Mickey's Ice

I need the wide mouth w/ no neck label, the 5.9% variant, & the label with "Ice" in white that does not have "40oz" printed on the top (all pictured on right), if you can help please email me.

Found: Pitman, NJ
Alcohol content: 5.8% & 5.9%
Other variations: ?
Also known as: ?
Slogan: ?
Phone #: 1-800-645-5376
Website: www.mickeys.com
Brewery: Mickey's Brewing Co., Milwaukee, WI

Bruz: Good crack to start things off on the right foot. Only 0.1% stronger than it's brother-in-arms, "regular Mickeys"... with a slightly more than 0.1% worse taste. Not bad at all though. I'm rippin thru it fast, after rippin thru 3 interviews today, sweatin my ass off in a full suit on a 90 degree day. The brew is coolin me down & rehydrating me (for now). The swill is also a slightly rougher taste than regular Mickeys. Rocked a slight buzz from poundin it so fast. Mickeys Ice is a cooler 40 than regular Mickeys, but overall it's not better. 0.1% stronger doesn't make up for the 0.5% worse taste, and with that I score it just a hair under what it's bro got... 7/10 swills. Props to Dukesplace for hooking up my re-review!

1/14/10 TippinandSippin: Bought this 40 at a local gas station for 2.50 I believe. Was a little disappointed at first with small difference in alcohol content between the ICE and regular variations. When I got it home and cracked it, good crack and hiss off the bat. Was pleased with the taste of the malt, because regular Mickeys is not my favorite 40. Way sharper and way less watery off the bat than its brother malt. I prefer it better than a regular Mickeys. Not sweet, but neither is mickeys really. Only complaint is that like its brother, it tends to get extremely watery very quickly with time/warmth. To me, it tasted like a milder Colt 45. Would drink again. Taste 3/5 Buzz 2.5/5

12/11/09 KingCobra: I like this shit, i'm new here so i'll try to be as concise as possible

I really like mickey's ice, it's a great chill brew, mild taste and a little buzz

perfect for chugging a few and watching UFC with friends, fuck regular Mickey's, although a case of the grenade bottles is pretty fucking good.

all in all, i'm drinking this after a case of rolling rock, so it may be tainted, although I have it plenty of times before.

Taste: 6/10 Buzz: 6/10 Label: 7/10

11/8/09 satan165: well today i am being a real waste. i got pretty drunk last night, woke up feeling super groggy. cleaned the crib and ive come around. its a super warm day in the chi and i have all the windows open - in november! insanity!

so i was fiending for alcohol and i cracked a 4.

nose is corn sweetness and strong oxidation. appearance is straw yellow with huge cider like carb. flavor is also cider like, over primed home brew. nearly dry end. oxidation serves well for a crisp and refreshing flavor. far from offensive though certainly strongly flawed.

Aroma 4/10
Appearance 2/5
Flavor 6/10
Palate 3/5
Overall 2.4/5

8/30/09 BWill40s: Got this from Sleazye. This 40 was not bad at all it reminded me of a watered down Private Stock. Not a bad thing I guess. I don't drink reg mickeys

So I am going off of Private Stock and Ballantine Ale that I rip from time to time. Mickeys Ice was smooth all the way down no complaints. I drank this semi warm/cold but still was nice and easy to swill down.

Overall I would give this a 7/10 not to much of a buzz factor. It is a new bottle for my collection.

Rip some Mickeys

6/24/09 702er: I just got back from santa barbara where i found a liquor store that had this.I picked up two me and my boy ripped em pretty quick the buzz still weak but a bit better than regular mickeys also kind of the same taste overall 7/10.I would pick this up more often if it wasn't so far from me.

6/17/09 splatterhouse00: Way better than regular Mickey's smooth as hell and tasty. Perfect for a hot summers day, If I had this available closer to me i'd drink it everyday. 8/10

5/6/09 TheFear: Mickeys Ice is an excellent Ice Brewed Ale. I buy Mickeys Ice more than any other 40, except maybe Olde English 800. I can get a good variety of 40s, but I always seem to end up with at least 1 Mickeys Ice in my bag. This ice brewed ale has a very smooth flavor, a cool ass label, and the buzz is ok(as long as you're drinkin more than one). If you wanna get completely hammered, this isn't the drink for you (try Camo or shots of Jager). If you're just chillin outside, drinkin all day long or you want a nice pregame 40 that won't put you down for the count then this is your brew. One Mickeys Ice after work, puts me in a calm, relaxed state of mind (probably like when non-alcoholics drink 2 glasses of wine). Taste is outstanding 10/10. Buzz is average for a 5.8% ice brew 6/10. Overall 8/10.

3/22/09 Monger: Whenever i head over to Simi Valley,i pick a few of these up.Slightly more raunchy tasting than standard issue Mickeys,but a good crisp finish,nice on a warm night.This also came in 12 oz bottles for a time(not grenades),i fired down 6 in the parking lot of the Palace in Hollywood at a Cramps show once,which started off the night nicely.However,too much time spent in the palace's bar resulted in thrown chairs and some other sheenanigans,causing the night to end somewhat badly,but fourtunatly without any arrests.

11/14/08 elantrax: Found this Mickey's Ice tonight in Philadelphia while out getting a cheesteak and decided to give it a review since last time I didn't. Bottle sent a decent hiss which was a plus, the first swill was very good and so far half way through the bottle it still taste good for a iced ale. At 5.8% I'm not feeling anything really, the buzz factor just is not there even though its 5.8%. Taste wise this beer is not a bad 40 to just chill out and drink when your in the mood for something a little better tasting then some of the pure malt's out there. Not a bad brew but I dont think it is in the same league as real malt liquor 40's. I give it 5 out of 10 stars for taste but pure drunk-buzz factor is not what this brew is good for.

10/25/08 91firebird: Tried this tonight for the 1st time. Shit smelled skunky from the crack but this is a solid 40 all around. I personally don't care for regular Mickeys, but Mickeys Ice is the shit. I drank some 24's of Micks Ice that I picked up in New Mexico and it was very good. Out of a 40 is even better. Buzz is pretty decent considering that the Ice is 5.8% ABV. I wish I had access to this 40 all the time as this is a solid 40. 3 of these and the buzz would be sublime. 10/10 Overall. I would drink this any day over KC and regular Mickeys.

8/11/08 d07c0m: didn't like it in a 32oz

didn't like it in a can

but in the 40 it's not thaaat bad.

crisp and cold it tastes like basic bad ice beer but with a dope label.


Alvin Karpis: Picked this up in Chico CA as it is not sold in Redding. Good crack small hiss smells like Rainier Ale. The taste of this 40 can not be beat, well mabey by Private Stock but thats about it. The only problem I have with Mickeys Ice is that its 5.8%, so the buzz factor is weak sauce. But two 40s of Mickeys Ice back to back can solve that problem. I used to drink this alot in Seattle as a warm up on a night that I was going to drink alot, so me and this brew go back a long way. Very happy to be drinking this great 40 as I type. Taste 10/10 Buzz 2/10 Overall 8/10 and thats because the taste puts all other 40s to shame.

beam21: I've drank tons of these over the years, used to be probably the #2 most of any before I moved a year ago (can't get it anymore), it's weird I never reviewed it before. Brought back a 40 from seattle this weekend, it may be the first I've had since I moved; before I thought it was because I'd just drank a ton of em, but no, there's really nothing special going on with this 40. With that said, it's still pretty bad ass. Real smooth, unique taste, awesome carbonation, gets a weird funk (in a good way) as you get near the bottom. Buzz is weak, but at least it's not foul or headache-prone like a magnum or a reg mickey's. I feel like I could tear down 4 of these and feel like a million bucks the next day although that probably isn't the case. 8/10, taste B+ buzz C

BrainDamage702: this shit aint nothin spectacular, weak buzz,it taste like beer flavored water, itz real watery.. the only reason ill give it a 6 outta 10 and not a 5 outta ten iz cuz itz so easy to drink. plus itz gotta cool label

brooks79Z: drinking this now
found in far north illinios in Antioch

great crack and hiss. Tastes a lot like most of the other green bottled 40's.
I like it better than regualr Mickey's

Buzz: 6 out of 10
Taste: 7 out of 10
would drink it regularly if i had access to it

Buzzcore: I found this brew on a recent hunt, and I'm wishin' I didn't. Harsh tasting without the kick that most harsh tasting malts deliver. Wow, I was just informed that my friend Zenn's pal used to drink Mickey's almost exclusively, all through college. Fuck him, and this shit. 1/10 for almost tasting like 8.5% Camo, but only delivering a 5.8% buzz.

dareker187: yo... the ice mickey's sucks.. it tastes horrid and doesn't get you that fuck'd up.. stick with hg....

DropkickMurphy07: I also love Mickey's ICE...the taste, the shape, everything about it. It's always been one of those two that I was hoisting at parties for years.

EazySCT: Christ almighty I hate this 40. I had my buddy Rick stop over a few weeks ago and he couldn't even finish half of it. It fills you up like a bitch and it tastes like salty butter. What the fuck? I have always viewed Mickey's as that the "hardcore" frat guy would drink. By hardcore, I mean the guy who would do a keg stand. FUCK Mickey's ICE. With such a shitty selection where I live, it's pretty sad that we get Mickey's as one of the 5 40's here.... Anyway, it's thick, tastes like salt butter and in no way could you ever drink more than 1 unless you are underage and REALLY had no other option. I give it a 2 out of 10 compared to all 40's.

LMSCRacer: If I had drank this blindfolded, I might have guessed it was a Bud Ice - That's not bad since I kind of like that stuff. Good sharp flavor and decent carbonation. Goes down easy and holds up well right down through the swill. A buddy of mine picked this up for me while in Toledo. I'd certainly add it to my rotation if I could get it local. Overall a solid 8/10 swills.

neufutur: I finally was able to find this 40 again in Washington, PA. I had to pick one up for Dukesplace, and got a second one so I'd have one with a cap. Anyways, this brew is really inoffensive and pretty lackadaisical in taste. For me, I think it tried to be Ballantine but it did not get even that far. The higher alcohol content is nice, but I finished this 40 with a headache and crashed out soon afterward. The price is such that I would much rather pick up a Wild Cat or an MBI 40, but if you are a Mickey's fan I would guess that would be something you could easily dig. 3 for the taste, 4 for the swill (not tasting much different than the rest of the 40).

OldeGoldSwilla: Like mickeys but just a little stronger. Hard to find in the 40oz but the 32 is everywhere. It does have a decent label

pman433: mix ice is smooth as fuck one of my favorites gimme an ice cold mickeys ice any day

11/8/09 satan165: Special thanks to my man IMT40's for the hookup on this 40! This tastes nothing like regular Mickey's, for that matter, it doesn't even taste too much like any 40's I've really had. Quite unique. I swilled the bitch in the dark on night in a big abondonded place in the hood called Joslyn. If the alcohol % hadn't been listed on the bottle, I would have thought it was much higher (its only 5.8% though). It was getting mad warm on me real quick so I was pounding it as fast as possible. i give it 7 of 10 swills cause i gave regular mickeys 6 of 10 and this is much improved. Buzz: C+, Taste: B

shadyone666: well after the fuckin night i have had this seemed to be the topper anyway

great fuckin hiss as i cracked this mofo
tasted fucking good going down
not a bad aftertaste
chugged it back in just over half an hour
this night was great
red wine molson dry and a 40 oz of mickey's ice
fuck i am wasted right now gonna be monsterouly hungover tommorow

Tiger Tai: I don't like Mickey's Ice much. At first I thought I drank a skunked batch but OH NO! I tried it again and it yeilded the same result...ASSCRACK. I'll give Mickey's Ice 4 of 10 Swills...

troobie: This is way better than regular Mickeys. This has a thicker, creamier taste. Really salty, and the salty taste sticks in your mouth and on your lips. EazySCT got it right when he compared it to salty butter. Definitely a unique taste that can't be compared to anything else I've ever had. WAY too expensive for what it is. Usually close to $2.50 for a 40oz. in my area. Why should Mickey's Ice cost as much as OE (which sucks ass, OE that is)? Label says "Ice Brewed Ale"??? WTF, regular Mickey's is a "Premium Malt Liquor" but Mickey's Ice is an ale? Lame marketing strategy. I do like the green 40 and the label. I'm going to give this a 6/10 because it is unique and has a good taste. The weak buzz and high price hurts this 40.

Vile Fiend: I love this drink. It smooth, and holds a lot of flavor, and is all around superior to itís cousin regular olí Mickeys. It is fairly weak, but the high drinkability of this brew makes it go down quick. Good taste, weak buzz, 7 outta 10 swills.