Phat Boy

I need the 64oz if it exists, if you can help please email me.

Found: South Plainfield, NJ
Alcohol content: 5.9%
Other variations: 64oz? (WANTED)
Also known as: ?
Slogan: "Premium Malt Liquor XXL"
Phone #: ?
Website: ?
Brewery: Phat Brewing Co. by Memphis Brewing Co., Memphis, TN

Bruz: November 15, 2000 I got to drink 2 Phat Boys and you didn't! No, they're not re-released, these babies I found were dusty & dug up from the back of some dump liquor store in South Plainfield, NJ. Yet for a brand that has been discontinued for about 2 years at this point, it didn't taste bad at all! Phat Boy. I drank it back in the day, but never saved the bottles. Then it was discontinued and became my #1 most wanted bottle. And I not only finally got 2 of the bottles, but I got to drink it again! And it's healthy - it's got ginseng in it! My life is good... better than yours. Rating is 10/10 swills, just for being Phat Boy!

NOTE: There was a lot of controversy surrounding Phat Boy & it's target market (that being underage black kids) due to its label/name/colors, which is why it was eventually pushed off the market.

High Gravity Swilla: I saw the pic of the bottle on the site and got hardcore flashbacks!! I swilled the Phat Boy hard back in the day . It was my favorite 40 when I still lived in Texas. Always went down great. To me it kinda had a chocolate aftertaste- great shit -- one of the few I can say earned 10 out of 10 swills!-- R.I.P. Phat Boy XXL

Kool EJ: Can we start a petition to bring back the Phat Boy?

Damn, this was a good 40! The added infusion of ginseng really took this brew over the top. If your intention is to get hype, this is the 40 for you. Unfortunately, it's no longer available. If anybody has links as to why this was pulled from production, forward that sh*t to me.

Let me put it this way, I drank this sh*t under a pine tree with my boys, then ended up pissing on headstones and fondling & making out with female statues in a graveyard.

'Nuff said.

Of course, this gets 10 out of 10. Let's do what we can to bring this sucker back into production! Booyaka!

FYI, if memory serves, the Phat Boy was also available in pony bottles. One of the few 40's (of malt liquor) to have a 7 oz. companion!

MyLiverHurts: I am humbled to be the last person (to date) to swill this. This, in my honest, post-dated opinion, is the best pure malt, ever. 8 years after the fact, and it tastes so full and rich!!!! Most old malts, even good ones, just taste bitter and watery with the dryness of decomposition products…and although there was some of that, it was still worthy of swilling to the very last drop!

The addition of ginseng gave me the energy and peace of mind to get up and get myself another 40 afterwards. True genius.

The widemouth makes it even better!! I love 40s that are politically incorrect, and this is the best of the bunch!!!!!!!!!! Phat Boy boasts the claim of being “XXL” malt liquor…now, the discerning malt liquor connoisseur would recognize that “XL” is the Roman numeral for “40” and appreciate the subtlety…but Phat Boy won’t stop there. It is XXL. Why? Because it is ten times the regular 40, motherfucker. I don’t care how much shit they caught for the marketing; if this 40 was pulled due to political bullshit, it should have been immediately re-released under a new name. It is incredible.

This 40 has the superior taste and drinkability of a hand-crafted microbrew without sacrificing the ghetto fab quality of the Rotund African American minors it is so obviously marketed to. It is the best of the best. 13 out of 10 swills. I cannot believe my good luck to kill one of these. To quote IA40s…”My life is good…better than yours.” That’s the emotion that Phat Boy elicits. Pic attached. Nothing more to say. Late.