Olde English '800'

I need the wide mouth Canadian bottle, the wide mouth w/ no neck label, the "charcoal filtered" small mouth canadian bottle, & the old stubby neck w/ white cap, as well as 64oz w/finger loop (not pictured). If you can help please email me.

Found: New Brunswick, NJ (American) & Verone, NJ (64oz) & Toronto, Canada (Canadian)
Alcohol content: 3.2% (in OK), 6.1% (Germany), 5.9% (American), 7.5% (American, west coast), & 8.0% (Canadian)
Other variations: 64oz w/finger loop (WANTED)
Also known as: OE, OE800, Old Gold, 8 Ball, Ol' Enggy
Slogan: ?
Phone #: 1-800-MILLER6
Website: www.millerbrewing.com
Brewery: Olde English 800 Brewing Co., Milwaukee, WI

Bruz: 5.9%: Even people not in the 40oz game know of OE800. It's classic. The label has remained untouched all these years, as it better remain so, and the taste is the perfect malt liquor taste. Flows down beautifully from beginning to end. If you see someone at a party with a beer 40, smack it out of their hand - chances are they don't have a malt 40 cuz they're weaklings who don't like the taste. But there's nothing to not like about OE800. So tell em to go get one or else you'll smash their spine. If you've never drank OE800, get off my site & get one NOW. 10/10 swills for being the 40 that all others are compared to. Thanks out to d07c0m, CountryClubMan, Jayd55 & White Mike for a few of the variants!

7.5%: Started this one immediately after a filling dinner of BBQ wings, mac n cheese, & cucumbers with a giant chocolate chip cookie for dessert... so I wasn't exactly ready to put this down, but craving alcohol I cracked the cap anyway. Tastes like the 5.9% version, maybe you can slightly taste the alcohol more or maybe I'm just expecting to & you really can't. Regardless, it tastes great & it's still classic OE. In fact, this may be better cuz it's stronger!! Made me pee once during it too, with a slight buzz in the endzone! If the 5.9% version got 10/10 swills there's NO reason why this shouldn't! Apparently the 7.5% version is a "west coast" thing & the 5.9% version is more of an "east coast" thang. Thanks out to AK40seven for hookin me up with this, straight outta Alaska!

3.2%: Drank this in some freezing winds while filming for 40ozMaltLiquorTV. Flowed down like a weaker version of regular (5.9%) OE. Much paler & clearer in color too. Consider this an "OE800 Light". 4/10 swills for being a weak & useless version of its true self.

Canadian 8.0%: Good crack. Decent first sip - tastes like a stronger (american) OE800, just like it should. Not at all like OE HG 800, thank God! Goes great with grilled BBQ wings, potato salad, coleslaw & tomatos. Surprisingly good, smooth taste for what in America would be considered a high gravity. Caramel filled Hershey Kisses make a good dessert with this Canadian HG style brew. I don't understand why OE800 can brew such a good tasting & smooth "HG" malt such as this, while at the same time put out OE HG 800 which tastes like hell...? If this were OE HG 800, it'd be one of my favorite HGs. But it's not. And it's only available in Canada at 8%. This made me go pee hardcore before finishing it. Very slight buzz, which is confusing since it's 8% and I drank it fairly quickly (although not all THAT fast I suppose)... Whoa, there it is - just felt that buzz rush. Swill's a bit rough but not unbearable. Overall an easy 8/10 swills! Thanks out to biegaman for hookin me up with another to review!

64oz: I had my first 64oz OE Halloween night in the year 2000. I couldn't find da it up til then, but man was it sweet! I put mine down in 43 minutes, my roommate "Beerface" took 2 hours & 24 minutes (weak)! Rating is 10/10 swills for being the 9th wonder of the world. (NOTE: 64s have been discontinued for over a decade now!)

1/12/11 Swillard: This is my first post in this forum, and let me tell you that this bitch is a beast to sign up on when you've got the fat tongue from drinking nothing but 40s and Gatorade for 4 days. Is this shit even the review for OE"800"? You got to know that I'm listening to Licensed To Ill, and you know it's on vinyl on a sweet system. The bass is thumpin' and the treble is crisp.

Swillin' my second 40 of "800" (means it's gone now), listenin' to the flip side, first one down on the first half, of course, 'cause you know I got to do it right.

Fuck, I need another one.

So, now that you know where I am, on to the review...

Olde English "800" is a session beer that you can take your good times to and it will not let you down. It isn't the best, but it definitely isn't the worst. But, as a session beer, you can't fuck with it. This shit will keep you where you need to be, and in the olde school style that you could only dream of back when you were 15 livin' in the hood. This is the brew to unite cultures across boarders and backgrounds.

I give it 8/10, or more accurately, "800" out of "1000."

This brew doesn't stand out in any particular way and doesn't amaze me in any way. It's a little fruity, crisp, and frankly, bland assish, but you can just keep on drinking it, and you'll love it for that, unless you're a little bitch. Like I was saying: the choice to go to for a session beer, so for that, it makes me want to rate it higher, but this is a review of MLs in general and not one on session beers, so I got to knock it a little for not standing out that much. As a session beer 40 I'd give it something like 9.5/10, for takin' you there, and not lettin' you down.

Drinkin' my third 40 now, flipped back over to side one... and now side two, 'cause I had to pause my mentals whilst drinkin'. Is it just me, or does this shit taste better a little warm?

I don't like your lite "American" beers, fuckin' donkey piss that it is, so maybe that's why I crave a bolder brew than your average swillard.

Back over to side two again, drinkin' my fourth OE... No sleep 'til Brooklyn.

I'm going to take a picture and post it likewise to this, once I solve it...

I've pissed it twice since.


11/16/10 socalswillin: I loved OE800 (7.5%) from the moment I had my first one.
It's a classic 40 that everyone has to enjoy at least once or twice. Easily by far one of my favorite 40's ever. I always pick up 2 of them. One to chug and one to kick back enjoy the buzz.

taste: 10/10 , buzz: 9/10 , swills : 10/10

10/11/10 Ed Gein: OH... MY... GOD!!!
I finally tried the legendary 40 ounce malt liquor known as Olde English 800, and it tasted great, and so far has gotten me drunk. not wasted, but drunk, and from just 40 ounces of booze thats good stuff. Bruz, you have truly suggested a great 40 to us all, you are a credit to humans... and I am going to get on with the drunken reviuew now. okay, crack, was good. I could hear the crack of it opening but it wasnt way too loud. hiss was like opening a soda with light carbonation. tste was like a typical lager but a little more bitter, which I love, bitter is better. and swill was smooth except for the very last pull when it became like warm beer. but even then, it was at the very least half decent. so Olde e s the best 40 nI have had thus far. 10/10 for now. peace everybody. keep drinking!

3/15/10 timmah1231: Can't believe it's taken me this long to review such a staple 40. (5.9%)

Flows with malt goodness, maybe even a slight hop profile, though I doubt many hops are used in this brew. Sweet and slightly robust malt taste and light-to-moderate carbonation dominate the taste. Excellent. An example for all other 40s to follow. For reviewing purposes, I let the swill warm to near-room temperature. It has more of a sweet characteristic with a bit of honey, as well as the usual cheap-booze warm taste, but the bad is relatively tame. Buzz is decent for its ABV. A part-time malt swiller will certainly feel a nice warm buzz after downing this.

9/10 swills. The go-to 40 for everyone.

2/24/10 johnodonahue: ahh, nothing like olde gold! After my recent Mickey's Ice kick I decided to grab two of these bad boys tonight and enjoy a nice malt. Since I hadn't tasted one in a week or two the first sip had some KICK, but after that it was all gravy. Finished both in about an hour and caught a really nice buzz to boot! My only complaint would be the finish. Although this applies to most 40's, I cannot stand the ass end of Olde English, heh. I recall a buddy of mine asking if he could drink the bottom out of my 800 not too long ago and puking shortly after words from the sheer bitterness of the brew. Eh, what are you gonna do?

Regardless, OE holds a special place in my gut for being my first, and one of my favorite 40oz.

Taste: 8/10 Buzz: 10/10 Swill: 8/10

1/16/10 Mikey0: I learned to love OE800. It nothing but a solid drink to me now.

Coming from Canada OE is prolly one of the few malt liquors available here. At 8% it does the work for me. The bottle is full of love.

Cracking the it open gives a nice hiss to it. I usually get a buzz half through and sometimes i'll be drunk when done. Alot of people i know hate it and ask why i drink it.
I tell em you gotta learn to love it in order to drink it. Ice cold is the way too go. Cheers!

11/19/09 satan165: aroma is standard slow moving corn sewage. strong metallic note lends a bit of crispness to cut through the corn sludge. not terribly oxidized as the most thirst cutting malt liquors usually need to be. palate is somewhat clean for the style as well.

Aroma 3/10
Appearance 2/5
Flavor 5/10
Palate 3/5
Overall 10/20

9/15/09 BlackMetalTroy322: 7.5%: I got an Olde English West Coast 7.5%@ from Big J. I had noticed that the color was slightly darker than the east coast that I can get. Anyways, from the first initial taste I knew this was the best 40 I've ever tasted. Balancing the HG taste with the east coast 5.9% taste made this THE perfect 40oz. I love the sweet taste is had to it, along with the HG taste it also had. I'm gonna give this 40 10/10 for taste, and 9/10 for buzz.

5.9%: Olde English 800 5.9% is my favorite 40 oz. NOT INCLUDING HIGH GRAVITY 40's. It has a sweet skunky smooth taste to it. It has the most maltiest taste besides Colt 45. Which is good because to much malt is boring. When I first tried Olde E i liked it, but I wasn't very familiar with all the other malts. I am now though. I have to say it is the KING of 5.9% Malts. I usually come home from work and drink one of these, then drink a Steel Reserve 8.1% Silver Label 40z. to up the anti. "If you know what I mean." I would recommend Colt 45 to newbies though in order to get a beginners taste of a malt. Because it has a "Soft" taste to it. But Old E kicks it's ass! That's what I think of Olde E. Haven't tried any other variants though.

8/18/09 JohnySwiller: I just cracked a 40/1.18L of O.E and loved it its taste to me is a very fruity malt, in canada our O.E's are 8% i dont know if its just cause us canadians drink alot but i finished it and only had a little buzz, i got a good crack and a good his compared to other canadian 40's even though this and the blue bull is the only small mouths i can find near me, the wide mouths hiss but dont crack, all in all ill give it a 9/10 for swills and a 8/10 for a buzz, it is a good malt and one of the best.

7/30/09 Bathory000: I went to a gas station yesterday and picked one of these bitches up and loved it. This is my second malt that I have tried and I can already see why people give it high praise. I started drinking it around nighttime and ended up finishing it in about 25 30 minutes. Halfway through I didn't feel a harsh buzz like I've felt with Mickeys which to be honest with you, I liked that alot. By the time I got to the bottom half of it I finally started to feel a real buzz. Overall I would have to give this a 10/10 swills because of such a great taste and a buzz factor of about 6/10. Good stuff.

7/16/09 40zForSatan: 7.5%: I've only had the west coast variant of Olde English, and I love it. I make an effort to have at least 2 a week. When I think of malt liquor, the first thing that comes to mind is olde english, it is one of the staple malt liquors that everyone should try at least once. I like olde english because it has it's own amazing unique flavor, it is very sweet and very smooth. When I started drinking the only think my friend's uncle would buy for us was steel reserve, occasionally you could get him to pick up an OE and everytime you would savor that 40 like it was the last one you would ever have, and it was amazing EVERY TIME. Sometimes I wish more malt liquors had a similar taste to old english, I could just be naive, but I can't find anything that can compare. I give OE800 a 10/10 because to me it is the ideal 40 because of the taste and the mild buzz it gives.

7/7/09 Ackman: One of the best malts out there. will get the job done, and rightfully so. I had a mild buzz after drinking this. will have again

6/28/09 beam21: Drank my first 5.9% tonight with double j, brooks and arun. I still don't see exactly what the fuss is about, but it is good shit. It tastes generally the same as the WC (which I do not like at all) but it's way less harsh than that. That does make a big difference. It is acceptable, and to its credit also the taste is very consistent all the way thru. Mine was slightly cold when I started it and warm when I finished, and it was fine the whole time. It is an unadulterated strong raw malt flavor that is a kick in the grill compared to most, a very distinct and pretty strong taste. I'm surprised I'm saying this, but it tastes pretty good. The buzz is better than average for a 5.9, but not out of control formaldehyde buzz like the 7.5. I'd drink it over mickey's and, more often than not, also over colt 45. It was better than I thought it would be. A proper decent classic 40. 8.5/10 taste B buzz B

5/25/09 sleazye: This has to be one of my fave malts of all time. The taste is amazing from the first gulp to the last. Even though the East Coast version is 5.9% ABV, it packs a pretty good punch. Never a disappointment yet. It's also cool that the label has pretty much stayed the same.

Taste: 10/10
Buzz: 10/10
Swill: 10/10

5/11/09 prob80: I agree OE800, is a very good malt liquor. OE800 west coast is very smooth and, tastes really good chilled...9/10 Swills for me good buzz as well.

4/29/09 pookster11: Olde english 800 is the godfather of the malt 40s. What can I say bout this fine malt that hasnt been said. It has a great malt tast and finishes smooth even if warm (if it lasts that long). If i could only drink one malt it would be this one. tast 10/10 buzz 8/10 (east coast)

4/03/09 TheFear: Olde English 800 Malt Liquor is easily my favorite 40. A true classic in every sense. I drink the 5.9% OE regularly. Best tasting malt ever made with this alcohol content. Today I have the opportunity to drink the 7.5% west coast version once again thanks to Prob80. Much like its east coast sibling, the 7.5% version is absolutely the best tasting malt that delivers this kind of buzz. I can definately taste the alcohol difference, but it's nothing like the ridiculous Camo taste or even the bite of a 211. OE is Very smooth. Very strong. Perfect. 10/10 swills across the board.

3/31/09 morcz: OE....I get the 8% Canadian version. Its O.K. Some bottles are good, some aren't. Consistency sucks. Its sweet, but not overly sweet, its tolerable, but very smooth. I dont really like this one, but its alright and when I want a quick buzz this is pretty decent. Taste 6/10 Buzz 8/10

3/29/09 maltliquorswigga: 5.9%: OE800 aka East Coast OE
Yo... whats up crew... Just chillin in New Castle Pa...In Pa we cant cop brew in mini marts,gas stations, or grocery stores. Just Bars,Beer Distrributors,and now Sandwich/Hot Foods 2 go type joints. I go to Mr. B's on E. Washington St, here in New Castle and cop my 40's, he dont have a huge malt 40 selection anymore, but he has Olde English and Schlitz Malt Liquor(Blue Bull) Im tryin to get him to order Red Bull,Mickey's and Both Colt 45's reg and dub malt. Anyway O.E. is the standard malt liquor drank my 1st one back in 1992 when I was 12, and its been on ever since, I miss the 64's that we used to drive over the state line (into Ohio---Campbell,Coitsville,Struthers,and Youngstown---which is only 15 minutes away, this was back in 1996-1999 era.. anyway my 5.9 review Drinkability-A+, Buzz A+,Taste A+...The malt all others are judged by... . Anyway Mad love to the crew, and big up to Bruz.....

7.5%: Olde English 800
Got this from my man Alvin Karpis Straight Outta Redding,California, who I have to give a , definitely worth the wait, congrats on ur Baby.
Dude was right I love this because its mosdef fire
Nice crack / good hiss (slightly more than a 5.9 OE, my lil brother was even like damn OE dont hiss like that...)
Smells the same as the 5.9 OE maybe slightly fruitier
1st sip is Dy-NO-Mite!!!
This is the best 40. period.
The best Malt .period.
More malty than an East Coast(5.9%) Olde English 800 40oz., but the taste is pretty close to it, the only really noticeable difference is the stronger alcohol taste, u get warmer off this 1/2 way thru than the 5.9 version. I would still drink my 5.9 version as regullary as I do , but this would be gettin thrown into the mix If I could get it easier than doin a trade with West Coast crew members, cuz on the nights u wanna just chill and only wanna drink 1 40 and catch a nice buzz, with the classic taste, this is it ,This is where 7.5 OE has the 1 up on Ides, the taste is great. No funk at all, fills u up more than its 5.9 cousin, but buzzes u more too. Karpis...WC crew, we can get down on a trade for some of these bad boys anytime. If EC OE (5.9) is an A+ this gets an A++
No such thing as a perfect 10, as Big J said in 1 of his reviews, but this is the closest.
Taste 9.5/10
Buzz 9.5/10 (only 40 beside Ides to get me "feeling nice: off just 1 40)
Swill 9.5/10 same as its 5.9 cousin, swill taste just the same as a full 40, (unless u babystit it)
Overall 9.5/10 swills all muthafuccin day, West Coast OE, do some.

2/22/09 timcom99: OE 800 (7.5%) West Coast is a Great Malt Liquor !!!!!!!!!

It is almost as Potent as many High Gravity Malt Liquors but it has the Great Taste and Refinement of a Normal Gravity Malt Liquor. Two for me makes a Nice, Quiet night at home

2/22/09 D4N0: 7.5% (west coast): First off, thanks out to BigJ on the hookup. At my first sip, this malt tasted very strong, almost stronger than a St. Ides or a Camo. But then 4 or 5 sips later, it started to grow on me, and not seem so potent. The taste was the same as OE800 east coast, but with tiny bite at the end. Great 4 altogether.
Buzz 8/10
Taste 6/10
Overall 7/10 swills

5.9%: One of my favorite 40's I've gotten the chance to taste. Definitely in my top 5 for 40s. Very smooth, great buzz. 10/10 swills.

12/05/08 Dean: Like Colt, we usually see Oldies in 32's though you can find 'em in 40's from time to time although not as much in the last decade or so. I used to drink these every day after work back in HS, and although KC was my first 40 ever, OE800 is probably the one I've swilled the most of. I know people who do not like OE of any kind, but they are far and few in between. Classic (or classy?) malt liquor with countless street cred in any percent or variation. Also like Colt, these things are easy to get caught up with... Before you know it, you're lying, loving, laughing, or leaving. The ladies also seem to like the Olde English a pretty good deal and are not offended if you offer them a swill or two and may actually pound back as many as the guys. This is a major plus or a major fault if you're married and your wife doesn't drink. I'll buy OE over almost every other malt I can find, and I'm going to agree with the universal vote of 10/10.

11/22/08 Pacuguy: OE800 (8%) is my fav up here in Canada, i have not alot to compare it to as far as American 40's go, but the rest have big shoes to fill

10/04/08 TheSnakeDoctor: I've been wanting to swill this for a very long time. I finally bellied up and found it and I only had to drive 300 miles. Great crack little hiss. Had it in the freezer for an hour which turned into one of the greatest tasting malts I've ever had. The smoothness makes you feel guilty because it's so good. The great malt taste continued throughout the duration and the swill didn't even taste bad. 9/10 Where have you been all my life.

10/3/08 Alvin Karpis: The thing that sets Olde English 800 (7.5% West Coast) apart from the rest of the fine malts is the sweet taste that it has. OE is very drinkable and enjoyable. Unlike Mickeys or Colt 45 after you finish a 40 of OE you will have a nice buzz. Now that same buzz that a St. Ides or 211 will give you but that sweet taste of OE outshines the rest. This brew can be found in every gas station,liquor store or grocery store from Seattle to San Diego. So finding it is never a problem. I am a guy who loves rare and vintage 40s (Crazy Horse,Camo,Laser)but OE will never let you down. I cant even think of the last time I got one that was skunked. A 40 and a 22 gives me the perfect buzz thats why we need to have the 64oz back it is perfect. Overall score is 10/10

Canadian 8.0%: Thanks out to do7com for the hook up on this most wanted 40. Tastes just like West Coast OE. I am very upset as to how OE can have an 8.0% OE up in Canada that tastes just like my WC OE, but have the horrible OE HG 8.0% in the USA. They should have kept OE Ice. To me drinking this is like an OE Ice, for the buzz at least. Awesome fucking 40 and buzz. 10/10 easy.

10/02/08 JAP: Once again I dont know why I've never reviewed this jem yet but whatever. Had this for the first time way back in 94 and loved it. A great alternative to the usual malts in my neighborhood,, 45,mickey's,and ides which where all common shit in all stores at that time. OE always had a rep. for being the smoothest malt around. It deserved it by far.Always a go to, you cant go wrong.

9/27/08 nastynate81: what can i say about this classic 40.I'm not sure of the alcohol content of the ones around my area,but the taste is great reminds me alot of colt 45 at times ,and one of my favorite bands called Ligeia made a shirt with the shape and the logo of OE 800,but instead of saying Olde English 800 it says Ligeia.

211 Swilla: Great 40. I always enjoy the smoothness of OE, especially when comparing to its HG brother. My biggest problem with OE is the weak buzz, however due to the good taste and perfect fizz level, you can swill it fast. 8/10

40 Ounce Legend: the true malt liquor. One cannot help but think first of oe8 when the words malt liquor are mentioned. I've drank so much of the shit that I don't have a lot to say about it. It was my first 40 ever, and I still drink it today. My sophomore roommate taught me to jazz up the taste you can add shots of aftershokck....he was right, but he also spent the night on my bathroom floor. Sung about by eazy-e and the beastie boys......Oe8 will always sit at the head of the class.

40ozItalian: This stuff is great...best 40 I have had....feels good and I got down to the bottom no problem. Smooth and refreshing....8 outta 10 swills for the taste and buzz factor....

40x40Vision: Not bad. Wasn't too fond of it though.

91firebird: Just swilled a OE 40. Little hair of the dog. OE needs no review. Everyone knows it's the standard by which malts are judged. 10/10 swills. Best drink on the planet.

4TDogg: What can i say about OE except it is bar none the best 40 I have ever had. If it were not for Colt 45 it would be head and shoulders above all else. Worth every penny of the 50cent markup over regular 40s in my local bodega. 10 of 10 no question.

AndoTheHornetSwiller: OE is just a classic 40. Its never gonna go away. I have friends that swear by it. Good ass malt. Actually on my 2nd of the night right now, goes down smooth. It's always been a good drink at any time.

billmac1981: Writing this post with a bum leg and a natty ice 40 and half of an oe800 done...

so if i make any errors...forgive me...

oe is def a classic taste of a 40 no question...too bad the 7.5 isn't available in the boston area....i would love to try it...the 5.9 is pretty damn good...

reminds me (and dont rag on me for this one...cuz i know everyone seems to like oe....a stronger version of KC???...dear god dont flame me on that...i'm half in the bag so dont go nuts....pretty damn good though....and have another ice cold one in the back of my fridge right now for later tonight...

decent buzz....although i've already knocked down a natty ice 40...would definitely reccomend it to most die-hard 40 drinkers....def worth it...9/10 swills still doesnt compare in my opinion to heffy's...

BrainDamage702: i drank this after a colt45 so it tasted fuckin great. stayed nice n chill, swill didnt bother me at all, then again i waz pretty buzzed. 9 outta 10

BrewNovice40: My very first 40. I found it at Bubbles Wine & Spirits here in Kansas City, MO. For it bein' my first 40, it was pretty damn good. Went down smooth and everything. Didn't get fucked up til after I drank it all though. A mofo was on one when I was done swillin' it. It was well worth it.

Buzzcore: 5.9%: I can't comment on the taste, because I've never had OE as the first drink of the night. This is always a 'I need more, dude. Hey, stop here and let me see what they have...' kind of thing. Why is OE usually a few cents more than all the other malt 40's.......... what gives? Unfortunately, most convienence stores (the only place to buy after 10 pm in Jersey) don't stock much variety in the malt liquor department. Then again, these numbnuts are also the same people who stock MD 20/20 WARM?!?! Who drinks warm MD??? Anyway, back to the OE........... it can give you an honest buzz, but I just don't dig the whole 'rapper image' of OE and it always reminds me of the furniture polish. It's also not nearly as 'old school' as many people think. You wont find any OE items on eBay that date back to the 60's like with Private Stock and Country Club, I'll tell you that. I also hate the color brown. Overrated. 4/10.

7.5%: Drank this the other night while watchin' a movie with my girl. The movie (which I forget the fucking name of) and the 40 were both nothing more than bearable. I totally don't understand the hype behind this malt. Sucks as bad as most of the rappers........... oooh, I'm sorry "hip-hop artists"............. who tout this thing on the reg, Run DMC excluded. It does, somehow taste better than the lower % eastern version though. So I give it a 5/10.

BWill40s: Old Gold indeed a classic a couple years ago when i first had this was half ass backwards becuase my buddy got me the HG800 that tasted like trash but the regular was very good indeed 8-10

Chr0niC 40oz dRiNker: Is the shit...if i had a choice of any beer in the world..this would be it. It is straight up the shit, sit back and grab one of these fuckers whether with homes or at the yacht club. As long as you keep it real with OE.

ClownShoeLopez: i bought this at the zee discount market next to the ny smoke shop while in new york last week.

i got a nice crack. tasted the same as the o.e. i get in quartz here. the extra 8oz was a nice touch that kinda capped off the small buzz id regularly get from a quart.10 out of 10 swills. although i gotta admit im biased to olde gold cause its what i regularly drink.

DaHookUp7Mile: Killed a 40 of OE and on a Natty Ice 40 now.

OE was good as always, If i cant get a HG ill usually cop a OE. Great taste, Always consitent, Always know the kinda buzz you'll cop, With the east coast version it aient much buzz. But great taste and reliable, I gotta give OE a 10.

Dave Kozy: My O E today tasted better than I remember it. I took a break from malt and have been drinking lots of shitty ice beer. Natty, Keystone, Icehouse. O E 800 just blows them all away. A better buzz and no funky aftertaste. I'm a convert. 9 outta 10 chugs.

Dean/nrsv:OLDE English 800 Brand Malt Liqour....
"OE," "OLDE GOLD,", "Eight Ball," it goes by many names. It's been touted by Rappers from Easy E to IceT to NRSV as their malt Liqour of choice. Many people have tried this stunt, many people continue to front.
OLDE-E is by far the best Malt Liqour out there. It's won world class tasting awards for brewing excellence time and time again. Yeah, you can get it cheap at any bodega, but that dosent make it a "cheap ass" Malt Liqour. OLDE-E is charcoal filtered to give it a well rounded and mature taste. Charcoal filtering is what give OLDE-E it's superior flava. This is the process by which after the beer is done being brewed, it is slow dripped through Oak Charcoal and then into the storage vats before bottling. FYI...Jack Daniels uses the same technique with it's famous whiskey. OLDE-E is rich and gold in color and rich and gold in taste. It's not a sweet as your other Malt liqours, that's because the Charcoal filtering mellows the flavor a bit which gives it a nice finish...i'd put it up against ANY world class malt liqour and i bet it would win hands down. Many others agree as OLDE-E has been around for years and won many awards. It's available in 12oz. cans, 16oz. cans, 22 oz. bottles, 32oz. quart bottles (not easy to find anymore), the ever popular 40oz. bottle, and in the past i've had it in the 64oz. bottle - that's a lotta OE. The label bears a gold crown, that's because it's the King of Malt Liqours...i dare anyone to find a better one. It's currently brewed by Miller Brewing in Milwawkee, but in the past has been owed by Pabst Co. It's a brand that has definately outlasted it's competitors and the new trends in the market. Again, i dare anyone to find a better tasting brew. OE for me, OE for you, OE OE for the whole damn Brew Crew.

dj oe 800: i really shouldn't say anything good about olde e, because pretty much everything that you can say has already been said. and why?

i can't say it's the best forty, ever, because i've only tried about fifteen or so. however, of those fifteen, this is hands-down not only my favorite forty, not only my favorite malt liquor, but my favorite alcoholic drink of all time.

it is so good that i would drink it even if it was non-alcoholic. from the crack, to the label, to the swill, hell, even to the foam, it's so god-awful delicious.

harsh enough that you can't chug it so fast that you get filled up and puke, yet tasty enough that you can enjoy it, and packs a damn good buzz for someone of my weight and tolerance (170, can handle two of these bad mommas and like six or seven buschs before i get drunk).

plus the label is cool as shit.

doafortyandyomom: oe is won of my best fizzortys at a party dis past weekend some mo fo handed me a warm oe i drank but just because it oe

Drastic Mezures: I tried an OE tonight (first one in like 2 years) and it was pretty bad, just like I remembered. The way it tasted was like two parts, first half was decent, then going down it tasted like any other 40 would if it were flat, every swig was like that until about 3/4 of the way down, then the whole thing got horrible but I still finished it right down to the foam.

DropkickMurphy07: My first 40 ever was O.E....and it's still a standard. I can always count on it like an old friend. I'm not a fan of the taste, it just dosen't have much bite or punch, but that also means that it goes down like water, and best of all it's cheap.

EastTN40: Olde English 800 (East Coast) is the malt liquor about everyone of them wish they could be. Has a nice sweet, mellow taste to it and is delicious. It's like no other and makes me want more. I have drunk it since I was 18. The King of malts and a classic. You can't have enough Olde E! 9/10 Swills!

Fat John: To me Olde E 800 is the 40 of all forties.Almost everyone has had a brush with it.It is always fresh and it almost always gives at least a slight buzz even to the most alcoholic of alcoholics.A great all around brew.The only thing holdin it back nowadays (at least for me) is the price.Olde E runs about 2.75 to 3.00 bucks a piece around here.A St.Ides HG(8.2%) only runs me 2 bucks and leaves me feeling better than an olde e without sacrificing taste.

hg8point2: old gold.........my personal #1.this malt has it all perfect taste,great body,and decent swill.also a timeless rep. on the street,when you ask someone about their first 8ball you'll see a big smile.many,many,many goddtimes with this one.also this picture of malt perfection was my first 40.what can you give olde e. except a 10?

idrinkthebeer: oe is definitely a classic. been drinking the 40's since sophomore year in high school. good percentage, good taste. one notch below 211. 9/10

i want my 40: olde english 800 is some good shit i definatly give it 10/10 brown paper bags

JoeWebberlione: out of all the 40s & malts & everything I've had before (& thats a lot) this shit is by far the most incredibly delicious best shit you can possibly get. I love it, I got all my boys hooked on the shit too. We all swear by it, best 40 ever. period.

Canadian 8.0%: First off thanks out to my boy Nitz011 from Canada for the hook up on this bad boy. Cracked this on Thanksgiving 2007. Nice hiss and crack to this one, first sip makes me think of St. Ides, a high gravity flavor, but still carrys that OE smootheness. I remember the west coast variant not being quiet as strong as this, hence the 7.5% content. The buzz factor on this one is insane!! I love how it says IMPOTRTED on it, and still says Malt Liquor instead of strong beir unlike most canadian malts. If I were in Canada & this were available this would def be one of those ones I swilled on the reg. 9 out of 10 swills.

LMSCRacer: 5.9% - What can you say? - OE has that classic taste that qualifies it as a standard. Good crack and hiss and smooth all the way to the swill. The perfect all round malt. It too rates an 8/10 swills.

7.5% - A big thanks to SanJose40Drinker for the trade here. This stuff is pure gold. Nice crack and hiss. Decent enough malt flavor does a great job hiding the higher alcohol content. Perfect carbonation level. Goes down almost too easily. Even the swill is decent enough. I give this 8/10 swills for the perfect mix of ABV and taste.

lookin 4 a 40: 5.9%: This malt liquor is probably one of my favorites, it was also my first malt so for those reasons it will probably stay my favorite.This malt is a fucking classic and drank by such rappers as Eazy-e, Run DMC,and Tupac in the movie Juice.This gave a good buzz..and if your used to malts it will go down fairly easily.If I can get fucked up for a $ 1.67 i cant complain.... 10/10 brown paper bags

7.5%: Okay, I went out to Cali with high hopes of finding some new shit and drinkin some 40's.I copped 2 7.5% OE 40's and chilled em right away. The first crack of this OE was sick, I mean nice and clear. As I drank it though, I found it a little harder to go down. It tasted a little more dense than the reg OE due to it's higher alc %.In the end though, the buzz hit me pretty nicely and it got the job done. 8/10 brown paper bags for the 7.5 due to it being a 40 and higher percentage.

MarkBlackout: Olde English "800" is certainly a classic 40, there's no doubt about that. There was a time that OE was the only malt liquor I would drink! (Those days are long gone, of course). There's other malts/40s I prefer now, but OE still holds up! It is a bit heavier than other mainstream malts, but really tastes about as good as any of them. I expected a battle with this one, just because I didn't like OE the last few times I've had it, but this 40 was excellent! Good buzz, easy swilling. 8 out of 10 swills.

nickmoulton: No need for a review, it is pretty much all summed up already. Obvioulsy, the king of the forties. Perfect malt taste. Easily in my top 3. 9/10 swills

oldeenglisheddie: The flag bearer for Malt liquor, for sure, ever since I was a wee boozer at the tender age of 14 I've been in love with "Da Tiger" The cans fit great in the inside pockets of a flight jacket, the 40's go down quick (15-20 minutes) because of the ultra smooth taste. I actually opt for the English over regular beer, not just for potency, but because it just tastes better than just about any see-thru beer. If only Olde-English made an Irish stout version of their delightful malt liquor, I'd probably be an honest to god alcoholic. But there's none better, and few malt's can get a pussy wetter. Olde E keeps you comfortable in almost all weather.

OldeEOG: mutha fucka Old E. how mcould any1 complain. from the second you crack that cap, you can't turn back. refreshing and smooth. 10/10 easy. i only had tha 5.9 tho cuz im reppin tha c-port. cant wait to get my hands on a 7.5. bet thats the shiit

OldeGoldSwilla: THis is the king of malt liquor. What malt is found in more stores? It's label is iconoic! Old Gold is a classic malt that will never go out of style. It's ever a Bad decision!!!

only if its malted: that oldy from from across the pond sure hits the spot- its labeling is simply stellar. and lets be real here, any OG drinks OE

PaulDude40: olde english is definitely my top choice, 10/10

REMI187: Old E is like a gorgous female, once u crack it open and get a taste ther aint no turning back u need more

RickCarling: This is a great malt liquor. Its the classic, you cant fuck with it. Tasty, smooth, and gives a good buzz. The only real downside to this stuff seems to be that it makes me hugely thirsty. I woke up after drinking it and i downed like 12 glasses of water and was still parched. 10/10 Swillz.

RowdyAssDrunk: Canadian: Great malt.

Sweet, boozy, smooth and pretty. What more could be said. Nothing nicer than an Ice Cold Olde Gold.

This id the only 40 here that comes in a small mouth clear botttle. To add some classiness, it even boasts that it is imported. This stuf is really the perfect balance between taste and buzz. Most higher % brews are too harsh to put down quickly and get a good buzz. Lower % ones go down fast, but dont get you that nice drunken feeling.

10/10. This is what everything else is judged by.

satan165: 5.9%: The standard to measure non HG's by. Been around forever, the label matches the beers color. A true malt flavor with no hint of Ides funkiness. The brew to get lifted on without feeling Hi-Gravitied. 10 of 10 swills, the best all around 40 malt ive ever had. Buzz: A, Taste: A

7.5%: Special thanx to Vile Fiend for this 40, a different breed not available in Chicago but available in The Washington State area. This does taste a little stronger then regular (5.9%) OE -- this is a whopping 7.5%, very respectable. This doesn't have the same rich, golden flavor of the one I'm used to, although, espically considering everything, this one is certainly above average in the taste department. I like regular OE for the fact that its a bit weak in a way. This one certainly could serve its purpose when needed. Buzz: B+, Taste: B-

Canadian: I wanted this bitch for the longest time...finally got the hook up from my man in British Columbia, shadyone.

This bitch is 8.0% and one (if not the only)canadian 40s that actally says 'malt liquor' on it, not something more 'classy' like 'very strong beer'. This completes the OE family for me, I can't wait to drink it.

Its so hard to judge since I haven't had a local (eastern) OE in a while...I'd espically like to compare this to a Western OE since thats only 1/2% difference...the color seems a little darker/more orange then normally, but I have nothing to compare it to. I was afraid it would taste like a regular OE with that spike of alcohol flavor (since its a higher %), but thats not really the case. It does taste a little darker maybe...stronger, but not in the sense of the word as a reference to alcohol. The label gives this one more points, and even more points since its the final of the OE family I need. This is pretty good stuff, not nearly as strong tasting as the Canadian Big Bear or Canadian Colt 45, both of which were completely different and sharper to the tounge then their american counterparts. buzz B+ taste C+

sawzy: OE tastes like candy. it is my favorite drink and i drink nothing else. if the store is out of oe 40's (cuz i bought em all) i buy 22's instead. i want to buy my first case soon just for the cardboard box. i even convinced my local korean grocer to sell me his OE promotional tin sign, with a picture of a frosty oe 22, 2 thugs drinkin some, and a hot chick in a black dress lying down. a 40 of it only costs $1.99 near seattle. the only problem with oe is the dosage. if i drink one, i am not faded enough and want another real bad. then if i drink 2, i get fuckin lifted and rowdy and wake up with that rotting teeth feeling, not remembering anything i did. and i HAVE to finish the 2nd, i could never let some OE go to the trash when theres some left! i've even left my OE out by a dumpster, gone in to a club, and came out and finished it hours later. OE is the king of all malt liquor!

Sgt JMo: Ok, this weekend I had my FIRST OE and Big Bear. The OE was fantastic and I'll drink waaaaaay more of them, it was better than anything in Canada except for Perfect 10, therefor it is my #2 favorite canadian 40!!

sippin apache: Canadian: This is by far the smoothest 8% malt i've ever sampled. The clear small mouth bottle is a classic. As for the malt, ice cold, it's crisp, almost no aftertaste and the buzz is very decent. Sippin' an OE is like sippin a fine spirit or cham, the finest.

Soulscientist93: Now being in the united kingdom getting the chance to taste malt liqour is a pretty rare thing, thankfully i found a palce in europe that shipped to the UK so i was in luck. Cracking the top got me kinda excited and the first sip went down very smoothly, finished the bottle after about an hour and i must say i could feel it!! Overall a very smooth drink. 9 out of 10

SouthLyons40s: 7.5%: I've had tons of OE800 on the East Coast, and it's good. But nothing special.

Recently I flew to San Fransisco to visit my brother, so I figured I'd look around for some West Coast variants. Only thing I came across was OE 800 at 7.5%, so on the last day of my vacation I swilled it in the hotel room.

Being from the Midwest, where the 40's are usually under 6.0% or over 8.0%, this at first tasted a little odd. To me it tasted like half East Coast OE mixed with Bull Ice. Not very bad at all. It had that church-wine-ish taste I sometimes associate with HG's, but it was hardly noticeable after I got below the label.

I cracked this with apprehention. I've had OE HG... and it sucks the root. But this was nothing like it. It had the distinct sweet OE flavor, but halfway through I had a small buzz going and by the end the buzz was more akin to an HG like Ides or Steele.

So in short, this was a great 40. The label was the same as the Midwest labels, which was kind of a bummer, since a large 7.5% on it would have been cool, but nothing to complain about. I'm happy I was able to try this, and I'm looking forward to swilling a West Coast Big Bear some day soon!

splatterhouse00: OE is an incredible 40, nuff said its just perfect

Street Philosopher: The first 40 I ever had was OE "800", in fact it was the first time I ever got drunk. I haven't stopped drinking it since, and it's cool, strong taste is unmistakable. Sure Colt 45 is good, but it's also less alcohol, and the 800 gives you sweet sweet flavor with a great drunk to match.

Can't be beat.

SwigDa40oz: Last night at a party i came in with 3 40oz's. A 40oz Old English 800, a 40oz King Cobra and a 40oz MGD (For my friend). I started off the night with the OE. I was surprised how smooth this malt was for the price. It contained a nice 7.5% and when i was about 2/3 done with it i already had a nice buzz going for me. I finished it up and the swill had a kick but all in all was very delightful. This is probably my #1 malt now. It tasted good and had a great buzz factor. I rate this beer: Taste: 7 Buzz: 8 Swill: 6 Price: 9 (nice and cheap) Overall: 8

taego8ball: OE is my favorite right now and the canadian version is really good!

ThUgWiGGa: Canadian: The great hiss sent shivers up my spine, time for some tasty malt liquor! I love the taste of OE, i have the urge to try the american OE HG, because it is the same alcohol %, yet people say it tastes horrible! This is not the case for the canadian 8% OE. Its yum yum yum! Nice and sweet, and SMOOTH! Its so tasty going down, i can only think back to the CBL Supreme, it was foul tasting compared to sweet olde gold. There was a bit of a swill (too lazy to put it in the mini-fidge) but it wast definately bearable, tasted better than some 40s ive tried. The buzz is nice too, (i have done so much 'backspacing' to make this review readable), although im a rookie, so this means next to nothing. I have yet to drink a better malt than this. 10/10. Olde Gold is the shit, nice buzz, super smooth / good taste.

5.9%: Cracked this and it foamed up hardcore.
This shit is good! Very very smooth compared to what i'm used to. Not much flavour to it, just smooth and cold. I remember King Cobra being alot more malty than this. I cant complain though, it is smooth as fuck! At times it didnt taste like much more than alcoholic water. Very good but i prefer KC to it for taste. 8/10 for being smooth and easy to drink

Tiger Tai: OE has been my 40 of choice for about the past 4 years. I love the malted good taste of OE and it has a smoothness that is hard to beat. My boy Ed knocked out my other boy Dallas with a OE bottle an split his wig by accident, it was pretty fuckin cool. I'd give OE 9 of 10 Swills.

troobie: 7.5%: First off, there is no fucking way I haven't reviewed this yet. Are my reviews getting deleted??? Maybe I'm just always too drunk to know WTF is going on when I'm on this site. Alright, OE 800 is not one of my favorites. I have some problems with this malt. I'll admit it, I'm cheap, especially when buying a cheap beer (malt liquor is, by definition, a cheap beer). OE 800 has a premium price. We are paying for the name here folks. After paying CRV and tax a 40 is around 3 dollars and up. I can get 48oz. (two 24's) of St. Ides High Gravity for just over 2 bucks. Next, I'm not a fan of the taste of OE. It is bitter, more so than any other malt I've had. When I pick an OE 800, I cringe when thinking about the taste. It isn't bad, not offensive, certainly mild when compared to Steel Reserve or, hell, even Bud Ice. Just some weird bitter and maybe even old man cheap taste. Whenever I finish a 40 of this my mouth feels dehydrated and metallic and I need to eat something or I get nauseous. Lastly in the negative list is the label. The gold and maroon are hugely lame. I realize this a classic, but holy fuck, except for all the giant "40 ounces" it is time to change the label. The only positive for this malt, and it is a BIG positive, is that this motherfucker hits hard. 7.5% my ass! I'm going to give this a 4/10. Sorry, I know this is hardcore classic, but I don't buy it often because of the shitty taste.

troutkilla77: I love Olde English 800. If I could'nt get 211 this would be what I would drink the most more than likely.... due to the poor High Gravity lager supply around here. Plus it's super easy to swill.

uk82chaospunk: my 1st 40 and my 40 of choice now...i really love the fucking taste...good as fuck! i dont get much of a buzz off it, but it takes way more than 1 40 for me to get drunk so thats that, this is the perfect 40, not too strong, not too weak, goes great with weed, i can even drink this shit warm with no problem! the 8-juice is the best 40 out there 10 out of 10 swills for 8 ball

White Mike: OE is the only mainstream malt in my opinion that can compete taste wise with some of the smaller more tasty malts like private stock.

Wildman40: Old reliable...Classic malt that has never let me down, not an HG so you can't really expect much buzz from 1, but a couple OE's and you'll be feeling good.

Olde English 800 has gotta be one of the most widely available of the malts, or at least it is here, so it's my common drink of choice. OE is one of my favorites, its got a little bit of a spritzy feeling, not smooth like Hurricane, but sorta carbonated like a soda or something. OE however is still delicious, for some reason, you get an OE to label and it just seems to melt away. OE is easy to drink, solid taste, and just has an amazing reputation. The most reliable 40 ive ever had, even a shitty brew OE like an old one or sorta skunked for some reason just isn't that bad. One of my personal favorites, I give it 9/10.

YerPissingMeOff: I don't know what it is I dont really like OE too much, there is a big difference then other 40's in the taste I dont know what it is.... see over here I could get a Black Bull for the same price as OE so the choice is obvious...