Natural Ice

I need the old label "Ale" variant (pictured on right), if you can help please email me.

Found: Ohio
Alcohol content: 5.9%
Other variations: ?
Also known as: Natty Ice
Slogan: ?
Phone #: 1-800-DIAL-BUD
Brewery: Anheuser-Busch, Inc., St. Louis, MO 63118

Bruz: As soon as I got this 40 in the mail & opened it, I threw it in my freezer to chill for 40 minutes. I cracked it with a prime rib & buttery noodles dinner. This brew flows down quick & easy for a bad beer. 5.9% is a good alcohol content for a beer. Natty Ice is legendary among frat boys. This 40 also goes well with chocolate chip cookies. The swill is easy, no strange urination habits while consuming this brew, and also no buzz. Overall a smooth bad beer, yet still too plain to yield a rating higher than 5/10 swills. Thanks out LMSCRacer & MyLiverHurts for this!

3/4/10 40ozsWILLin: This is one of the cheapest 40z that I can get so I drink it pretty often the bottle has a neat shine to the label, it goes down very smooth but it tastes skunky one of them wont get you buzzed but about three of them with the cheap price will do it for you. The first time I had this 40 I had it on an empty stomach so it made my stomach hurt not the same as if i were to drink another brand. Cool bottle to have for the collection and a good one for trading to people who dont have it not much else to say about this..price and bottle 8/10, taste 6/10, buzz 2/10, overall 7/10

12/29/09 40lover2020: Its pretty plain and cheaply made. But, you cant go wrong with naughty ice at 5.9%. Two of these would give anyone an ok buzz. I give it 6/10 being generous.

11/20/09 RustythePelican: $1.99 from Star Liquors, Hammond, Indiana

I'm going to go out on a limb here. In my opinion, Natural Ice is the prototypical ice beer, the standard for the catergory.

In my experience, ice beers tend to fall in three classes:

Dirty: These are the typical ice beers, with the ice beer "bite" or "funk" - MBI is probably the best example, but also includes Keystone Ice and Genesee Ice.

Thin: These are poorly-constructed ice beers; they pack a nice buzz, but have a "thin" mouthfeel and poor balance. Think Four-O Ice Beer and MSR Ice (pretty much everything brewed in La Crosse fits this class).

Macro: This class lacks distinguishing features; they are just "ice" versions of regular beers, like Bud Ice and Miller Lite Ice.

Natural Ice doesn't fit into any class; it is what other ice beers are shooting for. I've got to give Anheuser-Busch credit here; Natty Ice is a well-crafted brew, with an ice taste that's smooth and easy to drink (not as "dirty" as MBI).

I know that Natural Ice has a frat-boy image and reputation, but it's worth trying on its merits as a beer. I'd give it a rating of 9/10.

9/7/09 sleazye: This 40 is so common in my area it hurts. Anyhow, on to the review. It delivers a pretty good crack and nice hiss: always good in my opinion! If you ever get this in the can, just don't, it sucks ass, however in the 40, it has its own appeal aside from the cheap as fuck price. Considering this is a "bad, bad beer" that is associated with frat jagoffs, in the 40 form it's actually tasty in its own right for some reason seeing as it is cheaper than Busch (which in itself is cheaper than Budweiser).

The taste is slightly sweet, but not in an overpowering way. I liked that a lot personally, and coming at 5.9% ABV, this is a perfect 40 to round off a bender with and not having to worry about getting too plastered or puking in the morning, especially if you are on a budget give it a try.

Taste: 7/10
Label: 8/10
Buzz: 7.5/10
Swill: 8/10

2/22/09 timcom99: A Good Budget Beer for a Bad Economy. Great for its Malt Liquor like 5.9% Alcohol content. Bad for its Taste and After Taste. More Common for the 12 Ounce Cans, the 40 Ounce Bottles are Cool as well. For the Money it is Hard To Beat !!!!!!!! The Taste will Grow on You if it is all You can Afford. Try some and see for Yourself

9/5/08 stagedive: Probably my least favorite AB brew. Open the hatch and natty ice flows downward like water. Classic bad beer taste. What else can I say about natty ice?

I'd rather drink MBI or Icehouse both are similar in strength and taste better. 2/10

6/29/08 91firebird: Thanks to troutkilla77 for this one. Basic beer 40. Nothing special. It does have a crisp clean flavor that makes it wasy to pound. At 5.9% ABV its pretty stout too. Brown bottle keeps it cold all the way through. Only reason I wanted this is to add the bottle to the collection, but in reality this is a solid 40oz. For some reason I have been drinking alot of Natty Ice but in a can. I guess because it's so cheap. Was in Austin the other day and found 24oz cans for 79 cents a piece so I scooped up about 10 of them. In a can it's got that classic bad beer taste that I don't mind. But as always, a bad beer is always better out of a 40. Overall 7/10 swills.

40 Ounce Killa: This is, without a doubt, the beer of choice among bums & deadbeats in my area. They usually buy the 12oz cans in 12-packs, and the only alternative was the 32oz quart bottle. Just recently, the 40oz bottle arrived in my area. I immediately bought one, and just now got the urge to drink it.

My initial thoughts were correct. This beer sucks ass, big-time. The first sip totally reminded me of a time many years ago when I sucked water out of a piece of soaked cardboard (I was a kid, give me a break). Natty Ice has that same type of chemical/artificial taste. It's hard to describe, but it's foul. Trust me.

Good things about this....the bad taste seemed to subside the more I drank it, and the buzz factor (at 5.9%) was decent. I'll give Natty Ice 5/10 swills.

bbooze: Not a huge fan. 5/10. I always equated Natural to be vs. Milwaukee's Best for some reason, and choose MBI, probably cause the cans look the same. I really do think Milwaukee's Best line tastes better, from light to ice.

billmac1981: Is it safe to say that this is what Busch has left over from the bottom of the vat when they produce Bud Ice??...

9.99 for a 30 brick around here...does that say anything...?

1/10 swills (and that's generous) your money....unless you're a frat kid who needs to buy a shitload of beer with pocket change...

for the price around here, $2.10 a 40...honestly I'd save 40 cents and buy a 40 of KC...

cold carbonated squirrel piss in a brown bottle...that's why it's "natural"...

BWill40s: Natty Ice 40 oz what can I say $1.60 to me tastes like crap in the can bottle its smoother indeed well gets you buzzed if you have a couple of them sort of like a malt but just an ice beer bottom of the barrel stuff 5-10

DaHookUp7Mile: Aient a bad tasting brew. I know alot of people who knock it. But it aient bad. Not a bad buzz factor for being 5.9%. If your drinking the 40's you will need 3ish to get a real good buzz. Taste is pretty good, Can be better but for a cheap brew its not bad. 6/10 swills.

elantrax: After finding this stuff in Atlantic City,NJ on a random search, I knew I was ready to taste one harsh nasty 40 but to my surprise this stuff was out of this world. The hiss was decent, the swill was amzing, after drinkin natty out of a can for years this stuff tasted so good. Half way through the bottle and even to the last swill this stuff still tasted good and hit me hard. In the end I believe this is a 40 of choice over Hurricane and King Cobra. The taste is way better, does the job even better as Im feeling the buzz prettty good and overaul at $1.60 you cant go wrong. I give this stuff 8 out of 10.

fizzmaster: Natty Ice is magical, because it tastes like utter shit out of a can, but it ain't that bad out of a 40. No flavor to speak of, but super easy to pound. Completely mediocre, but besides lack of any character, it doesn't have any major flaws. 6/10

idrinkthebeer: weak shit. 4/10

JoeWebberlione: This stuff tastes like straight up piss, I wouldnt drink this shit if it was the last 40 on the planet, nasty nasty flavor, horrible buzz I dont even see how this shit is nationally brewed. I'd rather drink bud light than this shit, thats how horrible it is. 1 out of 10 swills.

kingklick420: naughty ice mothafucka...used to drink this shit all the time. shitty taste, shitty hangover, but strong enough to hit the spot when the dough is low.......... give it a 3 out of 10 only because it's better than camo silver ice

LMSCRacer: This is a classic bad beer that has certainly well earned it's position on Fairly weak crack and hiss. Flattened out quickly. Fortunately, I started it out ice cold as the taste is weak at the start and just goes down hill from there. Unless you chug this, the swill is a flat solution of water and alcohol. Other than the 5.9 ABV and 1.39 price tag, there are really no redeeming features for this 40. I give it a generous 3/10 as there are much better choices in this class.

neufutur: This is a cheap forty ($1.39 around here), but it has a weak percentage (5.9%) and a very sweet taste to it. This is as if someone put a spoonful of sugar into a normal bad beer. The taste is okay beyond the sweetness factor, and there is such a small buzz that it is almost like Schaefer in that aspect. However, unlike Schaefer, this 40 isn't making me piss six or seven times drinking it. I would really have to be hard up to drink this beer, and for the price, I would much rather just grab a Black Label 11-11 or a Wild Cat.

OldeGoldSwilla: Natty Ice is ok as long you remeber what it is. I accept is as a cheap beer that has a 5.9% alcohol content that doesn't taste too bad after the second or third one. One thing that makes it better than beast ice is that it is available in 12pks of bottles which beast is not however natty ice only comes in 12's and 24's whereas beast ice comes in 30's and is cheaper. In the cheap ice brew race beast seems to be the winner for most bang for buck

satan165: i drank this last fall (2004) for the 1st time on a road trip with double J, dont know why i didnt review it then
this is when they first came out and we found them in madison wisconsin
this is a real solid 40
i have become a conseiur of beer 40s (and not necessarily just 'bad beer' 40s -- i almost dont even consider this a bad beer) and i totally enjoyed it on that level. if you like to drink MBI and miller lite youll get along fine with this. they are just now coming thru my hood and are cheap at only 1.49 a crack which is nice. ive been buying a bunch for trades but ill have to get another just to swill one night soon. today in teh afternoon before i went to work i copped 3 of em for trades (minutes after shipping an additional 2 out) and they looked so delicious. i felt like an alcholic, for some reason i really wanted to drink it. when im in florida i drink this as well because the 32s are common there. ive never drank this in a can and dont want to, i hear it sucks. again, the 40 is good. no harsh taste, just tastes like a good crisp and pretty clean tasting beer

splatterhouse00: The only way to drink Natty is out of the bottle, the can tastes horrid. As smooth as Mickey's and has a little more alcohol too great stuff

TheSnakeDoctor: Natty Ice tastes like Busch Light with just a little bit more kick. This Anheuser Busch product with its 5.9% can definitely do a little better. The taste is very reminiscing of a beer forty and is boring by malt liquor standards. 6/10 swills.

troobie: If you haven't had Natural Ice (aka Natty Ice), then you live under a rock. Seriously, who hasn't had this? For the record according to Wikipedia this was test marketed in my city, so you can all thank me and my friends for drinking enough of this shit to get it into nationwide production. The first time I had this I thought my teeth were rotting out of my skull. It makes your gums tingle and your teeth squeaky and if that isn't the sign of a great ice beer I don't know what the fuck is. Oh, and a 30 pack costs 12 bucks. It tastes like chemicals, but once you get used to it it is good. Others are comparing it to MBI, which is accurate, but I much prefer Natty because MBI has that old man beer taste to it and Natty doesn't. It should be compared to Keystone Ice, which is even easier to drink. I go back and forth between NI and KI on which I think is the best. Natty Ice is much more ghetto tasting than Keystone Ice, but you have to be in the mood for the ghettoness. To those of you bitching about it ONLY having 5.9% (like there aren't malts out there that have less) I dare you to CHUG a 40 of Natty Ice on an empty stomach and tell me you don't get where you wanna be. This is an excellent cheap ice beer. 9/10 Everytime I have this out of a can it sucks, really bad. I say if you are going to drink Natty Ice, do it out of a bottle! Beware, the swill is some of the worst known to man....flat, warm, and gag-inducing.

White Mike: I've had this beer many times before, but always out of a can. This is the first time I had it from a glass container. Most beer 40's are boring, and this one fit that bill. Not a real pleasure to drink. For some reason "natty" tastes best when drunk from a solo cup. I think they should have made this 40 plastic. That would have been worthwhile to have a plastic bottle 40.