King Cobra

I need the wide mouth variant & 2 other old variants (all pictured on the bottom), if you can help please email me.

Found: New Brunswick, NJ
Alcohol content: 5.9% & 6.0%
Also known as: Cobra, KC, King Soul-Brah
Slogan: "Premium Malt Liquor"
Phone #: 1-800-DIAL-BUD
Brewery: Anheuser-Busch, Inc., St. Louis, MO 63118

Bruz: VERY good! It went down smooth, quick & easy. The swill was not bad, and the whole thing was a very good (yet typical tasting) malt liquor. Definitely a good drink... overall rating of 8/10 swills. Thanks out to Tiger Tai & D. Hale for a couple of the variants!

10/19/10 Garrett75x: King Cobra is my go to malt after work or a workout session at the gym. The place on the way home sells me 2 for $4.25 out the door. Cobra is one of my most common malts if I'm not looking to get shitfaced off HG malts such as Steel 211 or OE 800 WC. I believe these are the cheapest 40s in my area. Everytime I go to a party everyone gives me the stink eye because I am sporting a 40 of KC. I always get home and place one in the freezer and start ripping the other asap. The smell has a classic malt aroma, for me at least. The taste reminds me of corn with a hint of metallic taste. It is fairly smooth and not a rough malt. After 2 of these I can go to bed confident I will sleep until at least 5am.

8/31/10 Jeremyspace: Finally found one of these. Been looking around at local stores here in West TX and they're just not all that common. They're there, just not everywhere. Picked one up on the way home. VERY good. Taste ALOT like Bud Ice to me (which I happen to love). and it's an A-B (Budweiser) brew, so go figure. Basically, for me, this was a stronger ABV version of Bud Ice from the same company. It is very smooth and easy to drink though.

Overall, I'd give it 9/10, honestly. It's just really smooth, with no whack aftertatse like alot of 40's now days.

Go snag one. It's worth it.

4/28/10 hyghstrung42687: King Cobra in a 40 oz is one of my new favorite malt liquors. its also one of the cheaper ones. the taste is smooth like the label says and its got a sweet, but not too sweet flavor. its very tolerable throughout the course of the drink. it is also one of the more cheaper 40's in my area next to magnum. the 6% abv makes for a decent buzz. i rank this 40 up there with Colt 45 and Olde English for my favorite tasting malt liquor. i give it 9/10. higher alcohol % would make it a perfect 10.

4/8/10 KingCobra40oz: King Cobra is the best tasting 40oz in my opinion. Great taste, great buzz, and nice carbonation. This is an awesome malt to rip just chillin at home, or getting crazy ripped at the club. I give this malt liquor a 9/10. So go rip a cobra and feel the venom.

3/16/10 johnodonahue: Picked one of these up today as they were on sale at the local grocery store. VERY good crack and hiss, and the label is no bullshit when it says that it is smooth tasting. As Pojansius said above, this could almost pass off as a beer instead of a malt. At 6% alcohol though, you will catch a nice buzz. If your short on cash and want to start the night off right pick up a KC!


Taste: 9/10 Buzz: 7/10 Swill: 8/10

12/25/09 KingCobra: cheap, efficient, and all around great beer.

not too sweet, not too bitter, not too anything

just a moderate buzz, and a raging one if you drink a few.

highly recommended, and legend has it you can spit venom after an six of em.

get some.

11/14/09 Pojansius: just cracked this king cobra open. tastes a lot like budweiser and I am amazed how easy this is going down. Im getting towards the bottom and its getting a little harder, but overall it is pretty good. It's probably the most beer tasting 40 I have had. I want to see if this will give me a good buzz, but overall 7/10.
Edit: Gave me a decent buzz and thinking about it right now is making me thirsty. Good Malt Liquor!

10/5/09 Riomar420: Sitting here drinking KC the old cheap 40 other than magnum in Cali, I remember back in the day when I could get a magnum for 1.50 but now this is KC we're talkin about. Already drank 1 of these today. They get ya where you want to be. Blasting INXS on my ipod as I write this I think to myself these guys like to get drunk off fancy champagne and other booze but if they wanted to get fucked up quick this is a the way to go. The brew is very smooth as it says on the label, easy going down. I could probably pound these all day as I have on many occasions. I think the most I took down once was 3 in one day. It's kind of like bud on the next level, higher alchohol percentage and a great flavor to it. If your a drinker on a budget this is the shit to go.

10/2/09 timmah1231: An excellent example of a malt liquor. Slightly sweet, decent carbonation, and very drinkable in high quantities. It does have the slightly watered-down quality that others have mentioned, but it wasn't enough to really make the brew unpleasant. Good crack and fizz upon opening...for the price, it's difficult to find a better malt liquor. 7/10.

8/9/09 del: Just downed one of these...I wanted to add a pad of butter to it cause it tasted like straight corn on the cob. It was smooth but still weak sauce. Price was right so i'll give it extra points for that but still only 5/10.

7/12/09 TheBelligerent: This is one of my favorite malt beverages. For 6% tastes very smooth and goes down pretty easy. I prefer this over Old English and Colt 45 because its taste is tolerable and its smooth as fuck. Overall I'll give this beer an 8 out of 10.

6/24/09 ripping76: What can i say? King cobra was one of my very first 40's way way back. Just picked up another one tonight and i still love it like i did 15 years ago! Taste is smooth as hell, Very easy to drink,and when this one gets a little warm it don't fuck up the taste for me.For a reason i can't explain these bastards can really fuck me up. Love this 40, always have, always will .8/10 Taste,9/10 Value 9/10 Swill. Overall 9/10.

6/10/09 maltliquorswigga: Had my 1st King Cobra 40 in probably 9 years, last night. Good crack and hiss. Smooth drinking malt, but it was kinda watery tasting, not really malty either. Definitely reminded me of Bud in a way, or maybe I just had that in my head cuz its an AB product, I dont know. Definitely easy to pound down, though. Wouldn't drink this on the regular, but Ill definitely grab a King Cobra 40 every once in a while, just to switch it up. The label says its 6% Alc. but didnt seem like it was.
The ratings:
Taste 6/10
Swill 6/10
Buzz 5/10
Overall 5.5/10 swills

5/16/09 steelydan211: just had my first king kobra this afternoon, and i'm about to crack another.

one of the best 40's i've ever had, but i knew going into it i'd like it just from the review i'd seen.

almost tasted a lil watered down, but that helped me to put it down extra quick. real smooth. refreshing

i give this a 8 outa 10 swills on the charts.

I have a new favorite 40.

5/11/09 sleazye: King Cobra, aside from Olde English 800, is one of my fave 40s to have and at its price of usually $2-something around here, you can't go wrong. And at 6% ABV, if you have two of them, you'll get a decent buzz.

Taste: 8.5/10

Value: 9/10

Swill: 9/10 Even after just drinking it slowly in the span of about a half hour, the swill is surprisingly pretty decent.

5/3/09 1sts13: King cobra what can i say its one of my favorites and one of the first malt liquors i had and the price around here isnt too bad ethier at 1.85 considering what it cost u wouid think it would taste like crap but it gose down easy and very smooth i would give it a 7/10 on taste. having a ABV of 6% is ok in my opinion its not the highest in content but it gives a decent buzz i give it a 6/10 All in all this is a great cheap smooth 40.

4/23/09 pookster11: KC is my favorite A-B product but I find the tast lacking compared to Colt or OE 800. It goes down good when ice cold but as it warms it gets a rough after tast. It makes up for the lack in tast with a 6% ABV so get it cold and swill it fast and there shouldnt be much of a problem. Overall its an ok malt tast 6.5/10 buzz 8/10

3/16/09 smithsteel211: one of my favorite 40s definitely. They don't sell it around my house, so when my good friend comes home from college in southern VA where they sell it he brings home a couple. Very smooth, I feel like it is a slightly more bitter hurricane, which in my book is great. The buzz factor is solid, although I definitely needed two to be drunk. Where my friend gets them its 1.39 a pop, great price compared to hurricane and OE around my house at 1.79 each. overall I'd give it 7/10 for the label, 8/10 for the buzz, and 10/10 for the smoothness/taste.

3/12/09 slipknotdepp: What to say about King Cobra huh? Love it. Grab it over the basic 40's out there. 6%ABV, this ones born on 18 Dec 2008. Crisp, smooth, easy to drink and a nice taste in my opinion. Consistent the whole way through! One of the cheaper 40's out Cali... (3.25 for Budlight, 2.75 for KC)... I think the got the prices backwards if you ask me. 8/10 swills for this malt... one of my go to's in southern California!

2/11/09 BigJandthe40: King Cobra, for some reason I have always kind of skipped over this malt. I figured I would give it another chance tonight, after seeing all the positve reviews for this guy. The first pull I take of this is pretty smooth, and taste alot better then I remember. I now am questioning myself on why I would take Mickeys over this guy? Mickeys makes me full, and feel like a fat Cory Haim. The KC on the other hand taste alot lighter too me and is going down like water. I can put away alot of these fuckers in the summer while playing some Horse Shoes!

Ok so I am at the half way mark, and it is still going down with easy. I normally like HG's because I am a big boy and like a buzz, but sometimes it hard to get the HG's to go down. This adds a few point to this malt, the fact that its super smooth with a decent alch%. Even the swill went down with ease, I am going to add this to my mix, and take Mickeys out. I found a new love 7/10 for Buzz 8/10 for taste 7.5/10

12/05/08 Dean: King mother fucking Cobra. I fucking love you. I also hate you. With a passion.

KC was my first malt ever. I was 9 years old, and a friend of my Dad's at the time drank the shit out of these... This guy was the type of cat that got so drunk and belligerent that he was always too busy with that to know where his brew was half of the time. I bold faced stole one of these shits and took it way down into the woods. Took me 2 hours to kill it, and I hated the taste more than almost anything I had ever eaten or drank at the time. As some may know, the Southeast is basically Budweiser country. 65% or more of the beer or malts you find people drinking here are of Anheuser-Busch pedigree. I cannot fucking stand Budweiser, Bud Light or any variant of the two. People claim that KC is basically Bud with a kick, but I am inclined to disagree in that I can drink KC until the cows grow wings and fuckin' fly home and never get a headache or hangover. I drink a bottle of Bud or Bud Lite, and the headache is almost immediate. I don't know why this is but it known fact to me at this point. Maybe I am just that used to this shit. KC is the lesser evil of A-B products for me personally, although I still think the taste is a little rowdy sometimes in that not-so-good Budweiser kind of way. Fuck King Cobra. Last couple I bought were $1.15 a piece + tax. I love King Cobra. Taste 5/10 - Buzz 5/10 - Overall (including rather decent price) 5/10

8/24/08 timcom99: King Cobra is perhapse my Favorite AB product. It is so Refreshing and not overpowering. I can drink it like Bud Light. It is not Heavy at all but at 6.0% Alcohol it has a Punch to it. It is a Good Tasting Malt even if it gets a little Warm. The Taste is not Sweet and not Funky like other Malts. It is aways "Just Right". I guess the TV Commercials were right "Dont Let The Smooth Taste Fool You".

8/10/08 nastynate81: out of all the 40s i drank i've probably drank this one the most only because its always availible and the store right down the street from my house always has it.Plus in my town this is the cheapest 40.If you drink it fast it gives you a decent buzz.So for a quick get a 40 and pound down i'd rate this 7/10 swills

211 Swilla: Good 40, but why did they lose the widemouth?? I can only find the small mouth around here, but I used to see widemouths everywhere. Anyway, this 40 is very average, not a distinctive taste or a particularyly strong buzz. I like it because it was (perhaps) my first 40, which is the only reason I give it the better than average rating of 6/10 swills.

40x40Vision: I was recently told that during my last encounter with the king cobra that I was sleeping under my cousin's truck when he found me and that i ran off and pissed on a girls house. Well I don't have any fukcing clue if its true.. I actually was able to get down two forty's that night. Hell yA. Hell i don't care. All i know is that I love the forty.. Just listening to some george thoroughgood and drinking another King Cobra. I recomend the cobra to everyone.. to get drunk off a 1.29 dollars now thats american freedom at its best.

91firebird: Just swilled a KC 40. Have had many in my day. The one thing about KC is consistancy. It always tastes the same. It's very smooth and easy to drink and the price can't be beat. Just picked one up at the kwik e mart for 2 bucks even. Born on date is 12/27/2007. Nice crack as always and a good malt taste. I ususally don't like AB products, but the Cobra is one that I can drink on the reg. buzz wise it's kind of weak but perfect for a Sunday afternoon. Overall I give the Cobra 7/10 swills.

AK40seven: My first impression of this was Budweiser on steroids! but as time went on I grew to accept this a much different brew. True that it had same overall taste only with a much more malty punch and higher %, but there were also subtle flavors involved that gave it a more robust taste. Nonetheless I really didn't get motivated to gulp this one down like most malt liquors, the best quality was the shape of the bottle (long neck small mouth) that allows one to eat greasy foods with complete confidence because of the excellent grip. I poured the last inch or so into my pan of sizzling chicken meat destined for my soft tacos because it was generally no longer inspiring enought to hold my attention. 6/10 for the King Cobra, its bottle is better than its bite!

Alex0nly: I was down in East LA last saturday when I went to a show there. Me and three guys I met outside all wanted to buy some brew so we went walking down for 15min looking for one down the street. We found one and they recommended me getting a King Cobra instead of what I usually get so I did. After we all got our brew which was mainly King Cobra's we went down to these darken train tracks and drank in there on a couch we found lying there. It was night and we decided to head back and after drinking a lot of them we decided to head back. Two of us (including me) fell walking back to the gig and people stared including this whore. I remember it had a good taste and went down good but I dont think its something I'll buy on a regular basis, 7.5 out of 10 swills.

Alvin Karpis: After drinking 2 King Cobras tonight I looked at the review page and was shocked that I have never reviewed KC. The Cobra is a smooth clean tasting malt. It is very cheap and has always been. I dont like Budwieser but King Cobra always comes through for me. I need a minimum of 2 40s to get a nice buzz. At 6.0% its alot lower then the OE and Ides that I drink on the regular. But on most nights I dont want that violent mega buzz that comes with the Ides. When I want to chill I will grab 2 40s of Cobra, drink the first one pretty fast then babysit the second one and relax. What im trying to say is that KC is my kick back and chill 40. Taste 9/10 Buzz 4/10 Overall a solid 8/10

beam21: I scored a surprise KC 40 a couple days ago that my gf got for me in Arizona. Drank the sonofabitch last night, today I realized I had never reviewed KC though I've had it in 8 or 9 different states by now. KC is raw, real deal malt liquor, basically a standard but awesome malt. Tastes good, and while the swill is a little rough for a 5.9%, 5.9 swill is never that bad. I will say from past experience that KC is foul when it's warm, but that's a problem that pretty much solves itself if you know what's up. This shit also packs a rowdy buzz for a 5.9, def more so than any under-6 malt I've had. This is definitely not Blue Bull. It can fuck you up. The King is awesome and warrants an 8/10 easily. Taste: B Buzz: B+.

beerstud: Thanks to King Cobra I am happily divorced. First because I got married while I was drunk from drinking 2 of those shits and then because my ex-wife left me when I accidentally mistook her for a baseball and I accidentally mistook the bottle for a bat. Shit like that happens when you are under the influence of King Cobra. I rate it 9 out of 10 just because it makes you hallucinate.

billmac1981: KC....good stuff...after 3

I'll drink these on the "light days" (days when everyone else sips Coors Lights, Mike's Hard Lemonades, Zima's and Smirnoff Ice's)...

To Quote A Line From "Beerfest"...

"What's wrong with Zima??"....piss...

But ya as for KC's...I'll give em 8/10 swills...for some reason cheaper than Miller High Life, and tastes 10 times better...

BoozeClues: In my area, the cheapest malt liquor 40's are Hurricane and King Cobra. I would pick Cobra any day. It has that good American dirty taste, like a Budweiser. It's a great malt liquor for cookouts. The buzz is somewhat weak, roughly the same as a Colt 45. Lately, this has been my most frequent purchase, since I'm kind of worn on Private Stock. Pick this joint up, it's only $2 in the fairly expensive DC area, so I'd imagine it'd be cheaper elsewhere and it's a good decent brew that's quintessentially American. 7/10 swills.

BrainDamage702: drank this shit while playin smash bros on the gamecube,this shit right here really aint that pleasant to drink, the swill is straight putrid, gave me a good buzz tho, i give it a 6 outta 10

Buzzcore: Wow, who would of ever thought that this tastes exactly like a stronger version of Budweiser? There's no need to ever drink Bud again, when King Cobra is just $1.40 for a 40oz'er......... drink up!

BWill40s: When I first had this 40 oz me and my buddies also had a cheap handle of vodka well anyway king cobra is a great cheap 40oz $1.85 cant go wrong drink half the cobra then mix in a sparks and you get a hyper viper nice high keep you awake and buzzed same time

CountryCluber408: king Cobra, always a great choice...very very smooth. decent %, and a awesome name. Some say the Cobra can give you the shits.. but I just dont think so. never forme at least. kind of a refreshing 40 for me. always cheaper in my hood too, at $1.69. KC will usually get the job done know, . AB malts are always good and consistant.. 10 outof 10 for the Cobra.

d07c0m: Nice and bubbly. Extremely smooth. Rocked one of these $1.75 beauties with Five Guys burgers and fries. Feeling really full by the time i get to the label but I soldier on. Smooth all the way through, carbonation consistent until the bottom of the label. The swill is just as malty as the rest of the bottle and quite manageable. 6% alcohol leaves me feeling warm but not all too buzzed; enough to kill my hangover from last night, however.

8/10 for being smooth, tasty, damn cheap, and pretty badass.

D4N0: KC I consider the 2nd weakest 40, only compared to the weakest "magnum" that I can get around here. This is basically a beer with a lil extra kick. Tastes great, can drink it anytime of the day, night, or morning. I give it a 9/10 swills.

detroitfourtyouncer: ahhhh... good ole King Cobra.

My main liquor store carries these at 2 for $3.00, so its definately their cheapest malt, and not at a bad one either. These always go down go down smooth, swill and all... but they always seem to have a lack of that traditional malt flavor for some reason... but theyre still pretty damn good for the price...

and you know you'll never get a shitty flat one if you check the born on date, so thats a plus for sure.

I gotta give this dirty little slut 7/10 swills for its cheapness, alright taste, and its handy lil' born on date status given to her by A.B.

DismantleJuneau: Found this while I was searching for another spot to buy 40s. Payed $2.50for it. The opening of it was ok. No huge fizz. It has a very tolerable taste. VERY light. Almost like a beer with that, malt liquor taste. Just had 4 slices of pizza so we will see how this goes. 7/10 swills.

DolbyZero: So, I reintroduced myself to King Cobra tonight. I havent had it in years due to the fact that I would grab "da billy D" before grabbing most malts, but I realized what I was missing. What a good malt, it isnt as rich as most malts and almost without an aftertaste. It was str8 outta the freezer and i got half down before the condensation started beading up on the bottle. 9-10 swills.


doublej708: classic. i think just about everybody who can get their hands on a 40 at any age, usually young at first, has had a king cobra. i know i started my daze of swillin with king cobras and OE's. the price cant be beat. the taste is not bad. reminds me of a domestic. and it get does the job in the buzz department. a 40 for all!!!!!

Drastic Mezures: This started out as everything I don't look for in a 40 - wide mouth, flat taste and Anheuser-Busch, plus the guy at the store put it in a black plastic bag instead of a brown paper bag. Well, I turned a bad stiuation into a good one and put the wide mouth to use. Once I got going with it, this snake in the grass pounced up on me and after hero timing it I was buzzin'. Even though it lacked taste, it wasn't as bad as Hurricane and was strong enough to get the job done. If there's nothing else good around I'll settle for this, otherwise I wont be having the cobra very much.

drunkenbird611: man im sorry to do this,but it seems like you guys actually like king cobra,sorry dudes thats some weak shit,walmart used to be a 3 minute walk from my old house,me and my friend brandon walked down there one night,i finished the whole 40 by the time i got to walmart and i didn't feel shit,i was so pissed off,then i drank a hurricane 40 and still i was woundering if they even had a %,cause i know i went to bed pissed and not one bit drunk that night.......both a 1 out of 10,not to mention even my girlfriend said they were weak,come on she can bearly handle 3/4 a 40 much less a whole one and say its weak

EastTN40: I have now drunk 12 40's of this over the last 6 weeks. It sells for $1.39 here in East TN. I would give this a 8/10 swills. It is smooth and malty going down when cold and turns a little raunchy on the swill when warmer. It's delicious overall. It's also easy to buy as it is common here. 5.9% so the buzz factor is average. I like it occasionally, but OE 800, Blue Bull, Mickey's, and Steel are my reference standards for area malt. Consistent quality as A-B does well.

eWoLThEFuZzY: the ol..snake bite is not to shabby..its from anhiser bucsh..but who cares..the shit can get your ass fucked up after a couple..with the aide of whiskey

Fat John: I wish I coulda picked up some of this shit with the old label.I think the old one looked much better but I can't remember the taste.I tried out the shit with the new label last night.Its an ok malt.Taste isn't half bad.Pretty easy to get this shit down.Swill wasn't too toxic either.The buzz factor was ok although far from amazing but maybe thats due to the fact that i've drank 5 out of the last 6 days.Overall its a pretty decent 40 and i'll give it 7 out of 10 swills.

fizzmaster: A classic 40, one of the all time greats. For the price, King Cobra is a good, reliable 40 that makes up for its semi low alcohol percentage: 6%, with extreme drinkability. Its real easy to down one of these in 10 minutes. Obviously, if you can drink something with a lower percentage extremely quick, it evens out. Time and percentage are the two keys to getting wasted. Clean, crisp, easy going down, the KC is a truly good 40. 8/10

idrinkthebeer: I think everyone whose ever had a 40 has had a king cobra. Smooth almost all the way down. The swill's a little rough. Best dranken very quickly. Overall a decent malt 40. Plus its only $1.49 where i live. cant beat it. 8/10

IMT40s: my friend Dave snaiged this one in Chicago. I'm not a fan of the "bud" line, but this shit is tasty, I dont know if I liked it becouse Its not available around me but I really liked it. If they sold it here in the PNW I would buy em now and then.

King Cobra rocks

james: if making you have to piss a few times is sign of good malt, i guess the time i drank 3 cobras and pissed all over bitches bed after i fucked her is good sign? ok im out to store to buy cobras before they stop sellin in 15 minutes...

JoeWebberlione: King Cobra, one of my original malts from back in the day. I used to pound these every day. Smooth crack and the taste is like no other. This stuff deffinately hits the spot after a long day/nite at work, so if you havent tried this before what are you waiting for?! Leaves a pretty decent buzz as well. 8.5 swills out of 10.

LMSCRacer: Had been a while since my last King Cobra encounter, but with it raining today (no racing here in WV), I picked up a 40 to get myself reacquainted...

A very nice 40...I've always considered King Corba and Hurricane "corporate cousins" in the A-B family. Surprisingly, upon further consideration, there are some differences..

Much lower carbonation level, much easier to chug down. A little less sweeter than Hurricane (but still on the sweet side). Very smooth taste. Good mouth feel and a pleasing aftertaste. Nice malty aroma. Again, difficult to judge the swill since you can put this stuff away so quickly that its still cold. Certainly not as "entry level" as the big H.

Still, at 5.9 ABV, the buzz factor is fleeting - you need some backup to keep it going.

Overall, a decent 40 that I will have to continue my relationship with. At 1.39 at my local gas station I certainly rate this as 40 oz "Best Value."

lookin 4 a 40: the cobra was smooth! This is the cheapest malt around my area and everytime I walk up to the cooler and see the 1.10 price tag i chuckle. The new formula 6% goes down smooth and yields a nice clean buzz no headaches or other bullshit. Wish it had a cooler label like the old school one with the gold cobra snake. This malt gets 7/10 brown paper bags

MarkBlackout: King Cobra is a benchmark 40. That by which others are measured. That said, it's a pretty decent malt. Its a little sweeter than I prefer, but not terribly so. I can't think of many things to say about King Cobra. It is kind of boring, like most Budweiser products. Nothing wrong with it either: it does intoxicate. 7 out of 10 swills.

neufutur: King Cobra is such a smooth brew. There is little in the way of skunky smell that emanates from the first crack (not the vile odor of Ballantine) and it continues its smooth journey down your throat. There is a small amount of aftertaste but nothing that should keep potential drinkers away. While this is not as alcoholic as Camo or Evil Eye, King Cobra has its own little whollop that hits a drinker halfway through the bottle. By the time there is swill, the flushed faces and modified states of the drinker should kill the bottle without too much in the way of grimacing or bitter faces. At $1.59 ($1.39 in central Ohio), this is the cheapest and best 40 for its price that one can easily pick up.

nickmoulton: King Cobra's carbonation isnt bad, which helps it go down easy..It also tastes great for the price. Almost always a good crack, and the swill was never too bad either. One of my favorite malts..8/10

OldeGoldSwilla: A good low dollar malt. It is definatelt better than it's look-a-like Hurricaine. Although if i'm working in the $1.79 price range I do perfer Country Club. Final word- KC is a good malt and would never be a mistake to swill!

rage60oz: Nice and smooth going down, gave me a decent buzz, I didn't really feel like drinking that night, but next thing I knew the entire 40 was gone. You can't beat that.

RustythePelican: Clear bottle? CHECK!
Menacing animal on the label? CHECK!

Must be a bottle of malt liquor. This is the first time Iíve ever had King Cobra. Which is not so strange, when you consider that Iím from Wisconsin, home of Miller Brewing. Growing up, you learned to support the home team by avoiding Anheuser Busch products. But what has brand loyalty to Miller done for me? Iíll tell you what: not a god damn thing. So I proudly paid my $1.79 for this 40 oz (Ozzieís liquor and deli, Grand Avenue, Melrose Park, IL) and kept it in the garage for a special occasion.

It opened with a nice crack, and started going down smooth. Taste is pure malt liquor, perfect for the style: no body, no hops, just a sweet, clean malt liquor taste, with moderate carbonation. Alcohol is 6% and remained hidden throughout the 40; in fact, it only produced a very light buzz, which hit me about 20 minutes after finishing this malt (?).

Although I took probably 40 minutes to finish it, this malt stayed pretty cold throughout, which helped to keep the swill tolerable. After finishing, I felt pretty full and bloated, but thatís going to happen when you consume 40 ounces of beer. King Cobra is a solid, if unspectacular malt, and one that Iíd be happy to sample again. 8/10.

satan165: king cobra is the shit. it seems to be very popular at least in then NW suburbs of chicago in gas stations and other places that dont sell other malts. ive been drinking it since the days of asking motherfuckers to buy us beer outside the liquor store. the swill only amounted to about 1/4" of the bottle i drank it so fast. granted, that swill was nasty but it was ok. sometimes i like a bit of rough swill cause it makes me feel warm all over after i gag, just like a nice bong hit. i give king cobra 10 out of 10 swills; i admit that i havent had that many malts but this is the best of what ive had. Buzz: B, Taste: B+

SwigDa40oz: After my OE 800 i had my backup King Cobra wish is a meager 5.9% alc. Being already buzzed i thought that it may alter my view on this beer. The Cobra was not all that good in my opinion. To me it was just pretty damn ordinary. No high % or unique taste or anything. It was less smooth than OE but it was still a pretty good beer overall. I guess i had it built up to be something more than it was. Needless to say after i got those 80oz of malt inside me i was pretty damn gone. Rating: Taste: 6 Buzz: 6 (I cant really tell because i was already tipsy when i began this one) Swill: 4 Price: 8 Overall: 6.5

ThUgWiGGa: Wow The crack was great but hardly any hiss. Didnt matter though, because the first sip had this brew bubbling on my tongue fiercely. This shit tastes good, next to no aftertaste with a good malty flavour. Its not right when canadians review low % american malts because we are used to high percent shit. Anyways, i love the small mouth and good taste, minor buzz, lets go with 8/10 for tha KC.

Tiger Tai: Same as Hurricane except Huricane tastes a little better. Like I said for Hurricane good if you don't have much money since they run about $1.40 really cheap around here. WARNING!!! TOO MUCH KC WILL GIVE THE SHITS!!! I'd give King Cobra 5 of 10 Swills.

troobie: Weak. This has the to be the "light beer" of malt liquors. Doesn't matter if it is ice cold or room temp., no flavor. Well, I take that is sweet as hell in a sugary way. No MALT LIQUOR flavor. Others have compared it to Budweiser, and I must say that Budweiser has at least three times more flavor than this. An ultra-clean nose with almost no smell at all, definintely no skunkiness or anything that would make you think twice about drinking it. For being 6.0% the buzz is decent. I was really sorry to see the evolution of the label as the current one is a cum shot for some snobby 20 y/o in Manhattan who thinks this is what all the ghetto malt liquor drinkiners will drool over. The first labels are fucking awesome. If you are going to call it King Cobra, and I could be crazy here, why not emphasize that in your label? A 40 is about $1.50 here, or get two 24 cans for $1.98. I'm sorry, but this shit sucks. 3/10 Where's the flavor? I'm really surprised at how much other people like this.

uk82chaospunk: i remember my first encounter with the was last year and we went to a show that got broken up by the cops cuz there was a huge fight...then we went to some guys house to party and we had no beer cuz we werent expecting a the party i ran into some guy and he was drinking a cobra 40, i said "damn i wish i had a 40" and he just gave it to me and said that he had more...i drank it and thought it sucked....but last night i had a cobra again and i cracked it, smelled it, thought it smelled disgusting, and prepared for some sick ass shit...after my first swill, i tastes so damn good...i dunno why, but it was fucking excellent....even the swill was pretty damn good...i wonder if they changed the recepe or maybe i just love malt liquor more than i did a year ago.....who knows, but i was totally amazed with the brew...i think i'll add this to my steady diet of OE....9.5 out of 10 swills for cobra (not 10 because i didnt really buzz me, just tasted real good)

YerPissingMeOff: well I rarely go to detroit so I just picked one up, not knowing the percentage, but i liked the label I wanted it for my collection. I already drank 2 St. Ides and an OE HG before I got into that one, so it wasnt even about the buzz no more, I liked the taste of it though