(autographed by Tito Ortiz)

I need the canadian wide mouth, wide mouth w/ hornet in the bottom left corner, wide mouth w/ the hornet in the top left corner, old "indented" wide mouth, old $1.99 SRP, & the 45oz (all pictured on bottom) as well as the 64oz with the finger loop. If you can help please email me.

Found: New Brunswick, NJ
Alcohol content: 5.7%
Other variations: ?
Also known as: The Green Hornet, Green Mouse
Slogan: "Fine Malt Liquor"
Phone #: 1-800-645-5376
Website: www.mickeys.com
Brewery: Mickey's Brewing Co., Milwaukee, WI

Bruz: This 40 gets a bad rep due to it being a frat boy's 40 of choice. I love green bottled 40s & this is no exception. Today's word under the cap is "Mono.'barly.ball: A key Mickey's ingredient". Very smooth, flows down easy, swill's no problem - I'm gonna say screw the negativity, I'll drink this one proudly! No buzz, but hey, what can ya do? It's also pretty cool that a malt liquor was a sponsor of UFC! And I'm a fan of UFC, so let's give this irish creep 8/10 swills. Much love to 40 Ounce Legend, Kevlar281, & D.Hale for some of these variants!

9/9/10 Ed Gein: this shit was delicious. it was my first time ever trying malt liquor, as a second choice. I sent my girlfriend to get me a 40 of hurricane high grav but once again, she couldnt find it even when I told her where it is in which store (next time im doing it myself), don't get me wrong, im grateful she went out for me and let me keep playing my game. anyways. I loved it until it started to warm. once it's warm it isnt all that great but still better than bu8d light, which is how I rate stuff. if iuts better than bud light to me its some kick ass shit. no buzz, unlike the other night when I got drunk off of one 24 of earthquake(get it, its good), but still a delicious brew. makes me have high hopes for the big bad O.E..I would suggest this as a branch out of the ordinary shit to anybody. couldnt get my girlfriend to try it. 9.9/10 since its badass, but not quite perfect. for me the perfect brew comes in a 40, gets me a good buzz or drunk, and tastes good even when warming. damn near impossible to find. any suggestions?

1/18/10 Mickey B: In a word - Drinkability

Just finished off a Mickey's after an brutal day / week / month. I was fairly tuned into this elixir back in the day, specifically the smaller volume, wide mouth execution. Made a decision to steer clear after I kept cutting myself on the unconventional bottle caps. Not a good scene, half a jag on with blood stains on the t-shirt and pants pockets.

Drank it on the drive home tonight with a bag of chips as a side (Herr's Baby Back Rib Flava ... Don't bother, They're Shite). Crack and hiss were so-so but I can't really say I was paying much attention at the time. Also a bit disappointed that the whole "Wide Mouth" concept has been abandoned as it was th shit back in the early 80's (but ironically caused me to steer clear of Mickey's) Perhaps a huge marketing opportunity not being utilized. What did strike me was the absolute drinkability. THIS BEV FLOWED!! Any who... Buzz was low but took the edge off as required .. perferct for a refreshment on the run, nothing that would come close to impairing my driving.

Additional note - Not that I recommend drinking and driving but Kudos to the folks at Dodge cuz 40's fit keenly into the cup holder in my 1998 Ram pick up. You f-ed up on minor points such as designing a rear differential that lasts 80,000 miles but keep the 40 in mind. Hmmmm. priorities I guess??

11/28/09 EastCoastSwilla: It has to have been 10 years since I last swilled a Mickeys. I don't remember it being anything special aside from the Grenade bottles which were pretty fucking cool. I just picked up a 40 of the Mickeys tonight while I was grabbing a six of the tall Ballantines (they don't have the 40s here for some reason). I gotta say I love the Mickeys. It is by no means the strongest malt out there but it is smooth. I drank this ice cold and it went down like nothing. Even the swill was fine. If you're looking for an easy drinking malt Mickeys is a good choice. It definetly won't de-throne my personal favorite P-Stock but it's good none the less. Buzz: 6/10 Drinkability: 9/10 Overall 8/10. Easy to drink and if you drink a few you'll get where you want to go. Gotta love the green bottle too!

10/25/09 Pojansius: Mickey's was my first 40 and it was perfect.... I liked it so much a drank two the first night I tried it. And it's usually the 40 I choose now and it never fails me. Had one last night and it was so refreshing and thirst quenching and went perfectly with a double bacon cheesburger and fries. Like the hiss when you crack it, goes down easy, good taste, gets me a good lil buzz and great to fucking chug.

7/26/09 Bathory000: Yesterday marked my 21st birthday so I was excited to crack this bad boy open when I got home. I was going to try an Olde first but all they had was this so I got it anyway. As soon as I cracked it open I could have sworn that somewhere in my neighborhood there must be a skunk running around but it was just the smell of this particular brew. I took a swig of it and absolutely loved it. My friend wanted me to pour some in the cap so he could have a taste and he said he liked it as well. Seeing that I don't drink too often it was inevitable to avoid the high buzz factor that I got from this thing but nonetheless this started my day off right. By the time I had gotten to the other beers and drank a few I was probably drunk already to begin with. For an honest rating I would have to give this 7/10 swills just because of the fact that it was strong and a 10/10 buzz factor. This was my first real malt liquor drink so I feel very fortunate to have had the privelage of drinking it.

6/30/09 Riomar420: Thought I would do my first review today since I got the day off chillin' and swillin'. Got a mickey's cold ready to go so I cracked the bitch, let's begin. This is probably my favorite 40, I've drank so many of these fucking things I could probably fill a dumpster with the empties. Always thought it had a great mellow flavor to it more like a regular bad beer 40 which I like sometimes cause I can drink a lot of it and wont get too buzzed before I have to go do something. Always thought the hornet was sick and I like green bottle beers too. Overall I would give it 7/10 swills.

6/2/09 maltliquorswigga: Good Crack, Good Hiss. Swet tasting 40, what I can I say about Mickeys that hasnt been said. A classic Malt. Heavy on the guts, feels like I drank 2 40's, the buzz isnt as potent as an OE 5.9, but fills me up more. Always one of my top 5 malts/40's of all time. The green bottle is always dope, too. I've been a fan of Mickeys since I was ayoung buck ,swill on these since 13. Not my #1 favorite malt, but definitely worth ripping and adding to the rotation. Buzz 6.5/10 Swill 7/10 Taste 8/10 Overall 7.5/10 A solid 40/malt no doubt.

4/7/09 BlackMetalTroy322: Mickey's 5.9% was the first 40oz. that I ever tried. My moms old boyfriend that I used to drink beer with told me to try a Malt Liquor because I was 15 and always saying that I wanted to try a beer with a higher alcohol percentage. So he introduced me to Mickey's and the malt liquor world. From then on that's pretty much all I drank. Give or take some Keystone, and MadDog 20/20's. Mickey's has the skunkiest taste out of all the 40's that I've tried. But still a smooth taste. I'll give this 40 6/10 swills.

4/6/09 sleazye: just cracked my first-ever Mickeys and what a good mid-level buzz 40 it is.

Sort of reminds me of a better (as ironic as this sounds) and cleaner Private Stock. Almost felt wrong to chug such a great malt liquor.

Taste: 10/10
Buzz - 7.5-10

If you want the smoothest of smooth malts, this is your malt. So awesome it deserves an ultra-metal pic!

PS: Thanks BWill, courtesy of BigJ.

4/4/09 BWill40s: So I just cracked my first 40oz of Mickeys Fine Malt Liquor! Thanks to Bigjandthe40

First sip reminds me of a lighter version of the 7.3 west coast Rainer Ale.

This 40 is easy flowing down I am about half way done watching the 2009 NCAA Final four game 1 Michigan State vs Uconn so far it is back and fourth game early.

Damn I am at the swill now my tummy feels a little full and a little bit of a buzz seems to be coming on prob becuase I sipped a Busch 40oz before this. Not sure how it would taste and Mickeys is just fine.

Lets give this a rating

Buzz 6-10
Taste 7-10
Overall 8-10 Swills

Big J did trade me 2 of these bad boys so I think it may be a good 40oz for malt tv for 10 minutes of rage.

11/17/08 BigJandthe40: Mickey is what I grew up on...Its the breast milk of 40 oz ers
It taste awsome and has a decent buzz Its my number one go too 40.
I would say its a 10 for taste and a 7 for buzz

10/8/08 TheSnakeDoctor: Great crack small hiss. Bee top center. This 40 really doesn't have to many great qualities. It really didn't stand out for me except for a little bit of a sweet aftertaste. I like the green glass and the smoothness other wise pretty plain malt liquor. 6/10

7/21/08 joker67: I have been a fan since the early 80's when you could buy a 40oz for a mere $.99. Till recently I made sure I drank 1 a day, and never have I suffered a hang-over from it. If you'll notice all other malt liquers state that they are "primium" on the lable. Mickey's is the only one that can asure you that it is a "FINE" malt liquer!

211 Swilla: Good taste, but the high carbonation makes chugging difficult with huge belches resulting. I think it's overrated though, it's generic- like OE or Colt but not as good. 5/10 swills because its OK but it's a desperation level malt, I would only get it as an alternative to a beer 40.

40 Ounce Legend: don't drink much of it anymore....not too bad, but ranks with st ides as giving a pretty nasty headache and being far behind oe8 and colt 4. The alcohol content ides also a meager 5.6....i've had water that's more alcoholic, but as I said before, it still gives a nasty headache if you're not careful.

40ozAllStar: Since it's the ONLY malt liquor 40 available in my town, my options are a bit limited. But, it gives a decent buzz if you swill town 2 of them in less than 90 minutes. Overall, the taste is kinda nasty, but the little extra kick gives it an edge over the beer 40s. A good one for rookies, but I only buy it if it is the only malt available.

40ozItalian: Well...Mickeys seems to be pretty smooth. I am trying to remember everything that I wanted to say but it has been a few days since I drank it. Smooth going down and a good taste. It got a little nasty towards the bottom as it warmed up...6 outta 10

40oz of Destruction: I drank 3 of these 40oz wile on a camping trip, dam i wish i hadent. up front it isnt bad but the after taste will kick you right in the dick. This would be welcom if it was a 8 or 10 pointer but being a mear 5 it could be better. so thats what it gets a 5 out a 10 swills

91firebird: Just swilled a Mickeys after a King Cobra and realized I've never reviewed it. I went to the local habib mart to buy a couple 4s and all they had left was some KC and Mickeys. Figured I'd buy a Mickeys to change things up a bit. Crack was nice. Shit was ice cold. What can be said other than Mickeys is a low level malt. Nothing bad nothing great. Stayed cold till the end although I swilled it in under 20 minutes. I don't drink this on the reg since there are better malts I can get for the price. Overall 7/10 swills. Drinkability is a 8/10 swills for being smooth. 4/10 swills for the buzz factor. It is a classic so that's why I gave it a 7 overall.

4TDogg: This 40 aint bad, but a little on the light side if you ask me. Good drinkability but sort of a bitter aftertaste. Gets props for having its own website which features testimonials from these hot chicks who have clearly never been within a ten mile radius of a Mickey 40. 8 of 10

Alex0nly: Ah Mickeys, my very first 40 in my life that's gotten me through a lot. It has a great taste and goes down easy and I give it 10 out of 10 Swills because it has been almost a year and a half and I still drink this very same malt pretty much every weekend. Almost everyone I see starts off with Mickeys but eventually move on to that piss drink Magnum but not me, I love collecting the caps because I like the drawing it has of there Hornet or Bee or whatever and I like reading the messages under the caps too. If you've never tried a Mickeys then I highly suggest you go out and buy yourself a 40oz Mickeys right now!

Arlington: Will re-iterate all you previous posters say. It is at the bottom of alcohol content for malt liquor, but a rather pleasant, smooth taste.

One thing this site taught me was to REFRIGERATE your cold malt liquor when you buy it cold. If it heats up and you drink it later, it will almost always suck. If you buy malt liquor cold, it must stay cold.

I bought a Mickey's in 2000, let it get hot, and it tasted awful. I bought it cold a week ago, drank it cold, 2 other tasters on hand, we all voted it a good taste.

BrainDamage702: drank this after a colt and olde e, i waz nicely toasted so it tasted like a perfect 10 to me!

Buzzcore: I've been drinkin' a lot of "M" brews lately............. Magnum, MaXimus Super, Milwaukee's Best, and now good ol' Mickey's. My homie, Chino has always hated Mickey's and refuses to drink it, because of the whole white boy/wigger image. I can't say that I blame him, but I think every malt liquor deserves a fair chance, so here's my review: Wow! A lot better than Mickey's Ice which has to be one of my all time most hated 40s. At only 5.2 or 5.3% is one of (if not) the lowest octane "malt liquor" on the market and provides no buzz whatsoever, but it tastes good. A very crisp-clean taste. It's like Private Stock for the cast of "Revenge of the Nerds" if that helps you any? I like the taste, hate the image, and it doesn't pack any punch, so I'm going to relegate this to the ranks of being a "dinner or BBQ brew" and nothing more. If it was cheaper or had more kick, it would rank higher. As it stands, I'd rather have a P-Stock and give it a 5/10.

d07c0m: I might buy this again just because, but I wasn't all too impressed. Not much taste, somewhat watery consistency, weak ABV. Hard to choke down, heavy carbonation leaves me belching like a caveman. This is my third ever green-bottle 40. I'll stick with the Private Stock and leave this to frat boys and House of Pain.

DismantleJuneau: I just had a Schlitz Malt Liquor so my tatse may be affected. It had a nice hiss opening it. It smells like it went sour, but the taste is kinda like hurricane to me. Not bad. I like the bee logo on the cap for some odd reason. The green bottle is cool. Not bad. Not worth the price. I think I payed 2-3 bucks for it. Hurricane is a way better deal. 7/10 swills. I'd buy it again though.

doublej708: havent had a mickeys in awhile. today, at a liquor store, saw a mickeys 40oz coozie. bought it, didnt buy a 40. later in the evening, got the urge for a nightcap. went to the liquor store, picked up a mickeys 40 (bee top center) and threw it in the freezer for a few. took it out, ice cold, and threw it in the fresh coozie. this thing is tasting great and going down smooth. no bite, very carbonated and fresh tasting. barely tasting like a malt right now. but, after all, it is a "fine malt liquor" so maybe that isnt just a slogan, its fact. i think im gonna start picking up the mickeys 12oz grenades. that might be my new beer for a little. i guess there is a reason this thing has been around for a long time, and will continue to be. im gonna give this a 9 out of 10 swills.

Drastic Mezures: This is one of the easiest 40's to drink ever. With it's mild buzz and good taste it's a favorite among girls and beginners as well as seasoned veterans everywhere.

EastTN40: I just found some more of this after years of not swilling one. Damn, I like it. Weak at only 5.5% but smooth and malty. Easy to drink many and a delight. I rate this 8/10 swills. I like a Grenade of this with a 40 of Olde Gold too.

Fat John: This 40 wasn't quite as cold as I would have liked it so take that into account when reading this review.At first this shit tasted pretty good but by the time i got halfway through it i wasn't liking it as much.I think I liked the swill better than the middle point of this 40.It had a decent buzz factor though.If it was cold i think i would have liked it a lot more but until i have a colder 40 of this shit i'm gonna give it a rating of 6 outta 10 swills.

hg8point2: i recently gave mickey's another try,but got the same results.first off this shit makes my tounge tingle which is very unwelcome,secondly this brew tastes lousy,thirdly the swill tasted even worse{expected},and lastly this hornet piss barely gave me a buzz.and oh yeah this 40 gave me fuckin heart burn.so it gets a weak ass 3.

james: i wouldnt consider this a review, more like a thought. for some reason, probably nostalgic, decided to buy some mickeys tonite. this is like the koolaid of malts. i mean, it goes down damn easy. i personally wonder what the ice brew tastes like, because if something this "sweet" tasting could really get you fucked up, i could buy it once in a while despite the high school kid reputation.

JoeWebberlione: Mickey's is one of my personal favorite 40's. It goes down so smooth and I can put a 40 of it down in about 20 minutes. I find it similar to Private Stock but a lil bit better & also similar to oe but I dunno which one I like better of those two.

LMSCRacer: There's something about drinking a 40 out of a green bottle.

Good hiss on the crack. Just a smooth, easy to drink malt. Yes, a fairly low ABV so count on a marginal buzz, but the taste is good right through the swill. A great hot day working in the garage 40 (Which is where I drank it). A solid 7/10 swills.

lookin 4 a 40: This malt is the easiest to drink next to P-Stock. If you drink enough of it you can get an average buzz. It gave me the shits though..not the best but yet not the worst of em.. 7/10 brown paper bags

McGannahan Skyjellyfetti: Just had this one for the first time a couple weeks back and was very impressed by it. Tasted almost like a pale ale, but still had the malt liquor flavor to it. All in all, a decent 40 with an OK buzz factor, so I give it 7 out of 10. Interesting note: try eating some popcorn while drinking it, they are perfect together.

neufutur: I had a Mickey's that was just sitting out in my room for about two months, so I decided to put it in the fridge. Ordered a pizza and got it all nice and cold. There was not any skunkiness to this beer at all, and all and all it tasted fine. There wasn't any real taste to the 40 (as Wild Cat and Viper do), but for just something to drink without getting buzzed much, this will have to do. Better than Bud Select, but equally pricey (twice as much as the cheapest 40 here, Black Label 11-11). I give this a 5 out of 10 swills.

nitz011: Much thanks to Bruz40 for this 40oz

Amazing taste, very unique malt taste, sooooo gooood i'm lovin it.

I want to drink this shit 24/7

Goes down easy, the taste is awesome, buzz is not bad too.

One of the best American Malt I've try so far

taste 9/10

buzz 7/10

oldeenglisheddie: 40 of frat boys? most of the frat boys I had to deal with wouldn't drink 40s, the ones in my neighborhood usually slipped me some cabbage to run to the liquor store to get the Natty Ice, Pabst or the one's with taste Yuengling Lager. But me personally, never the mickey's 40, always the grenade. You can get them in bars, like Roc Bar in Chicago, a favourite spot to swill malt indoors and in public. But a normal part of my routine, since I can't drink like I used to, is a 40 of Olde E and a grenade or two, hits the spot perfect, and Mickey's, she always goes down smoove, hell I'd even say Mickey's goes down easier than a drunk virgin on prom night. The 40 works in lieu of the English, the quality is very close, and hey, who doesn't love trying to decipher those fucking bottler caps?

OldeGoldSwilla: Overall Mickey's is a decnet malt although at 5.5 it is one of the weakest. And I can't lie it has a really bad reputaton as a white boy or frat boy 40oz. It does taste decent except I rarely reach for it when I'm at the store. Although it should be said that I did go through a phase where the mickey's 12 pack was all I drank-it was such a good value at $4.99!!! Final word-I'm not hating

rage60oz: ok, ok, I've put this review off for far too long. This is by far my favorite 40. It has an original taste which is great and if you can't beat that it has no bad after taste. Plus you get a cool little limerick under the cap. What more could you want? This 40 gets 10/10 stars for being the best of the bunch. Stars? you ask, thats right I don't even rate it with swills it gets Stars!

satan165: Another beer that would work for a BBQ. Its ale-like bubbliness is sharp on the tongue and quenching. Unfortunately, it packs one of the weakest buzzes known to malt liquor. I look forward to a Mickey's Ice for its combination of stronger alcoholic content and hopefully similar taste. I wouldnt buy this again, despite its flavor. 6 of 10 for an extremely weak buzz, the good taste saved it from a much lower score. Buzz: D, Taste: B+

sippin apache: This is a cool 40, the crack and hiss sound was awesome. It's ice cold. The brew is well carbonated but has the odd after taste, like tingling on the tongue. I'm half way done and the buzz is quite decent. 4/10 cuz of the taste I really dont like.

TempesT68: The all around classic white boy 40oz, doesn't have that typical shit taste like most 40's and actually tastes more like beer then malt liquor, decent taste, doesn't give the buzz like some other brands but soild. 7/10

Tiger Tai: I had to change this review cuz I've been giving Mickey's another shot and found its not so bad. I actually kinda enjoy it now. Maybe because, like Bruz said, I too have gained a tolerance and respect for all malts and I've had much worse. I don't know maybe, but I think Mickey's is a decent malt now so I'm changing my rating to 7 of 10 Swills...

troobie: Very manageable malt. The taste is not offensive at all. Creamy and sweet. This is one that you don't have to worry about getting ice cold before drinking. I still prefer Mickey's Ice to the regular version, the Ice has alot more flavor and is alot more interesting. I'm not down with the low carbonation on this 40. Sometimes I get one I can't even finish because it is flat before I can get to the bottom of the bottle. I've bought Mickey's in the "grenade" 12oz. bottles before, and those caps do have little puzzles on them. I don't know what everyone else is talking about, but my 40's cap had nothing on the inside. Price is too high on this for what it is. Between $2.75 to $3.00 altogether. 7/10 for having a fucking awesome label and a really laid back taste.

uk82chaospunk: well....its been a really really long time since i pounded a mickeys, maybe a year and a half, i dont know.....this was the second 40 that i ever had in my life and i thought it was pretty good back then (actually used to buzz me) anyway, on saturday i picked up 2 mickeys 40s variants for my collection and took them to my friends going away party (hes going to the army) i swilled both, they tasted good, even the swill was good, decent brew, i thought it was worse than it actually is....but the only problem was, after 2 40s i didnt have much of a buzz....then i smoked some weed and got sleepy...mickeys would probably get a 9 or even 10 if it had the effect of a high gravity 40, but the only thing that it has going for it is, taste, i dont like the label too much and i dont like green bottles.....7 out of 10 swills