History of 40oz. Tipping

Libation (li ba’shen) L libatio 1. the ritual of pouring out wine or oil upon the ground as a sacrifice to a god. (taken from the New World Dictionary of American English - 3rd College Edition)

Ever wonder where the ritual of pouring out a little for the homies comes from? Well, the ritual of libation has been documented all the way back to around 399 B.C. When Socrates was given his poison to drink (mixed in with wine), he asked the guard would it be ok if he poured out a little on the ground as a way of honoring the Greek gods who were thought to be of the earth.

“What do you say about pouring a libation from this drink?” Quoted from Plato as some of Socrates last words in Phaedo - The Trial and Death of Socrates.

How this transformed into pouring what seems like two gulps worth of malt liquor on the ground for all the dead homies who are not here is beyond me. Same concept holds true I would think. Fallen comrades are buried in the earth, so when liquor is poured out, it is a gesture of commemorating their existence on earth of which has been terminated.

So next time you twist open a bottle, pour out a little for all the victims that have passed on in the World Trade Center attack, that occurred September 11th, 2001, or any other unfortunate event for the matter. You will not be forgotten... or you could just be a cheap bastard like myself & swill it all down for your own greedy self! -phordee