Olde English HG '800'

I need the 7.5% alc/vol variation, if you can help please email me.

Found: Aurora, Colorado
Alcohol content: 8.0% & 7.5%
Other variations: ?
Also known as: OE High Gravity
Slogan: "High Gravity Malt Liquor"
Phone #: 1-800-MILLER6
Website: www.millerbrewing.com
Brewery: Olde English 800 Brewing Co., Milwaukee, WI

Bruz: Original review when it 1st was released: Supposedly this is the same as OE Ice but with a new label & name, but I don't believe it cuz this is the worst. So bad that it doesn't even deserve to be reviewed, let alone finished by the 40oz King. Horrible. The worst "high gravity" 40oz I've ever had. Tastes like hell. Maybe it's due to the Doritos & cashews I munched on during it but this garbage tasted like bottled up Weed-B-Gone or something. Hell. Poison. I hated the beginning, not to mention the rank swill. It's a hearty 8% but if you wanna get your buzz on, stick with the 211 or St Ides, cause both of them are stronger and much better tasting. I'm not being racist either, cuz regular OE is one of my favorite 40s... I don't think others were as negative towards this malted urine as I was, but I gotta go ahead & give this 1/10 swills.

New review (1/22/09): Drank this while filming a video for 40ozMaltLiquorTV. Thank you, ImissMy64oz, for hooking me up with it. I was dreading it because OE HG 800 has always been 1 of my top 3 worst 40s, and that's just from the ONE time I've had it before (see above review). So when I took my initial swig, I was surprised. It wasn't that bad. I drank most of it within 10 minutes, leaving only a couple inches at the bottom, and the whole thing was fine, comparable to most other HGs (St Ides, 211, etc). Did they change the recipe? Did my taste buds grow stronger? I don't know. Even the swill was ok - not good, but it didn't make me want to kill myself. Strong flavor but manageable. It's still not one I'd drink if it was even available by me - I'd still pick other HGs over it if that's what I was in the mood for. But I gotta increase my rating... it's worth 5/10 swills now. No longer the one of the worst 40s on the market.

3/22/11 damn maan How could they have screwed this up so bad? Going by the name, you'd think it would be some sort of holy grail. Metallic taste throughout and the swill is terrible. Yields a nice buzz, but who cares. So does 211, and it tastes much better. 2/10

8/28/10 ShatteredX This 40 tastes like complete ass. I was pretty damn excited when I spotted it at the Quik Stop since it was the first time I've seen an 8% 40 here in IA.

The crack was decent but I started getting nauseous after just a few sips, partially because I'm a pussy and partially because this has the nastiest, sharpest, booziest after taste of any 40 I've ever drank. Tastes like watered down terrible whiskey.

I can't comment on the buzz cause it took my 3 hours to find the courage to finish this. Swill was actually a little better than most of it.

1/10 for sure. I tried the only other 8% 40 in my area (Steel Reserve) and that was much better FYI. I'd guess just about anything is better than this.

3/8/10 havinafett I got one of these months ago thanks to 91firebird but cracked it one night when I had already drank a decent amount. I don't think I even finished 1/4 of it.
Thumbsdown to me for being a waste. Thanks to itsdanko for another one.

Threw it in the freezer for about 3 hours and it was super cold when I started drinking it.
I was surprised, tasted like a real good HG.
Didn't notice any metallic smell or aftertaste.
I figured that was just because it was ice cold and once it warmed up a little bit I'd be in for some shit.
But it never got any worse, and no metallic taste ever really creeped in.
If anything it just tasted like exactly what it claims to be... OE HG.
And yeah the alcohol bite was more than what it should be considering its only 0.5% higher than WC OE which is downright delicious, but it wasn't bad at all.
I just kept wondering why this stuff has such a bad reputation.
It's nothing great like Ides or HHG, but I would go as far as saying its real good.
No where near the worst I've ever had.
Lucky Number 7 11 was worse than this,
Side Pocket HG Ale was worse.
I'm pretty sure I thought Colt 8% was even a little harsher.

Really don't see why this is considered bad at all.
I'd definitely drink this again if I could get it.
Swill wasn't bad and it delivered a really good buzz.

giving this bitch an 8/10, thats right...

11/4/09 TheFear Garbage.I've had this several times before. Last time was about a year ago. I'm not sure why I picked it up today. I think I felt bad for it because I've passed it by in the cooler so many countless times. Like when your girlfriend goes to the pet store and picks out the ugliest of all dogs, because "Oooh look, he's so sad. Nobody wants him. Can we take him home?" Of course we can. Well, the taste is Terrible. The buzz is what it should be for an 8% brew. God Damn It!!! It's looking at me again! Ok, I'll probably drink it again, but I'm not sure why. 4/10.

9/7/09 40zForSatan I decided to have a 40 on my lunch break today, looking at my selection in my fridge this one has the closest best before date on it so I grabbed it. Had a turkey and swiss and a banana before I attacked the malt. It has the initial sweetness of the OG OE but a metallic aftertaste and that HG bite. I don't mind it though, but when regular OE is 7.5 over here there's no real point in grabbing this haha.

TASTE: 5/10
SWILL: 4/10
LABEL: 6/10
BUZZ: 7/10

9/7/09 BWill40s Ok so I was thinking to myself I have not reviewed Olde English HG. To my surprise I have not.

Also I have not had an OEHG in about 6-7 months. Rightfully so. Today is Labor day and what a day to rip some OEHG huh? Well to be honest I am in shock this 40oz is not that bad but not that great. It goes down smooth alot better then 211.

Though it gets warmer quicker then most 40's ive had. Halfway through and everything is going alright. All I can say really is the worst about this the warm factor and it seems to hit the stomach with more of a full factor then anything else. Hey for 8%. The buzz will kick in sooner then later.

Overall this gets a 6/10 Swills in my book.

If you need the bottle pick it up and try it. You may like it or hate it. I am now in the middle if I had to drink it and was out of brew. No problem. Otherwise I will stick with the good old "Olde English"

8/29/09 40ozHawaii Crew, I can get this as a regular here. I have had it about half a dozen times, and I really don't care for it. But, it is 8.0%, and I get intrigued by the local popularity and sale prices, so I get it on occasion.
As far as my review goes, I don't care much for the initial taste. I think the high gravity malt is just too overwhelming to be truly enjoyable. Yet I think that if you can keep it cold enough while you drink this, it gets better with progression. I dare say, midway though the bottle I was telling myself that it isn't that bad. As I approached the tail end (last 0.5 inch) I was over it, but finished it off with grief.

Not that this is a great of a beer, but I suppose it has it's place. I will be drinking this again, when the price is right, and the proper OE800 (7.5% - mind you) is out of stock.

Taste: 3.8/10
Buzz: 7/10
Swill: 5/10
Label: 6.5/10

7/21/09 TheSnakeDoctor As soon as I cracked this 40 I knew it was going to be trouble. The first few drinks weren't that bad but as soon as the frost wore off I got a healthy taste of fuck you. I had a lot of ideas on how this would taste after reading reviews, but to be honest it wasn't as bad as I expected. Yes it wasn't the best malt I've had but to compare it to the 24oz cans I've had this 40 was rather a delight. Half way through it was very reminiscent of a steel reserve. I powered my way through this bad boy and really enjoyed the buzz that it delivered. Taste 3/10, buzz 7/10, overall 5/10.

6/27/09 itsdanko i just did this in 10 mins, and i have no idea how i managed to do it. its got a weird taste to it.... i personally dont fuck with it like that. had to rinse my mouth out with a couple bowl hits. buzz i'd say is like an 8/10 (but it doesnt take much for me to get it goin for some reason, which rules). taste i'd say like 4/10, i didnt like it.... but ill end up getting it again. i'm in heaven....

5/27/09 steelydan211 Had my first experience with the Olde E HG 800 on saturday night. Not gunna Lie I'd rather have regualr Olde E any day after experienceing this knarley drank. I ended up drinking 3 of thse bad boyz, because I was in Utah and it was pretty much the only 40 the liquor store had. Utah is real gay about booz. any way I remember drinking the first 2, but the 3rd is a blurr. Long story short i woke up with a bitchin hangover, and apparently chugged a Coors extra Gold while i was passed out cold on the couch. Impressive shit eh?

shit is nasty.

3/04/09 CountryCluber408 OE 800 HG. damn, this shit can be haaarsh. Had it only twice. but enough to say it is def not what you would be used to if you were expecting a liiiittle more that OE 7.5% (a gay .5%more) This biz messed me up more that a 211 west coast 8.1% somehow last time. Not sure if I was tired or what but this shit took me out. OK, this did not taste anything like the Staple 40oz (for me)-Olde English 800 7.5%. It tastes like a really weird almost old fucked up Mickeys ICE after a crack-and-put-back-in-the-fridge type of 40. this tripe has potential maybe....2/10 just because it got me trashed and weird after "drinking" it.

2/28/09 91firebird Thanks to D4N0 for the OE HG hookup. I've never had this before and after reading the reviews I was expecting this to taste like lighter fluid. Crack was weak and the 1st sip wasn't bad, but this 40 got warm real quick. It had been in the fridge a few days and in the freezer for about 45 minutes when I cracked it. Overall this 40 is garbage. It started off decent but quickly went to shit. I have no idea why people would buy this other than for the fact that the buzz is wicked. It tastes like udder shit after about 5 minutes. I've had some strong 40's like Four O, Bull Ice, Camo HG and St Ides and this is on par with Steel as one of the worst. I don't like Steel Reserve at all as it has a strong metallic taste IMO and this is just as bad. Its very sweet and although it does not have a wicked burn going down it just has a shitty flavor. The bottle is cool and its definately a great addition to my collection but if I had to choose between this and other HG 40's this would come in last place along with the 211. Bull Ice, Ides, and HHG have this beat by a long shot. Had to power through much of the 40 and killed it in about 30 minutes. Overall 5/10 swills. Again thanks to D4N0 for the hookup

2/17/09 BigJandthe40 I have read alot of bad about this 40 so when I got it today from Bwill40 I was kinda worried. I figured I would do I vid because of the whole BDU VRS. 40OZCREW shit that has been going down. I cracked this bad boy thinking it was going to taste like death, It did but then again I am always very thirsty. I have no time to joke around when it comes to putting away 40ozs so thats what I did. I finished this fucker in 6 plus mins and am going to upload the vid in the morning. I had mixed feelings with this one, I was angry about the shit that went down and took it out on the 40! Any other night I dont think I would have been able to finish this 4 in 6 plus let alone 10. But I was an angry German ready for it, I killed the mother fucker and I liked it despite what others say on this board, I think it was a "A" ok 40 The first few sips were strong and off putting but the rest went down like gravy, somthing I like! I would give this a 5/10 for taste and an 8/10 for buzz! I am the dark horse on this one and say its an 6.9/10. But then again dont trust an angry Anglo!

1/25/09 D4N0 All I have to say about this 40 is, Save your money. Easily in my top 3 worst 40s along with camo silver ice/camo hg. Even with a decent crack/hiss this 40 tastes like shit. The "buzz" factor doesn't even help this 40 in my opinion. I'll rate this "raw sewage water" a whopping 1/10 swills.

9/25/08 vabeachdrinker: I came across a 40 of this a couple weeks ago, and I had heard alot of bad reviews of it. I expected it to taste horrible, but I was definately suprised when I drank it, I really enjoyed it. I kinda reminded me of steel but with a harsher after taste. Either way I would definately drink this malt again.

7/23/08> RustythePelican: I knew of this brew's reputation as one of the worst on the market. "Fuck them" I thought, "I'm so damn hardcore, I'm going to try a 40 of OEHG with an open mind and love it."

The lesson, as always: I'm an idiot.

This shit is bad. Very, very bad. Metallic, astringent, chemical-tasting . . . ugg. I don't even want to call this malt liquor. It's a poor attempt at HG. I probably should have drain-poured it, as I woke up with a mammoth hangover - the kind where I have to squint in order to even drive. Fuck OEHG. 1/10. Paid $2.69 for this dogshit at some Polish liquor store on the far northwest side of Chicago (Miskas?).

211 Swilla: I had stashed this 40 in my beer freezer. Thats a mini-fridge turned down so beer will just barely not freeze. The 40 came out super cold, the liquid actually appeared more opaque due to the chill. The 800 looked thick, but when I cracked the top and heard that familiar fizz, I knew it would be a great malt experience. Normally, I dislike the urine-like aftertaste of OE HG, but the super-cooling had seemingly removed the toxins. I swilled this on an empty stomach and the buzz was raw. 7/10 swills because normally OE HG sucks, but i suppose throwing it into a freezer can help the terrible aftertaste by numbing your tastebuds, leaving a slightly weaker, shittier version of 211.

40 Ounce Killa: I didn't particuarly care for it, but it wasn't quite as bad as I expected.

40ozcasualty: Scored this while in B-more for Drunkenbirds BBQ, not as bad as I thought it would be due to others reviews of it, but definitely not as good as other HG's. I swilled it after spending 2 hours with my nephew who is a fucking brat so when I got home I was much more willing to drink it a bit faster. The taste kinda reminds me of St. Ides HG but somehow no where near as good. Overall I give it 4/10 swills.

Alvin Karpis: Drank the OE HG 800 that I have had in my fridge for about a year. I drank this garbage in Seattle when regular OE was out at the Hindu mart by my house. Before I go into how much I hate this shit some background on OE products and myself. When I was a kid I drank 7.5% OE more then any other malt, and to this day it is still one of my favorites, when I moved to Seattle in 1999 I started drinking OE Ice 800, and that became my go to malt, perfect taste, perfect %, perfect buzz. OE HG is none of these things at all. It does not taste like the classic Ice 800, and although its only .5% stronger then West Coast OE it tastes like a 15% malt, Axe Head and even Black Bull taste better then this shit. I cant belive a brand like Olde English who has produced two of my all time favorite 40s would put this bull shit out on the market. Everyone I knew drank and loved Ice 800, why in the world would OE replace Ice 800 with OE HG? That is an Unsolved Mystery that will never be solved. Taste 0/10 Buzz Dont Care Overall 0/10 thats right I hate it so much it gets no points. Fucking Garbage

Arlington: My wife and I will give a HEADS UP to HG Olde English. It was a little harsher than the regular brew but we liked it. We got buzzed and felt very comfortable soon thereafter. I'd give it at least 6 out 10.

The regular Olde English 800 tastes very nice. Probably a little smoother. But weaker.

BoozeClues: This stuff is not among the best high gravities, despite the Olde English name. The first swig i took tasted vaguely like Jack Daniels, an ominous sign. The alcohol taste is too strong in this one, although it does the job of getting one drunk. I would recommend St Ides or Steel Reserve over this one, as they have similar alcohol content, and Olde English doesn't carry over to high gravity beverages. 4/10 swills for this subpar brew, you can do better. On a sidenote, the label is awesome and it even has a bottlecap with its name on it, which is a nice touch for malt liquor packaging.

BrainDamage702: i pount this 40 after a lucky lager 40 and the first 3-5 swills were gross, then i got used to it and accumulated a buzz,.. this shit kinda reminds me of camo silver ice.. shit got a nice buzz and its half way decent after 5 swills. if it was in my area i wouldnt purchase this 40oz ..but i give the shit7 outta 10

brooks79Z: to me it tasted just as bad as Camo

but not nearly anything similar to 211
i love 211

Buzzcore: This one wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. Tastes like an average HG, really. Not as bad as M-X, that's for sure! It gets a 5/10 just because it wasn't as bad as I expected and it has a unique cap. I always like 40s with their own cap graphics.

d07c0m: Starts off smelling like the nads of a NFL player after 6 hours of practice in the Florida heat.

First sip is manageable but yields a strong, metallic after-taste.

Stays this way until about 3/4 down when an sulfuric egginess begins to make me gag.

Swill is still cold but very hard to hold down

Buzz is really fucking decent!!

2/10 taste 8/10 buzz = 5/10

DEAN/nrsv: you're right, the OE High Gravity is SHIT....i hate to say it, but it's true. Nothing, NOTHING beats the classic OLDE Gold. Always was , Always is and Always will be my favorite.

devnull: okay. long night. drank a 40 of pstock. went malt hunting. 14 stores, 3 hours, etc. picked up some shit, including a cisco for the girl (she loves BUMWINE!) and this. OE HG 800. i've been a huge fan of OE (reg) since i was 14.

crack and first swigs: blah. trash. for once, i'm going to review a 40oz that i pour into a pint-glass. i'm not kidding. i'm not sure that i can drink it otherwise.

so anyhow, i swigged it down to the neck from the bottle. NOT GOOD. that's a bad sign, considering that i gave the fucker an hour in the freezer to chill.

out of the glass, it's MUCH more tolerable, similar to a silver 211 that makes me wanna piss twice as often.... or maybe i just drank too much earlier.

whatever. second pint glass. (swill is still in bottle, and will be drank from bottle) better. buzz is catching up to the taste, so i can almost handle it. still garbage. right now, i'd rather be drinking an evil eye. at least then i'd get an extra 2% booze. this glass is starting to get a bit warm, but still... no good. stomach is grumbling, feels like i'm gunna burp and fart for the next fucking century. okay. glass done, that was hard.

to the swill. i'm scared. i'm pretty sure i can kill it in two chugs, but i don't wanna cough.

ugh. first swill had more warm fruity taste than the rockhead. nasty, funky, GARBAGE. second swill,......... i gots that shit down, but i burped up some of that foarm into my mouth. nasty. it went down, tho... cause i'm a fucking hardass, and i drink way too much. wankstas beware.

terrible 40oz, even if i'm already wasted.

.... 3/10 swills.


DC40s: All right, I knew that at some point I'd have to provide an OE HG review, so I guess today will be that day. Also, I need an empty for my collection.

First, some background.

OE Ice and I were good friends for many years. We had a close and personal relationship that saw many ups and downs. We went from widemouth to smallmouth together and survived through four different bottle cap variations. But one day in the late summer of 2001, she was tragically killed.

Her filthy progeny, OE HG soon stepped onto the stage in a vain attempt to fill the special place his mother had in all HG swillers' hearts.

But he is a nasty, perverted chid, and when he enters your mouth and belly he is nothing short of rebellious.

If I was not such a strong crusader against the worst of malt liquors OE HG might stop me. But no, I've just consumed half of this beast...he has no chance.

Now I am bellow the label...nothing can stop me.

Done. Good riddance to such atrocious, infamous and odious filth.

Taste: 1/10. Buzz: Who cares?

ders0: Drank this a few nights ago. Forgot to review. This forty is pretty bad. As far as HG's I'd probably drink it over Bull Ice but i'd take St. Ides HG over this anyday. Pretty much sucks. Decent buzz though. 5/10

dollazz: nobody likes this shit, though, i thought it was just another HG malt, i thought it tasted the same as a 211 or Camo, maybe not as good, but real close.

Drastic Mezures: I didn't think it could be done, but this goes way beyond the horrible taste of HG St. Ides. I think OE took some old, skunked Ice 800, dumped it into a big vat, diped their sweaty asses in it and then took a piss in it and re-bottled it as OE HG. This was the absolute worst 40 I ever had. It was so bad I only drank 1/3 of it before I dumped it out.

Eight40s: I had two and they went down like a cheerleader on prom night. Shit was ice cold and smooth. The secret to my success was that I chilled them in the freezer for and hour before I commenced consumption. It was an OE HG slurpee which propelled me into euphoria. Next morning I felt like ass tho.......

Four Teas: I was more than a little intrigued the first time I saw the HG 8 Ball. Would it be smoothly sweet and delicious like its venerable little brother? Maybe the cranked up % would make it rough and hearty like the 211? Well suffice it to say that, straight out of the freezer, this concoction was a pleasant surprise. The aroma was nothing too unique, but almost the whole bottle went down easy and produced a significant buzz. Taste was observably different from the original OE; a little sharper. Only real downside to speak of was the swill. I had to make sure nobody had poured rubbing alcohol in when I wasn't looking. Overall this is an above-average malt. 8/10

ImissMy64oz: i had my first oe hg yesterday
i started the day with a bud light at 2 pm
i dont normally drink but light but i got a new long neck
any ways i opened the oe at about 9 the first good sign was the crisp open!!!! any one feel that?? often 40s open easy and the seal just twists off with the bottle----bad sign--- this seal on the oe cracked off with a nice crsip sound and a good quality hiss
i hit the oe at this dudes house that had 6 ugly bisexual girls makin out
it was good at first but as it got warm it got ugly the 40 caused an extreme wave of heat to go through my body i had cold sweats
i just laid into the swill and powered down the last 25% shit was nasty so due to nice label and decent taste when cold ill rate it a 6/10

IMT40s: Although I dont find OE HG to be even close to the worst tasting 40 ever (silver thunder holds that one), I will agree it doesnt taste very good.

But one things for sure, everytime I drink it (about 1 every few months). The buzz seems to be a harsh one, not that smooth of a buzz. maybe it was my mood at the time of each one, but I'm stickin' to the reg. OE.

james: ok well, empty stomach and about a week since my last 40, but holy shit this is hitting me like a brick in the temple. what the hell. miller designed themselves a negro killer. i shoulda known after the 24 was kickin my ass more than most 40's. did the bottle say 8.0% or 18.0% i cant tell anymore

JoeWebberlione: I gotta disagree with most of you on this one. I love the oe hg, it goes down really smooth and I cant get enough of it. The swill isnt that bad and over all this 40 has an unbelievable taste. I agree it isnt as good as St. Ides or 211 but its still pretty damn good. Better than Bull Piss & I mean come on you gotta give props its oe! 8& 1/2 out of 10 stars.

JP Cuzz: this shit aint bad i like the taste maybe cuz i drink warm 40s all the time. High gravity get fucced up faster cuzz ahah.

kingklick420: What can i say about OE HG800......not the best tasting shit....but on the occasion(when you are looking for something strong and cheap) it might hit the spot. after for or 5 swigs you get over the ass taste.....i'd give it a 4 out of 10 because of the nasty headache this shit causes in the morning

Luke69: I just finished a 40 of the OEHG. I thought it would be bad because of the other reviews. I gotta say, I liked it. Mine was COLD! Went down smooth. The buzz was a little harsh but I still enjoyed it. After I drank another one (and had 2 shots of rum) I was straight ready to call my ex-girlfriends! Good shit.

Malted Malt Balls: Drinkers of this brew people are getting a bad batch of this fine malt liquor.
I used to drink Camo and find this stuff far more flavorfull.
I also drink evil eye which is the nastiest shit on earth. But Old English 800 has a nice taste that won't make you puke.

OldeGoldSwilla: Not my favorite Hg. It is not up to par with steel or bull ice athough it is not that much worse than the crooked I. ST Ides seems to be more sugary. I swilled it once and only woulkd again if i really wanted a hg and it was he only hg available. Come on OE i expect more from you!

philly40: fuck OE HG. i had that shit also for the first time last friday and i tasted not as bad as i though it would. but i ended up drinking 3 of those and woke up on saturday mad hurt. couldnt eat anything all day

phordee: Ok, here's my take on the old english high gravity...sorry to say but I wasn't impressed at all with the high gravity. To be quite honest, I had a better buzz off the normal oe. I must admit that I participated in all the hoopla surrounding the high gravity, but was let down. I sat down on my recliner Sunday afternoon, watched the charger/chiefs game while swilling, got up, and felt like i just had 3 corona's or so. maybe my tolerance has gone up, without me knowing. I'm gonna try another sometime this week just to make sure. I do however like the taste. It's more gulp-able if that makes sense.

rage60oz: Drank down a bottle of this the other day. As I started out I thought of how bad everyone else reviewed it and had to wonder if they all got skunked batches? This shit went down pretty smooth as I munched dorritios and ate hot dogs around the campfire. It doesn't have a great taste, but for the high alcohol content I was damn impressed. I rate it 8/10 for the buzz and the great time I had later on that night.

satan165: ill admit that this isnt the best tasting 40 ever but its definately no where near the worst. it tastes like an improved magnum. magnum is the worst 40 ive ever tasted and it isnt THAT bad....id drink one if you gave it to me for free and it was all that was around... Buzz: B-, Taste: C-

shadyone666: this started out great tasted good now half way down i am cringing through every swig

feel a horrible burn and wickedly evil aftertaste
gonna get heartburn from this shit

taste 3/10 buzz 5/10

splatterhouse00: made some trades for this, and I really like it, much smoother than Steel reserve and not as sweet as st ides

Tiger Tai: Alright I was expecting to drink the best High Gravity malt in this one but my expectaions fell very short as this atrocity flowed past my lips. I am very disappointed by OE on this one. one word.... horrible. I'll give OEHG a 4 of 10 Swills...

troobie: I hate OE. Probably the worst malt liquor there is. Having said that, what do you think my opinion of OE HG800 is going to be??? Well, guess what...OE HG800 isn't that bad. Ok, it is that bad, but holds its ground better than original OE. No doubt this is much better than regular OE. The taste reminds me of 211, but not as decent as 211, like if K-mart tried to sell their own brand of Steel Reserve. Of course, the price is way too fucking high. You pay a serious premium for the name. Alright, less than a dollar, but I'm fucking poor and cheap, so that dollar could easily buy me another can of Hurricane HG. I was pretty buzzed going into this review, but OE has always had a really good buzz factor and I think OE HG800 does too. If I ever felt like buying an Olde English product I would certainly go with the HG800 over the original. I'll go 4/10 for not being that bad compared to the original, and a good buzz. I'm lowering my scrore because the swill fucking sucks dick. Do NOT let this shit get warm.

uk82chaospunk: OE HG can suck my dick
but i like the label
worst 40 i ever had

Vile Fiend: Fuck this shit. I find it to be very similar to Schlitz Bull Ice HG. Sharp taste, with a nasty aftertaste. Harsh buzz, and a guaranteed hangover. Another 40 I will never drink again. 1 outta 10 swills for taking the place of OE Ice, and giving a bad name to OE.

White Mike: I had my first one ever tonight.

A little background. I found this a few miles from the grand canyon while on a road trip with board OG imissmy64oz

I had heard all the bad reviews and expected the worst.

I'll say this, if you compair it to regular OE its complete crap.

If you compare it to any other HG malt, it stand its ground. You aren't supposed to enjoy HG's just man up and swig them down.

Yes it taste pretty bad, but man up and drink it

YerPissingMeOff: to me it is the shittiest, I never tried magnum or silver thunder, Lucky Lager F10 tastes like shit but its 10% so its above OEHG