Rainier Ale

I need the 5 variants pictured on the bottom, if you can help please email me.

Found: San Francisco, CA
Alcohol content: 6.6%, 7.2%, 7.3%
Other variations: ?
Also known as: Green Death
Slogan: "Mountain Fresh Taste since 1878"
Phone #: 1-800-935-BEER
Website: www.pabst.com
Brewery: Rainier Brewing Co., Tumwater, WA

Bruz: 7.2%: I'm sitting here like a loser swillin on a 40 of Rainier Ale that my boy Ford got me from his trip to California. It's quite decent, weighing in at 7.2% and tasting not bad at all. I have about 1/4 left, it's still chill & I'm happy about it. I rate this 8/10 swills due to the semi-unique taste (it's not like every other 40 out there) and the semi-high alcohol content. Pretty good 40. Common in CA says Ford. Go swill one down RIGHT NOW! It also leads to great brew beefs, unparalleled by any other 40, ever!

7.3%: Not having the 7.2% version to compare it to, I imagine this is near identical. It tasted good. No complaints. Good swill. Slight buzz. Did not make me pee at all. "Chugability" was high. But the one thing I'm very disappointed about was the lack of brew beefs... "Green Death" is known for creating ridiculous beefs... but so far I have not beefed at all. If this changes, if I wake up in the morning with gut rot, I will report back with an update. But for now it's not looking good. Yet still this was a great 40, deserving - again - 8/10 swills. I would rate it a 9 this time, if only it made me beef like taco day in a highschool lunchroom. Update: Well sure enough the Green Death led to some Green Gas! I've ripped some nice brew beefs... not to the ridiculous extent I was hoping, but more than usual none-the-less. Thank you IMT40s for making this possible!

3/25/10 ChulaVista40oz: So before I even joined the forum I checked out the archives day after day, overwhelmed by the amount of 40s out there.

This was easy for me because coming from Chula Vista, California our selection is pretty small. When I was showing my dad some of the different 40s in the archives he told me about Rainier Ale.

He said it was one of his favorites and said I should try and get one. I told him I had never seen it in any form around here so I would definitely try and trade for one if possible.

Then right around the time I joined the forum there was a thread about how Rainier Ale was becoming harder and harder to come by. I thought to myself, fuck I might never get the chance to drink this.

Then out of nowhere Big J offers me one of his last ones and I get it. If it wasn't for him I would never of tried this awesome 40. Now onto the review:

After almost two weeks I finally cracked this open. I told my friend I would wait so we both could try it.

While it wasn't as cold as I would of liked, it was still pretty cold and after the first sip I knew why this 40 is so popular.

Great taste, and good buzz at 7.3%. I finished a Ides 24 right after this and was feeling good heading to the bar later that night.

We both looked at each other and said how is something this good, in a 40, for so cheap? We had the same reaction from the Ballantine Fear sent us.

All in all if this was by me, it would be one of my favorites. I'm sad there gone, but glad Big J gave me the chance to drink this great 40.

Label: 8/10
Taste: 10/10
Swill: 10/10
Buzz: 8/10

10/19/09 stagedive: Got a couple of rainier's a couple of days ago from a great friend on the west. Drank one quick, awesome taste overall one of my top favourites. If I could buy this brew near by, I'd swill nightly or atleast once a week. Once again spectacular brew.

8/15/09 40ozHawaii: After a day full of working on the house remodel project, this 40 was an oasis in the midst of a hot afternoon Saturday. Placed this in the Freezer for 1.5 hours, and cracked it. The crack was solid, the smell was clean. The taste was unlike most 40's that I have had.

This tastes like a genuine ale, not a malt liquor (hence the name). It is crisp and smooth, with a hint of fruitiness and mild hops.
The burps were solid and the carbonation was perfect. I really like this ale- as I reach the mid way point I am starting to feel the 7.3% after the being hot and dehydrated all day.

Aesthetics: something about the green bottle, and the "Mountain fresh ale" title puts this experience in a nirvana-like place in my mind. Cool, refreshing, and yearning for more.

Excellent brew. It I could get this here, it would most certainly be in regular rotation.

Thanks go out to BIGJ for hooking this up for me.

Label: 9/10
Taste: 10/10
Swill: 10/10
Buzz: 9/10


8/15/09 sleazye: First off, thanks to BWill40s by way of BigJ for hooking me up with this killer 40 that he got as an extra in a trade. Anyways, on to the review... Cracked this West Coast monster an hour or two after work. The hiss was pretty legit with this 7.3% ABV Ale. First taste was reminiscent of a cross between (not in exact order) Private Stock, Ballantine, and to an extent, a stronger Mickeys while still having its own uniqueness to it that is a great thing. Halfway in to the 40 and the 7.3% is starting to kick in a bit, which I thoroughly enjoy a lot. One thing that I noticed was this 40 makes one belch loud as fuck burps, another cool point in my book for this West Coast badboy. What else can I say that hasn't been said about this killer ale 40 other than, if you can get it in a trade if you don't live on the West Coast, by all means go for it. You will NOT be disappointed at all.

Label: 9.5/10
Taste: 9/10
Swill: 9/10
Buzz: 9/10

6/25/09 havinafett: First off, much thanks to BigJ for the chance to drink this. Man, this stuff was good. Aleish smell, tasted crisp, pretty carbonated. Like others have said my first thought was that it reminded me of Private Stock but more of a sharp taste, also reminded me of Ballantine but tastier. If it didn't say it right on the bottle I would have never guessed this stuff was 7.3%. I took my time with this and enjoyed it. Towards the end it was less crisp of a flavor, but nothing I'd call bad by any means. I got a great buzz off this too. Didn't rip any farts off this supposed "green death" either. If this were available by me I would drink it constantly.
Overall 10/10

5/7/09 SouthLyon40s: You "coast" fools and your ales.

Here in the midwest we have zero 40 oz ales.

First crack and hiss and this thing didn't taste like a 7.3 percent at all. Maybe I was just thirsty and just chugged liquid without registering taste. OK now that I'm almost below the label I'm starting to get the alcohol taste from this "apparently" 7.3 percet brew but to be completely honest I would have pegged this thing at a 6.0 level with a rough swill if I hadn't known the ABV beforehand.

What a good 40.

I've read Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac a couple times. And when he's in Washington he talks about Rainer Ale. Talks about drinking one on Mt. Rainer. The thought of a Rainer on Mt. Rainer was cool. Tomorrow I'm heading up to upper MI to one of my buddy's cabins and we're plannin on discin on Boyne Mt. I was very tempted to save this for the top of the mountain and get a picture of me chuggin this thing with Lake Michigan in the background. But the thought of a warm tossed up 7.0+ brew in my backpack for an hour (while I climbed a fucking mountain) turned me off to the idea. So here I sit and swill.

Haha, and what a good 40 to swill while anticipating a mountain. Sleeper 40. Doesn't seem HG. But isn't a normal malt ABV.

Buzz is creepin. Damn not an HG buzz. But a little more than a malt buzz. Better than Ballantine I'll say that immediately and right now.

Best green bottle ale. Take that east coast.

4/24/09 troobie: SAB Miller freshness code of fresh until 06-01-09. I love it when the ABV is clearly displayed, and this one certainly is. Quite a strange percentage too. Picked this up in San Francisco. I've never heard of, seen, nor tasted Rainier Ale prior to this review. First thing that came to mind was Olympia beer, but this is a different animal. Most unique 40 in my collection so far. Obviously a SAB Miller product based on the shape of the bottle, the 6 digit numbers on the cap and the label, and the fact that it states "Rainier Brewing Co., Irwindale, CA" with Irwindale being a major SAB Miller brewery. This is unique as being the only brew I've ever had coming from Irwindale. It is also unique with the label only having the state deposit wording for Oregon and California. This is definitely a West Coast 40. Label calls itself an ale. Not a malt liquor, not a beer, but a "Mountain Fresh Ale." It is a good label too. Green, gold, black, and white that compliments the bottle nicely. I'd call it classy. Drinking from the green bottle immediately makes me think Mickey's or Mickey's ICE. How in the hell does a brewery decide on green? Seriously, is it just for looks of does it serve a purpose? I'm going to rip into this. Cap is lame. Gold color matches nicely, but no wording or logos except for normal SAB Miller crap. Oh yeah, this belongs in a green bottle. Wow, tastes good. Sharp. Crisp. Sweet and sour up front but finishes to just a creamy malty taste. I hate to do this but I have to compare it to Mickey's being a green bottle brew. If you took 2 or 3 bottles of Mickey's and condensed them into one this is close to what you would get. Once again: creamy, malty, sweet, sour, and salty. REALLY heavy on the carbonation which scores points in my book. I had some beers before this 40 but without a doubt felt an effect from this. This is a solid 7.5/10. I'd drink this regularly if it was available to me.

4/05/09 D4N0: Long story short, SUCKS. Tasted skunked as hell. Also was watered down which made it even worse. Made a vid for MLTV with is, didn't finish it all in 10 min basically because it tasted so fucking bad. I rate this 3/10 for taste, 4/10 buzz, 3.5/10 overall

3/08/09 fraginat0r: omg! i would have to say rainier ale is the best 40 i have had yet (thanx Big J!) i used to drink it all the time in the cans but got the privelage of getting a 40 from Big J and it was damn deliciouse,,,most people have told me it has a nasty ass taste but they are a bunch of fucking beer-noob pussy ass bitches! its great to know that some people actualy like good beer..i didnt know there was a 7.2 still around...i know the company got bought out by miller and the recipe definately changed a little, (no longer has that redish-green color and doesnt smell like poop lol,,thats what my dad said any way lol).. havent tried the private stock yet but im sure ill love it considering the rateings its gotten.. but so far rainier is the best 40 ive had so i would have to say 10 out of 10 swills for taste and 8 out of ten for buzz..peace

3/04/09 BWill40s: I got this 40oz via trade from BigJ. This 40 did not prove me what I was already thinking Private Stock west coast styles and stronger at 7.3!

This was a great tasting 40oz all the way down to the swill. I ripped this for 40oztv in around 8 minutes.

If I was on the west coast I would rip this all day!

8-10 Swills

1/27/09 BigJandthe40: I went out to San Fransico last night to pick up my friends Tokay Gecko, his old lady doesnt want him to have it anymore, so I told him I would take it, only if he got me 4 40oz of Rainier. Sure enough when I got into his house he had them on ice. I hadnt had this in a long time as the one shop in my area stopped selling them. The taste is awsome, its smoother then OE and St Ides and still has a pretty good alcohol amount 7.3%. after finish, I realize I have a decent buzz but a 30 min drive back home. I take the Gecko and the 3 40oz and am off. I get lost on the way home and 30mins ends up being an hour drive. I got home and took a great piss, but now I am thirsty again. So I open another and film this one on Youtube, its tasting real good and now after I finish this one, I am pretty drunk. I would say that this 40oz is a 10/10 for taste, 8/10 for buzz and 9/10 hangover the next day. But then again i shouldnt have had the Country Club after the 2 Rainiers. I am saving the 2 I have to trade.

10/08/08 nickmoulton: First off, thanks to SRSER for the hookup
been waiting to swill this west coast ballantine for a while now
wasnt going to drink this until tomorrow night, but im in the mood to rip mean farts all night

7.3% -- a little wrenching, and a decent crack..great hiss....
smells like any other ale 40, no hint of weed...first sip
ehh, not bad..sharp alcohol flavor in the follow up, flows down smoothly...but overall, there is something about this that doesnt live up to the reviews

2/3 of the way there and this just isnt doing it for me. Buzz is starting to take effect, brew is still nice and cold, but nothing like a cold Ballantine 40.

taking me about 35 minutes to finish

Swill was decent, buzz factor was legit, however, the flavor didnt do anything for me
7/10 swills

8/11/08 d07c0m: Hell yeah! This shit is fucking bad-ass. It's like the West-Coast P-Stock but with more farts. Awesome 7.3%, good flavour, etc.

sanjose40s helped me out with my first experience, but this time I got it myself in Seattle (check the liquor store for directions).

Feeling a mild buzz right now, feeling good, feeling like I want more. Let's go with some good ratings 9/10

91firebird: First off a big props to SanJose for hooking me up with this West Coast 40 . Never had Rainier before so here we go. Crack was ok, full ring detatch. There was a hint of funkyness on the hiss. 1st sip and I thought Private Stock which is not a bad thing but it seemed a little more spicier than sweet if that makes any sense. I've been drinking a shitload of Haffenreffers lately and I have to say that Rainier is close but not quite. Obviously this is an Ale and not a malt. So it goes down a little smoother. Bout half way done and the taste is consistant. Buzz level is pretty good too. This is the 7.3% version and I did not eat dinner to get a true buzz review on this 40. Have to say that after this I'm gonna feel aight. Shit goes down fast, I can only imagine this shit in a wide mouth which I know some of you have tried. This is a 40 that is very easy to swill. It does have a little bit of skunkyness which is very subtle. Does not have that skunk pussy taste like Heineken which I hate. Hands down this swill is better than any Heineken on the planet. If this shit was sold in my area, I would drink it every day. Overall 9.5/10 swills. Buzz 9.5/10 swills. One of the better 40's I've had in a while. Random stuff in the fridge too.

Alvin Karpis: Rainier Ale The best crack and hiss that I have ever heard. smells kind of funky but most ale's that I have drank have the same smell. This brew is very popular in Washington state. When I moved here 8 years ago thats all that I ever heard "why do you drink OE when you can drink Rainier Ale?" The taste is perfect. The buzz is perfect. All this "Green Death" talk about nasty ass farts has never happened to me and I have drank alot of Rainier Ale. This is the thing about Washington that i will miss the most. Vile Fiend and Beam will have it good for a long time. Taste 10/10 Buzz 10/10 Overall 10/10

beam21: rainier ale is weird and at least to me took a long time to really get used to

now it's one of my favorites

def the best in the PNW after the tragic loss of the 7.5 bear

the one I'm drinking now I think is on the old side

this stuff is pretty thick and usually super carbonated so it's tough to pound

this particular 4 is getting blasted though cause it's a bit lacking on the bubbles

the buzz on this thang is sneaky and heavy

smoke a lil dope with this you may go straight to sleep and sleep very well

taste B+ buzz B

brooks79Z: First off, thanks to Vile and Satan for the opportunity to drink this 40.
Wow, I'm amazed by the great taste of this. The hiss and crack was an amazing start to this little adventure. A loud crack followed by a nice long hiss made me drool at the thought of the actual taste. This has to be one of the best I've had. Those lucky enough to have regular access to this make me very jealous.
I would say this has a taste that combines Heinekin and Little Kings. I know this may sound odd, but its what i immediately thought. The buzz was great, perfect for ending my day. I give this a 9 out of 10

Buzzcore: Just got the legendary Rainier Ale in a trade from IMT40s and damn this is good stuff. Tastes like Private Stock and Ballantine, but waaaaaaay stronger. And let's be honest, what's wrong with that? At 7.3%, I'd slam this shit on a regular basis if I could get it near me. Man, every single one of the west coast versions (Big Bear, Hurricane Ice, Rainier, etc.) kicks my ass hard. They all taste the same, or better, than their east coast counterparts, yet deliver a much better bang for the buck. I'd love to sit on top of Mt. Rainier, drinking a Rainier Ale. At the increased elevation, I'd really get my buzz on! You guys on the west coast don't realize how good you got it, this is really some great stuff. 7/10 easily........... wait, fuck it, I never did it before but I'll give it a 7.5 if that's possible?

DC40s: First of all, thanks to Vile for this hook up.

This is a fantastic tasting 40!

The crack was like a whip, and after hearing that sound I knew I was in for something good. And let's get something out of the way right now: my Rainier brew does not smell like weed. At all.

The first sip revealed a taste quite similar to Private Stock or Ballantine. Further swills reveal this to be a pretty strong 40 (7.3%). I'm about 2/3rds down...and feeling the buzz (and today I DID eat something before the review...).

Ok, I just finished the rest of this 40. The claim that the first sip and the last sip taste different is not something I buy. They tasted pretty much the same to me.

I recommend this 40 to everyone.

ders0: I'll go into this by stating that I'm a novice of the green bottle. This is my first green bottle 40 other than the Mickey's/Mickey's Ice which are everywhere around here. This is also the first 40 I've had that isn't available in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

It cracked like crazy. One of the best cracks I've heard. Did have a typical sort of green bottle taste like a stronger mickey's ice. Very crisp tasting and overall pretty awesome. This is definitely a step up in the green bottles from the Mickey's varieties, the buzz is also much more prevalent. Awesome 40, wish it was available in MN.

dj oe 800: first sip - nice. like a combination of genny cream ale and p-stock. ale taste is palpable. should be a real enjoyable 40.

past the label - this is tasting more and more like a cream ale than p-stock, and what little buzz i had before (24 of hurricane ice and two pabst pounders over the course of an hour or so) is already amplified noticeably.

halftime - going down very smooth right now. i heard many reports of this shit smelling or tasting like weed, and it does not. perhaps there was an old formula that smelled like weed. i'll never know. quite frankly i don't give a damn.

4th quarter - genny cream ale always finished kinda harsh -- the "cream" aspect of "cream ale" hitting me hardcore. i suspect that rainier is gonna do the same thing, despite that i'm drinking a 4 of rainier and not the only format in which i've drank genny cream ale (12 coz can). again, we'll see.

the swill - no gross "cream ale finish." all in all, of the many forties that i have emptied, this was one of the smoothest finishes of all time.

dollazz: big ass props to vile motherfuckin fiend for bringin this to the MOTM.

i was fairly buzzed by the time i got to this badass. i had a Colt and a KC, this was my 3rd. it was actually technically opened? already. it was sealed but was missing some of the brew b/c vile had a bit of an accident bringing them home from the store.

it still cracked and hissed when i opened it, though it was only full to the part of the bottle that begins to cone.

i hate ballantine, and most people on the board compared it to that. i'll say it tastes nothing like ballantine. its more like P stock, which i love.

Ranier Ale was smooth as fuck, tasted good as fuck, i dont know what kind of buzz it gave me, though i know it kicked in gear as a 3rd 40oz of the night.

ill give this shit 8/10. i wish Mt. Ranier was in NJ.

Drastic Mezures: Here's what I've been told about Rainier Ale: Smells like weed, starts out OK, turns into ass, it's nicknamed "Green Death". Here's what I thought: I didn't notice the weed smell, I thought it would be cool if it did smell like weed especially since it's green. In the beginning it was pretty good, it reminded me of how Ballantine tasted when I first tried that but by the middle this shit really does get deadly. All in all I liked it more than I disliked it and I'd love to try it again.

FultonCounty40z: Drank this 40 last nite before heading out. this brew had the strangest aftertaste of any 40 i've ever had, very unique indeed...it was almost a metallic taste. Good all around 40 though, and at 7 somthing percent, it started the night off right.

ImissMy64oz: it didnt smell as bad as i heard and it tasted great
im a fan of most beers in green bottles
reminded me of molsen ice
i wish rainer was available here i drink it on regular basis

IMT40s: First of all it is weird to me calling it Rainier Ale, I know thats the proper name but for as long as I can remember we here in the N.W. have always called it "Green Death". I'm not a fan of ale's but this one stands out in flavor and buzz. At the first hiss upon opening this 40 I always notice a fart like smell (more on farts later) if you smell this also, don't worry it's not skunked it's just a stinky ale to begin with. I never like the first couple of drinks but for some reason it tastes better when its a little warm. Now for the prize! It's fairly known and some may debate it but I'm very positive that "green death" will make you "fart like a beast", it never fails, the day after is always like an orchestra in my shorts with some funk added just to remind you what you swilled the night before. Overall this is a great ale with a good buzz. I give it a 7.5 out of 10.

JoeWebberlione: Just opened & smelled the brew, havent even tasted it yet..Here we go..Very different, but not in a bad way, similar to Mickey's Ice I'd say. It says mountain fresh ale on the bottle & it deserves every damn word of that, its too bad this shit is only available in the west coast. Atleast I have Mickey's Ice for a similar taste, but even that one is a bit harder for me to get hold of. Over all 9 outta 10 swills.

LMSCRacer: A big thanks to Vile Fiend for the hook-up. To me, the term "Ale" means a decent, almost sharp, hop taste and a good carbonation level. Rainier Ale did not let me down. Strong hiss off the crack. Great flavor that stayed great all the way through the swill. I poured a little into a glass to check the color - perfect gold. The nice buzz factor is a bonus here. If I could buy this here, it would certainly be in my regular rotation. This is a winner top to bottom. 9/10 swills only because I am still waiting for the perfect 10.

MarkBlackout: Many thanks to Orentha for hooking this one up. I drank one of these on a too-drunk night in Seattle many moons ago, and thought it was just about unbearable. This time around, I thought it was pretty good. Rainier Ale is a sharp-tasting, sweet and sour "cream ale." If that description doesn't turn your stomach, drinking this shit will.
I'm exaggerating really, I actually enjoyed this 40 in a way. Its buzz makes up for the strange, untoward smells and tastes that emanate from the small mouth green bottle with the big red R. 7 out of 10 swills.

orentha: Drinking the Rainier Ale (new label) right now while playing Hold'em. Not that the new label has anything to do with taste, but it's a sweet label.
I've only got 1 thing to say about it:
It should be ILLEGAL to NOT sell this delicious brew !!

edit: Just wanted to say that rainier ale is one of my top 5 favorite 40s ever. I buy it by the case.

SanJose40Drinker: "So im sittin here drinkin a 40" of Rainer Ale "and i gotta tell ya, this shit pretty much" rocks, one of the smoooothest 40's ive dranken in awhile.... ive had alot lately, Cobra, Colt double Malt, Crazy Stallion....even country club....and this shits goin down realllllyyy smooth....its on the last sips now and im drunkkkkkk (twisted?)... ive corrected my typos alot.... but anywayz this 40 has been smooth all the way through from first sip to last....and now im finished and im sloshed....on the reawwlll..... this 40 was the shit...im gunna drive 57 minutes again just to swill this shit again....9/10 swills... because that ended up being system everybody uses to rate this shit.. its good.

satan165: This tastes like a Mickey's or Little Kings (or other green bottle drink) that's been concentrated like hell. It really does smell like weed. At least 3 people have told me it made them fart like a motherfucker but I've yet to get any effects of that manner. We'll see what happens when its gone...its gettin' there... Buzz: B+, Taste: B-

uk82chaospunk: first of all, thanx to beam for hooking me up with this 40oz. i drank a 22oz of some 10.8% brew and i figure i needed to get more wasted. so i tap into the rainer ale. good hiss when i cracked it, good smell and my first impression was that this shit is really sweet. maybe it tasted sweeter than normal cuz i just had some strong ass brew...who knows. all i know i woke up at around 6 in the morning, shivering under a sheet...my backyard door was wide open, windows open. and i see the rainer 40 with about 1/4th of the beer still in it. man this shit got me fucked up real nice...i dont even remember passing out...8 out of 10 swills for this bitch

Vile Fiend: This is my brew of choice. I have this shit flowing through my veins. I drink this shit on the reg sons, thatís right jealous bitches, I can get this no problem. Now that Iím done gloating, all I gotta say is that this 40 has the taste I look for in all brews. Crisp, oh so very very crisp, with a great ale flavor. Granted, it does smell like shit (like most ales do), but the smell is deceiving, because the taste is fantastic. Itís shocking to think that this shit is 7.3%, I can drink one of these down quick, and Iíll have a very strong buzz. And no, it doesnít give me nasty farts. Overall, 10 outta 10 swigs.