Haffenreffer Private Stock

I need the old small mouth without "40oz" printed in large font on the label, the 2 64oz bottles, the 40oz variant label, & the 64oz variant w/ "Two Quarts" in non-bold print (all pictured the bottom). If you can help please email me.

Found: New Brunswick, NJ
Alcohol content: 6.87%
Other variations: ?
Also known as: Private Stock, P-stock, Heff's, Heffy's, Haffen-wrecker
Slogan: "Malt Liquor With the Imported taste"
Phone #: ?
Website: www.privatestockbrewing.com
Brewery: Private Stock Brewing Co, Utica, NY

Bruz: The "imported taste" is amazing. This is one of my favorite 40s ever. I love it... goes down smooth... doesn't taste like all the rest... makes you feel good inside... puts a smile on your face... Private Stock is awesome. It's often compared to Ballantine Ale for reasons I'm not certain of - they don't taste alike. Ballantine has a basic ale flavor, this has a sort of spicy malt flavor, yet not overly strong. Hooks you up with a slight buzz too. Easy 10/10 swills, it's delicious. It's available in NJ but not within easy grasp for me... I wish it was though, this brew should be part of a balanced diet. That's right - I'd drink it every day.

11/7/09 EastCoastSwilla: I'm from Boston where this is a staple of almost any stores 40 selection. Back in High school we used to swill the OE and St. Ides. Once I tried P-Stock though that was it for me. I love this 40. I was surprised to find out my grandfather used to drink this stuff way back in the day when Haffenreffer was actually brewed in the city. Fuckin A right! I have to give the P-stock a 10/10. It packs a decent buzz while tasting great. Next time I'm on the west coast I gotta try the Ranier Ale that everyone compares this too. I definetly understand the comparions to Ballantine which is a great brew in its own right ALMOST as good as p-stock.

9/5/09 BlackMetalTroy322: Got a Private Stock from Bruz40 in the mail the other day, and I've always heard a lot of great things about this 40. when I cracked the forty I was making a MLTV video at the time, but I could smell the aroma of what reminded me of a Heineken, and a Mickeys mixed together (which at the time I assumed that means it was gonna taste great). I took a couple swills, and it tasted like a malt but had a hint of a champagne like taste to it. I also think it's true that green bottles give beer/malts a skunky taste to them because it had a skunkyness to it which is good in my book. It was a very well balanced forty of sweetness, maltyness, and hoppyness, etc. If I could get this it would definitely be a 40 I drink alot. So I give this forty 9 out of 10 for taste, and 8 out of 10 for buzz.

8/10/09 40ozMask: I 1st met P-Stock in fort Hood Tx. The shoppete on base had the biggest variety of malts I had ever seen in one place. I looked at tha bottle and Immediately was reminded of the Biggie lyric in tha song Juicy, u kno: "Smokin weed in bamboo, Sippin on Private Stock". i said to myself "Ohhh Private Stock". Scooped it up and took it home. Cracked with a nice hiss. Took a swig, and thought "OMG this is really CRISP". Drank it to tha label and thought, "If Miller High Life is the Champagne of Beers then P-Stock is the Champagne of Malts" This is one Malt that sets itself apart from the crowd. Nice crisp taste, decent slight buzz. 9/10

8/7/09 40zForSatan: I read all the reviews and heard so much praise about private stock so when I went to bust open this 40 I had VERY high expections. Private stock delivered. I was amazed at how delicious this malt liquor was. I would like to thank theFear for hooking this one up, received it 2 days ago and I threw it in the fridge immediately. As soon as I got off of work I went to the fridge and took this out, cracked it and took a swig. I was blown away, this is NOT what you would expect a malt liquor to taste like. I think the taste is amazing, I finished it 10 minutes ago and I hardly feel a buzz but that's okay, the taste makes up for it. Label is great as well, I've got to give this one a 9/10, if it had a better buzz I would definitely give it a perfect 10.

8/3/09 TheBelligerent: Just tried this for my first time last week. Great 40, you can taste the import and it kind of reminded of heineken, but not as bitter and not as bad of an after taste. It was pretty smooth all the way through and it tasted great. I killed it in about 20-25 minutes and really enjoyed this 40. I was shocked to find out it was 6.8% because it tasted really good and better than beers I normally drink that have lower ABV. It packed a nice buzz after I was done with the 40. Overall I'll give it taste 9/10 swill 9/10 and buzz 10/10.

6/28/09 pookster11: Ripped my first P-Stock thanks to The Fear on a trade. Had a good crack and strong hiss. Had it in the freezer for an hour so it was nice and frosty. The first swill had me thinking Heineken or Rolling Rock but the after taste was special. It wasnt bitter like most green bottle beers. Hell, the taste was not like any other malt I've had. The buzz was nice really nice too for being just 6.87% (probably cause it went down smooth as fuck). Just thinking about it makes me want another one now!! Taste 9.5/10 (for being different) Buzz 8/10 (for being mellow as hell)

5/18/09 sleazye: This is one of my favorite "common" 40s in my area. Pretty powerful hiss when I opened it. While it has been compared to Ballantine and Heineken by many, I see some similarities, but this malt's taste is on a whole different level than the above-mentioned brews. At 6.78% ABV, this is pretty tasty.

Taste 9.5/10
Buzz 8/10
Swill 9/10

4/18/09 havinafett: Awesome, Awesome, Awesome 40. This stuff is the nectar of the gods. I just drank one of these for the first time in a long time. If you can get a bottle, DO IT. Buzz is disputable cause I drank a bit before my review, but its SMOOTH as fuck, and does not have any shit swill... I give this a 9/10 just because I'm kinda buzzed and cant give a totally sober opinion on it, but THIS SHIT IS AWSOME.

2/28/09 Magruder: P-Stock is a classic for a reason. Smooth and crisp all the way down to the non-existent swill, and at almost 7% it packs a pretty good punch too. 10/10 for being so delicious.

2/10/09 BigJandthe40: First off big shot out to BWILLS40 he was kind enough to trade me this bad boy

First off got to tell you the story leading up to me drinking this 4 Me and my dad were on the way to play raquetball and saw a black dude get killed....My dad was driving in the slow lane when the dude walked out in front of us we slowed down and but the guy in the lane right next too us kept going and hit him going about 50 miles an hr...the dude flew up in the air and came crashing down. This was the most fucked up moment I have ever seen in my life, and the driver kept going speeding off, my dad tried to catch up to get his licnse plate number but the dude was driving like a mad man in and out of traffic. We didnt catch him I was so shooken up I didnt feel like making a vid last night. But I did feel like drinking so I crack this when I got home from the gym.

First taste, reminds me of a smoother Rainier....Its got a very good taste and is going down like water. I think I am falling in love with this 4, It taste so good when it hits the lips I dont want it to run out. I am glad I didnt do a vid with this guy I really dont want to chug it too fast, I want to savor this one.

This one was good to the last drop! I give it 9/10 I would drink this all the time if I had it around me

10/15/08 SourStomache: First off, thanks to 91firebird for this 40! I've wanted to try Private Stock for a long time. Just cracked it bout five min ago. Bout a quarter of the way down. I drink Rainier Ale sometimes and that was my first thought. Definetly unique, like most people say it's got its own flavor. Has an expiration of 21707 so it's about a year and a half old. Still tastes great though. Not much of a buzz, though I had a big mexican lunch earlier and I'm a big guy anyways. Finished the 40. Feel pretty good. I would definetly buy this regulary if it was available.

8/13/08 wolffish: I just started swillin' private stock recently and i think they are great. goes down smooth and tastes even smoother.

Got a great hook up on cases and the timing could not be better!

211 Swilla: Great 40, the green bottle is distinctive- I know its not the only one thats green, but what can you think of besides Mickey's?... Thats what I thought. P-Stock has alot of carbonation, but definitly not too much. Good taste, a little on the bitter side. I put it in the same league as OE/ colt 45. 8/10 swills

40ozcasualty: First off, much thanks to satan for hooking me up with this much anticipated 40!

This shit is delicious! I swilled a St Ides beforehand and was feeling the rough st ides buzz, a few sips into the private stock left me feeling smooth and cool.

Delicious brew, no aftertaste, excellent taste, swill was a zero factor, probably cause it tasted so good and I swilled it so fast.

One of the best 40's I've ever drank, 9/10.

91firebird: Ok here we go. This was my most coveted 40, but now that's gone, I drove 300 miles to buy this P-Stock. And I got to tell you... I love this fuckin malt. Shit was WELL worth the trip. Bought 3 yeah 3 cases and will swill through that shit in a few days. Crack was aweome and there was a great hiss. 1st swill was pretty good. Did not smell skunky. To me at least it's a nice smooth malt that's very drinkable. Buzz factor is pretty good too. As I am typing this I'm about done with my 2nd P-Stock 40 and I'm feeling great. OE is the basis of which malts are judged, but after sipping some Haffenreffer I'm certain that Private Stock is one of the better malts on the planet. Overall 10/10 swills. Shit was smooth, provided a great buzz and overall was one of the BEST malts I've EVER had.

adrunkenninja: haffenreffer has done it with my second favorite forty ounce of all time. smooth refreshing taste and you get that sittin on a porch in the dead of summer feeling whenever you drink it. i also found p-stock in 8 ounce bottle shaped much like fortys which were excellent for quick consumption on the go 10 out of 10 swills for p-stock

AK40seven: I got this as one of several bonus beers thanks to 64oz. As I drank it I read the other reviews and it suddenly dawned on me what some people were trying to say....DRY! It has the imported taste all right, but is that of the dry style of beer that was the rage a few years back only in a malt liquor. Solid carbonation coupled with a less sweet body gives it tongue drying sensation not unlike a lemon or lime, but far less intensity. Buzz factor moderate, I'd guess in the upper 5 to 6% range. What makes it seem higher (as with most dry beer styles) is the smoothness with which it goes down so you end up drinking it faster than normal. If I was not already familiar with the dry style (I've had lots of Sapporo and Asahi) I might have flipped out to a 10/10, but I'll give it a solid 9.5/10. I just found out it is 6.87%, higher than I thought.

Alvin Karpis: First of all a big shout out to Joe Webberlione for the hook up on this 40 that I have been wanting for 15 years. The west coast has good 40s but I have always wanted to try P-stock. Ok threw this bad boy in the freezer right after busting open the box. Crack was OK not to much of a hiss. The first smell was that of an Ale. Ok the first drink and my mind is saying Rainier Ale I thought that this would be smoother but after the third sip the smooth malt liquor of P-Stock starts to come through. I can already tell that this would be a great Summertime BBQ brew. Its smooth and easy to drink. I am half way done and im really digging the taste. Very enjoyable its meeting all of my expectations. Bottem of the lable now and its still cold with the same taste and im drinking it real fast. I have not been drinking alot while waiting for this 40 to give an honest buzz factor. The swill is perfect nothing bad about it. The Buzz is also pretty good less then Rainier Ale but more then Mickeys (green bottle group) I really like this 40 Final score Taste 10/10 Buzz 7/10 Swill 10/10 Overall 9.5/10 P-Stock really lived up to my expectations and hope that more people on the West Coast will be able to drink this through the efforts of the 40oz crew. Thanks again Joe

beam21: damn, I've wanted to try this 40 since I joined the board; finally got my hands on one courtesy of my man Joe Webb. Shit definitely did not disappoint, actually it was one of my fave 40s ever. When I opened it it had literally the wildest crack I ever heard , even more so than a Dogfish Head, and when I did, vapors blasted everywhere and I immediately smelled it. Brew had an awesome subtle, sllightly skunky malt scent. The smell was great, but I can't emphasize enough how dope it was that it hit me iinstantly when I cracked it a full 2 feet from my sniffer. It was smooth as hell and tasted exactly like it smelled, sort of like a Rainier Ale, but with less 'flavor' (for better or worse) and easier going down. Stock had a weird, slick mouthful, very much like a Blue Bull, which is interesting but really neither good nor bad. Haven't pissed, buzz is kinda weak but feels real good; I'd be in the zone if I had another one of these behind it. This is real top shelf malt; it'd def be my #1 choice if I could get it around here, and the selection is real decent here as is. 9/10, taste A buzz B

billmac1981: Best 40 Of All Time!!!

Looks like an import, smells like an import, and yes really does taste like an import!

How can you get something that just misses the taste of Heineken for around 2 bucks (yet I live in Mass...alch prices here suck...bottle of Heff goes for about $2.75)...actually sometimes to my taste can be even better than a Heine...

In the song "Juicy" - Biggie definitely had the right idea..."Smokin Weed In Bamboo...Sippin On Private Stock..." He knew what he was talking about...and we, well at least I followed...lol.

10/10 swills on this one...who woulda thunk it??...keep it coming...I can drink about 5 or 6 of these a nite...keep em comin...

BoozeClues: A true classic. I'm in agreement with many on this thread in finding this to be the best 40 out there. I'm fortunate to live in an area where this one is abundant. It has a great alcohol content for how crisp and delicious it tastes. It is closest to Heineken in taste, but I prefer Private Stock even in that area. You will savor it when it's ice cold and crisp; it's hard for me to describe how wonderful it is to take a first sip of this after a hard day, you'll eventually need this like you need air. 10 out of 10 swill, you aren't a true malt liquor enthusiast if you pass this up.

brooks79Z: new to me
not to the crew

this malt was fantastic
a unique taste which left me wanting more
very smooth, similar to Ballantine
enjoyed it very much
even the swill was very easy
8 out of 10

Buzzcore: Tougher to find than a lot of malt liquors, it's worth the search. Never bitter, always crisp, Private Stock is the smoothest malt liquor you're EVER going to find. The fact that it is packin' nearly 7% is amazing, when you taste how smooth it is. I've even gotten people who HATE beer to drink massive quantities of P-Stock. Now, that's saying something. If you search around online, you can also find some really interesting stories about the old Haffenreffer Brewery in Boston. The most interesting one though, is that now that Private Stock is yet another of the Pabst brands (via Narragansett) the brewery has obviously been sold. Sold to who, you might ask? That assclown Jim Koch (Who the hell likes those nasal-sounding commercials he makes?) so he can brew that Sam Adams yuppie-swill that so many people claim to like. My drinkin' buddy has a theory that you can tell how big of an asshole someone is, by how much they rave about Sam Adams beer. Hell, those two faggarios Opie and Anthony used to have Jim Koch on their radio show all the time! I think that proves it. Anyway, to think that a brewery once responsible for producing the mighty Private Stock is now making the worst beer on earth is nothing short of blasphemy! Final score: Sam Adams 0, Private Stock 9.

BWill40s: P -Stock one of my fav 40's only green bottle can get around were I live nice crisp taste and goes down smooth 8-10

Darkstar216.hondachopper: In boston growing up i drank so many heffen wreckers that i lost count..The best 40oz I ever drank if u ask me..Names in boston growing up for this tasty brew were "The Green Monster" & "Head Wrecker" my friends used to get OE800's until they tried the green monster

Dave Kozy: I just finished my first Private Stock. Never saw this one around Philly. It had a slightly metallic-skunky "with the imported taste" but it but was still easy enough to drink. I thought it was only 5.5 or 6% based on flavor. The buzz though definitely feels like a smooth 6.8. For the drunk and price it's alright. I give it 7 outta 10 chugs.

DismantleJuneau: I've been drinking 40's every night for like the past week. New ones every night. So after 2 days of anxiety attacks, I figure this be the last one for a while. Not bad. Best taste from a a 40 so far that I have tasted. I payed aroudn 3 bucks for it. Good for a treat 40 wise. 9/10 swills for this one.

dj oe 800: comparisons to heineken and ballantine abound -- not without merit, but not entirely accurate. two things are for certain: 1) p-stock is unlike any malt i've tasted. doesn't have the body, funk, or sweetness present in many malts (although there is definitely a distinct funk there). 2) it's as good as claimed in every review preceding this one, and as in probably all of the ones to follow it. this and OE tie for my favorite.

dollazz: P. Stock is definitely the best tasting malt there is. i love it. i remember the 1st time i had it, i didnt think it was that great, i dont know why, maybe i got a bad one. the next time i had it i couldnt get enough.

Drastic Mezures: This is one of the more fancier 40's out there and one of the best. This ones goes down as easy as it comes up. But before it comes up you can enjoy the crisp, highly carbonated "imported" taste.

fizzmaster: Holy Shit, I am allergic to Private Stock. First off, I know this makes me sound like the weakest sauce Newb ever, but this shit hurts me infinitely more than it does y'all. I've puked off this tasty malt more times than I can count. It started in high school, when I got a case of Pstock and had an impromptu bonfire in the woods with a hundred of my closest friends. Pretty sure they were widemouths. Puked my fucking ass off. Drank a 40 of it a couple weeks ago, after a Hurricane HG tall can and some Stop N Shop brand frozen buffalo wings, fucking puked my ass off. Puked in the kitchen sink while washing dishes. No warning. Just puke. Now, I've heard of people that have puked hard off of some booze and can't ever drink it again without getting sick, "If I even smell tequila since that night in college, I get nauseous." This excuse is normally reserved for girls and weak sauce wimps. I swear to god, I am allergic to this shit. Its not because I've puked off it before. I get halfway through a 40 and my eyes start watering, I start sweatin and blood starts coming out my nose. Sorry, listening to the Geto Boys. Snots start pouring out my nose, I'm sneezing, my stomach is doing fucking backflips. And it sucks, because it truly is a delicious fucking 40. I love Beck's, Pauli Girl, Heiniken, all the green bottle beers you could compare its taste to. Well, I had one tonight with a cube steak (cooked in a pan with olive oil, garlic, olive oil and Private Stock, damn tasty for a $1.75 steak) and beets. Haven't puked yet, but stomach is fucking rolling and bile is in the throat. I have really shitty allergies, and this is the worst fucking thing to be allergic to. This stuff is delicious and packs a great buzz, I just can't really enjoy it due the gayest allergies ever. FUCK! Taste: 9/10 Buzz: 8/10 Gay Allergies: 0/10 Due to the fact that I can't enjoy this 40 due to my body's horrible reaction to it, I am very displeased to have to give a 4/10 total.

glew83: P-Stock is surprisingly delicious malt liquor with zero aftertaste. Priced higher than most malt liquors it's still well worth. Packing a potent 6.87% alcohol, this gives a decent buzz that's easy to obtain because of the great flavor. I give this a solid 9/10 hollas. So be like G-Lew 83 and go catch one dawg.

HENNYROC: P-Stock has been the king, next to OE for years. Alot of people don't know the deal. Those 16 oz joints are the bomb. they used to be really hard to come by and peeps didn't believe they existed. I think I was the first one to show Satan a picture of them a couple years ago...great stuff.

High Gravity Swilla: Damn!-- That cheesey ass slogan-- Malt liqour with the import taste -- Im thinkin -- hey its malt -- and not expecting much-- but it tasted like fuckin Heiniken-- I was suprised -- all the way down the swill was even ok-- I drank the fuck out of it while I could I give it 8 out of 10 swills

ImissMy64oz: the #1 best tasting 40 of all time!!! I love that shit best smooth taste the label is 100% true it does have that imported taste but it is not as bitter as most imports that shit just kicks ass 10/10

IMT40s: I got this very sought after 40 from Bruz. After all of the very high reviews of this 40, I was expecting a great flavor.................And it delivered. It was a unique flavor, its kind of hard to explain but my best guess would be a little "ale" and tad of "power". My first few sips kind of were in question but very soon after I started to accept the flavor, and a great flavor it was. I medium buzz and great flavor puts this 40 up there with the best of em. I'll give it a 7 out of 10 .

i want my 40: i think that this is some good shit i had 1 the other day and i was like damn. for a cheap price it gave me a buzz.. it tasted great 9/10 swills

james: i dont know how common this 40 is for most of you, but im drinkin it and im forced to sit and sip it like a wine drinker because there is something VERY familiar about this malt. its like ive had something just it before. does anyone know what im talkin about? part of me is sayin little kings, but that aint even a malt. i better take that 45 minute drive to get some more lil kings so i can compare experiences. ok i just took another sip and im thinkin its not tasting like lil kings, ok enough torturing myself. its not bad tasting at all, and honestly i would have no idea what kind of a buzz its givin me because i had some beers before it while it was chillin in the freezer. i ll probably love the shit if the redskins end up winning tonight (they are my team) or saying it sucks if they lose just because i ll be in a shitty mood. but regardless my midgame impression is not bad!

JAP: good shit right here.use to get it in 16 oz. bottle 6 packs.now get it in six pack cans for 2.69 and 40s for 2.00. good malt to drink all day long.love the p-stock.smooth taste and swill is not bad.I think alcohol is around 6.8%,,use to show the content on the 16 oz. bottles.good buzz factor.P-stock is just good all around malt. probably one of the best tasting 40's around.

JoeWebberlione: I like this 40 alot, it goes down really smooth and kept me feeling good for a while. But then again I did have a bottle of Ides right afterwards but over all I love this 40 and would recomend it to anyone 8/10 stars.

lookin 4 a 40: With a little bit of luck and some haggling with the store clerk I was able to drink this beverage. My first thought of this was that it was the best tasting malt Ive ever encountered. This shit was damn easy to drink and resulted in a fairly good buzz..8/10 brown paper bags

MarkBlackout: Finally found this 40 in Indianapolis, at the Bottle Shoppe at 52nd and college. I mentioned that I "didn't know you could get this brew in Indianapolis," and the clerk said they'd been selling it for years. that didn't surprise me entirely, because years ago, when my brother lived on 44th and college, he bought and drank a phat boy from the same spot. i bought two p-stocks; they were right around $2.00 apiece. anyway, onto the brew.. opened with a LOUD crack, and has a good cheap beer smell. private stock goes down really easy, and really fast considering the 6.87% ABV. while comparisons to ballantine ale have some merit, i find p-stock to be less full-flavored, less robust than ballantine, which is to be expected somewhat considering ballantine is an ale. pstock boasts a dry, clean flavor w/ little aftertaste. more hops here than most malt liquors, but not much bitterness at all. i'm halfway through this shit, and feeling good. ranks below ballantine as my favorite 40, but this greenbottle brew is definitely in my top 5 40s. 8 out of 10 swills, firm.

OldeGoldSwilla: P-STOCK!!! What can I say, best malt liquor out there except maybe liquor de malt. And its only 2.49 v.s. 6.50 Also don't front on the 6pk of cans for 2.99!! And the buzz is good for a non-hg!!! REP THA P-STOCK!!!

Rhatigan: Finishing up a Private Stock as I type this. This 40 is pretty common in Eastern, Mass. The only bad part is that it is the most expensive 40 around here, at $3 a piece. One of the best tasting malts ever made. At 6.9%, better buzz than a standard malt, yet not too overpowering then a high gravity.

I give Haffenreffer

10/10 Taste

7.5/10 Buzz

satan165: Special thanks to Drunkenbird 611 for the hookup on this 40! This shit was real good. It really does have the 'imported taste' like it says on the label, which is also how it looks from the design of the label, the green bottle....I drank it in about 25 minutes, it was gone before I knew it. Didn't get me too lifted, I tried to go to bed after I drank it, I wasn't drunk but I was actaully energized and hyped...I would definately buy this again. I would put it in a class with Colt 45 of 40s that taste great but don't make you act retarded like St. Ides. luckily now i can get these in quarts, this taste so good that i dont give a shit about the weak buzz. really, its not all that different from little kings or mickeys, although those 2 are tied, this is ahead of both. i give it a 8 of 10, would be higher but its too weak. the awesome taste and weak buzz do make it perfect though for a night where you know youre going to drink multiple/different 40s. Buzz: C-, Taste: A

splatterhouse00: This is tied with Olde English 800 as the best 40 ever

Tiger Tai: I didn't like Private Stock much at first. but after I drank it again I kinda got a taste for it, it goes good while chewing Winterfresh gum. This is prolly the only other green beer I like other than Molson Ice... I'd give Private Stock 6 of 10 Swills.

Vile Fiend: First things first, big ups to 40ozkilla (aka Army) for hookin me up with this bitch. Iíd heard a bunch of good shit about this 40, so I had high expectations of it when I started drinking it. And to be honest, it didnít nearly meet my expectations at all. It tasted similar to Rainier Ale, but without that crisp taste Rainier Ale has. Plus the buzz was very weak, similar to Colt 45, but without the great taste. Itís still an alright brew though, just not was I was hoping, I give it 6 outta 10 swills.