Pabst Blue Ribbon

I need the wide mouth w/ neck label & the 3 variants w/ the red bar at the top of the label (all pictured on bottom). If you can help please email me.

Found: Newton, NJ
Alcohol content: 4.73%
Other variations: ?
Also known as: PBR
Slogan: "PBR me ASAP"
Phone #: 1-800-935-BEER
Brewery: Pabst Brewing Co., PO Box 739, Milwaukee, WI 53201

Bruz: Started this with a chicken divan dinner. This is a very trendy beer in an untrendy sorta way. Classic bad beer in every sense, but not bad as in literally "bad", just a "not high quality" sort of way. You dig? You dig. A bit watery, but sometimes watery's ok. Sitting here listening to mother/son wedding dance songs online with my mom right now, for my wedding next month. Speaking of upcoming events, the 4th Annual 40oz Crew Meeting of the Minds starts tomorrow at the Jersey shore! I didn't pee until I was done with this 40, and at that time I must have peed a full 40 fluid ounces... no real buzz... swill's watery (therefore easy to drink)... 6/10 swills. Thanks out to neufutur for making it possible for me to re-review this, & d07c0m for one of the variants!

12/10/10 troobie: I'm not sure why I've never purchased this 40 before because I need it for my collection, and it is available locally. First thing I noticed about this 40 was how awesome the cap's graphic is. Second thing I noticed was that there are two places on the label where the contents are listed as 1.182 l (liters.) I know they aren't exporting it with this label because it has the U.S. government warning, of course, and all the state redemption values. In total, there are three different units of measurement on the label: 40 fl. oz., 1 qt. 8 fl. oz., and 1.182 l. I'd be interested to know why they added the liters variation. I haven't had PBR in years, and the same goes for picking up a new dark glass 40. Miller double-stamped freshness code says this is good for another month so lets see how it tastes. Wow, really sweet. I think my palate is off because no beer should be this sweet. Nothing but sweetness with a little grain. The smell coming from the bottle is a classic cheap, old man beer but with a sugary sweetness added. This is really easy to drink. Watery. The low ABV is apparent because I'm really not catching any buzz off of this. I'm going to have to try this again, but for now I'll give it a 5/10. Not good, but not offensive. This is great 40 for the collection because the red, white, blue label looks good on the dark bottle.

11/17/10 timmah1231: I have nothing but love for this, my favorite bad beer, and nothing but rage for the hipsters who claim it as their own.

Tastes great out of a 40. Clean, notes of barley and light hops here and there (not just wheat and seltzer, like some other bad beersBUDWEISER), with lots of good carbonation. As stated, on the bad beer chart, PBR is the beer of my choosing; I wish I could find this in 40s around here. A weak buzz, but it's not made to put you in a ditch too quickly.

6/10 swills.

4/15/10 johnodonahue: No matter how much crap this one gets for being a "hipster beer" or whatever people may call it, I actually dig it. Its definitely not something I would drink on the regular, but the store down the road from me just started carrying these bad boys in 40's and I couldn't pass up the eye catching label. Its a very smooth beer and also economical. If and when I buy it its usually $5.79 for a 12 pack of cans, and thats not even on sale! Anywho, I had to add this one to the collection so I picked it up. As The Belligerent stated, it tastes much better in a 40 than out of the can, and I would definitely pick another up if looking for a chill night of drinking.


Taste: 8/10
Buzz: 5/10
Swill: 8/10

9/9/09 40zForSatan: Ah, good old PBR. What a great "bad beer" 40 this is in every aspect that a bad beer should be. I usually drink this in the cans, but the bottles and of course the 40s rule as equally as each other. The 40 had a great hiss and good crack which every 40 should have. The taste was that of a real good bad beer if that makes any sense at all. No taste degradation taking your time with this 40, another good thing that I like about this 40 and brand in general.

The swill was even decent tasting. You can't call yourself a fan of bad beer or good bad beer and not like Pabst, despite it somehow getting raped by scene kids, hipster and pseudo-punks. Needless to say, aside from that, PBR is awesome. Even most beer snobs dig it too, so they're doing something right! Plus it's just a great beer 40 you can have while cooking or at a BBQ and not get stupid-ass drunk.

Taste: 8.5/10
Label: 10/10
Swill: 8/10
Buzz: 7/10

7/7/09 TheBelligerent: PBR not bad for a bad beer actually tasted pretty good. Reminded me of Budweiser a little bit minus the after taste. Barely felt any buzz of this, but it is only 5% and it isn't a Malt so I didn't expect much. Tasted much better out the 40 than in the cans. I would buy this again. Overall I give this 6/10 due to the smooth taste and chugability.

7/3/09 40zForSatan: PBR is a staple in my diet, I drink so many of these I can't even imagine how many I've gone through. I will admit that this is one of the few (possibly the only) beers that I prefer out of the can, it just gets tainted by the metal so well I suppose. I don't mean that the beer is bad in the bottle however, it's still delicious in 40oz form, it is the only domestic beer that I actually LIKE to drink. It has a very great taste, very crisp but it doesnt have much of a kick since it has a low alcohol content. I have to get 1 and a half in before I start to feel a buzz going on. Definitely not a 40oz to get if you're looking to get drunk, but it's great for just kicking back and drinking throughout the day. I give it an 8 out of 10.

3/30/09 ripping76: Classic beer. I could keep pabst in buisness . Swillin' on PBR for a long time because i love the taste and you can drink it through the night without getting trashed to fast! Cheap party beer that i enjoy the fuck out of!

10/09/08 91firebird: First off, many thanks to SourStomache for the hookup on the PBR 40 . I've drank many a PBRs in my day but I don't believe I've ever had it in a bottle. Great crack and hiss and the 1st taste is smooth and flows like water. Bad beer in cans has a distinctive taste, but in bottles that seems to be the opposite. This 40 is flowing very easy. I can't believe it's taken me this long to drink a PBR 40. Classic American beer with a label that has withstood the test of time. 10/10 swills.

10/07/08 TheSnakeDoctor: I was really excited to try a Pabst 40. Turns out there was literally no taste to it. Of course it is beer but the water content which rendered it tasteless was a little much. I swilled it with some lasagna and green beans and was quite unimpressed. 5/10

8/24/08 timcom99: Pabst Blue Ribbon is Good Beer for the Money. Pabst is now (Since AB Sold Out) the Largest American Owned Brewing company around. Although they are American Owned they do not make their own Beer anymore. They have their Beer made for them by Miller SAB (South African Brewing) to their Old Recipes and sell it as Pabst Blue Ribbon.

I had one Pabst Blue Ribbon 40 a Long time ago. It is hard to get in the 40's in Southern California. Pabst is mostly available here in the 12 Ounce Cans and Bottles and the 24 Ounce Tall Boy cans. Again it is a Great Beer for the money. At 4.6% Alcohol it is a Good Bargain for getting a Buzz as well. If You are not a Total Beer Aficianado and just want a Good Beer to drink and Chill with some Friends I would highly recommend PBR. I have about 16 of the 12 Ounce Cans in my Fridge right now :)

8/12/08 d07c0m: Awesome bad beer, awesome 40oz. I love to drink this out of 12oz cans, especially in Richmond, VA at Alley Katz with all the hipsters. The only thing is: I drink it because it's good. Not because it's "cool." It's good, it's cheap, it's fucking awesome. Thanks to karpis for one varient, thanks to my own fucking self for a different variant. Fuck off, I've got work to do.

billmac1981: Cracked this open with a couple of baloney and cheese sandwiches...and pretty glad to say that it wasn't all that bad of mix...I've had these in 12 oz a matter of fact I can get a 30 rack up here for 9.99 for this stuff...and for the price it's well worth it...I know it's not a malt...but for a shit beer...ity may just be the tops of what i've sampled....and trust me, i've had my share of bad beer...

7/10 the apv was over 5...maybe 5.5...this possibly could be the cheapo-depot's beer of choice...

Buzzcore: Another 40 I used to drink back in the day, and now can't find locally. So once again, 40 Ounce Killa comes thru like a trew playah............ or dealer, you decide. Anyway, PBR rules and I was stupid for giving it the earlier review. 6/10

dj oe 800: although the correct format for pbr is of course the 12 oz aluminum can (i prefer the pint cans myself), the forty ounce is cool as shit. pabst blue ribbon is hands down THE definitive "bad" beer, if not the definitive beer in general. even it's appropriation by punk/indie/emo/hipster elements in the last few years cannot diminish it's overall taste, nor it's appeal. there was this ridiculous, crusty, rugged, sixty year old roofer that would frequent one of the bars i'd go to at college, and all he drank was pabst in 16 oz cans. perhaps his devotion to the brand shows that this "old school" brand doesn't need to be "hip" for people to drink it. NO beer should be drank due to it's alleged hipness, least of all pbr.

not "your basic" bad beer, although it belongs firmly in the canon of such a beer. much more distinct. not too watery, not too gross, and at 4.8% (?) alcohol by volume, it is at the high end of bad beer potency, without crossing over into the "ice" category.

an essential of every beer drinker's diet, even the snobs at beer advocate.

doublej708: a classic. tastes great. i really could go on and on about this beer. it has a great classic beer flavor. sometimes a feel like i could drink a whole keg of this beer classic. its that good. a lot of bars in chicago have this. if i go out and cant make up my mind what to drink, fuck it, give me a PBR. always is a good decision.

elantrax: Usually when I think of drinkin a 40 of regular beer the bland, water-down, no taste come to mind so after crackin the cap on this 40 I got little hiss which had me ready to drink a boring 40 but man I was wrong. From the first swill through the end this stuff was so good without any nasty aftertaste. It makes me wonder why they dont sell this stuff everywhere and rep it in bars alot. This could easly blow away bud,coors light etc.. Till the end this stuff was A+ taste wise. Buzzwise it was really weak and didnt phase me but taste wise makes up for it. I give this stuff 8 out of 10 for being good but kinda watery, and weak buzz but overaul its one of the best if not the best regular beer 40's ive ever had.

Fat John: Just from the look of the label I thought this shit was gonna suck.It makes me think of rednecks at the county fair and shit.I'm glad I gave it a chance though.It's nothing special at all but I think it had a decent taste and was pretty smooth.The swill tasted just like the rest of the beer to me which is a first.It didn't yield too much of a buzz.Overall its an ok 40 and I'm gonna hit it up with a rating 6 out of 10 swills.

McGannahan Skyjellyfetti: My favorite cheap beer, and always will be taste-wise. The low alcohol content is a bummer, but a 40 costs only a buck fitty, so it all works out. 7 out of 10 swills. PBR me ASAP!

OldeGoldSwilla: A weak 40oz!! Could drink them all day and not feel too drunk. Tastes pretty good, though.

RobertHorry: Papst. Just reading the name and seeing the beautiful trademark logo makes you think of the great Americans who have enjoyed this beer there whole lives. FatJohn you are right.Papst is a beer for rednecks at the county fair and thats what makes it so special. Papst just has that magic and style that will always keep me comming back. It taste great and goes down really easy. I give it 10/10 swills. Be a true American and drink a papst once in your life and you wont be sorry, just think of the great people in Vietman like SwigDa40oz's dad and remarkable people in WW2 and people all over the U.S.A. when you drink it. Papst is a true American icon.

satan165: this is delicious. had it many times in cans (yuck!) and 12 oz bottles. it tasted delicious from the 40, lots of carbonation. maybe its cause im up north and so close to the source. the buzz isnt very useful but you dont drink PBR or beers like it to get crunked fast. you drink em so you can drink lots and all day long. taste B- buzz D-

SwigDa40oz: I do have some nice things to say about PBR. I tryed it for my first time today and i found that it is now one of my favorites. It gets a chugability rating of 8/10. It was remarkably smooth down and no shitty lingering taste you get with Budwieser (Buttwiper). Only thing wrong with this beet is a low alcohol content. It gave me a very slight buzz but it was a good beer and id definatly drink this again. I dont collect bottles. Just the caps. True PBR story: My dad was in vietnam. He was capitan of a boat called a PBR (Patroll Boat River). He took a picture of him and his crew drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon and wrote on the picture, "On a PBR drinking PBR's!" Later that month my dad and his crew recieved 4 cases (24 packs) of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer along with PBR patches to sew onto their uniforms. My dad has a special place in his heart for PBR and now i do too. Pabst is a kickass company!

Tiger Tai: Pabst is freakin nasty. Tastes like its got wheat floating in it. I'd never drink this unless I needed the bottle which I don't. I've already suffered through 2 of em, never again... I'd give Pabst 3 of 10 Swills

uk82chaospunk: pretty decent brew...i drank some, smoked some bud, went to my homies house, played some xbox, came back 3 hours later and swilled the remaining 3/4ths of the 40....didnt really get a buzz, but i didnt expect one...the swill tasted like the rest of the brew...the label is ok, i dont like brown bottles though 6 out of 10 for pbr