill on the reg if I could. Very good brew, cool looking bottle too. 9 outta 10 swills.

8.1%: Only had this in a 24 oz & 12 oz can but Imissmy64oz should be sending me a 40 of it soon. First sip in made me be like damn, this shit is pretty smooth for an HG with an alcohol % of 8.1! Not quiet as good as Ides, I'm an old school die hard Ides fan so that'll always be my #1 HG. But aside from that fact this stuff is excellent! Deffinately good till the last drop, goes down easy & packs a pretty decent buzz. To be honest with you if you see this sitting next to an Ides, grab this because it is a little bit better, I just cant completly sleep on the ides cause we've had alot of good times. 8 outta 10 swills.

Update, swilling an 8.1% 40 oz & I have to say, this stuff is damn good. Deffinately a step up from the can, gotta change my rating on this one 10 out of 10 swills!

LMSCRacer: 6.0% ABV version - Found this 40 while on business in Chattanooga TN. Good strong hiss off the crack. Very mild flavor, not at all like regular Hurricane with it's bite. Very easy drinking, almost too easy. Swill non-existant due to ability to consume quickly. Decent enough buzz factor, but since I drove all day and hadn't ate since early am, that might be a factor. Overall, a very solid 8.60/10.

8.1% ABV Version - I've wanted this one since it came out, so a BIG thanks to 64 for fulfilling this wish. This is my ultimate 40. Beautiful color and a strong hiss. Smooth, very drinkable. Great carbonation level. Drained it fairly quick so I can't really judge the effect of elevated temperature on the swill. I wish the 40 was available locally, but guess I will have to settle for 24 oz cans for now. 9.99/10.

MyLiverHurts: This is 40 oz sacrilege. But I don't care:

There's no reason to drink 211 silver anymore.

I am feeding this Nectar Of The Gods to everyone who crosses my path...

People who drink beer, but not malts? They like it.

People who only drink hard liquor, and no beer at all? They like it.

Chicks who only drink Bud Light/Miller Lite? They like it.

Chicks who only drink fruity mixed drinks? Even THEY like it!!!

Stock up.

Drink up.

It's a great day to be a 40 swilla!

neufutur: 6.0%: Racer sent over this 40, and I finished it without much of a problem. There was a little bit of a funk as I opened the bottle, but the taste gradually subsided into something quite palatable. The buzz created by this version of the HHG is much less sharp than the normal HHG, owing to the 2.1% less alcohol by volume. If I had a chance to swill this and other 6.0% 40s, I would have to pick this over MBI, King Cobra, Colt 45, and all of that. Taste is 7/10, swill is 6/10.

OldeGoldSwilla: finally found this on a recent trip to PA. I got it at a beer distributor so I had to buy the whole case. But it was only $19 after tax so I'm pretty pleased with the deal since back home when I get cases I have to pay full price for each 40 which is usually $25-$30 total.

That aside this was a great HG. Before I tasted this my personal pick for easiest to drink Hg was definately Schlitz Bull Ice. But HHG goes down easier. It tasted good from first sip to last drop. I don't know if this is possible but after drinking the 40 my buzz level seemed to be less than I would expect with other 8.1's or 8.2's. Maybe this 40 is so smooth because the % is slightly overstated. Or maybe there were other factors contributing to my perception of it's potency. I don't know.

Bottom line: this is a great 40, one I hope Ab starts seloing in my area, and I am glad that I bought 12.

troobie: 8.1% (black): Another high gravity malt. This was my first HG and it used to fuck me up beyond belief but not so much anymore. Does that make me an alcoholic? Of all the HGs I've had, this is the foulest tasting. Tastes like cough syrup with rubbing alcohol mixed in. OK, it isn't that bad, but you get the idea. I think this and 211 are really similar except 211 actually has some flavor. Really easy to taste the alcohol in this one. If you are trying a high gravity for the first time, DON'T let it be this one. I don't know what the hell other reviewers were talking about when they said that chicks who like alcopops also liked HHG...if you know of a chick that likes HHG grab a box of rubbers and some 40's and get to it. I've never seen the 6% Hurricane but would love to try it to compare to this version. Positives: Cheap, cheap, and cheap. Plus, it'll fuck you up. 6/10 for the shitty taste but good buzz. Drink ICE COLD.

UPDATE: 10/10 This is the KING of High Gravity Malt Liquors. I don't have to tell you what has been happening with gas prices. As a result, all of the 40's have been going up in price. But not HHG. It remains 50 cents per 12 ounces. In Chico, CA, you can purchase it in a 40 ounce bottle, a 24 ounce can, or a 12 pack of cans. HHG has remained a constant. I can barely find St. Ide's now. Bull Ice? Forget about it. HHG is the king. All I want to say is this: There is no way, NO WAY, this high gravity is 8.1% ABV. This is the cheapest, easiest way to get fucked up. Period. Congratulations Anheuser-Busch, you've invented liquid crack.

8.1% (silver): WELCOME TO THE FUTURE: Silver Label HHG is here. Now you have to drink four or five 40's to get the same buzz as one of the old "Black Label" HHGs. Fuck Anheuser-Busch. Show them a lesson and buy 211, Schlitz GOLD Bull, or St. Ides instead. FORCE them to bring back original recipe HHG.

troutkilla77: I like Hurricane Hg... overall it's a very good High Gravity brew. It just does'nt pack the punch that Steel Reserve does. It's much easier to swill though. If there wasnt any 211 around here this would probably be my go to 40.