I need the label pictured on the bottom, as well as the wide mouth bottle, if you can help please email me.

Found: New Brunswick, NJ
Alcohol content: 5.6% & 6.0%
Other variations: wide mouth (WANTED)
Also known as: ?
Slogan: "Magnum Premium"
Phone #: 1-800-MILLER6
Brewery: Miller Brewing Co., Milwaukee, WI

Bruz: This stuff is ghey. For awhile it used to taste like complete garbage & everyone agreed, but now it seems they changed their recipe & it's just a pretty basic sub-part malt. You wanna give Miller your $$ for a malt? Then buy OE. This is a dumb malt liquor. 4/10 swills for STILL being bad.

6/4/11 fraginat0r: Magnum is usualy cheap as fuck so thats always good for a 40. I used to pick this up in sf occasionaly and at first was really excited about it, but of course im always excited about a new 40. Taste to me like sti. ides light, didnt really care mutch for it at first cause for the taste it didnt pack mutch of a buzz. (I actually called miller/coors to find out the abv, witch was 5.6) But then i realized later that it was amazingly easy to slam down so i then started grabbing it more often, southern cali as well. I would deifinately choose this over king cobra and definately over country club. But as far as my faves go, its pretty low on the tottem pole. For buzz i give it 4/10, for taste 5.5/10 and for drinkability 8/10

3/22/11 damn maan: Magnum is the cheapest 40 where I live for a reason. No matter how fresh it supposedly is , it always tastes skunked. Buzz is almost non-existent . Nasty shit, but not completely undrinkable. 3/10

2/16/11 Maltliquorcommando: Around me magnum and king cobra are pretty much the cheapest and most redily available malts. For this reason I find myself drinking a magnum about once every month.

In looking at the previous reviews it is obvious that magnum isn't very well respected, even within the confines of the malt liquor drinking community. To be honest i'm not quite sure why. Perhaps magnum used to be brewed under a different recipe that was much more rough and disgusting than the magnum that I know. Although completly unspectacular I find magnum to also be completly respectable.

To me magnum is pretty much the average malt liquor, having that sweet, musky taste and odor that pretty much defines malt liquor. My only complaints are that it seems slightly overcarbonated, and that it could pack alittle more punch alcohal wise. There are malts out there that are better, and also malts that worse. Being that it is one of the most affordable malts out to be found there are plenty of reasons to choose magnum from time to time.


1/8/11 TrampusClimer: It's ok, just don't expect much. This is malt liquor at its core, like one past reviewer "The most malt you can get", and that it is. If you like malt liquor at all you kind of have to like Magnum, it's just as average as malt liquor gets. Now, don't get me wrong. I enjoy Magnum, don't even know how many I've gone through. It's just not very memorable, in fact the only thing memorable is the fact that another reviewer pointed out is that it does smell A LOT like weed at first. It also tastes like shit for the first few drinks but just keep going and you'll hit the sweet spot.

The few positives it has in my area (Ohio) is that it's among the cheapest 40's you can find. It WAS $1.49, which is state minimum, but recently most ML 40's have gone up by at least a dime. Shit beer/ice beer are still the same which is a bit weird. Oh well, this isn't the place for talking conspiracies. Another positive attribute of it for me is that it's usually one of the fresher choices. It's the same price as King Cobra and is much easier to drink. If you're looking for something to get drunk on as cheap as possible (and they don't have Red Bull) and you don't want MB Ice, grab a Magnum.

One Sentence Summary: Slightly above average at best, but easily worth its price tag.

7/16/10 hurricanjem: I don't know why everyone hates on the Magnum. I tag um with my magnum. I found this in a local spanish Bodega and it was smooth from the crack to the swill. This 40 did not taste bad at all. I enjoyed every sip of it and would swill it at any time of the day. I would drink this 40 with eggs for breakfast.

1/25/10 john: I usually drink two 16oz Magnums or a 40oz in the evening after dinner and maybe a couple over the weekend.. All I have to do is walk a few blocks to a corner store and grab a sixer for $5.00, but maybe it's easier to get in Oregon. Overall, it's "drinkable" but I might just be used to it now. It's best consumed ice cold- warm Magnum is tantamount to vomit. I learned the hard way. It takes a couple of cans to achieve a buzz, but the effect, to me at least, is a sense of calm and content. There are a total of two times I've drank too much Magnum and wound up yakking or sleeping it off for 4 hours, so be careful not to chug too much of it.

Taste: 6.5/10 (cold) 2/10 (warm)
Effect: 7/10
Smell: 6/10

Overall, if you just feel like catching a mellow buzz, and don't want to spend too much, Magnum will do the job.
However, if I could find St. Ides again, I'd switch in a second.

11/11/09 odeed: twisted the cap and got a bit of skunk aroma as soon as it opened.light malt aroma with a thin mouthfeel.kinda over carbonated to in my opinion.idk i think id just rather have miller high life.

5/10 swills

8/9/09 sleazye: I recently got ahold of Magnum from a friend of BWill40s and myself who was nice enough to bring one down from Lowell, MA. The crack and hiss were great, however, it leaves very much to be desired in the taste department. While not bad or even horrible, it's just kind of "bland," I guess. Buzz is kind of weak, in my opinion.

All in all...

Taste: 7/10
Label: 8/10
Buzz: 6.5/10

5/30/09 havinafett: Truth be told, I've never had this until now. I know a lot of people can find this stuff around their area like dandelions (usually for pretty cheap) but I relied on 91firebird to get this to me. I drank this while making a video and some dip and honestly, I liked it. I didn't think it was as bad as most do. Obviously average stuff though. I drank mine ice cold, went down much like a (good) bad beer. Actually, I think I'd probably buy this regularly if I could get it around me, but only as a starter. The buzz is marginal at best. But thats the whole thing... I drank this in about 8 minutes, and thats honestly as good as a I think this stuff can get. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it thoroughly, but if I let this get a little warm... shit would be in the sink. It had that distinct bad beer flavor that implies "consume this quickly or else." All in all I would say not bad, but nothing special either. Get something else to follow this up.

Taste 6/10
Buzz 5/10
Overall 6/10

3/04/09 CountryCluber408: Ok, Magnum. Yes. Ok I just drank Magnum about 2 weeks ago..wished I grabbed a 211.....and before that it was probably 8 months ago. I guess I drink it because I think it miiiight change..but no. Its still way carbonated..lacks a good buzz and pretty much tastes like a robots oil saturated asshole mixed with a stupid label Miller tried to make look like a fruit-cakes condom box. Fuck Magnum. 3 outa 10 for just being the most ghetto 40 in my area that liquor stores are still willing to give it a try at sales...basically because the dudes in these areas are willing to drink it from time to time when they are not drinking Steel Reserve or Natural Ice 32s.

2/27/09 BigJandthe40: I just picked one up to do a review, First sip I take, make me remember why I dont drink this 40. It really is doesnt do it for me. I dont know what it is, the buzz factor is week, the taste is normal, the piss factor doesnt come in play, I really just dont like this one. I wouldnt buy this again 4/10 for me.

This pic goes out to D4NO for calling me gay

12/16/08 computertekguy: Got it for the collection.

Nice crack and it seems to taste fresh. Not much to say either than it has a metal like after taste to it. Like really old cans of MGD.

3/10 Wasnt horrible, or good. For the price I dont understand why anyone would by this.

12/01/08 vabeachdrinker: Gotta chance to try this malt the other day, tasted pretty good..Smooth taste kinda reminded me of was alright..I would drink it again but its nothing special..pretty basic malt..overall 6/10

9/17/08 d07c0m: Just cracked an ice cold one of these. This is my third one ever and I've never had it cold enough. Right now it tastes like pretty average malt. It's thick but smooth. It's a relatively fresh bottle (also a first when it comes to Magnum and me). I guess there's nothing special about Magnum, maybe the price is the most appealing thing. OE is a better deal if you're going for miller malts.

The buzz is comparable to drinking a few normal beers, nothing special


8/29/08 timcom99: Magnum Malt Liquor is ok. I have drank many 40's in the past. It is Inexpensive which is its selling point. Good Malt Liquor 6% Alcohol for the Money but in the Miller Brand there are many more that are Better. Think of it as a Super Duper Miller Genuine Draft with added Alcohol. The Hops are Bad and make for some of the Stinkiest Farts in the Malt Liquor World. In the Miller line the Old English 800 is a Better MAlt but for more Money. The Steel Reserve is also better for the Money for the Alcohol Ratio.

Miller Magnum was Born to do Battle with King Cobra by AB (Now Owned By A Multinational Company). It does Good here with King Cobra being Smoother and Sweeter and Miller Magnum being a little more Bitter which might add to its Street Cred.

8/18/08 BWill40s: Just swilled my first 40oz of Magnum! After some reviews more saying it did not taste to great.
I on the other hand found this to be a good 40oz!

Reminded me a little bit of Miller High Life meets the malt stages although to me MHL for a beer 40 sometimes I thought I was drinking a malt none the less.

Magnum blasted through the door like a bull on the rampage the whole thing was smooth all the way down to the swill it became kinda warm and then I realized there is a bitter taste to this beer but that is how most malts are anyway when warm. Decent semi buzz for the 6% and enjoying this new bottle for the collection!

Overall Taste B+
Swill 7-10

Rip some Mags!

7/01/08 RustythePelican: Bought at Dune's View Kwik Shop, Saugatuck, Michigan

I can't believe it took me this long to try a Magnum. My take on it? Meh. Not good, not bad. Kind of tastes like fermented apple juice with some carbonation. It goes down pretty easy without much aftertaste, but produces little buzz and lacks that crispness that seems to be the essence of a good malt liquor. I'm amazed at how much cheaper Magnum is than the competition - I can pick it up all day for $1.29 per 40oz at grocery stores in the Chicago suburbs. So it's a pretty good value, if that's your thing. 5/10.

40ozcasualty: I've had Magnum several times in 12oz cans and it tasted alright, never in a 40oz and I have to say the 40oz sucks. Probably one of the few times where a malt tastes better in a can than a bottle. I had it chillin in the fridge all day, the first half tastes alright, nothing special just your average malt, but as soon as it warmed up it started to taste like ass. The swill had a real metallic taste to it that sucked. Another 40 I'll never drink again but I may give the 12oz cans another shot. 4/10 swills.

40oz king: I would like to say that this shit is horrible. Not the worst 40 I've ever had but damn close. Who am I kidding, this is the worst damn 40 I've ever had. Cap cracked nice & gave a good hiss but it went downhill from there. First few swigs were tolarable. Half way thru I was wishing I had picked up a Cobra instead. Down to the swill... this taste like somebody dropped a damn alker seltzer in a cup of week old warm piss. It did give a decent buzz though for only 6.0% Too bad it was such a shity malt or I would buy it again. 3/10 swills. This shit sucks. Buy something else.

91firebird: Just swilled my 1st Magnum 40. I thought it was allright. Kinda weak and the heartburn is kickin in, but all in all a decent 40. Seeing as how the selection is shit here in SA, this will have to be in the rotation. Shit is cheap too. Copped 6 40's @ $1.69 a pop. Buzz was decent, although I didn't eat dinner tonight so that may have something to do with it. I think Magnum gets a bum rap because it's kinda weak, but it is very drinkable. Overall I give Magnum 8/10 swills.(feelin generous since it's a new find for me. Have never seen Magnum in my area)

Alex0nly: Well the time has come, I have moved on from Mickeys and went on to Magnum. I drank myself an MD 20/20 and my friend drank a 40 of Magnum and we decided to get some more brew even though we didn't have any money. We squatted in front of Savons (across the street from a Liquor Store) and made 7 bucks all together and went and I bought myself a 40 of Magnum and it was real good. People should really give Magnum a chance by drinking a 40 of it because its really cheap compared to Mickeys, I just didn't like how minds had a lot of foam in it. Long story short I got faded for 7 hours, 9 out of 10 Swills!

Arlington: I hadn't drunk Magnum since about 2002 or 2003. It is hard to find in Virginia, but a quick trip to a ghetto store in Washington, DC solved the supply problem.

I bought a 40, shared it with the wife and her girlfriend last night, it wasn't as god awful as some of the other reviews seemed to indicate. I gave it a 5, the ladies gave it a 6 out of 10 for taste. Does anyone know its alcoholic content? It doesn't say on the label and I couldn't find it on the web site.

The buzz felt like it was about 5.9%. For its buzz I'll give it a 7 out of 10.

BoozeClues: This is the cheapest 40 in my area, coming in at $1.99 (which is cheap for metropolitan DC). This tastes every bit its $2, very metallic and heavily carbonated. It gives a marginally better buzz than expected, due to its high carbonation. It tastes like a more metallic Steel Reserve with far less drunkenness, as its only 5.6% or so. I drank it to add to the collection, but I suggest you avoid it unless you are such a tightwad that you can't cought up an extra 50 cents for a far better 40 (St. Ides, Private Stock etc). 3 of 10 swills.

Buzzcore: I was always apprehensive to try this shizz, but for $1.45 at the only local place opened late on a Sunday, I'll try anything! It was not bad. When I cracked the cap, I got a real nice pop and it smelled like King Soul-Brah. So far, so good. However, it tasted more like a mix between Laser and ST. Not as sweet as Laser and not as smooth as Silver Thunder. It didn't produce much foam, either. Overall, I was surprised at how decent this was. Peeps who say this is the worst malt liquor ever, have obviously never tasted MaXimus Super. That stuff is vile shit from hell........ Magnum is not. 5/10

D4N0: The weakest "malt" 40 I can get here. I'm typically not a Miller fan, but Magnum makes an exception. I could drink this when I'm sicker than a dog and it still wouldn't phase me. Very smooth, very weak, its like the "underdog" of 40s. 7/10 swills.

DaHookUp7Mile: Magnum is what comes to mind when i think of malt liquor. This is the most malt liquor 40 i can think of. Jus shitty tasting and decent but shitty buzz. Real cheap and nasty. Though ive pounded many in my day, Its rare for me to drink them anymore. 4/10 swills.

Dave Kozy: I don't know why Magnum gets such a bum rap. I don't think it's that bad. Even down to the swill I can drink it no problem. It's cheap and packs an alright buzz. It's not good but not bad either. 7 outta 10 chugs.

DismantleJuneau: I paid 3 bucks for this stuff. Not worth it by far. The color looks like foggy piss. Smells like weed. Kinda a fruity taste. Not harsh, not smooth. Probably would not buy again for 3 bucks. 4/10 swills.

dj oe 800: pretty beat. it's like coqui, colt double malt, crazy stallion -- your basic malt liquor. didn't even taste even a little disgusting until the swill, and even then ides swill is way worse. boring as shit and only worth getting if you need it for a collection, a trade, or if you're broke -- although i forget if mine was comparatively cheap or not. probably was. fuck it.

DolbyZero: I thought this was only ok. It was very malty and gave me a good buzz. I opened it and it cracked hard, so that was a pretty good sign. I think I will drink it again. 7 outta 10 swills.

dollazz: This is actually the VERY 1st time ive ever had Magnum. I have always avoided it b/c the only experience i have w/ it was: back when i was 15, me and 2 of my boys went to cop 40s at the hub (bruz knows this spot), like we did just about everynight. we couldnt ever get served there but we always just did a "hey mister," to some black or mexican dude and they would get it for us. so once we asked for 3 OEs but the nig came out w/ 2 OEs and a magnum, (magnums were 89cents back then, nucca was pocketing the extra dollar, even though we gave him 2 extra bucks anywayz) so i took a OE, my friend did likewise, and my other friend took the magnum, we walked to harvey st. park and started swillin em, my boy said the magnum was ass, and we called him a pussy, so he started to swill it hard, and vomited that shit right back up and stated it was the most rancid shit he ever had, so since then, 7 years now, ive avoided it, but w/o further adieu,

here goes:

crack was real good, first sip had no flavor, really fuckin wierd aftertaste. aftertast gone away after a few more sips, still has really no flavor. cruisin past the label, this shit seriously has no taste. well, this shit was the same all the way taste whatsoever, even the swill was bland as has that certain malt pinch on your tongue though that seperates it from a bland beer, which usually tastes like garbage, i would drink this shit again no doubt.

Drastic Mezures: This 40 was awesome. Carl and Ghetto V did the right thing when they bought this.

Fat John: I didn't think this shit was bad at all.Downed this ice cold bastard in 30 minutes.Received a nice ass buzz from it.Definately went down smooth as hell(suprising considering the meager price tag).This 40 did however have quite a bit of foam factor compared to other 40's although that didn't stop me from consuming every last drop and loving every last nasty swilly second of it.I don't know if i was just in the right 40 drinking mood or what but i loved this shit.Real easy to drink.I'm giving it a rating of 8 outta 10 swills.

Four Teas: Boring. Crummy, tastes like normal urine-style cheap beer. Shitty. Zero buzz. Very inexpensive is probably its sole perk. Only drank it because I'd never had it. If you want a "Malt Liquor" version of a mass brewery product, go with King Cobra. Better yet, drink a real malt, this garbage is not worth your time. 1/10.

hardxcorejihadist: this was my first 40oz ... you would think there would be some type of emotional attachment to this but theres not , i personally think this taste like carbonated piss.... i drank this 40 with a few of my friends from athens back when i was in a metal band. since i had never had a 40 to this point it was a little overwhelming it seemed to drag on forever. i probably pissed like 6 times.... to be honest i wasnt really impressed with 40oz's after this. at least until i had my second 40oz. im not too fond of this but i would probably drink it if it was there . taste 2/10_swill 1/10

ImissMy64oz: Still sucks dick
still eats shit
still causes headaches
only had cause I needed a clean bottle for collection
used to pound mags in the day
not any more
fuck this shit

Jayd55: I drank one of these a few nights ago thanks to Bruz. It tasted a hell of alot better than the last time I drank one. It tasted like your average 40. It had an average buzz factor. Nothing special, just your basic 40.

JoeWebberlione: I dunno, the magnum isnt that bad I dont think. Its a lot better than Schlitz Bull Ice which I think tastes like complete ass. I'll drink one if I see one, but it wouldnt be my first choice.

UPDATE: I swilled one of these a couple weeks ago one of my boys grabbed a case of it, its one of his favorite 40's God only knows why. Anyways first crack into it and I wasnt minding it too much, although tasted like a watered down St. Ides, so maybe if it were a bit stronger I'd enjoy it. Towards the end of this bad boy & it didnt have me feeling that faded, I had to wash it down with the classic OE to feel good. 6 out of 10 swills.

kantdoryte: Magnum is the drink of choice in my household it only hit you for .99 we kill about 6 every night the taste remind me of mgd real smoothe after my 3rd one I'm lethal 9 outta 10 swills I gotta represent!!!

LMSCRacer: This malt was somewhat of a surprise to me. I expected the worse, but found this to be essentially a run-of-the-mill, almost generic malt. Not the best for sure, but certainly not the worst. Sadly, Miller still trails A-B for consistancy and quality. Flame me if you will, but A-B has that aspect covered. In typical Miller fashion, the carbonation level was high. I give it a 5/10 swills. Overall nothing special. I give it a 6/10.

lookin 4 a 40: Cheap shit, and I usually deal with any kinda malt no matter the taste but this ones a little grimey. Used to see them all over the place up here in Jacksonville Beach Fl. Havent seen em in a while, and I can bet why. This malt had a decent crack, mediocre taste but half way through went a little sour after the bottle got warm. The swill was nasty but of course thats inevitable with alot of malts. I guess i'd cop this every once and a while for old times sake but im gonna have to shoot this one a 5/10

MarkBlackout: I picked this one up at the Safeway at 22nd and Central in Indianapolis, right behind B and B Liquors, a good liquor store with tons of 40s and 4-packs of malt tall boys, 24s, whatever. The only problem is that the employees will NEVER TELL me exactly what 40s they have. "Just about everything" and "WHAT CHU WANT?" are all the answers I can get. They are just out of the line of sight as you crane your neck to check the selection. Anyway, I digress. I went to Safeway to check their selection, a friend had told me months previous that they had 24-packs of American (bad) Beer in there. They had nothing of interest other than a few warm 40s. I bought a King Cobra and a Magnum for the collection, 40s which I have drank many times before. What can I say, I got "ghetto guilt" as I perused the sad warm shelves of wack malts and felt compelled to just step up and buy the damn things. Fast forward a couple weeks and Indiana's antiquated Sunday beer laws drove me to finally throw this one in the freezer. I wasn't looking forward to it that much, as I never enjoyed Magnum that much in the past. Appearance-wise, this 40 is a shade lighter than most malts. More yellow than gold. Its flavor is really lighter and less complex in many ways than average malt liquor. I think Magnum gets a bad rap because it lacks the sweetness that almost all American malts has. There really aren't any off flavors to this 40 at all. Less sweet than most malts, less flavorful in general. 6% ABV hidden better than most shitty ice beers. I'll give this one 7 out of 10 swills. Tastes like a boosted up, less sweet High Life.

pman433: magnum for sure is the asscrack of malts.

PONGI: fuck dogs magrunm is shittey country clubv is aite but gots be cold ithem are my reviews

rage60oz: I was apprehensive to say the least when I saw the other reviews of this fine beverage. I cracked the top and heard a nice hiss so I knew it was fresh. I took a few swigs and had to check the other reviews again. This stuff probably isn't the best 40 I've ever had, but it sure isn't well represented by any of the other reviews either. I'll give it 8-10 swills to make up for some of you others who must have gotten skunked batches.

Rface: this is one my first love loves this is clean and crisp and gives a good head this shit is a good brow

satan165: Still not that bad, but one of the worst in terms of flavor. I don't think its very strong but got me going the night I drank it. Good thing because I'll never drink it again. Extremely common and often sold with King Cobra in areas that dont normally sell malts. Thats unfortunate, as many people may have dared to buy outside their normal pilsner or lager, tried Magnum as their first malt and thought 'Fuck this shit! Malt liquor sucks!'. This is very unfortunate and Magnum is working well to spoil the good name of malt everywhere. Never drink this shit, even if its free. Drink it once to try (or get the bottle if you collect) and never again load a round into the Magnum. 4 of 10 swills for bad taste, would have been lower but i was unexpectadly ripped when i drank the bitch. Buzz: B+, Taste: D+

Update: last night i drank my 2nd magnum ever. my 1st yielded the shitty review above. the bad rap this 40 gets is totally stupid, just some stereotype malt wankstas buy into. i was one myself, when i drank it yesterday it tasted pretty fucking normal, like any other mainstream malt. certainly not my favorite 40 ever but ill have no qualms about drinking it again if thats whats available.

SouthLyon40s: I feel like an outsider giving this a good review. But honest to God this is my favorite non HG 40. I'm not much for taste. Once you get a beer's taste in your mouth the rest goes down smooth (for me at least). In Michigan, this 40 is available almost everywhere. It has a very non-descript taste, which for some might be a bad thing. But, for me, it's great. Just tastes like malt liquor through and through. Whenever I need malt, I just turn to the Magnum.

I hate Miller with a passion. Miller Lite is easily the worst beer on the face of the earth. MGD has one of the most horrid aftertastes of all beers. High Life yeilds one of the worst hangovers known to man. But Magnum defies the laws of tradition. To me it just tastes clean. Not too malty, and not unlike the taste Colt or OE without the aftertastes. The hangover is typical of all malts... nothing too terrible.

But, for me. The biggest selling point of this malt is it's price. At 1.99 it isn't the cheapest, but it's close. Especially in the East Lansing college town where I live. You can't get a 40 of any "name-brand" for anything under than 2.90. Malts are usually 2.40. Magnums are always 1.99, wherever I go. Only thing that beats it price-wise around here is Cobra (which is a solid 1.49).

Still, I might have not started drinking it early enough... but I have absolutely no idea what the bad rap around Magnum is about. I love this stuff. To me it's a Big Bear without the hangover in the morning. I know it's not strong, but when you just want to swill and chill I'll reach for a Magnum every single time (ever since Colt Ice was discontinued)

Tiger Tai: Another 40 to cop if your short on loot. Tastes pretty bad but has a decent buzz factor. Beware Magnum will give you the shits!!! I'd give Magnum 4 of 10 Swills.

troobie: Only my second 40 of this stuff, and I didn't remember liking it the first time around. Gay label, and gay clear bottle. This stuff looks like piss, it really should be in a brown bottle. Really strong hiss on cracking it open after being in the freezer for over an hour. Smells like every other Miller product. I'd say it smells like MGD with some malt liquor flavor thrown in. Really easy to drink, but that doesn't mean the taste is any good. Definitely skunky, even ice cold. Watery, and just a hint of malt flavor. Now that it is warming up it kind of tastes like a half-empty 211 filled back up with water. Like others have mentioned, I'm getting a much better buzz than I expected. I will try this 40 again and edit my review accordingly. Like a sparkler on the 4th of July. 5/10

troutkilla77: Not much excitment here about the magnum. It's kinda mediocre if you ask me. Maybe if I could'nt get anything else around here.... thank god for Steel Reserve.

uk82chaospunk: i bought this fucker last was ok...i was already drunk and high when i drank this shit so it went down smooth, but not too fast.....didnt taste too good but i didn't care...after i drank it, i passed out in my chair and woke up at 2 in the morning still sitting there....i was a little hungover this morning...felt wierd...i'll give magnum 6 out of 10 swills because its nothing special

Wildman40: Magnum, to me a very generic 40, at times I can barely taste the difference between this and other random malts. It's not one of my favorites, the after taste is eh, not so great, and its not the smoothest of malts either. Overall its okay, I used to drink this a lot in my early malt days, but ive developed away from it. It's mediocre, nothing special, but its reliable in that you can drink it and catch buzz from 1 sorta... Overall I'd give it a 5/10.