Steel Reserve 211 High Gravity

I need the 8.9% (?) version if it exists, if you can help please email me.

Found: New Brunswick, NJ
Alcohol content: 8.1%, 6.0%, 7.3%, & 8.9% (?)
Other variations: ?
Also known as: 211, Silver Label 211
Slogan: "Slow Brewed For a Minimum of 28 Days", "Exceptionally Smooth Flavor", "Extra Malted Barley & Select Hops For Extra Gravity"
Phone #: ?
Brewery: The Steel Brewing Co., Longview, TX ; Lehigh Valley, PA

Bruz: The "silver 211" has a somewhat harsh alcohol taste that all other HG's are compared to. I just saw a 1000 legger the size of a small rodent scurry across my carpet & disappear. Most new 40 drinkers wouldn't be able to handle this taste but for a 40oz master such as myself, this is always a great 40 to kickoff your night with - it'll get you on your way to feelin real good, plus you have to figure that whatever you drink afterwards will surely taste much better than this! Down at the bottom swill which is creating a bit of heartburn, but at least the buzz eases the pain. All done, enjoying a slight warming sensation, and the teasing heartburn is gone. Overall 7/10 swills. The "black 211" (Steel Reserve 211 Triple Export Malt Liquor) is much tastier though, for the same alcohol content, but unfortunately is distributed not nearly as wide. Thanks out to LMSCRacer & uk82chaospunk for some of the variants!

The inside of the label explains what the "211" means:
"The two eleven mark, based on the medieval symbol for steel, appears only on steel reserve high gravity lager. We use nearly twice the ingredients of many normal lagers & brew for over twice as long as many quality beers."

1/26/11 Nevertolatefora40: "Big" snowstorm here in VA. Went up to Kroger to pick up a 40, was planning on getting a Hurricane, then I saw the long lines, fuck it might as well get a 211. Haven't drank one of these in a few months. Hiss was nice, first sip was rough, very malty. As I started getting back into it though, that familiar 211 buzz started to set in and I didn't mind it as much as the first sip. I really enjoy this 40 and I'm not gonna analyze the flavor to much, i just wish it tasted a little more like beer. Its just kinda sweet and malty. Fuck it i'll drink this with a lava crunch cake from Domino's.


11/15/10 havinafett: 6.0% ABV: Thanks to enonatas for the hookup.
I haven't drank a 8.1% 211 in over a year and a half probably so I felt like I was going into this with a pretty fresh perspective.
Not that I think 211 is that bad but I drank it pretty often a few years ago and I think I just got sick of it.

Thought it was pretty good right from the start.
Probably some similarities in taste to the 8.1% but really restrained.
Didn't taste sweet at all and it didn't have any kind of funk to it either.
Just beer that went down real easy.

Its good though, a nice change of pace honestly and I liked it a lot the more I got into it.

Getting towards the end was somewhat shittier but nothing ridiculous, and then all of a sudden it was great again out of nowhere...

Hadn't really eaten much when I drank it and it gave me a great buzz though.
Way more than I expected from a 6%.


10/28/10 YuggSoth: Down here, we have only the 6% version which is sad because I'm used to the 8% in New Orleans. Anyhow, I drink this all the time, and here is my review.

I get it mostly in 16 oz can, but I have had it in 40 oz bottles. THE CAN IS BETTER THAN THE BOTTLES.
That said....
There isn't much of a crack. In cans it's the typical hiss; in the 40 oz bottle it's a weak hiss with almost no head.
It tastes GREAT. I don't understand this "metallic" shit that people are saying. It tastes like harsh Budweiser with a cane-sweet aftertaste.
This shit WILL get you fucked up, even at 6%.
The swill SUCKS ASS. Whether it be can or bottle....the warm swill sucks.
It goes down smooth, and you get used to the taste. Drink it, get fucked up.

Appearance: 8 Simple design, cool text on the inside of the label.
Taste: 8 On par with KC, better than beer, St. Ides or OE 800 (6%)
Swill: 4

Overall: 7.5

Should be higher....A good malt liquor. Also...CONSISTENT.

7/11/10 mrbigschlong: I drink the shit out of 211 because its the best HG on the market. If I'm gonna have a 40 and get ripped this is what I'm grabbing. It does leave me with wicked diarrhea later, but its a price worth paying to enjoy this shit. The harsh taste makes this even better. I give it a big fuckin 9 out of 10.

4/8/10 ohnoanotherputz: 211 is my "go-to" 40. Not necessarily my fav, but I buy it more than any other HG for a variety of reasons. It's cheaper than all the others around here, it is always in stock, and it's a pretty darn solid malt liquor. Maybe I'm just so used to it, that I don't notice anything bad about it. I enjoy it quite a bit. Good crack and hiss, it has a decent taste, and packs a little power. The swill ain't bad. Plus, I swear every time I drink one I have to read the inside of the label. 7/10 for taste 7/10 for buzz for an 7/10 overall.

3/2/10 40ozsWILLin: Got this one in Las Vegas visiting my family on vacation I had to get it because it was high gravity I cant get high gravity in 40's where im from this is probably the best 40s that I have ever had this brew goes down like water but the taste has a little fruityness the first couple of swills and when you get about halfway you get hit with a malt explosion maybe it was because I was outside and it kind of got warm. By half way mark I was starting to feel the buzz, was making a video and started combining words together slurring them a little. The actual swill was the best taste of the whole 40 the maltyness kind of decipated and it kind of tasted like a west coast olde english. I was very happy with this 40 it had me pissing as soon as I was done, I was buzzed enough to want to take a little nap!!! taste 8/10 buzz 10/10 overall 9/10

2/27/10 timmah1231: A satisfying and crisp crack with an equally impressive hiss. They put THOUGHT into manufacturing this loosely-controlled high gravity malt liquor.

Tastes like malted barley and the inside of a brewery vat. Not altogether a disgusting taste. Relatively tame compared to other high-gravity malts. Hops aren't even an afterthought in the taste's all cheap malted barley and stainless Steel. Reserve. And, "btw", the swill is combined with these tastes + the faceplanting of an old carpet.

Fuck. The buzz is pretty damn decent. Warming and a tad disorienting, much like the early effects of a few hits of pot.

What can I say? 7/10 swills. A taste that is mystifying, a swill that is....not so mystifying, and a buzz that will leave you smiling and quite possibly drooling a tiny bit. Just like a frontal lobotomy. Yay.

9/19/09 sleazye: The crack and hiss for this monsterous beast were loud. On to the review, anyhow... The first swig was "ok" considering the high ABV percentage and that it was Steel Reserve silver label. The taste left a whole lot to be desired on every aspect, yet wasn't as bad as Pit Bill High Gravity which sucks in its own right. Considering, a lot of people don't like this 40, it's not that bad as long as you have had another 40 to drink before which kills most of the metallic taste off.

Aside from that, this isn't a bad 40 to try as I stated above if you already have had another 40 at hand and have some good pizza to mask the shitty metallic taste that flows from this 40 like a siv. Even 20 minutes or more in, the 40 stil is "swillable" if such a term could be coined, but as many on here have said the taste starts to degrade into an amalgam of hideousness that is almost wrong. Barring that, try this nasty brew if you haven't so you can grow some hair on your nuts.

As long as you get it super fresh like I did (expiration date is 1/2010) give it a try at least.

All in all, not as bad as I thought it would be, however, I prefer the 211 black label by leaps and bounds. Maybe I am less harsh because this Steel Reserve silver label 40 was super fresh, I have no idea...

Taste: 6/10
Swill: 5/10
Label: 8/10
Buzz: 9/10

5/21/09 pookster11: 6.0%: I had this brew for the first time back in 2003 in the 24oz can. It tasted like metal and I couldnt see how anyone could drink this stuff. Well, About 3 weeks ago I found this brew in a 40oz after a lil hunting and gave it a shot just to add to the collection. It was great! After the first few swills it reminded me of OE800 with just a lil more kick (when ice cold). It lacks the metal tast out of the 40oz and goes down pretty smooth. taste 8/10 buzz 8/10

8.1%: I had my first 40 of this % today thanks to The Fear on a trade. Right away I noticed it was just a lil bit darker than the 6% version. The crack was good with a strong hiss and I could smell the alcohol before the first swill. This brew has more bite and a stronger after taste than the 6% but it really is not a bad brew and the buzz is great (6% is the strongest 40 I'm able to get here). I would drink more if I could!! taste 7/10 buzz 10/10

4/27/09 fraginat0r: 211 is obviousely not something that you like right away, at least not for most people,, ill have to say i didnt like it at first but now i like it a lot. and it gives you a great buzz. the taste does seem a little metallic at times but for some reason it seems like every once in a while ill get a really fresh one i geuse and it doesnt seem to have that. it doesnt seem like a verry consistant malt though,, sometimes i get a really fresh one and sometimes i get one that has absolutely no hiss at all. all in all its a pretty decent hg to me. had one the other night that really hit the spot. i would also give it 7/10 swills

4/27/09 TheFear: Steel Resevre 211 High Gravity Lager(8.1%) is one of the most common High Gravity 40s in my area. It's definately on my regular rotation, right up there with St. Ides HG, Olde English(5.9%), Mickeys Ice, King Cobra and Hurricane. Started this one ice cold. Nice crack. Definately can taste the alcohol. Not necessarily a bad thing. About 1/2 way through I'm startin to feel the buzz. Comes on quick. It's hot as hell upstairs in my house and this 40 is still nice and cold. Bottle is sweatin almost as much as my pits. With one good swill left I start reading the inside of the label about the '211.' That's cool. Nice finish. Not ice cold, but not terrible. I finished this 40 in approximately 30mins. The taste honestly isn't the best. The buzz, however makes up for it.
Taste 5/10
Buzz 10/10
Overall 7/10(by the numbers, but I want to rate it higher)

4/02/09 nastynate81: I've had this 40 on many occasions. At first in my area this was the strongest 40 on the market until I tried St Ides.Stroner 40s more than 8.2 I have'nt found in my area.The price for steel reserve is reasonable compared to Bud products.This my first 40 of steel resever in over six months,and all I have to say it sill has the fuck you up attitude. Taste7/10 Buzz Factor9/10

3/30/09 BlackMetalTroy322: Steel Reserve 211 is my favorite 40oz. that I've tried. I love the smooth refreshing clean taste it has to offer. Mickey's to me now tastes rough compared to this great 40. It's all I used to drink for a while. But It can be dangerous to drink everyday for a long period of time. I started pissing dark orange. And it was very short pisses. In other words it will rot your guts. That's why I enjoy other 40's of lesser alcohol percentage with it now. 10/10 swills.

3/30/09 ripping76: I like the 211 silver! Great buzz.. fairly drinkable. I would give this an 8/10.

3/21/09 slipknotdepp: What am I supposed to say about 211? 8.1%abv and tastes like a liquid ash tray. Not my fav. But hey I can hang with the guys sometimes. This shit is cheep out where I live and really does give a good buzz. Decent swill. But because of taste and giving it a buzz factor I would only give it a 6/10. Money is better spent elsewhere in my opinion.

3/20/09 tinman40: I'm lucky enough to find 211 in both 6% and 8.1% varieties. 6% in Louisiana and 8.1% in Texas. Currently, my favorite HG and rightfully so. Though both versions pack a light, metallic rancidity, the 8.1 usually requires a re-freeze at mid-label, to enjoy it fully (sit on it, I'm 150 lbs). It's an amazing value for such a full tasting malt, with just enough malt to tame the wonderful hops (nearing Arrogant Bastard or Dogfish Head level). Plenty of a.b.v. and flavor, if you have room for more hair on your chest. 7/10 little brown bags for the Steel, cause I'm on my 3rd whiz break.

1/28/09 BigJandthe40: I have never been a fan of 8.1% HG Steel Reserve but I am giving it another chance. First 2 sips start off really good, What was I thinking in the past? I might just be seeing all the bums and crack whores drinking this shit that turns me off.

Now I am at the half way mark the beer is getting warm, I have been a bad father and havent paid enough attention to my malt and now it's acting up. For real its really not as bad as I remembered, but it does have a metal taste to it. Not sure what that is? Some brother in the "Store" told me they put rat poison in it and that I shouldnt drink it. He said they "the man" make it to kill the black man, but he also told me that if I put oragne juice with it that I would be fine...he said it kills the rat poison. I dont know what the fuck is going on lol.

The swill is pretty bad not going to lie, makes me feel like I want to yak...Now its done, my piss seems a little strange, kinda like the metalic taste, the brother in the store might be right, there might be rat poison in there after all.

I would say that this is not that bad of a 40 if you take your time with it and keep it cold. 7/10 for taste 8.5/10 for buzz 7.5/10 for label I have puked from this shit before and it will give you a mean hangover if you drink too much... Cheers

12/15/08 haggardagram: Alright, I've drank plenty of this throughout the years, and while it's not the 40oz closest to my heart (That honor goes to Olde English 800, respectively), but because of its beastly rep (and rightfully so) I figured I'd make it my first 40 reviewed for this fine website. I'll get this out of the way first and foremost: You (arguably) won't find a more well-rounded HG Malt. Of course it's sportin' the metallic taste, but that's to be expected from any HG. Hey, atleast it tastes like finely polished metal, and not of a rancid rusty muffler like *cough* OE HG. So here goes:

The Crack: Nice and satisfying. Makes me feel like I cracked a quality 40. Exactly what I expect from the 211 at this point.

Halfway Through: Still goin' strong. Startin' to cop a slight buzz. Again, that's the 211 standard.

The Swill: This is one brew that you're gonna want to take down before the bastard gets warm. Luckily my mad boozin' skills have prevented this. That doesn't mean it ain't swill, though.

Bottom Line: If you're an HG kinda guy, this is the way to go, brother. It's stood the test of time and it never disappoints. at 8.1%, you're guaranteed a buzz of some kind, and as a bonus, it tastes pretty good too. And any beer with a 'origin story' printed on the label is usually pretty badass. What makes this even more badass is that the story's on the inside of the label. So while you're downin this bad dude you got somethin to read.

Pretty fuckin' sweet. I give it 9/10 swills.

10/02/08 Twiggith: My second favorite (Behind St. Ides.) I love the malty, thick, harsh, sludge-like swills.. This isn't quite like that, but it comes close to an extent. It gives an excellent buzz, and is plenty of bang for the buck ($1.89 in my area.) I give it 8/10 swills. (My taste buds go hard body, I guess.)

9/25/08 pound40: Nice 40 bout halfway into it , Ill agree first sip gave you a little mental double take but yeah its got some bite to it that I didnt expect from the first sip but by the bottom of the neck it kinda grows on you by the bottom of the label its feeling pretty hearty. very thanksgiving full feeling in your gut thats for sure it's very flavorfull and tasty very steak and potatoes. A nice forty for next time when Im in the mood for something hearty

9/25/08 vabeachdrinker: I really enjoy steel reserve. When I first tried it, I really wasnt feeling it, but as time went on I grew to love it. Its really the only hg 40 sold in this area, so as far as 40s go, it is the best bang for your buck...Overall taste and buzz gets 10/10

9/25/08 211 KING: My baby.............. been swilling since 1999' and still going strong till this day.... actually need 3 40's to get me drunk where i want to be. Yeah it's gotten to that point. I tried other HG's OLE E , CAMO , AXE HEAD but nothing stastifies me like a good ole STEEL.. AXE HEAD too sweet but i love the buzz.. OLE E HG a bad attempt to copy STEEL and for all the CAMO"s 8.5 smooth bad after taste . 9.0 smooth nice after taste 10.5 BLACK ICE omg this is horrible but im too drunk to care. There is only one STEEL RESERVE accept no imitations..10/10

9/17/08 Idrinkeveryday: Just drank a 40 of 211 silver. Nothing new here, drank it many times, I've never liked the silver version much but my local store was out of black.
It does taste 'medicine-y' but the buzz is o.k.
I'd give it a 4/10 for taste and a 7/10 for buzz

9/2/08 40 4 real: I didn't get my hands on this 40 until after I'd had a Lucky Number. Consequently I thought it was delicious. So I pounded it a few weeks in a row. 7/10

8/24/08 timcom99: I am drinking a 40 Ounce Steel Reserve right now. I like the taste and the Buzz. Cost around $1.99 in Los Angeles County so it has Good Bang for the Buck. I started drinking them when they first came out. I seem to remember them being Thicker and more harsh back then. They used to say Brewed for 28 Days. Now in its place is an S/R Icon. Miller (SAB, South African Brewing) owns Steel Reserve. Guess they wanted to Speed things up and Brew it quicker. Still tastes pretty much the same. I like the Stuff along with Saint Ides and Hurricane in the over 8.0% Beer/Malt Liquor Category.

8/22/08 SRSER: Steel Reserve silver label, this is the 40 that makes me feel it is important to review the brew out of a 40oz rather than other options such as cans. For some backround, I have drank silver 211 since I started drinking (so at this point about 8 years) but it was always out of cans. Hated it, the only reason I did so was because of the alcohol content and price. I could get a 6 pack of pounders for $2.99 and the closest thing I could get in terms of price was hamm's or oly at $3.49.

Tastes absolutaly aweful out of a can, would grimmace everytime I took a sip. I did not have a 40 until late in my college experience, I had avoided it altogether in college due to my bad experiences with it before and the availability of raineir ale or black 211, which I liked a lot. More recently have tried it out of a 40 and shit is surprisingly easy to drink. Doesn't have a great flavor but not too bad. It's a very consistent malt that is not impressive but nothing to avoid. If I have the option I will go for a black 211 40 100% of the time, but if there is no option I will reach for a silver 211 with no regret. Smooth, easy to drink, not great, 7/10.

7/09/08 dj oe 800: 8.1%: holy crap, i can't believe i never reviewed the 8.1% version. unless i did, and the review fell victim to YBS. either way, i would've done the review like two years ago and it would've had major themes of whack in it, so fuck it. (proper review TK)

6.0%: the "real" version of steel reserve is not my favorite hg, and it's therefore not something i drink often; i prefer ides, camo silver ice, and hhg above it, although the preference is mostly due to the fact that i tried the forty once, forgot what it tasted like, then drank it out of 12 oz cans (don't do that) and hated it. i recently tried it in the forty again, and i liked it. it had a very robust, complex taste to it. it lacked any of the shittiness (not a diss, sometimes i like a little grossness/funk in my drinks) present in ides and camo, and even had a bite and complexity different from hhg, both upgrading the brew to at least "not worse" than hhg.

but, the six percent version (brewed for certain markets in the south) doesn't taste nearly as interesting or good. it's your basic "ghetto malt" only much blander. it seriously feels like they just watered down the proper version. yet, it's the same color, as far as i can tell. not terrible, but certainly not representative of how steel reserve "should" taste. even the swill is exponentially more palatable, which is not a complaint so much as a huge indication that this is not "real" 211. if you collect and you're a completist, then by all means get one of these. you don't absolutely need to drink it. you could taste it then surrender it to a friend, use it to fill beer pong cups, use it to make beer bread, whatever. if you're not a collector, you might want to pay attention only to the "real" steel.

211 Swilla: This is a great HG 40. Its my favorite along with St. Ides HG. Ides is sweet and this is bitter. I like sweet, but its good to mix it up, and 211 is the only HG that 12oz rookies will be able to swallow- the bitterness will allow them to remember that yes, there are hops in this brown liquid while they chug the swill. I love the inner label writing too, gives you something to stare at while your vision blurs.

40 Ounce Legend: i love this stuff. A girl I dated this past summer would have a 40 of this shit, be all messed up, and then want to screw till my balls fell for those reasons, steel reserve will always hold a special place in my heart. Also, it's one of the heavy hitters, weighing in at 8.1%

91firebird: Just drank a Steel Reserve 40 and realized I had never reviewed it. I really don't like the taste of Steel. It has a metallic taste that I can't get over. The buzz factor is phenominal though which is one of the few things going for it. The local spot I was at ran out of KC so I grabbed a 211 Instead. Not much else to say, other than it's not my favorite HG 40. I'll take a St Ides oe even the Schlitz Bull Ice HG any day. Overall 5/10 swills. 3/10 taste and the buzz factor is 7/10.

4TDogg: After getting mixed reviews from people about this one (my buddy warned be away from it, but a homeless dude who was drinking it on the subway claimed it was better than OE) I was wary. Turns out I had good reason to be. Bitter and nasty at the start and damned if that taste didnt get legs and last the whole 40s worth. Buzz-wise it had clout, but in all other instances - not a winner. 3 of 10

AK40seven: So again I sit down to engage in the eternal struggle of light versus dark, that is to say, the silver versus the black label of 211 malt liquor. Into zee bubbly deep I go like Cousteau during a major dive.....
Well I started by pouring a glass of each and allowed them to breathe briefly before taking a belt of the black...hmmmm
Then, after a palette cleansing water wash, I swigged the silver..hmmmm
Once again it is apparent to me the silver has a much fuller array of tastes with yeast and hops making a notable presence. Carbonation is far from lacking and the aftertaste from warmer swill is more tolerable. 9 of 10 swills
The black is much more two dimensional, with a thicker, though still mellow malty body topped with a sharper accent of alcohol. Not only does it begin life flatter, it degrades quickly into a dioxide-challenged swill which only then, with warming up, begins to reveal a catty hop flavor. 8.5 of 10 swills
To sum it up the silver label, formerly produced at the fine brewery of Tumwater, Washington and now generated at the same source as the black label, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has the better taste. As a result I'm able to consume it more rapidly and thus become buzzed faster. However!, I am rather torn here because the label of the silver just does not stack up ta' black. Sure the silver looks pretty neat in a metallic mechanized machine sort of way, but the black 211 label says so much more by saying less. Who can resist its allure, a jet black label with the blood red numbers? It just sits there and looks back at you saying, "Are you gonna drink me or what fool?"
So then, the two which are differentiated; silver as high gravity lager, black as triple export malt liquor, are very much in a way partners in the 40oz malt extreme.

Alvin Karpis: I dont like the taste of Silver 211, I love the Black 211 but the Silver has that harsh metalic taste. I can handle it though because I know what a great buzz the Silver 211 packs. I only drink Silver 211 about twice a year. I just picked up the new lable with the S/R instead of the 28 days so I thought that I would kill it today. I always grab an Ides or a 7.5% OE instead of this, if I still lived in Seattle I would drink the Black 211 at least once a week, but in Redding we only get the Silver, so twice a year will do. Taste 3/10 Buzz 10/10 Overall 6/10

Arlington: The wife and I are feeling the effect right now. This stuff is DAMNED GOOD. I got a 40 at Shoppers Food Warehouse at 7 Corners Shopping Center, Falls Church, VA for 1.69

This is FINE.

The Evil Eye is better if you wanna get blasted, because it is 10% alcohol. This Steel Reserve is 8.1% and it tastes GREAT! I'd say the tastes are equally as good, Evil Eye = Steel Reserve for quality of taste. Evil Eye is stronger. You be the judge.

Unfortunately, I drank some Steel Reserve in the year 2000 whidh went warm. Big mistake. It tasted bad and I judged it to be a bad brew, even though it wasn't. If you buy this stuff cold, KEEP IT COLD. It shouldn't go bad if you drink it within a couple of weeks. A chemist could back me up.

Hurricane HG is just a little less good. That is my humble opinion.

beam21: I fear this 40. I picked up one of these bad boys last night because the place I went to hadn't gotten their big bears yet. Hadn't swilled one in years. Probably only had 2 or 3 in my life before last night. I always go for the black if I'm drinking the Steel, which is rare in the first place. From what I remembered, I hated this 40 every time. I refused to drink this 40 off the bat, I put down a Mickey's Ice 40 beforehand, and of course felt zero buzz at that point. My memory of this 40 was that the first swill tastes fine, then each gets progressively, noticeably worse after that, in an especially uniform way that can't be applied to other 40s. This was exactly the case. imo this is a truly awful tasting 40. That said, there was little else wrong with it. The Mickey's kicked in about when I hit the label of the Steel and I got a ferocious, very pleasant buzz. The buzz really was awesome, one of the best of any malt. It was lighter and easier to drink than its brother, even though it tasted much worse. Also, most importantly, it didn't make me feel like shit at all, while drinking it, afterwards, or today, which for me is unusual for HG's. I chiefed a bowl when I was about halfway down and it was instant liftoff; the buzz of this 40 is highly complementary to smoking herb, more so than any 40 except maybe Big Bear. I had to piss twice while drinking it, but I attribute those to the Mickey's Ice, which didn't make me piss at all. Overall I had quite a pleasurable experience drinking this 40, I cannot lie, but the taste is SO foul that I will not drink it again for a while. I had the metallic aftertaste in my mouth all day today and still do, after brushing my teeth, eating, drinking cokes, etc. It's hard to give this 40 a numerical rating but I'll say 6.5/10.

beerface: Wheat & hops, that's what it tastes like. The only complaint is that the longer it takes to drink & the warmer it gets, the more mediciny it tastes, which results in a swill that tastes really shitty. Good brew though. Much better than St. Ides HG and Bull Max.

biketron: I maybe new to this forum but I am not new to drinking 40s and this is one of the worst 40s I have ever had!!! My god was the taste awful, it was like drinking gasoline(and I have done it before). I've heard a lot about steel Reserve so I thought I would give it a try. The first sip was O.K. but the more I drank it the nastier he became. I heard that the buzz was strong but I drank this 40 in ten minutes and I didn't feel anything. Overall I think it was not very good, had a horrible taste(to say the absolute least) and I got no buzz at all. The fact that I received no buzz after drinking this mess really pissed me off to no end. I would not recommend this 40oz to anyone. 1/10

billmac1981: As some of you may notice, I'm new to the board, and I try to give a go to all the 40s I can find when I go to the packie...yes packie...I'm one of those crazy Boston bastards....

Well...this is definitely my favorite HG so far...I really can't find Camo anywhere in Mass....although I hear it's about the same as Steel 211...

Very malty flavor with a great bite...almost a boilermaker taste...well...kinda...

8/10 swills on this one...goes down a little hard if you are using this as a starter...I'd start with the piss first...KC or something less like Keystone Ice or Pabst...but hey give it a go...

BoozeClues: Steel Reserve is high gravity, but definitely inferior to St Ides in taste. You immediately notice the alcoholic harshness and vague metallicness upon the first taste. It has a great buzz, so the taste will feel better after a few swigs. The bottle has a great design for collectors, it has always been a personal favorite of mine in that regard. This one gets 5 out of 10 swills but it's not terrible for how strong a punch it packs.

BrainDamage702: drank this motha fucker after a camo40, tasted a whole lot better than i expected.. swill tasted like mule piss tho, but it increased my buzz a good amount!~.. 8 outta 10!@!

Buzzcore: I don't know how long they've been makin' this stuff, but I've drank it a few times over the years. Sometimes I like it, but mostly I don't. Not so bad that I can't get it down (like Lakeport and Mongoose, which totally suck) but it's surely nothing to write home about. "Steel Reserve" is a fitting name though, because it usually tastes pretty metallic and flat..... well..... like a piece of steel. And since I'm bashing on it, let me also say this: The graphics on the bottle suck too. Totally stupid looking and one of the lamest out there. They try to go for this trendy up-to-date look, but it just looks like ass. It's malt liquor for college kids and wiggers who are too embarrassed to be seen with a bottle of Private Stock or St. Ides. Another tell-tale sign that this stuff is for posers, is the fact that it's usually easier to find in a middle class neighborhood than in the 'hood. What does that tell you?

BWill40s: Well I drink this when I am down on money but for 2 bucks it gets you were you need to go when cold! Listening to Metallica creeping death good song for the steely dan's cracked it good hiss tastes like I got a fresher steel I guess that is always good the metallic taste was not as bad as I thought 8.1 also good as well for a buzz factor. I have never had a real insane hhg like evil eye but soon I hope to but I 'll give Steel 8-10 not for taste but buzz factor is worth it for 2 bucks drink some steels!!

ChopDropNChannel: 211 is the first HG malt liquor I've had. The high alkie content is what drew me because, after all, the point of drinking is to get trashed!
Being more of a beer guy than a malt liquor guy, I have a different perspecitve than most here. I found the taste to be pretty freakin good when it's under 40 degrees temperature. Above that, it's positively abominible. I usually stick it in the fridge every 10 min or so to chill back down. Granted, I'm used to the beer-flavored water they call Keystone, but hey, everybody has to start somewhere. 211 is very heavy on the sugar part to feed the yeast (which is how they get the higher alkie content), the taste becomes this sickly bitter/sweet swill the warmer it gets. More so than any beer I've ever had, the temperature is critical to making sure this stuff goes down smoothly.
Once you do get a good buzz, it's actually a very pleasant brew. Definitely, being at least a little buzzed helps its case. I found it good to maintain my (usually heavy) buzz, because the rate at which I tend to drink maintains my BAC at just the right level.
Overall I give this a 6.5/10. Pros are a "just right" alkie content and perfectly palateable taste when cold, as well as it being named after the California Penal Code for armed robbery (211), con is a shitty taste when even a little warm.

ClockworkDroogie: I remember the first time i tried 211 i didnt like it so i stayed away from it for a while. Then one day a friend of mine gave me a 211 tall can, it was about half full and warm, but i thought "What the fuck, i wanna drink", so i drank it. To my surprise that shit tasted great!!! I swilled the res of the can in one swill. Since then 211 has always been my brew of choice. i give this 5 swill for kick and another 5 swills cuz this shit even tastes good warm.

d07c0m: Don't ever remember having this although I've woken up with the empty bottle a couple times.
Tastes foul from the start to the very end.
More expensive (usually) than other malts.
Best served with a half liter of famous grouse, 2 joints, and 6 beers.
Steel Reserve + poker = beer shits and light wallets.


DaHookUp7Mile: A unique taste. Has a mettalic taste IMO. Almost like its out of a aluminum can. Its not a bad taste cold. Warm its pretty raunchy but still tolerable. Its a solid HG. My favorite HG no doubt. I pound these atleast once a week. One 40 dranken in 20 minutes will get you decently buzzed. 2-3 of these 40's and your gone. 8/10 swills. Could taste better, But for the alch and buzz factor, Its good.

doublej708: the steel reserve 211, silver edition. available here in the chicago area. a high quality, descent tasting, and highly efficient 40. the taste stays consistant untill the end. when the swill starts becoming room temperature, the beasty taste comes out. but by then it doesn't matter because you are pretty lit up. i would recommend the 40 to anyone from the beginner, to the pro. does not however compare to the black.

Drastic Mezures: This is what I picture paint thinner tasting like. At 8.1% this is no light weight but the taste is too harsh to drink this stuff all the time. The second time I had it I hero-timed it and went for extra credit. Man was I buzzin' that night!

drunkenbird611: the great 40oz with the name of steel reserve,man i have to be honest this was the first 40 i ever drink and became my 40 of choice,when your young at drinkin then just one steel will have you feelin nice,and when you start needin two,i bet you won't even remember finishing the second.But that will wear off then you'll start needing 3 or 4 and thats when you realize just how funky this stuff can taste.I've drank steel so much i can tell you the best way to guzzle it, first don't drink too fast when its super cold cause you'll develop this giant super burp that just won't come out, second when it just gets over its chill then is the best time for gettin it down,and if you let it get warm,...... well just don't,cause it won't be nice.

EastTN40: 6.0%: I have been mainly drinking these for the last 3 days. Mine are 6.0%. They begin slightly metallic and get better as you dive in. They taste great. The swill's great. I would give them 8/10 swills. They are inconsistent on rare occasion but have been better the last month. Recommended and only lack little to be my daily malt fix

Fat John: First few gulps out of this fucker and i didn't think it tasted bad at all.That shit quickly changed though as it got warmer.It seemed like all the alcohol was chilling towards the bottom of the 40 cuz it seemed to get stronger the closer I got to the bottom.The swill was what i imagine piss taste like.Even though the taste got pretty unpleasent i didn't have trouble finishing this fucker because it packed enough punch to make me not care what it tasted like.I got nicely crunked off this shit.I'm gonna give it an overall rating of 8 outta 10 because it didn't taste like total shit until i hit the swill and its got a good ass crunk factor.

Four Teas: 6.0%: I am depressed. Having enjoyed the 211 since 2000, I'm no rookie to its pleasant kick, somewhat harsh yet fully enjoyable body and less than suave finish. That being said, it is a mainstay of my fridge and I've enjoyed many a night on the town with my bros, enhanced by some Schteel. To put it more succinctly, I have always loved me some 211.

I am now a doubter. Today, for the first time, I had the 6.0% version. I just assumed it was 8.1 when I bought it and after the first sip I knew things were amiss. I had to do a double take to make sure that I wasn't drinking Bud Light or Busch or some similar urine-styled beverage. ZERO buzz. Tastes like an anorexic version of the REAL 211. I remain unswayed on the 8.1% variety; it's still 10/10 but this lightweight can take a one-way trip to the garbage if you ask me. 3/10, and Im only being generous because of the family name it carries.

High Gravity Swilla: First of all- thanks to Bruz for the hookup on this.- First impression was the bad ass label. I saved it and me and my brother swilled it at his party. I thought it was a bit rough but it is a 8.1% overall- great 40 - 9 out of 10 swills

IMT40s: It is a very similar taste but I've gotta say. I'm stickin' with the black. but I like the label on the silver better.

james: what the FUCK is this SHIT???? i think this is the result of child labor in asia. they line a bunch of korean 5 year olds up in front of bottles that are half full of cheap ass vodka, and have them piss away their moogoo gaipan and tea into the other half, bottle it up, and send it to san antonio to be "brewed". holy fuck this is bad. no wonder it was 1.39 at the 7-11. i remember now why its been so long since ive had it. but holy shit its doin the trick. i think this would be a good 2nd 40, because the potent (politically correct term) taste doesnt bug as much after you are a little messed up. also, make sure the shit is ice cold, i had mine in the freezer for half an hour.

JAP: had this shit for the first time back in 99 in six pack bottles. started drinkin 40ozs of the shit in 03. probably one of my favorite hg 40s second to st. ides hg. 24oz cans of steel are my stand by for a good quick buzz at 1.20 per can. good shit shit ice cold for sure. love the 211 export in the black can(never had the 40) only 1.00 per can. Only get this shit (black label shit) once i leave the eastern shore going south, mostly in VA. and NC.

Kool EJ: Steel Reserve is the sh*t! I drank a 40 of this with my girl & then f*cked her like a machine! We ended up missing a flight to San Francisco the next morning as a result, but she still remembers that shit!

This stuff is stronger than your average malt liquor, which I like a lot. Some folks complain about the flavor being too harsh. I hear that, but I actually like the flavor quite a bit. This sh*t will put you right to sleep if you drink it before bedtime, so it's recommended for all you insomniacs!

Overall rating: 10 out of 10, one of my current favorites.

Recommended for: Enhancing your stamina in the bedroom, Curing insomnia Not recommended for: Helping you catch a flight the next morning

lookin 4 a 40: I let this 40 chill for a while before cracking it. After cracking it open it produced a good hiss but as soon as I took that cap off a foul smell came out of the 40. I was dreading drinking this 40 but being I was out there and I cant get em I had to finish it off. It was definately rough going down and didnt sit too well in my stomach but did produce a fair buzz once I was done with it, 6/10 brown paper bags for steel.

Loztboi333: Listen, nobody here knows me, but everybody who does knows I can drink the STEEL like WATER. I have a not not so lengthy history with the brew, but it's probably been about 3-4 yrs now since I first tasted the sweet, sweet, 211. I first started drinking it by the 40oz. It just happened upon me one night to buy one of these, since the label attracted me to it. I wouldn't say I was hooked after the first swig, but DAMN. After finishing it, my tolerance climbed instantly! HAHA! When I started getting into this shit (sounds like DRUGS but it's good stuff!), I used to unload trailers at UPS and when I got off, I used to call my buddy Derick to drink. He is the only dude I know that could hang with the Steel like me. We're both pretty tall, though I'm a bit heavier, but the Dizzle, as I would call him, would lay flat on the floor and turn the bottle straight up and guzzle that bitch! Of course Dizzle could handle anything anyways, being quite fond of Wild Turkey 101 (GOBBLE GOBBLE!!), I picked a capable drinkin' buddy. Anyways, we'd chow down and hacky sack after guzzlin' 40's. Sans hesitation.

So after drinking this for a while, I started buying 22 oz bottles by the case, then graduated to the 24 oz can cases. No shit. On any given day for quite a bit of time you could find this shit stocked on the bottom shelf of my fridge. And WHY? This is liquid dynamite at a reasonable price! I used to be able to handle 3 40oz's in a night, but those were my crazier days. I know I could still do it, but I'd prefer to stick to my two 24oz cans and be straight. I found this liquor store in CO that used to sell the cans for 89 CENTS! Yeah I went a little apeshit with it, but this LQ is probably one of the BEST out here in CO (48th & Chambers).

To best explain how I drink this stuff, I got a challenge from an "avid" beer drinker to a drinking contest. He said he could drink a 12 pack in an hr, I thought, BS, since I never knew such a sport...although there are some a'you out there. So it was a gentlemen's bet. I went to the LQ, got a 18 pack of Bud Light, since he said he had the same at home way out in Elizabeth. But as a starter, I bought the usual for me: 2-24 cans of the Steel. One for me and one for him...I was going to test his abilities. So we arrived, waited for a couple other people to show up as spectators, and then I introduced the 211 as the jump-off before we actually got to drink (to me), WATER BEER. So we cracked 'em open and after he first swig he said, "WTF is THIS?", and I just explained to him what Malt Liquor was...even though I sugar-coated it, bcz Steel Reserve is a "HIGH-GRAVITY LAGER". And yada, yada, yada. So since we're in a little 'competition', he says, "let's add some air to the equation", and grabs a tupperware pitcher of some sort and 'attempts' to guzzle this oh-so-powerful shit. I finish my can at the same time, waiting to see what effects this SLEEPER has taken on this dude. Before you know it, he coughs, and HURLS up his steak that he ate prior to our arrival all over the ground. But we kept drinking the regular beer, so I'll give him that. But DAMN. I could relate though...afer 3 40oz's I cooked up some eggs and bacon one night, and started to feel a little sour in the stomach. I went to the bathroom and tossed my cookies, and to boot I had my neighbor over hanging out. Dude said I was in the bathroom with the door closed and locked, SNORING. In addition to that I can say that MIXING this potent concoction with certain 'unagreeable' things I've ended up prayin the the Porcelain God about maybe 3-4 times. BUT, I gained respect and tamed my behavior regarding this tasty and DANGEROUS brew in anticipation of avoiding further mishaps.

I used to work at a liquor store too, and had a plethora of quality beers prior to the Steel. So I suppose it's more of a "More Bang For Your Buck" choice, in comparison to the Reverend by Avery (10% Alc.), or Hog Heaven by the same brewery...or any other strong top-shelf beer out there. I started on Old E and it was good for the time being when I was really fresh. Also others like Side Pocket, Mickey's, Colt 45, and others. But 211 is the only beer I FAITHFULLY buy anymore. Believe THAT! Just drink WISELY and trust in the STEEL! Out of 40oz' I give this, my prized possesion that booosted my alcohol tolerance to SUPER HIGH limits, a 10 out of 10 for HG ML's, lagers, or beers...whatever you wanna call 'em. This is based on quality (for what it is), buzz factor respect for the potion(a.k.a.- alcohol content), repeat purchase, label quality, price, and taste.

nickmoulton: If you are new to forties, beware... This is one of the big boys. The taste is bitter, compared to the sweetness of most malts, and the swill can be pretty harsh also.. It also seems a little more carbonated too. The alcohol content is at a very respectable 8.1 and leaves a nice buzz. 2 of these and you are good to go. Also, anything that you plan on drinking after putting down one of these forties, is like drinking water. I almost always have at least one of these in my fridge for the quick buzz. 6/10 swills

OldeEOG: the steel reserve is not bad. i like it because it goes down easy. at least compared to some other bullshit ive drank. and i like that stronger taste it has so ill give it a 7/10

OldeGoldSwilla: By far my favorite HG! I have drak so much of this stuff! It really seems like a high quality product. The taste is more complex than your average corn syrup tasting malt. Steel tastes like it has an array of grains in it. And it has one of the best label's out there. Silver on the front, writing on the back, and a custom lid!! Also steel is the only product that the steel brewing company makes(except for the triple export) so you know they mean business. I used to say that steel was what i would grab if i only wanted to drink one 40oz but one steel always leads to another.

pman433: suprisingly though this stuff aint bad in cans, but ass in bottles

revolution: I picked this up a couple days ago. This first taste was almost like biting a piece of aluminum foil, but it got a little better as the bottle emptied. Overall, the taste was a 6/10: not too bad, but not even as good as a lot of cheap beers (i.e. PBR, High Life). Didnt even buzz me, a little dissapointed. If it's real cheap, buy it. If Camo 40 or OE is cheaper, buy those instead.

RustythePelican: I just can't get into this shit. I had a 16oz can a while ago, and I don't remember liking or hating it, so I went for a full 40 last night ($1.99 at a grocery store in North Aurora, IL). Ugg. Steel Reserve tastes "heavy", like alcohol-infused corn syrup. It's flat, and harsh, and instead of a pleasant buzz, it felt like someone just crushed me in the head with a tire iron . . . then proceeded to rape the hole in my head . . . then proceeded to take a nasty dump into the hole.

Maybe it was a bad bottle, maybe I just don't like HGs, maybe it was the wrong night to take a dip into the 8.1% pool, maybe I'm just weak sauce. In any event, I'm not eager to try Steel Reserve 211 HGL again any time soon. 2/10.

Sarah of Steel: I'm always looking for the best bang for my buck and this is it. I'm 5'5" and 115 pounds and half of one of these suckers will knock me out. But then, there's half left for tomorrow! The taste is a bit bitter, but I'm more of a liquor person, so I like it more than most other, weaker tasting beers. Anyway, my only warning about the 211 is this: do not, under any circumstance drink Steel Reserve when warm. Even if you have to wait, throw it in the freezer for a bit. Warm Steel Reserve tastes like nothing else on this planet and that's not a good thing.

satan165: still one of the best 40s out there. its a HG which puts it in the class with ides (only.1% difference) but Ides is DEFINATELY an acquired taste. Ides is great cause the buzz is like a sledgehammer but it tastes funky (which is kind of how a 40 should taste). SIlver 211 tastes really fucking clean, like a premium beer that preppies should be swillin in some bullshit ass bar full of snobby cunts that wont give you the time of day at $4.25 a pop. Like the Ides, the buzz is fantastic. This is also easy to find in my parts, it has a great label, including the label back you read thru the 40 itself, the shit the wrote on there almost brings a tear to my eye its truly from the heart. it can only inspire you to guzz more silver 211. Buzz: A-, Taste: A-

shadyone666: i love the taste
the buzz factor was there
and it went down so god damn easy
9 out of ten

Shottie: I know back when i first joined I blasted steel reserve 211 a few times... I tried it once and hated it....

Well last weekend, I hit up my local liquor store for a 40 before heading out to band practice... the only thing they had was 211.... so I picked it up. Its been a few years and alot of 40s later, so I figure what the hell... i'll give it another try.

Gotta say, I enjoyed it. Maybe it was the HG taste at first that I didnt like. I've had a few HG's since, and this one wasn't too bad. Got me a real nice buzz, but a slight shitty headache feeling the next morning. While I wouldnt classify it as favorable as my OE or Colt, it would be a 40 I could drink from time to time.

Guess my taste in 40s is starting to expand..... thats a good thing.

sippin apache: Rating is this; 9/10 stars.

I had the can awhile back in NY state but the 40 I brought back from boston confirmed everything. The small mouth clear 40 is awesome with a solid logo and label(211). Of course this 1 was chilled in the freezer and this malt tasted...better then any bad beers I brought back from South Boston. Crisp taste, instant buzz and oh yeah, no aftertaste. 9/10 cuz it got warm pretty fast and the last chug was painfull, because it was warm. I will definitly bring back a case next time in the US.

splatterhouse00: I like this better than Hurricane HG, but St Ide's is better than this, All in all this is a good malt that will rip you quick. If you dont mind a metallic taste

swillin75: Other than Mickey's, which contains half the alcohol content, SR211HG is my favorite 40. Goes down smooth...tastes like a real brew, and the 8.1% booze content soaks in nicely. Unless yer a freak, you should love this swill.

TheSnakeDoctor: One of my fav's and one that will never go out in syle. When ever I drink this I always wake up feeling refreshed. With my limited 40 knowledge... 9/10 swills

Tiger Tai: Man I used to love Steel. We'd drink 2 or 3 at a time every night befroe I got a job. I mean we bought it so much the liquor store down the street jacked it up 20 cents thinking they'de make a killing, little did they know I'd start drinkin OE again instead. After I stopped drinking it I lost my taste for it too now I can barely stand it. Someone once said it reminded them of horse piss, I don't think its that bad... I'd give Steel Reserve 8 of 10 Swills for the good old days and being the first High Gravity 40 out that I know of.

troobie: Holy fuck, apparently I haven't reviewed this yet. Either that or I'm too drunk to find my old review. Anyways, here we go: Of all the HG malts, 211 has the best taste. It covers up the alcohol nicely and finishes with a unique caramel taste where the other HG's finish with a harsh, bitter taste. An advantage of the better taste is that as 211 warms up, it tastes better (to a point). I think Steel Reserve gets a really bad wrap from other reviewers. I've got to say that if you are drinking a high gravity malt for the first time, you should be drinking this one. Tastes fresh, always, even though I have no fucking clue how fresh it is. It could be 18 years old, but it still tastes motherfucking fresh. I'm going to go 8/10 on this. I can't get the black label in my area which really pisses me off, but someday I'll find it and I can't wait to try it.

troutkilla77: My favorite of any high gravity malts thus far. It doesn't taste the best.. hurricane hg has it beat on that.. but the buzz makes up for it. Overall I give it a 7/10 just because it's my fav.

tYMebOMb1: damn, I think that shit tastes like gasoline & sugar. Smooth? wtf? Smooth like diarrhea

uk82chaospunk: drank a 40 of this shit last night after i had some of my dads bbq ribs with mashed potatoes. i smoked some hydro halfway through my 40...i finished it (even the swill) with no problem....i guess i was pretty fucked up and i went to sleep like 20 minutes after...211 doesnt taste too great but its pretty damn strong, i'll give it 8 out of 10 swills

Vile Fiend: 211 is probably the only hg I actually enjooy drinking. And the fact that it is an 8% brew makes it that much better.

W3ak: This is the worse 40oz I have tryed. The first sips are good, but half way through the taste is disgusting. The taste was so bad that it was hard to take down. Anyway the buzz was good. With the percent it had I expect that.

In the morning I woke up with a headache. I could not get the taste out of my mouth. And felt like I was going to through this shit up.

By far the worse 40oz I have drank.

YerPissingMeOff: First few sips I took it was hard to describe because the taste left your mouth real quick, and had no aftertaste, which is great in my opinion. It really doesnt compare to too many 40's down here, maybe the canadian Colt 45 which is 8% real smooth, best American 40 I've had so far, and the label kicks ass in my opinion too, it looks all industrial, which suits me since I work In a Chrysler assembly plant other than that goes down smooth, I bet I could chug it down in one shot, a lot better than the 8% 40's here except for OE and St. Ides, since the aftertaste factor was good for the beginning, the swill didnt make me cringe either, good buzz factor, overall no complaints only praise so i'll give it 8/10 swills