Old Milwaukee

I need the old canadian small mouth variant pictured on the bottom, if you can help please email me.

Found: New Brunswick, NJ (American) & Montreal, Canada (Canadian)
Alcohol content: 4.6% & 4.9%
Other variations: ?
Also known as: ?
Slogan: "It doesn't get any better than this!", "America's Best Tasting Beer", "Fine Premium Beer"
Phone #: 1-800-935-BEER
Website: www.oldmilwaukee.com
Brewery: The Stroh Brewery Co., Lehigh Valley, PA

Bruz: American: Very basic american brown bottled 40oz brew. Drank this immediately after finishing a 40 of Schaefer. Basic basic basic. I'm not impressed. In fact, I'm bored. Nothin to complain about except it's BORING. Screw Old Milwaukee. It puts me to sleep. 4/10 swills. Thanks out to Dr ScratchNuts for the new label!

Canadian 4.6%: Nice weakness, weighing in at only 4.6%. What am I drinking here, baby formula? You canadians are so racist - YOUR brands are strong as hell, but when you import OUR brands you make them weaker than they are here. Ahh, I love my canadian 40oz brothers, EH? It's beer & it's weak, and tastes average. Overall rating 4/10 swills for being a weakling of a 40. Much thanks out to nitz011 & neufutur for some of the variants!

Canadian 4.9%: I stand by what I say - all beers in canada have a unique quality to them different than that of US beers. I thought it'd be different for a US brand sold in a canadian bottle, but it's not. This canadian OM still has that little "something" that I don't taste in our beers. So I deduce it must be their extra large n extra heavy wide mouth glass bottles that 99% of canadian 40s are produced in - something about those bottles make their beer taste... canadian! Anyway, this is a basic 4.9% yellow beer, flows down easy. Pretty smooth the whole way down. Got heartburn & peed with about 1 inch remaining. Finished the swill with some surf & turf (steak & garlic shrimp)... still got the heartburn but no buzz to make it worth my while. Overall 5 outta 10 stars. Thanks out to d07c0m for this one!

7/7/09 ders0: Contrary to what some may think, this is a Wisconsin beer not a Texas beer. All kidding aside there isn't much to say about this beer that hasn't been said already. I found this in St. Croix Falls, WI over the 4th of July weekend. The 40 selection in northern WI is actually pretty good, but there isn't much that isn't available in the Twin Cities. Just this and Coors Light. I needed this for the collection and I have Coors Light already and there's really no reason to drink that again.

Like everyone else said this brew is real basic but I really wouldn't expect anything else. I drank this over a very long period of time, I would say about an hour and a half since I was playing MLB The Show 07 and doing some other things while drinking it. I can appreciate 40s like this and they have there moments when they are the best choice to make. Its similar to a PBR 40 not good, not bad just a beer. The swill surprisingly was actually the best part. It had a kind of nutty flavor to it that I would have like to have tasted throughout the whole beer.

7/4/09 91firebird: Thanks to The Fear for the Old Milwaukee. Never had this out of a 40 before although I used to buy quarts of this shit all the time back in the day as they were 89 cents a pop. Sometimes I'll rock the pounder cans for the hell of it. Its your basic American bad beer. Nothing more, nothing less. It produced an awesome crack and was very cold. I pounded it in about 15 munutes. I was going to rip a vid with it but decided to take my time with it. Overall its a very solid 40. I love bad beers and this is one of the best out there. Drinking it out of a 40oz is even better. I would definately rip a few OM 40's during the week if I had access to them. Overall 7.5 swills.

6/25/09 sleazye: This was the other of my scores from TheFear in a trade we had done. Anyways, off to the review: there's not really all too much to say about this 40 at all, other than it's one of the baddest of bad beer 40s, hailing in at a very, very weak 4.6% ABV; I was not all too impressed with that at all. The taste was extremely watered down, however, it went down fast and semi-smooth.

The burps it gave off were great and one of the only redeemable factors of this 40. If I had to choose between this, Schaefer, or Schlitz in a 40, I'd rather go with Schaefer or Schlitz.

Unless you need this 40 for your collection or just want to drink a lot just to catch a mild -- if that -- buzz, this is the only way I would recommend it at all.

Taste: 6/10
Buzz: 2/10
Swill: 6/10

9/19/08 troobie: I just realized that Old Milwaukee and Milwaukee's Best are two different brands of beer. That being said, this is the first time I've ever had any of the OM line. OM is available in my area in OM and OM Light, and only in 12 pack cans. I picked up two 40's of this stuff in Las Vegas, and haven't been looking forward to drinking it, but I don't feel like going out to buy something and this was in the fridge so I'll drain it and get it over with. Smell is horrible...pretty much what I expected, and similar to PBR and Beast Ice. I'm surprised by the taste. I like it. It only mildly tastes like it smells, and that's good. Reminds me of a light beer because there is no real flavor, and it is really carbonated. It also reminds me of Mickey's Ice because it has a really creamy taste, but OM isn't salty like Mickey's Ice. Now that I'm finishing it off, I think that it is the creamy taste of this beer that masks that really bad PBR taste and makes this one tolerable. I'm shocked that this doesn't taste worse as it warms up. Of course the buzz is really poor. As soon as you stop drinking, whatever buzz you were feeling disappears. I'm impressed with this 40 considering what I was expecting, and I would put this in my rotation of light beers. Keeping in mind the style, I'll give this 6/10 because it far exceeded my expectations of a bad, low alcohol beer.

beerface: Typical beer, went down easy, etc, etc. Only complaint was its aftertaste was a bit like piss. Overall rating is 7 outta 10 stars.

BrainDamage702: average tasting, i bought it just to sample it, other than that there is no reason to buy this 40, unless ur collectin, 5 outta 10

Buzzcore: I've been drinking a lot of "brown bottle" 40s lately, so I figured I'd give OM a try, since I can't remember if I've ever had it. This is one of those 40s along with things like Bud and Coors Light, that I just never thought I needed in my collection but it honestly doesn't taste too bad. Still can't see myself ever really buying it again. The image of all these "major brewer makes a cheap-ass version for white trash losers and the college crowd" beers like Natty and Beast suck, and the taste is nothing special. 4/10

detroitfourtyouncer: I've had this 40 on 3 seperate occasions, and all were different label variants from the last few years.

first 40oz I had of this was the "OM" label (the one before the current label).

I swilled her around august of 2006, and it had an expiration code for Sept 19th 2005.

It was one of the nastiest bad beers I've ever had...

fucking disgusting, and it tasted like tomatoe's and pennies.

I didnt think i was getting into anything this disgusting since it only expired a year prior, and usually if thats the case it'll just be skunked, but not to any level such as this 40.

that one gets 1/10 swills, for being the 3rd or 4th most disgusting shit ive ever consumed in liquid form.

The second time I had this 40, I scored one from Neufutur in a trade at the end of september/early october of this year.

He met me up at my work, and drove all the way out to Detroit from the Cleveland area to hunt for some 40's and rock a quick trade with me.

while on the hunt, before getting to my work, he copped an OLD OLD label Old Milwaukee from Ypsilanti, which I didnt have in my collection, so I was definately glad to get one from him.

After my previous experience a year ago, I wasnt really anticipating drinking an even older bottle of Old Milwaukee more than a year after drinking the not as old spicimen in 2006.

SO, I did what any self respecting 40 enthusiast would do when faced with such a task as wanting to swill an old ass 40 for the collection's sake...

I downed a pint of Royal Canadian before tackling it.

It all went down at my friend's Vince and Jay's bday hotel party, so after my pint was gone, I took a few shot donations from friends before cracking the 40...

This was 10/06/2007, and the 40 had an expiration date of 02/09/2003, so I was ready for death.

I cracked the shit, and was suprised with what was probably one of the greatest crack/hisses of any 40 I've had.

and the shit actually tasted smooth too!

this definately must have been well kept.

It went down smooth all the way through, and I even had someone (who was far less drunk) take a sip of it to make sure it wasnt just me drunkenly thinking it was awesome while really drinking skunked penny/tomato riddled piss water, and it was indeed in A+ form.

I gotta give that one 8/10 swills for being old as hell, yet crisp and carbonated. which is definately a rarity.

I came across the third one (the new label) in Pontiac, MI about a week after swillin' the old old label one at the hotel party, so I still had a good idea of what it should taste like.

I drank it while watching a rousing episode of Hannah Montana the next day, and It was definately not that bad of a 40, but reminded me of a basic basic basic bad beer.

one with many similarities to Schlitz, but not as good as Schlitz.

I'd buy it again though definately, but in my area all I can get are the same old disgusting "OM" label ones I had over a year ago that tasted like supreme tomato penny infected ass juice.

this one gets a 6/10

DismantleJuneau: This is the first 'beer' 40 I have drank in a LONG time. Everything else has been Malt liquor. Not horrible, but definatly not the great. Taste is not bad. Light beer flavor. Not too shabby but may have payed too much.(2.75 I think). 5/10 swills.

dj oe 800: awesome, classic "bad" beer flavor: typical of (and almost completely identical to) dozens of forties just like it. sometimes that bugs me, but i love me some bad beer, so i can never sincerely complain. the true character of any bad beer really comes out in the can, but forties like OM are perfectly acceptable. but then again, that's just me, although i'll admit it's no substitute for a solid malt forty.

you'll either love this, or hate it.

neufutur: Drank this one tonight when I was sitting down watching the "James Bond" special of Mythbusters. Chugged this one, and per what Bruz said about the Old Milwaukee Ice, the Old Milwaukee 40 is mostly water and a little bit of beer flavored liquid. Each swig yielded a little bit more in the way of watered-down beer, and I was feeling more bloated than anything by the time I started to finish the beer. The beer yielded very little in the way of a buzz, so I have I have to give this for about a 2 for the taste., and about a 3 for the buzz. If I was just looking to chill out with a beer, I would go and drink this. If I wanted to get drunk, I'd have to drink 3 or 4 to get fully gone.

OldeGoldSwilla: Not much to say here. A basic beer. Yet another 40oz that I bought once and swilled once just to have it in my collection. Would drink again if it was all that was around but I would not chose it over very many other malts or beers

RTR tm: Shee-it, I got la-la-loaded once on this stuff, and picked a fight, messing up the poor sucker. I think Old Milwaukee is to me what Spinach is to Popeye. I hate the taste of this toilet water, though, and I won't bother with it again.

Tiger Tai: Old Milwaukee was the first beer I ever got drunk off of. My Grandfather used to drink this shit. I dunno I just don't like it to much not for taste or smoothness I just don't like it. It actually tastes decent and is pretty smooth... I'd give Old Milwaukee 5 of 10 Swills.

uk82chaospunk: Another 40 that i bought only for my collection. I drank this shit while watching Black Hawk Down with my parents. This is some wierd tasting beer...I dont even know why they make 40's of this shit. My mom seemed to like it, my dad liked it a little. This shit made it feel like i was eating barley or something. Caution! this shit makes you burp way too fucking much. There was no significant buzz either....i wouldn't drink this crap again....I'll give OM 3 out of 10 swills because its really pointless to drink this, unless you're a fan of the taste.