Schlitz Red Bull

I need the chinese variant, old clear stubby, & wide mouth w/ neck label (all pictured on bottom), if you can help please email me.

Found: Baltimore, MD
Alcohol content: 5.86%
Other variations: old label brown bottle (WANTED)
Also known as: Bull Damu, Dead Bull
Slogan: "XL Malt Liquor"
Phone #: 1-800-935-BEER
Brewery: The Stroh Brewery Co., San Antonio, TX

Bruz: Tonight I swilled a Red Bull while watching Smackdown... here's the review: this was ice cold chilled, tasted fresh, NO complaints taste-wise, not even with the swill. Resulted in very little to no buzz, that being the only low point. But it's not easy for one solitary 40oz to result in a buzz - the conditions need to be just right (empty stomach, lack of sleep, and strong alcohol content)... however, I was feeling well rested & just finished dinner. It did make me have to pee a few times though, which shows quality among any malt. A great 40 overall... Rating: 8/10 swills (could very well be 9/10 if I received a slightly better buzz). Thanks out to LMSCRacer, detroitfourtyouncer, & Tiger Tai for a few of these variants!

Update: I have since re-swilled this, in under 10 minutes for a 40ozMaltLiquorTV video, and it yielded a nice warm buzz (due to the short time in which I drank it, of course). Still a pleasurable overall experience. Perhaps a bit hasty on the original scoring; an 8/10 may be more appropriate.

8/1/10 havinafett: Drank a new label red bull last night and realized I never gave one of my favorites a proper review.
Red Bull to me is schlitz's answer to a market that wants malt liquor taste.
Blue Bull is awesome, but honestly it tastes like beer.
Red Bull is awesome, and it tastes like malt liquor.
Schlitz has been around a while and I'm not sure what it used to taste like but these days its taste is more beer-like than a malt.
I'm assuming when malt liquor really started to find its place, schlitz didn't want to change a classic, but wanted to offer something that would appease the masses who wanted that certain taste we all know.
Red Bull was their answer.
Great tasting malt.
This stuff is basically the standard for me.
I passed it up so many times for Mickeys Ice in my local shop.
Actually a red bull and mickeys ice sounds like a great combo... I will have to look into that, but anyway, this stuff is great.
IMO this a better malt than blue bull, and has been around long enough to make its own place.
To me it's like Dave Grohl.
Do you still think of him as the dude that played drums for Nirvana for a few albums? No.
But you did when foo fighters started coming on the scene.
He's made his own place in the world and surpassed his previous work.
I feel like when red bull first came out it was probably a similar situation.
Blue bull is classic, but red bull is better.


1/31/10 odeed: first off when i had this when i was younger i could have sworn it was higher than 5.9% abv.but thats what the label states now.this ones not quite as smooth as the blue bull.kinda has that funky "malt liquor" taste right in the middle.although i still enjoyed it.

TASTE: 7/10
SWILL: 7/10
BUZZ: 6/10
LABEL: 8/10

1/26/10 40zForSatan: First time I had this the malt was 2.5 years old and the awesome bricks label, thanks to thefear for that hookup. When i tried it I was amazed at how amazing this 40 was, this had established itself in my top 5 just like that, but I wasn't sure if it was legit or not since the age of the brew. I sat wondering for months and finally ended up with an opportunity to score a fresh redbull since I obviously needed the current label for the collection. I was happy that the taste was still amazing and it sealed the deal on the red bull, a solid malt with extreme flavor and superior smoothness. I would drink this as often as possible if I could get it around me, without any doubt whatsoever. This is the ideal example for a clean malt.

TASTE: 8/10
SWILL: 8/10
BUZZ: 5/10
LABEL: 8/10 (bricks)

1/25/10 DaHookUp7Mile: Cracked it open, Strong crack, Small hiss.

First taste i was suprised, Dosent resmeble either Blue Bull or Ice HG. Deff got that malt street taste to it.

Very good taste to this one, Had that malt taste but nothing bad about it like some malts have, A very intersting malt to say the least.

The buzz i cant say much on because i killed a 40 of Genesee Ice before it, Aswell as a mixture of codiene/hydrocodone so im feeling pretty good.

But this 40 is fucking good, Ill give it 7/10 and its one ill deff grab soon again.

10/29/09 sleazye: Big thanks to itsdanko for the hookup on this 40 I have always been curious about since joining up on this message board. Ran to my fridge and yanked this badboy out with extreme haste, then decided to crank up some Cannibal Corpse. Now onto business!

Wow, the crack on this 40 was loud, louder than I had expected! The hiss was equally as powerful as well.

First few pulls into this... wow! What a pleasant surprise, real sweet taste with no offensive aftertaste at all. Kind of has more of a beer-like taste to me rather than a malt taste, if that makes any sense at all.

Halfway into this, I am feeling a tiny buzz, but nothing too harsh or too weak, more like a great middle ground buzz that's starting to kick in at the middle point of this, and I'm liking this a lot. As mentioned by Karpis, I am having a huge sensation of my face getting red and hot.

Even after taking my time with this 40 at a kind of slow level to try to appreciate it, I notice no change in taste one bit. I'm not at the swill and even that tastes pretty f'in good.

Very pleased with this 40 all around. Just wish this was available in my area, as it would be one of my higher-ranking go-to 40s without second guessing.

Buzz: 4/10
Taste: 10/10
Label: 8/10
Swill: 9/10

10/16/09 Alvin Karpis: Big ups to MaltLiquorSwigga for the hook up. Weak crack, first sip and wow this is way different then Blue Bull, this tastes like a malt liquor, fist thing that popped into my head was that it tastes like Country Club, a lower level dirty malt that I like to enjoy a couple times a month. Taste is pretty good, got that malt funk that I love that catches you during the aftertaste. Im at the half way mark and have no buzz but my face is getting red and hot, and for those of you who know what that means it means the buzz will be on its way very soon. Taste is staying the same, buzz is still nowhere to be found. Ok im done, buzz is very small, but the taste was great all the way through the swill. Taste 9/10 Buzz 3/10 Overall 6/10 Just above average.

10/10/09 d07c0m: I just put down my third Red Bull ever.

This is the new label, got it from detroit40oz

Cracked but 0 hiss, terrible first sip taste.

Really nasty specimen. I know this malt isn't as bad as this all the time but this one is off.

For some reason I was always under the impression that this was a 7% range malt but it's only 5.9%


7/4/09 SouthLyon40s: Schlitz Red Bull is something I haven't had in a very long time. It's been approximately two years since I had this last. And the one time I did find it in Detroit I only bought one 40 for the collection, drank it one non-descript summer night, and didn't record anything about it. I only remember that it better than your run of the mill 40. I thought the bottle was awesome, and I remember liking the taste quite a bit, but I wish I'd gotten more in depth or written something out about it.

So a few days ago I got 40s in the mail from Havinafett from Philly, and included was a Red Bull, along with trade pants and two other 40s that will be reviewed later. We have a new label, and now instead of a clear bottle it's in brown. I'm not sure if it'll have any affect - and if it does I don't really remember the original as well as I'd like to so will it matter?

This thing is ice cold. Just got it out. Worked today from 8:00 in the morning, until 7:00 at night. Got some overtime, but now I'm pretty exhausted and hopefully that won't effect how this thing goes down. If anything I'll just hammer it down to the bottom in no time due to tiredness.

And the first third of it went down in approximately 20 seconds. Tastes great. It's got a real mild taste. Not too carbonated, but it's still got enough of a bite to be pretty interesting. Hope it keeps this up through the entire thing. Putting on a movie, and that means I'll probably slow down with this.

But I actually don't want to slow down with this and I haven't. I'm drinking this relatively fast - for me at least. For one thing, I've always used the term "funky" to describe a malt liquor. Kind of the "bad" tastes that due to exposure and experience become a known and even welcomed taste we - malt liquor connoisseurs of this forum - have come to expect and a lot of us like it. But Red Bull has none of it. At least nothing that I can taste.

This is weird. It's got a beer taste with a malt liquor aftertaste. I like it and I wish more malts dipped into this type of flavor. If anything it's NOT "sweet" and that's refreshing.

Just killed it. Seemed like a beer. I really wish more malts were like this one. You can tell it's a malt, but none of the bad malt properties are present.

4/19/09 maltliquorswigga: solid crack, decent hiss, way different than Blue Bull, more Malty and sweet..Id drink this more often if it was easier to find( 1place out of 3 had them). Better than Blue Bull(which is still a decent malt, but taste more like straight beer than malt). Swill was good, stayed cold, but for having the same ABV as OE5.9 didnt seem to buzz me like the OE would. Havent had a Red Bull 40 since the original label 40! my last one was in 2000. Anyway paid $1.49 for this 40. So heres the grading.... Value 10/10 swills. Taste 8/10 Buzz 7/10 Overall 8/10 swills..... A cheap tasty malt...

12/08/08 dj oe 800: solid hiss off a solid crack.

this is another bitchin' forty that i don't drink alot, but have enjoyed each time that i have.

this tastes stronger than i remember, and indeed stronger than a 5.9% abv malt -- didn't it used to be slightly weaker? too lazy to check. tastes almost fruity like an hg, but without the usual funk of an hg. the fact that this particular specimen isn't as chilled as it could be is a factor. it's also crazy smooth, even the carbonation is a little subdued -- not "flat," mind you.

in closing, i must express my distaste for the new labels. the old ones with the huge bull and the white bricks were worlds better, even if some may like it because it looks closer to the oldschool "imperial quart" design. whatever. that's just my opinion.

and that doesn't change the fact that this is a solid forty, even though i'd place a few malts above it in terms of preference ranking.

11/23/08 ders0: I've never review this but it's one of my favorite malts. I've drank probably 10-15 of these. Awesome smooth malt, goes down easy.

8/25/08 sintekk: Just had one of the new black/red label Red bull's. It's garbage. I've been drinking at least one of these a day for the past year or so and there's definately something different from the old white label with the big red bull. I was fortunate enough to find a ghetto mart (complete with crackheads hustling change) in East Cleveland that had a case and a half of the old stuff left. I'm so sad to find my favorite malt disappear from the scene. Does anyone have any suggestions for a replacement? I hate Blue Bull and Orange Bull is too strong for my taste.

7/25/08 DaHookUp7Mile: First time with the red bull. Ive tryed all the schiltz except the red/blue bull's till today.

Place stocked some of these boys in for the first time ever, Old label, Expried 6 months ago but damn suprised by the taste.

One of the smoothest 40's ive had in awhile.


40 Ounce Killa: First, thanks out to elantrax for hooking me up with this!

This is about the blandest malt liquor that I've ever had. Not bad, not good.....just very generic. I swilled it in about 30 minutes, only because I wasn't thinking much about it. Went down smooth, with not much flavor or bite.

It tasted okay, buzz factor was fair. I bestow 6/10 swills on the Red Bull.

40ozmcgee: I've had Schlitz Red Bull in 24oz cans before, but I decided to wait on doing a review until I had the 40. I picked up the 40 at a rugged looking liquor store while I was in Hyattsville, "Merlin" (Maryland) today. To me it tastes vastly different from the Blue version which is widely available in Northern Virginia. It's a lot easier on the palate and has less of a bite. It also doesn't have as much alcohol per volume, so it doesn't give you quite the buzz. All in all, it's an above average tasting 40 and the swill isn't harsh at all. I'd give it an A- for taste and a C+ for the buzz factor. I would definitely drink this 40 on a regular basis if it were widely available in my area.

91firebird: Swilling a Schlitz Red Bull at the moment. It's been sittin in the fridge for a few days. A buddy of mine was up in North Texas and picked it up for me. I have to say I am impressed. I really didn't know what to expect. I'm not a big fan of the regular blue bull. That's shit is everywhere in 40's here, yet it's younger brother Red Bull is only available in 24's. Dunno how the hell that works but who cares. Ok back to the review. I was expecting a very strong taste like 211 or St Ides, But it's very very smooth. Kinda wheaty yet with a kick. I've had the 24's before but wanted to drink it out of a 40 for a true review. The 24's can be hit or miss sometimes. Sometimes there's too much of an aluminum taste to it. Very nice 40. Decent buzz (no dinner tonight) so Its what I expected as far as buzz factor goes. Overall I'm gonna give this 8/9 swills. Decent 40, would definately drink this on the reg if I had easy access to it.

beam21: one of the tastiest malts ever
don't know which is better, blue or red, though they're basically polar opposites
I think I like Blue Bull better but Red Bull is the bomb and gets 9/10 straight up
taste: A- Buzz: B
fuck yeah

beerface: The first half was very wheaty, the 2nd half was very warm, pissy excriment, made me gag several times. Had to swallow spit several times to ensure that I didn't vomit. Rating is 4 outta 10 stars.

BoozeClues: Schlitz Red Bull is a harsh cheap tasting malt liquor for its content. It tastes like a typical cheap beer like Natural Ice. I got only a moderate buzz from it and would be unlikely to buy a bottle again. It's 5 of 10 swills, which is poor for its light alcoholic content.

Buzzcore: Kicked this bitch in a trade with Satan. Heard lots about the Red Bull, so here's my chance to finally try it. Immediately, I'm thinking this doesn't taste as good as "Blue Bull" but it does taste closer to Schlitz' regular beer. It's sweet and rather smooth, but doesn't have much of a distinct flavor. Not much carbonation, either......... so maybe I got a stale one? I don't fully understand why Pabst makes so many versions of Schlitz, and if they ever decide to discontinue any of 'em, this would be the one to get my vote. It's not bad, but I didn't really enjoy this either, so I'm giving it a 3/10.

doublej708: ok, this is only a 32 but who is counting. for only 32 oz this little bastard packs quite a punch. the taste stayed consistant throughout the entire beer. even the swill tasted good. pounded the whole thing with no prob. but im gonna crack into a lite bottle for a little extra kick. i will drink this again, and recommend it to everyone. cant wait to try the blue bull.

Drastic Mezures: Fucks you up like Crazy Horse just minus the nasty taste.

One time I packed my car out, only I got to sit in the back and get driven around and drink a 40. We started out going 40 hunting. At one of the bodegas there was a huge freezer that was empty so I climbed into it. After we left there we stoped at this girl Laa Laa's job. They made ice cream and shit so I got a big chocolate milkshake. I should've known better than to get a milkshake while drinking 40s but I had a buzz on and it looked good! That was when the fun ended for me that night. While we were driving around I was puking out the back door all over the street. I guess it must have been pretty funny for the people outside to see a big Caprice driving around with someone hanging out the back door puking. The moral of this story: Never have any milk shakes or ice cream when drinking 40s.

Four Teas: Very standard but tasty malt in my opinion. I can't say that if I were blindfolded and drank the Blue Bull and the Red Bull I would be able to tell the difference between the two. An bit light on the buzz-o-meter, easy drinking the entire way and a superior value by any measure. Solid 7/10.

hg8point2: i could never tell the difference when it comes to blue bull & red bull,except one might taste even nastier than the other.i was never a fan of these malts.they can both share a 3.

ImissMy64oz: i worked 6 am until 8 pm then
i had 3 cups of white cranberry and stoli
so i was felin warm when i cracked the red bull
i had the old label first shit was ice cold and delicious
a nice tastey malt shits was good got a little buz
then cracked opened a new label shit was even colder
i was feelin kinda tired though but swilled the rest while watchin my buddys home video of cancun
shit was funny kinda like a home made cheap version of girls gone wild (if you can imagine that)
got pretty bent and have a little hangover today???
must of been vodka/malt combo
give the red bull 8/10

james: goddamnit this fucking red bull is great. its got the OE taste, but better (my guess is because probably weaker). brings up a point, the alcohol content isnt posted on this bottle like it is on blue bull and bull ice. i know it is between 5.9 and 8.2 because it tastes stronger (and better/lighter) than the blue bull 5.9, and doesnt taste like the sweaty fat womans cunt like the bull ice 8.2. (note, use of the last metaphor does not indicate i have tasted sweaty fat womans cunt before. in fact i definately havent. although ive often thought that was an ingredient in steel reserve.)

JoeWebberlione: Literally just cracked into this one, a standard tasting malt, although a bit more smooth than your average malt. Like a cross between OE & Colt. Pretty enjoyable though, above average but not up to par with malts like OE, Big Bear or Country Club. I would deffinatly swill this more regularly if I had instant acess to it. Much thanks out to Dukesplace for the hook up on this one. 8 outta 10 swills. Bad ass label as well.

LMSCRacer: Broke this baby out ice-cold on a very warm late winter day.

Somewhat weak hiss off the crack considering the overall decent carbonation level. Semi-sweet, but still with good malty flavor. Stays smooth the whole way. No harsh taste from the alcohol right through the swill.

Overall a fine 40 that I wish was in wider distribution. I give it 7/10 swills.

lookin 4 a 40: Thanks to satan165 for hookin me up with this 40 I've been wanting to try for nearly 2 years. I let this one chill in the fridge and I cracked it open while watching Menace II Society.
This may have been the best malt I've ever had. Every swill of this 40 was smooth going down and had no bitter aftertaste. This has a distinct flavor to it that sets it apart from it's brother Blue Bull. Definately not as filling and had a sweet flavor to it. Great label, great taste gives this 40 a 9/10.

MarkBlackout: Schlitz Red Bull is excellent. This "XL malt liquor" is a basic brew, but its very smooth and lacks any off flavors. I prefer this shit to a Colt 45 every time, despite the similarities in taste/body. Red Bull is on the sweeter side of malts (especially in comparison to Blue Bull), but not in a bad way. The Red is way more consistent from 40 to 40 I've found as well. Highly reccommended, 8 1/2 out of 10 swills.

nickmoulton: Just got this in the mail today from d07c0m...i think that is his name lol,...anyways, threw this, along with the blue bull in the freezer for about an hour and cracked it on the dumper..good crack, slight hiss....I have been sick the past few days so I havnt eaten a ton, got a slight buzz from this low ABV malt..the flavor stuck solid until I got to the swill and was on the phone with a possible employer...I guess it could of used an extra 20 minutes in the freezer because it got warm fast...I give it a 6.5/10, dont get me wrong, it had good malt flavor, probably would of gotten a 7.5 if it was colder..look forward to swillin the blue bull after dinner

OldeGoldSwilla: I've only had this once but it wasen't bad at all. I would swill it more but it is only available at one store near me and it's not that near by. Here's what I don't understand: why is there a red bull and a blue bull. They both have simillar alcohol percentage as well as labels. Personally I don't find their taste different enough to warrent their dual existance but a say thank you Schlitz for making two bulls so we can have more malt choices.

RickCarling: again, thanks to Drastic for sending me this one. I liked this 40, it had a good taste and a cool label (old label). I would drink it more often if it was available here. 7.5/10 swillz

RustythePelican: I had my first 40 of Schlitz Red Bull the other night. For some reason, I used to think that Red Bull had a higher ABV than Blue Bull (actually, it's 5.86% vs. 5.9%) - don't know what I was thinking.

I've been hitting the HGs a lot lately - most of that shit is so sweet and thick that it belongs on pancakes - so the Red Bull tasted a little weak to me. More like a beer than a malt. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. I was able to drink the entire 40 with dinner, without much of a buzz. Maybe my sense of taste isn't too sophisticated, but I did not see a huge difference between Red Bull and Blue Bull - the Red Bull may be a little more "malty", but that's about it.

Overall, a solid entry into the low-ABV malt game. Combine that with a killer label, and I'll definitely have this again.

EDIT: Forgot to mention; got it at Extra Value Food & Liquor, Des Plaines, IL. $2.80, I think.

satan165: new label: First I drank a very old 40 (old label) which was clearly past its prime. Then I scored a quart of the new label cause I wanted to give a fresher brew another chance and I had never seen the new label in a 40. Finally 64 scored a new label 40 for me. I got to his crib around 1230 and fucking pounded the thing about as fast as I could. It tastes very little really like its counterpart Blue Bull but its equally as good in its own way. While the Blue Bull has a distinct bitterness, this one has a bit of sweetness to it. This is a good brew and I love it just for being a Schlitz product, wish I could get this 40 more easily. Buzz: B-, Taste: B+

old label: This is just what I needed. This is the 1st full 40 I'm enjoying after my Camo affair; I tried to do a 22 of OE a day after but wasn't feeling it. This shit is sweet, like sugared homebrew, nothing like the Blue Bull. I was warned that this shit might be funky since the label has been changed a long time ago and therefore this is old stock. The color is like the taste, it looks sweet like the shit I make with my Mr. Beer. This 40 seemed to be pressurized, at least to some extent when I opened it, but it tasted flat. It had some foam but the taste wasn't all that. Either I got a bad one (possible that this one is very old since the label is discontinued) or maybe its the nature of the 40. Too many others to come back to this to find out, I'll stick with the Blue Bull, way better. Buzz: C-, Taste: B

shizzaun: red bull tastes a hell of a lot better than blue bull in my opinion and blue bull is much more abundant around here

Tiger Tai: the new Red Bull is the same as the old label. I liked it better than blue bull (which I drank yesterday). it seems to be lighter and in my opinion is tastier. I haven't had to bust a piss yet and I've been done it for a minute. I feel a little buzz but overall I'd say it's got a below average buzz factor, in fact I'm gettin ready to drink another one..... I'd give Red Bull 6 of 10 Swills.

tYMebOMb1: old: first taste is fruity; pretty fucking smooth- there’s no bite or anything and otherwise would be junk, but its just so full and balanced it rocks. Oh man, the floaters are leaving a coating in my mouth. (Maybe the fruitiness is from the ooold age…)

new: well, ive been told by a reliable source that this is the same brew that’s in the old label clear bottle, but this stuff tastes different, if only from the age. A bit sweeter than the old label and not quite as smooth. The old label is actually a lot better for my taste… maybe I should age my 40s?

Wildman40: Red Bull is one of my old fashioned reliables, used to be one of my favorites but I dont drink it as often anymore. However, its still a great malt in my opinion. Its got a solid taste, and not too carbonated, not gonna hurt your throat like chugging a coke or something. Overall Red Bull has a solid taste, but I've found that the ass of a red bull is un godly, it got sort of warm and watery assness, just a terrible swill taking down that challenging last ounce. Red Bull is still a very good malt, reliable, but theres better choices out there. I'd give it a 7/10.